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  1. Wasteland 2: old school fino al midollo - review
  2. Gli “Arditi”, le truppe d’assalto italiane nella Grande Guerra.
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The first eight units, designated using Roman numerals, were assigned at the Army Group level and not to the lower levels of the Royal Army. The Arditi uniform, to begin with, showed a clear difference to that of other infantry troops: the grey-green jacket, with the infamous "black flames" on the lapel, covered a high-necked sweater, which had been chosen to avoid the uncomfortable closing of the infantry uniform collar. The armament differed greatly from other units and, like the force itself, experienced an obvious "myth-making" process: the weapon-symbol of the Arditi in fact was the dagger, used during assaults on the enemy trenches.

Yet, the true strength of the Arditi lay in the innovation of their use, the success of which was due to very harsh physical and tactical training. During training exercises, Bassi and the other officers designed operations aimed at conquering a so-called "typical hill": a realistic scenario was intended to reflect the conditions of a real assault on enemy trenches; this was another radical distinction from the very short training to which millions of Italian infantrymen were subjected.

This treatment was probably among the reasons that engendered some harsh criticism of the Assault Units by the Supreme Command in October In the period following the rout of Caporetto, the heavy losses of the Assault Units were further burdened by accusations and reports that were decidedly exaggerated, of acts of cowardice, looting and violence against soldiers of other units and civilians. It was at this time that the Arditi began to be viewed as a "gang" of ex-convicts and professional knife-fighters, a theory which is, however, lacking any documentary support.

Generally speaking, it may be said that the criticism of the Arditi should be interpreted as evidence of a certain "conservatism" within the Italian High Command towards a radical tactical innovation. Following the rout, the special nature of the units was partially reformed with the creation of the so-called "Divisional Arditi", which were attached to divisions and did not act independently. These were then joined by the independent units that had survived the rout, having been suitably replenished. The twenty units about 5, Arditi that had been deployed in October were reorganized and re-attached the following January, when their strength between to men per unit was standardized, and then again in the late spring, with the creation of the "Army Assault Corps".

The large formation had no opportunity to engage as a whole, due to the Austrian offensive that began on 15 June. Assault Division "A", one of the two divisions that made up the Army Corps, did not perform up to expectations during the offensive, due both to the lack of familiarity between units, and to some strategic choices made by the officers, which relegated the division exclusively to defensive positions. Yet, at this stage, the Arditi benefited from the increased attention from the commanders and government to the morale of the army and the country.

It was during this period that the heroic narratives of the Assault Units took shape: a sort of ideal model of the "national" soldier, based on an impulsive exuberance that would then be exploited, at an aesthetic and political level, in the post-war period the Fascist song "Giovinezza" was actually invented in Sdricca. As attested to in the last quote by "CorSera", the swagger and brazenness of the Arditi was mythologized, exaggerated and depicted in a more than positive light, in full contrast with the negative description of the knife-fighting Arditi, reported earlier.

In the June offensive, the Arditi also achieved incredible successes, such as that of the IX unit, acting independently under the command of the future General Messe, which managed to take Col Moschin on the Grappa massif in ten minutes on 16 June. During the final battles of the summer and autumn, about 30, Arditi took part in the fighting that led up to armistice at Villa Giusti. The reports are generally favourable of their conduct in the limited offensive on the front of the Piave and during the last attack at the end of October, the one that preceded the rout of the Imperial forces at Vittorio Veneto.

The myth of the Arditi, for reasons that we do not have the time to recount in its entirety, greatly surpassed the relative "performance" on the battlefield. The war propaganda following Caporetto and, especially, the conduct of some veterans in the early months of played a fundamental role in the creation of the "myth" of the Arditi; this would then be "plundered" for use in the symbols and the conduct of the Fasci of Combat, which some veterans eagerly joined.

On the activity of the Arditi during the last year and a half of war the only proper historical study is by G. On the Arditi tradition and its development in the post-war period, we refer the reader to two very different studies: that of F. Cordova, Arditi e legionari dannunziani, Manifestolibri, Rome, , and E. Francescangeli, Arditi del popolo: Argo Secondari e la prima organizzazione antifascista , Odradek, Rome, Getz, P. Tognotti, La Spagnola in Italia. Storia dell'influenza che fece temere la fine del mondo , Franco Angeli, Milano, September Carli, Arditismo, Augustea, Roma-Milano, , pp.

Carli, Arditismo, Augustea, Rome-Milan, , pp. Under the just adopted reform of Public Procurement Rules, it has been established that contracting authorities shall base the award of public contracts on the most economically advantageous tender. Precisely because of the complexity and broad spectrum of public procurement, to which the Honourable Member refers, it is further specified that the most economically advantageous tender shall be identified on the basis of the price or the cost and that this evaluation may include the best price-quality ratio. They shall ensure the possibility of effective competition and shall be accompanied by specifications that allow the information provided by the tenderers to be effectively verified in order to assess how well the tenders meet the award criteria.

In case of doubt, contracting authorities shall verify effectively the accuracy of the information and proof provided by the tenderers. In its Green Paper on Plastic Waste in the Environment, the Commission promoted reusing and recycling plastic waste instead of putting it in landfills. The Green Paper also set out the ecological and economic reasons for dealing with plastic waste in such a way.

It is for this this precise reason that I am concerned about the problem of plastic waste washing up on the southern Croatian coast from Albania. It is known that Albania has only two legal landfill sites and countless illegal dumps. Dumped waste often ends up in the sea, from where the southern winds ultimately carry it to the Croatian coast. Does it believe that environmental criteria should be tightened up for candidate countries and potential candidate countries?

