The Multiple Faces of Idolatry: How to Recognize and Reject the Idols in Your Life

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Am gr8tful. I love you!!! Hello, David! Wonderful article with Scripture! Read the above comments, also. The one I really related to was from Dianna Wysocki April 19, One can get into such a rut or routine that is becomes redundant or even boring, sucking out all the joy and blessings God wants to give us children. Am I right on this, David? My worst sin is impatience, I think. Want answers and things to happen NOW!!! Hate how I feel like a phony hiding this from others with a smile on my face. Oodles of blessings for you and your family, David!

Thank you for another fine, informative article. Always in Christ, Jesus…Patty. You are right that it is so easy to feel like we are living a good Christian life when sometimes we are really just existing and trying to fool others as much as we are trying to fool ourselves.

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Ephesians talks about being filled with the Spirit. We know that as Christians we receive the Holy Spirit at our salvation. We have to yield to Him daily so that we are sensitive to His leading. Great response, David! Thanks for responding, David! Thank you, I am dealing with an idols and have been seeking fasting and praying in fasting in thought for them to be removed O Lord of heaven and creation of all things…open and shut doors in how to deal with these atrocities of my heart. I believe this is Him speaking to me about those things that offend Him and hinder my walk ….

In the Mighty Name of Jesus! Akin, you can go here to sign up for the free ebook. It will ask for your name and email address. Then you can get the book. I trust you will enjoy it.

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What an article! Thank GOD and thank you so much! I am particularly short of words at HIS love. How did I get to read this but for HIS love. May the Almighty God continue you to bless your generation. I am blessed. The message helped me to see my short coming. I have repented. Very true words! I should add that unforgiveness can and does hurt the offender sometimes. I unintentionally hurt somebody and instead of forgiving me, she was super nasty to me and before the year was over, her poison spread to our mutual friends.

Everybody saw I was trying to work things out with her, but she was refusing. When she falsely accused me of harassing her, they chose to believe her and threw me away. So, in addition to hurting herself, she had hurt me, and even hurt the people who sided with her…because they picked up her offense and have strongholds in their own souls. I do confess there are times I let entertainment get in the way of my time with God. God bless you brother. God bless you real good… This write up has helped me a great deal tonight. Thank you so very much.

Thank You my brother. Sin in general is idolatry.

What Does the Bible Say About Idolatry?

When we sin after the truth is made known to us we just invite the devil the power of idols or the idol to live Inside of us and possess us. Be careful of all kinds and appearance of sin. It is the devil. The devil has no home and no permission to inhabit anything, place or host. He the devil can get permission from man to come and live Inside of him, else the devil is just roaming and suffering a big curse from God. Even to possess pigs the devil had to get permission from Christ Jesus. Resist the devil and the idol will flee from tempting you.

Shalom to you all. This has been a good and clear explanation.

Why should God let you into Heaven?

I understand now. Thank you. I was really great to read and inspiring i thankyou very much for lighting the light to many people and God Almighty give heavenly wisdom through God Holy Spirit Amen. Is vaping nicotine a idol im highly addicted. I have it on me constantly.

I puff on it alot. Wen i wake up in the morning its the first thing i grab. Hello James. Paul said whatever is not of faith is sin. Hello Sajjad. Please consider trusting in Jesus…He is the only way into the eternal kingdom. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

Top Quotes on Counterfeit Gods by Timothy Keller - Daniel Im

And the people in our churches are all drawn to those idols, as well. Seeing people trapped in idolatry should inspire compassion for their souls, as they are trapped in foolishness. But it also should spark detest for anything that would set itself up against the one true God.

In the power of the gospel, we have to tear them down-- to destroy them. We need to remove them from our lives and depart from them. Pastors need to identify and preach against idols. What are some of the great idols of our broader culture? What are some of the idols in the church culture? And what specific idols are built in the context of ministry leadership? Support our work.

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Ed Stetzer Bio. Nothing New Under The Sun Well, believe it or not, the most common warning about sin in Scripture does not deal with lying, gossip, adultery, stealing, or murder. Idolatry is still trying to work its way into our lives and distract us from worshipping and obeying God. The Nazis Persecuted Him. The Soviets Killed Him.

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  5. We have to ask ourselves what are our motives? What is your motive for reading Scripture? What is your motive for wanting to plant a church? We would rather have the fame than to be a servant in the back. Are you doing all things for His glory? Sometimes we become so busy doing things for Christ that we forget the One who we do it for. Many preachers are lifeless in the pulpit because they have forgotten the Lord in prayer. Have you turned the things of God into an idol? What is the goal of your life? What are you looking at?

    Apostasy in Christianity

    My performance as a Christian used to be my idol. I would have full assurance of my salvation when I was feeding myself spiritually. However, when I forgot to read Scripture or was not feeding myself spiritually I would not have full assurance of my salvation. My joy was coming from my performance and not the finished work of Christ.

    Your performance as a Christian can become a huge idol and if it does become an idol you are going to walk around joyless. Instead of looking at your imperfections, your struggles, and your sin, look to Christ. Our shortcomings make His grace shine so much more. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light.

    But if your eyes are unhealthy, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness! The world and its desires pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever. Nothing can compare to the water that Christ gives. Something that we can never deny is that nothing will ever truly satisfy us. You and I both know it!

    Beware of 4 Modern Day Idols

    Every single time we try to find joy in other things we are left stranded in the desert. Apart from Jesus Christ there is no eternal joy. Our idols give us a temporary peace and happiness and then we go back to feeling dull again. When we choose our idols over Christ we go back feeling worse than before. Christ is everything or He is nothing. When you fall on hard times what is the first thing that you do to ease the pain? There is your idol. Many people eat, they watch their favorite shows, etc. You need Christ! They left me begging for Christ.

    They left me more broken than before. Nothing can compare to the joy of Jesus Christ. Jesus wants to satisfy you. Just like cigarettes, idols should have a warning label on them. They come at a cost. They make you thirsty again and they blind you from what Christ has to offer. Idols are dead, idols are mute, idols are loveless, idols hold us back from moving on.

    Why choose something that never loved you over someone who died to have a relationship with you? Repent now and set your heart on Jesus Christ. If there is a chain that needs to be broken in your life, then look to Christ who breaks every chain. We should be like the Samaritan woman in John 4.