Valentines Day Unit Study

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Then, identify the expenses required for the evening. Where will you go? How will you get there?

Valentine’s Day Homeschool Resources

What are some potential unintended costs? Will you bring a gift? Depending on your current curriculum, adapt word problems that calculate cost per flower, calculate average pedal per flower or per boquet, etc. You can even use real ads to find the best Valentine's flower deal. Remind students to factor in tax practicing percentage calculations and delivery charge for multi-step word problems.

Your produce can be as simple as pre-made valentines, but you need to consider the cost of the paper, scissors, markers or computer products needed to create the cards. Allot part of your budget for advertising. Even if this just means posters around school, list the cost of those posts, tape, etc. What are your go-to classroom activities for Valentine's Day?

Customer Reviews

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Valentine's Day Unit Study - Year Round Homeschooling

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      Learning Tools. All Products. What is a Unit Study? Weekly Specials. Download N Go These unit studies are designed for grades K-4, and they take approximately weeks to complete. Passport Geography These unit studies take an interactive look at world geography in a whole new way for grades K Unit Study Adventure These unit studies area designed for grades K are they take approximately 4 weeks to complete. Valentine's Day. Default Title.

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