The EU works closely with third countries bilaterally and in the framework of environmental conventions such as the Barcelona Convention to deal with ecological threats. Association Agreements with European Neighbourhood Countries and Enlargement countries contain articles on environmental cooperation. Full compliance is requested by the date of accession. U okviru zakonodavne rezolucije Parlamenta od Prema podatcima Carinske uprave RH, u prvih devet mjeseci According to data provided by the Croatian Customs Administration, the first nine months of saw roughly seven tonnes of tobacco and four million cigarettes seized, which represents an increase compared with the same period in A huge quantity of counterfeit cigarettes originating in neighbouring countries — primarily in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro — are being sold on the Croatian market.

Given that it is not yet part of the Schengen Area, Croatia is obliged to make extraordinary efforts to cope with this burden. Moreover, will this be a specific precondition to the closing of individual chapters during accession negotiations? The rule of law, including the security of citizens, lies at the heart of the enlargement process.

Through this chapter a wide range of organised crime activities are addressed, such as trafficking in human beings, drug trafficking and cybercrime, as well as organised smuggling and counterfeiting of cigarettes. Predmet: Homonimnost oznaka zemljopisnog podrijetla. In its proposal for a regulation on geographical indications of aromatised wine products, the Commission lays down conditions for registering fully or partially homonymous names which stipulate that a homonymous name is permissible if it is sufficiently distinct from the name already on the register.

Wasteland 2: old school fino al midollo - review

Could it also specify precisely what criteria the competent institutions will be guided by as they consider applications for the protection of wholly or partially homonymous names? However, it establishes criteria for resolving the conflicts regarding such homonyms in the procedure of registration of a designation of origin or geographical indication. Criteria applied by the Commission when assessing cases of homonymous or partially homonymous names are those specified in the provisions on homonyms: the assessment of the conditions of local and traditional usage and presentation of the homonyms, the equitable treatment of the producers concerned and the need that consumers are not misled.

In addition, under EU legislation not all situations of conflicts involving identical or similar names can be qualified as homonyms cases. Predmet: Sigurnost podataka u sustavu e-zdravlje. U svojoj Preporuci od 2. The more widespread and focused use of information and communication technologies in the public sector represents a major step towards unburdening the system, promoting greater efficiency, improving quality of service and reducing costs.

The eHealth initiative is a valuable addition to this project and therefore deserves all possible support and requires the most constructive approach to be adopted so that we can achieve the best outcomes and significantly improve the level of service experienced by our citizens. Can the Commission say what specific measures it plans to take in order to ensure that the personal data of patients — and, more generally, the security and credibility of the system as a whole — are protected from hackers?

The directive also requires data controllers to implement appropriate security measures to protect personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction or unauthorised disclosure. The supervision and enforcement of EU legislation in this area falls under the competence of national authorities. National data protection supervisory authorities are set up in all Member States.

The proposal provides that Member States strengthen their preparedness at national level and cooperate with each other on cross-border network and information security risks and incidents. It also requires operators in critical sectors, including the health sector, to take appropriate measures to manage the risks to the network and information systems they use and to report incidents with a significant impact to the national competent authorities. Oggetto: Ripicche dei reggitori dell'Unione europea per l'esito della democratica consultazione svizzera.

Gli elettori svizzeri, con voto popolare, modificando la loro costituzione, hanno posto le basi per una rinegoziazione dell'accordo con l'Unione europea sulla libera circolazione delle persone, senza peraltro procedere alla disapplicazione dei suoi contenuti o all'attivazione della denuncia di cui al paragrafo 3 dell'articolo 25 dell'accordo stesso.

L'Unione europea ha negoziato con la Svizzera un protocollo all'accordo sulla libera circolazione delle persone riguardante la partecipazione della Croazia a tale accordo. In attesa della notifica della Svizzera in ordine alla firma del protocollo la Commissione ha pertanto sospeso i negoziati sulla partecipazione della Svizzera stessa ai due programmi.

Given that the outcome of the referendum will not have any immediate consequences, why has the Union decided forthwith to suspend or terminate negotiations with the Swiss Confederation that were already under way? The European Union has negotiated with Switzerland a Protocol to the Agreement on the free movement of persons on the participation of Croatia in that Agreement. Pending notification from Switzerland regarding the signing of the Protocol, the Commission has consequently put on hold negotiations on the participation of Switzerland in the two programmes.

The Council will closely follow developments in Switzerland with regard to the implementation of the referendum, and will consider further steps in the overall context of EU-Switzerland relations. It identifies some European coastal areas as being particularly sensitive to sea storms. As has been seen recently along Europe's extensive coastline, global climate change is leading to increasingly frequent and intense extreme weather conditions, causing immense damage and severely hampering normal human activities at sea and in coastal areas, in particular fishing, shellfish gathering and aquaculture.

In the specific case of fishing, it is generally recognised that poor weather at sea sometimes forces vessels to remain in port for lengthy periods, especially in the small-scale and artisanal fleet and in regions where limited port infrastructure makes it difficult for vessels to leave and return to port safely. Given the expected increase in the duration and intensity of sea storms, is the Commission considering drawing up an initiative designed specifically to help fishing communities that are affected by lengthy interruptions to fishing activity due to poor weather at sea?

With regard to state aid, and bearing in mind that this type of exceptional and sporadic support is not likely to distort market competition, is the Commission considering allowing more flexible conditions and rules for funds allocated for this purpose on the initiative of the Member States, in line with their specific characteristics and geared to the actual needs of their fishing communities?

