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Rejoice, Beliebers! Justin Bieber 's musical drought has ended, and we apparently have Ed Sheeran to thank for that.

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The two pop princes have reunited for "I Don't Care," a loved-up collaboration they've been relentlessly teasing for more than a week now. Thankfully, it was well worth the wait — this could be a strong Song of Summer contender, thanks to its easygoing beat and breezy mood. Sheeran sets the scene by recounting a stuffy party where he feels out of place, and Bieber echoes that by admitting he's "crippled with anxiety.

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  2. “I Don’t Care” received 10.977 million streams on Friday.?
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  4. Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran have fun with green screen in their “I Don’t Care” video | The FADER?
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  7. Vinyl , 12", 45 RPM. Techno , Electro. M B2 No More. Once again, servo-unique and I are in agreement. This is a seriously kick-ass record that doesn't just appeal to retro-electro fetishists.


    I Don't Care Bar & Grill, Catoosa

    I have a friend from Scotland who lives in New York now who used to do a tribal house night in some club in Glasgow a few years back. He's definitely more into the house, funk, and soul side of electronic music than I am. We appreciate each other's music, but aren't always in total agreement.

    Anyway, I put this record on one night without even thinking about it, and when I came back to the living room from the refrigerator he was struttin' around, scrunching up his face, and pumping his fist down low, going "Oh, yeah! I think it was that steel guitar-sound on the first track that got him.

    Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber - I Don't Care [Official Video]