The new European Maritime and Fisheries Fund EMFF may co-finance mutual funds to pay financial compensation to fishermen for economic losses caused by adverse climatic events. Member States choosing to co-finance these types of measures from the EMFF should include them in their respective Operational Programme and ensure that the contribution complies with relevant provisions in the regulation. The EMFF can also co-finance investments to improve fishing port infrastructure to improve safety and working conditions.

That was two months ago. Has the Commission yet received information from the Spanish authorities? Having considered the information, the Commission does not see evidence of illegal state aid. While Parliament has already recognised the importance of tackling the energy challenges faced in rural areas, is the Commission considering developing a comprehensive rural energy strategy which would address these challenges?

Given that there is a lack of data on the energy efficiency situation of rural households, would the Commission consider commissioning a study investigating the state of energy efficiency in rural areas? The Commission does not plan to develop a specific energy strategy for rural areas. However, the EU's Rural Development Policy provides a framework for supporting investments into renewable energy production and energy efficiency in rural areas. The production of renewable energy and increasing efficiency in energy use are amongst the focus areas of the specific priorities for rural development.

The Impact Assessment to the Commission's communication on climate and energy policy shows that bioenergy will continue to play a key role in this EU policy. Specific measures for the rural areas are not foreseen at present. The review of the Energy Efficiency Directive will not consider rural areas separately but several elements will have a direct impact on rural areas.

Rural households are affected by the existing EU legislation on energy efficiency, due to impacts on buildings, products, industry and energy transformation. There is also potential for energy efficiency in the agricultural sector, the size of which is at present unclear. DG ENER is not planning to commission a study on energy efficiency in rural areas, as the focus at present is on the implementation and review of existing legislation.

De danske myndigheder har i en notificering, sendt til Kommissionen d. The changes relate inter alia to feed-in tariff rates for household wind turbines. The act cannot come into effect until the Commission has established that it will cause no problems with regard to EU rules. The Commission's assessment is taking a long time, resulting in a number of problems for Danish household wind turbine producers. Thy Wind Power Aps, for instance, has installed wind turbines over the last three years. As a result of the current uncertainty surrounding tariff rules, however, itself the result of the protracted assessment being carried out, Danish banks have been unwilling to take on the risk of providing funding for household wind turbines.

Naturally, this is not a satisfactory situation, sales of household wind turbines having come to a virtual standstill as a result, which may mean that the few Danish producers of household wind turbines will close down if matters are not promptly clarified.

Why has the Commission not yet ruled on the Danish authorities' notification, and when precisely does it expect the final assessment to be issued, making it possible for the Danish legislation concerned to enter into force? In Germany, in , Preussen Elektra now E. Will the Commission say, having regard to the above judgment, whether what has been done in Germany — namely, no notification submitted — can be done in Denmark?

In case the Commission concludes that the measure constitutes state aid, it has to decide whether the notified measures can be declared compatible with the internal market. For this, the Commission needs to verify, based on data and additional clarification provided by the Danish authorities, that the producers of electricity generated from wind turbines do not receive excessive compensation and that the State support results in beneficiaries changing their behaviour so that the level of environmental protection is increased.

The investigation will be concluded within the shortest possible time frame, once the Commission has received complete information necessary for the analysis. Broj oboljelih od raka raste iz dana u dan. The number of people with cancer is rising every day. This disease will affect one person in three before age 75, and one person in four will die of complications linked to cancer. Even more seriously, 3 children a year die of cancer, making it the most frequent cause of death in children aged 1 and above.

The most common malignant disease in children is leukaemia, or cancer of the white blood cells, followed by brain tumours, soft tissue cancer, bone cancer, and lymphoma. The statistics are more devastating still where rare cancers are concerned. Every year half a million people, children included, are diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

Gli “Arditi”, le truppe d’assalto italiane nella Grande Guerra.

Compared with common tumours, the treatment of rare tumours is lagging behind because pharmaceutical companies are less interested in research into, and the treatment of, rare diseases and the range of therapy options is correspondingly narrower. What does it think about the idea of using tissue banks to collect tissue samples from children with rare cancers with the aim of expanding the meagre body of existing research?

IRDiRC is the biggest collective rare diseases research initiative worldwide, with currently over 35 member organisations from four continents. The key objective of IRDiRC is to deliver new therapies for rare diseases, including rare cancers and rare paediatric cancers, by Oggetto: Fondi erogati alla Serbia in quanto paese in fase di preadesione.

Can the Commission state the amount of the pre-accession funds received by Serbia since acquiring candidate status? Oggetto: Morte di un giovane cristiano in Pakistan in seguito agli abusi della polizia. Il giovane era stato arrestato a causa della sua fede con l'accusa di furto. In assenza di prove gli agenti hanno tentato di estorcergli una confessione con l'uso della tortura, ma le lesioni subite, come confermato dal referto medico, hanno portato al decesso dell'uomo.

The young man had been arrested because of his faith, on a charge of theft. In the absence of proof, the officers tried to extract a confession from him by means of torture, and the medical report confirms that the man died from his injuries. Oggetto: Stato della discriminazione delle minoranze religiose in Pakistan. Smaller peace-building initiatives in support of civil society's capacity to mediate and negotiate are underway.

In addition, several projects under the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights seek to enhance interfaith harmony and raise the awareness of relevant stakeholders media, religious and community leaders, policy-makers and legislators. Mechanisms for regular monitoring and evaluation of these projects, also at community level, are included in these projects. On specific religious holidays such as Ashura or Christmas, the Pakistan police force has been ordered to provide special protection to places of worship corresponding to the religion in question.

Pakistan's broader fight against terrorism, a priority of the current government, is closely related to tackling violent extremism and sectarianism which affects in particular the Shia community but also Ahmadis, Hazaras, Christians, Hindus and other minorities. La Commissione, tuttavia, non dispone di studi specifici che confermino una minaccia particolare derivante dalla costruzione delle dighe sul fiume Mekong. L'UE sostiene anche lo scambio di esperienze, ad esempio tra il bacino del Mekong e il bacino del Danubio.

Plans to construct a series of dams along the Mekong in Laos could have severe repercussions on the ecosystem and its biodiversity, and in particular could threaten the existence of the Irrawaddy dolphin Orcaella brevirostris , which lives primarily in Cambodia. The risk of extinction is extremely high: Cambodia has one of the largest populations of the species, numbering about 85 adults. Does it think this issue should be brought directly to the attention of the government authorities in Laos and the other countries in the area, as well as the economic operators involved in building the series of dams?

The EU, through its Delegation in Phnom Penh, has raised the potential negative impact of dam construction on environment and wildlife in the Mekong basin with the local authorities. However, the Commission is not in possession of specific studies confirming a particular threat due to the construction of dams along the Mekong River on the dolphin population. The EU also supports exchange of experience, for example between the Mekong basin and the Danube basin. Oggetto: Attacchi di hacker contro i servizi Bitcoin.

Una serie di attacchi cibernetici in Bulgaria, Slovenia e Giappone ha colpito gli scambi di Bitcoin, la moneta virtuale di recente diffusione. Le conclusioni della task force sono attese per il mese di maggio Infine, la Commissione non ha accesso a dati che le consentano di prendere posizione sulla sicurezza delle attuali piattaforme Bitcoin per quanto riguarda eventuali attacchi di hacker. Trading in the relatively new digital currency Bitcoin has been hit by a series of cyber-attacks in Bulgaria, Slovenia and Japan. Operations had to be suspended in the three countries, and the Bitcoin Foundation is now looking into ways of guarding against future attacks.

To this end, the Commission is currently participating in a dedicated task force led by the European Banking Authority including the ECB, ESMA and various Member States representatives with the aim of defining virtual currencies and assessing whether virtual currencies should be regulated. Given this on-going work and the fact that Bitcoin is a relatively recent phenomenon, the Commission does not yet have a final position on this important matter. Finally, the Commission does not have access to data that would enable it to take a position on the safety of current Bitcoin platforms as regards possible hacker attacks.

Oggetto: Caccia alle balene e sanzioni contro l'Islanda. Secondo il Dipartimento degli interni, la piccola nazione nordatlantica starebbe infatti agendo in violazione della Convenzione sul commercio internazionale delle specie minacciate di estinzione. Il problema della caccia alla balena rientra nel capitolo ambientale dei negoziati di adesione, che il governo islandese ha sospeso nel maggio The Obama administration is considering whether to impose economic sanctions on Iceland if the country does not put an end to its whaling activities.

Iceland is one of only two countries in the world not to respect the moratorium on whaling, and the Icelandic Government has actually decided to increase its quota for to whales. The Commission has expressed its concerns on various occasions as these activities undermine international efforts to effectively conserve and protect whales.

The issue of whaling is covered by the environment chapter of the accession negotiations. Iceland considers that its commercial whaling activities are in line with the principle of the sustainable use of natural resources. Oggetto: Pacchetto di Bali e futuro del commercio globale dei servizi. Il pacchetto di Bali non fa abbastanza per frenare questa tendenza, per cui nuove misure sono necessarie per l'economia europea. In merito a quanto esposto, quale strategia negoziale intende adottare l'UE a livello internazionale e in seno all'OMC?

La Commissione concorda con l'on. Per questo motivo, i servizi costituiscono una componente importante della politica commerciale bilaterale e multilaterale dell'UE. Ad esempio, l'UE ha assunto un ruolo guida nei negoziati multilaterali per un accordo sul commercio dei servizi TiSA , che i partecipanti hanno accelerato negli ultimi 12 mesi. Inoltre, in tutti i suoi accordi bilaterali di libero scambio, compreso il Partenariato transatlantico per il commercio e gli investimenti, l'UE persegue un ordine del giorno ambizioso sui servizi, comprendente sia l'accesso ai mercati che disposizioni regolamentari per settori importanti come le telecomunicazioni, i servizi postali e di recapito espresso, i servizi marittimi internazionali o i servizi finanziari.

A clause already exists in favour of the least developed countries, making it easier for their services to gain access to the markets of developed countries, but it is only a small aspect of this entire issue. The Commission agrees with the Honourable Member on the importance of trade in services in EU's external trade policy. For this reason, services are an important component of both EU's bilateral and multilateral commercial policy.

Oggetto: Europa Creativa e ostacoli per gli operatori del settore culturale e creativo. Tuttavia presenta una serie di sfide particolarmente complesse che ne impediscono il totale dispiegamento di potenziale economico. Nel prossimo settennio la Commissione stima che The cultural and creative sector in the European Union accounts for about 4. However, it faces a number of particularly complex challenges that prevent it from completely fulfilling its economic potential.

The reasons for this derive above all from the great diversity of languages and cultures in Europe, which sometimes make it difficult to disseminate certain products and restrict opportunities for producers who do not have the means to overcome this obstacle. The third problem is linked to the rapid spread of digitisation, which has led to uncertainty in the sector. In light of these difficulties, how does the Commission think the Creative Europe programme can provide operators in the sector with practical help to overcome these various obstacles?

The Creative Europe Programme has been designed to address problems like the ones mentioned by the honourable Member. The promotion of Cross-border circulation of professionals in the cultural and creative sectors and of works of art — with a view to addressing the obstacles to dissemination cited in the question — is one of the main priorities of the programme.

Over the next seven years, the Commission estimates that cultural and creative professionals as well as 6 cultural organisations will receive funding. The transnational circulation of literature is also supported — an estimated 4 books will be translated thanks to Creative Europe funds. Measures available under the programme to address the challenges of the digital shift include: cooperation projects which will address this issue; networks which will help cultural professionals acquire the skills necessary to make the most out of digital opportunities; platforms for innovative audience development based on digital tools; literary translation will cover books in digital and online formats; and innovative cross-sectorial projects which will link different cultural and audiovisual sectors in which new technologies will play an important role.

Oggetto: Nuovo attentato in Afghanistan — prospettive strategiche future. Questo evento mostra come la situazione dell'Afghanistan sia ancora incerta, soprattutto nella zona al confine con il Pakistan. Ritiene che nuove missioni nel quadro della PSDC possano essere avviate in futuro? Ritiene che sia necessario adottare un quadro strategico integrato per la regione, sulla falsariga delle strategie per il Corno d'Africa ed il Sahel?

La democrazia, la promozione dello sviluppo rurale, anche per ridurre la dipendenza dall'oppio, la lotta alla corruzione e il rafforzamento dei diritti umani, in particolare quelli delle donne, rimarranno al centro della nostra cooperazione. Some 20 soldiers in the regular Afghan army have died in a Taliban attack in Afghanistan, while seven others have been captured.

The news was announced by the local authorities, and the Taliban have publicly claimed responsibility for the attack. This event shows how uncertain the situation in Afghanistan remains, especially near the Pakistani border. Does it believe that further missions under the Common Security and Defence Policy may be sent in future?

Does it believe an integrated strategic framework needs to be adopted for the region, along the lines of the strategies for the Horn of Africa and the Sahel? The EU will continue supporting state-building, regional cooperation and long-term development in Afghanistan. Its main objectives should consist in promoting peace and security; reinforcing democracy; fostering economic and human development, and promoting the rule of law and human rights.

The Tokyo mutual accountability framework remains crucial for the provision of EU aid. Democracy, stimulating rural development, including to reduce opium dependence, the fight against corruption and the improvement of human rights, in particular rights of women, will remain central building blocks of our cooperation. In meno di 24 ore si sono verificati due attentati che hanno causato tre morti e una sessantina di feriti. Da fine novembre la conta dei morti ha raggiunto le 19 vittime, mentre i feriti sono oltre ottocento.

Inoltre, la delegazione dell'UE in Thailandia tiene i contatti con le parti interessate e il SEAE ha inviato in quel Paese una missione di esperti elettorali. As feared, violence in Thailand is finally escalating. Two attacks have occurred in less than 24 hours, leaving three people dead and about 60 injured. Since the end of November the death toll has reached 19, with over injured.

Political instability is growing and the violence is becoming completely indiscriminate, even affecting civilians not involved in the protests. Can the Commission say what it plans to do to encourage dialogue — currently non-existent — between two apparently irreconcilable positions? Al mobile World Congress, tenutosi in questi giorni a Barcellona, un'azienda ha presentato una nuova custodia per smartphone ultraresistente. Le caratteristiche del materiale sono sorprendenti e potrebbero portare a applicazioni innovative in diversi settori, quali la sicurezza sul lavoro, la sicurezza delle autovetture, la sicurezza domestica e altro ancora.

Questo polimero ha un'ampia gamma di possibili applicazioni, tra cui gli indumenti da lavoro, da sport, da motocicli, calzature o scatole per dispositivi elettronici. At the Mobile World Congress that has just been held in Barcelona, a company presented a new, ultra-strong smartphone case. Made of an extremely malleable material that looks like modelling clay, the case can withstand hammer blows without damage, keeping its contents intact. The material that provides both malleability and impact resistance is a polymer called D3O, which the company says is the result of a secret formula that produces a smart molecular structure.

The properties of the material are astonishing and could lead to innovative applications in various fields, including safety in the workplace, vehicle safety, safety at home and others. Does it intend to investigate the subject to evaluate whether the polymer can also be used in other fields? Can it say whether any similar materials are being produced or are under development in the Member States or third countries? The Commission is aware of this new polymer.

It has a wide array of possible applications, including work wear, sports, motorcycle apparel, footwear or cases for electronic devices. Improper use of multimedia players has led to a remarkably rapid increase in hearing problems even among young people. The situation is particularly serious because these problems may not show themselves immediately but could have adverse repercussions over the long term.

The most widely used solutions for deafness or hearing loss problems today are hearing aids, but these are just a remedy, not a cure. In biological terms, deafness is shown by the loss of hair cells, which send sound to the auditory system and which were thought until now to be irreplaceable. A new study conducted by a team of researchers at a well-known US university has shown, however, that hair cells can be replaced and that other supporting cells in the inner ear can develop into hair cells.

The study was performed on newborn mice, and it is thought it could be the first step in applying the technique to adult and old mice as well. Can it provide data on the prevalence of deafness and hearing loss among Europeans, especially broken down by age groups? These studies are promising with respect to the restoration of hearing loss, although not yet confirmed in humans.

The percentages of prevalence in the age-groups of , , , , years are 0. Oggetto: Nuovo servizio di chiamate vocali: rischi di perturbazioni del mercato. Da alcuni anni i fornitori di servizi di comunicazione elettronica tradizionali si trovano a fronteggiare la concorrenza di un comparto completamente diverso, quello dei servizi IP e basati sul software. La Commissione sta monitorando e analizzando le implicazioni normative di questi recenti sviluppi del mercato.

Il regolamento proposto per la realizzazione di un continente connesso indurrebbe inoltre la Commissione a considerare tutti i pertinenti vincoli concorrenziali come criteri per l'identificazione dei mercati soggetti a misure correttive ex ante, indipendentemente dal fatto che le reti, i servizi o le applicazioni che impongono tali vincoli siano considerati reti di comunicazione elettronica, servizi di comunicazione elettronica o altri tipi di servizi o applicazioni paragonabili dal punto di vista dell'utente finale.

The developer of a well-known proprietary smartphone messaging application, which was recently bought by one of the social networking giants, has announced that in the second half of it will also be possible to make voice calls with the product. The app in question is used around the world and is one of the leaders in the virtual messaging field with over 4. Does it believe that this innovation may lead to serious disruption of the European internal market? In recent years, traditional electronic communications service ECS providers have been competing with a completely different IP and software based business.

Novel services such as Voice over IP VoIP and messaging have become increasingly popular and useful for consumers, thereby competing with the traditional revenue streams from voice and SMS services of the traditional ECS providers. The Commission is monitoring and analysing the regulatory implications of these recent market developments.

The proposed Connected Continent Regulation would also lead to the Commission considering all relevant competitive constraints as criteria for identifying markets subject to ex ante remedies, irrespective of whether the networks, services or applications which impose such constraints are deemed to be electronic communications networks, electronic communications services, or other types of service or application which are comparable from the perspective of the end-user.

Gli “Arditi”, le truppe d’assalto italiane nella Grande Guerra.

Oggetto: Nuovo progetto pilota nel settore del turismo. Queste piattaforme di informazione sono concepite per fornire i dati su base geografica a livello regionale, nazionale o di UE o tematica ad es. Si tratta tuttavia di strumenti destinati principalmente a mappare le diverse dimensioni dei flussi turistici senza elaborare proiezioni dei flussi turistici futuri.

Queste informazioni saranno utili agli enti pubblici per elaborare iniziative e politiche in ambito turistico. Le imprese troveranno informazioni utili per le loro strategie di mercato e per lo sviluppo di prodotti, mentre ricercatori e mondo accademico potranno basare le loro analisi per gli articoli scientifici sui dati forniti dall'Osservatorio.

In the last few days the director of Trentino Turismo e Sviluppo has introduced a new initiative aimed at strengthening management skills in the hotel and catering sector in Trentino Province. The pilot project, with a duration of four years, provides for a tool to be made available to a group of member hotels three stars and above , which will enable real-time mapping of tourist flows, classified by locality and geographical area throughout the province. In this way, hotels will be able to organise their own activities in such a way as to improve quality and the profitability of services.

The mapping will cross-reference various data, including prices, occupancy rate and average income, and will forecast bookings for future months. In view of this pilot project, is the Commission aware of any similar projects set up in other Member States or of technological tools for mapping and forecasting tourist flows which could be used to increase capacity and profitability in the sector?

These information platforms are designed to offer data either geographically at regional, national or EU level or thematically e. However, these tools are deemed mainly to map the different dimensions of tourist flows without modelling forecasts of future tourists' flows. In , the Commission set up a project on automated data collection and reporting in accommodation statistics, coordinated by the Spanish statistical office INE.

These inputs will offer public bodies further insights for developing initiatives and policies in tourism. Businesses will find valuable information for their market strategies and product development. Researchers and academia can base their analysis for scientific papers on data retrieved from VTO. Oggetto: Progetto pilota riguardante reti stradali alternative in caso di eventi atmosferici sfavorevoli. Il progetto prevede nello specifico il recupero dei vecchi sentieri di collegamento che uniscono la parte alta e bassa dei paesi della zona, in modo da creare un'infrastruttura stradale alternativa da utilizzare quando quella abituale sia intasata o bloccata a causa del maltempo.

A new pilot project was launched last week at Bagni di Lucca, in relation to protection of the territory, aimed at creating alternative communication systems in case of weather emergencies, in particular landslides, mudslides or flood events. Specifically, the project provides for the recovery of old connecting tracks which link the upper and lower parts of towns in the area, so as to create an alternative road infrastructure for use when the normal one is congested or blocked due to bad weather. The project was created particularly in response to the serious flood events which affected the area in January, causing damage to structures and houses.

In relation to this area of intervention, is the Commission aware of any other pilot projects adopted in other Member States which are considered particularly useful? Can the Commission clarify whether any tool exists for exchanging good practice?

The Commission is not aware of any other specific pilot projects adopted in other Member States as it is not systematically informed of pilot projects adopted in this area of intervention, which falls under the responsibility of Member States. Discoteche del riminese lasciate alla natura Li ho scelti anche in base alla loro estetica. Ovviamente il collegamento era dato un filo come S.

A cura di Claudia Collina e Massimo Pulini. Inaugurazione 6 settembre ore E spesso immagine e parola coesistevano ed era naturale districarsi in un flusso sequenziale di immagini che snocciolavano le fasi salienti di una storia. Di quest'ultimo tema ha scritto anche Umberto Eco negli anni Ottanta, sistematizzando il tema del sogno del Medioevo.

Essendo pura rappresentazione, cuore e origine dei nostri mali, non lo si ammira, dice il professore bolognese, lo si abita. Questa mappatura diviene linea e segno, costruzione sequenziale e logica, geografia dell'immaginario realizzata in una storia a fumetti. Si tratta quindi di una rifondazione dell'immaginario che utilizza lo stesso scalpellino e lo stesso alfabeto medievale, mutando codice e funzione.

Tale spostamento di significato dall'analisi alla ricreazione di senso diventa particolarmente evidente se si prova, come nel caso della mostra alla Classense di Ravenna, a raccontare o evocare gli Ottoni: Adelaide, Teofano, Gerbert ovvero papa Silvestro II. Le vite di Adelaide e Teofano, per esempio, mettono in crisi le figure stereotipate delle donne medioevali. Sono donne che con il potere stringono patti, che il potere lo esercitano e lo diffondono.

Papa Silvestro II ha una forte carica simbolica: il suo essere il pontefice che attraversa il pericoloso anno , con un nome altrettanto evocativo che lo lega alla memoria di Costantino, ormai divenuto nella vulgata il cristianizzatore, costituisce un tassello anch'esso dissonante dall'elenco dei papi tenebrosi.

Sulla voce in prima persona, sul segno autoriale di disegnatori che non nascondono la loro attitudine artistica e quindi interpretativa. La storia diviene la loro, e ci viene restituita in un formato accogliente, un guscio che racconta di noi. Siamo diventati troppo consapevoli di noi stessi. Edulcorati e corretti da una scroll page di faccialibro. Il suo rimando, il suo specchio deformato.

Veramente la pittura digitale anche del ritratto? Il corpo dunque in uno spazio che lo agita e lo rende perturbante. Tra una improbabile conoscenza deduttiva e paradigmatica, per usare la terminologia di Jerome Bruner, e quella narrativa, Sughi ha scelto la seconda. Ma la numerazione volontaria dei quadri costituisce una sequenza ordinata di un corpus di fenomeni che assumono una facies narrativa. Ad ogni istante corrisponde un preciso indizio.

We became too self-aware, nature created an aspect of nature separate from itself, we are creatures that should not exist by natural law. Season 1, Episode 1. Crossing the line between what appears and what is — this is one of the most burning narrative nubs of the multi-award-winning True Detective , the most highly acclaimed TV series of recent years.

It elicits a curious reaction from a public that appears to cultivate self-referential certainties and that is accustomed to prejudice, never having been taught to experiment or to seek out sources. And yet a public that has been powerfully attracted to this blend of artistic photography, Nietzschean dialogues and sequence shots as long as those of Soviet times. Here too, in this contradictory cycle, we find the burden of our inability to accept the contemporary. We live in the information age, stunned and misinformed.

Sweetened and spiked by a facebook scroll page. Pizzolatto, the writer who created the HBO series, looked out over the landscape of Louisiana, the frontier land which is also his own and where time really does appear in different dimensions, and decided to turn it into a narrative metaphor. It is not so much a background, where complex events are played.

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It is its constant allusion, its misshapen mirror. A place that contradicts the obviousness of the reality portrayed by background chatter. Nerosunero aka Mario Sughi does not live in Louisiana, but he appears to emerge from the same need to remove the veil from the Maja of the landscape and of the setting. Starting with his technique, which, without leave of appeal, banishes the material potential of the graven original. If reality is representation and a dream-world musing presence, the sacredness of the fetish has no reason to exist outside of its own intangible sense.

Digital painting from portraits? Deforming details a lamppost standing on a zebra crossing, shadows that defy the laws of physics, legless benches suspended in the air , these are the paradoxes of a context in which the body sees itself from outside of itself. It is just one thing among many, the only suspended object of a vague intellect, an entity made of pixels smiling at Schopenhauer, confirming his presence in a post-cybernetic world.

The body, therefore, caught in a space that agitates it and makes it disconcerting. We can all train our retina to recognise an apparently consolatory world of the imagination in what we contemplate. A kind of synaesthesia takes us back to the rancid smell shared in places devoid of relationships, other than with corroded objects, in an elsewhere that nobody really knows how to reach.

In a choice between narrative knowledge and some improbable deductive, paradigmatic form of understanding, as Jerome Bruner would put it, Sughi chooses the former. In structuring concentrated sequences that focus on a single concentrated experience, the proto-hermetic mechanism that inevitably binds title to work an authentic negation of the omnivorous Untitled is undoubtedly one of these techniques, as we see, for example, in Ahhhhhhhh!

The facts in this order show that there is no order and coincidence in the chaos of the world. For this is narrative. Painting does not contemplate this, and that is one thing. But the intentional numbering of the paintings gives an ordered sequence to a corpus of phenomena that acquire a narrative aspect.

The true detective can but train the retina and give paradox back its name, for it is the fastest tortoise. To each instant corresponds a precise clue. Da Ravenna al mondo e ritorno, cura l'unica galleria di fotografia della provincia e una delle poche in Regione. Lei mi ha molto capita, ispirata e appassionata alla conoscenza. E poi partisti Primo lavoro in pizzeria: proprietario israeliano, pizzaiolo marocchino, cameriera canadese, lavapiatti egiziano Andai tramite un amico, convinto che fossi sprecata come cameriera, all'agenzia Abc press, fondata negli anni Cinquanta da un giornalista ungherese amico di Robert Capa All'inizio feci lavoro di archivio, poi mi iscrissi a una scuola di fotografia.

Com'era lavorare in una piccola e prestigiosa agenzia? Ovviamente Milano Hai investito sul tuo sguardo E mi presero a lavorare come tuttofare, gratis naturellement, ma fu strepitoso esplorarne gli archivi, conoscere personalmente Cartier Bresson e non solo. Guadagnavo molto bene, ero immersa nelle fotografie, ma soprattutto potevo salvaguardare il mio modo di vedere. Ero riuscita a raggiungere un'aura che mi permetteva di non cedere alle richieste, a volte frenanti, delle riviste. A Ravenna ho sperimentato un altro modo di affrontare la Fotografia, in Accademia.

Mantengo questo spazio da sola, per avere un polmone in cui poter fare e far vedere quello che so e che mi piace. Un lavoro che mi ha molto appassionato. Tra archivio, visivo, documentazione, poetica come la mettiamo con la fotografia? Oggi gli archivi si volatilizzano, ma tutti lavorano sugli archivi, sulla mappatura. Vorrei che chi ne ha voglia attingesse al proprio archivio personale. Dal 20 al 22 giugno , a Ravenna, Associazione Culturale Mirada organizza, in collaborazione con Associazione Cantieri , un workshop condotto dal coreografo Marcos Morau, grazie al sostegno della Regione Emilia Romagna.

A tale scopo per la sua compagnia ha creato un team artistico formato da artisti provenienti non solo dal mondo della danza, ma anche dalla cinematografia, dalla fotografia e dalla letteratura. Associazione culturale Mirada, via Mazzini 83, Ravenna Telefono email info mirada.

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Marco Antonini, un eclettico che ha fatto strada nella Grande Mela. Ha vinto numerosi riconoscimenti tra cui anche il fatto di essere finalista al premio Andy Warhol Foundation Art Writers. Che cosa significa oggi curare una mostra a New York? Come coniughi queste diverse attitudini? Personalmente uso NY come una base strategica.

Io ero artista visivo, sono poeta e scrittore della domenica, gioco ancora con la macchinetta fotografica una vecchia Pentax ME Super , e curo il design e la produzione delle nostre pubblicazioni a NURTUREart spesso anche di quelle prodotte dalle istituzioni con cui lavoro come curatore indipendente. Da Ravenna alla Grande Mela. Cosa ti sei portato dietro e cosa hai dovuto abbandonare? Rileggo degli articoletti che scrivevo appena arrivato a NY e mi suonano disperatamente naif, ma anche onesti.

Dietro mi sono portato, e ancora mi porto, una grande nostalgia per le persone, le cose, le situazioni vissute durante i miei anni in Italia, soprattutto una nostalgia per la gente di Ravenna e per i miei amici che ancora vivono li. Consiglieresti a un giovane artista di prendere l'aereo e attraversare l'Oceano? Spesso incontro persone fantastiche, ma il fatto che le incontri puntualmente a NY o altrove in giro per il mondo parla da se. Non mi sento di poter dare consigli, io qui ho fatto tantissimi errori. Torniamo ancora alla formazione.

Al tuo periodo universitario a Ravenna: che bilancio fai di questa tua scelta? Se potessi cambiare qualcosa che cosa? Mi viene da ridere al solo ripensarci. Parliamo con lei della sua arte e dell'esposizione ravennate. E del suo corpo appaiono questi capelli alla Tiziano, rossi e impertinenti, per una siciliana come Silvia. Che rapporto hai con la parola scritta e letta? Sei stata una delle artiste di due mostre collettive Autoritratti.

Iscrizioni del femminile nell'arte italiana contemporanea al MAMbo di Bologna. Giovani artiste italiane all'Ex Refettorio del Complesso San Paolo diFerrara entrambe nella nostra Regione ed entrambe centrate sul fare femminile artistico. La tua vocazione femminista, il tuo dialogare con il pensiero di Carla Lonzi ad esempio, e il tuo mettere in discussione il concetto di femminile nell'arte Un paesaggio figurativo rigoroso, sobrio, puntuale e intenso, come lo sguardo di questo artista che ancora ha molti progetti nel cassetto del futuro. Ci sono pittori che dipingono, ma ci sono molti che trovano forme espressive diverse dalla tradizione di questo linguaggio.

Se un giovane ragazzo di buona famiglia comunica alla famiglia che vuole diventare artista, i genitori possono essere quasi contenti. Poi non fui rimproverato, ma mi autocensurai. Ora sto pensando di ripartire con l'esperienza In occasione della mostra di Ravenna ha realizzato anche dei mosaici in collaborazione con giovani artisti musivi di Ravenna. Diversamente dalla tecnica delle vetrate, nella quale sono entrato completamente, sono diventato esperto, il mosaico ha bisogno per me di un lavoro in tandem.

Laureatasi al Dams, non ha mai smesso di osservare, guardare, provare a fermare il tempo e il luogo. Un luogo che ha rappresentato sia in istantanee crudeli e veritiere, che in poetiche interpretazioni come queste della mostra romana, realizzate con la particolare tecnica stenopeica. Raccontami un po' della tua vita, sei nata a Ravenna e poi? In ogni caso ho sempre mantenuto un legame forte con Ravenna, dove tornavo ogni anno con la famiglia durante le vacanze estive, e dove torno tuttora spesso. Come sei arrivata nella lontana Asia? Sono partita per Hong Kong, con l'idea di fare un viaggio in treno fino a Pechino ed esplorare la scena musicale underground, che allora era molto interessante.

Ho cominciato a fotografare i quartieri popolari di Hong Kong e a lavorare ad alcuni servizi fotogiornalistici sulla Cina Popolare poi venduti alla stampa italiana; tornavo in Cina ogni anno. Sono stata in Giappone nella prima volta nel , venendo da Shanghai. Soprattutto nel mondo dell'arte o dell'informazione? Fotografavo e scrivevo. Sto perdendo graduale interesse nella fotografia editoriale e di informazione pagata cifre ridicole oggi, con poche eccezioni , a favore della ricerca personale, comunque sempre legata al linguaggio della fotografia documentaria.

Hai studiato a Bologna: che cosa ricordi di quella esperienza? Come l'ha i trasferita nella tua esperienza di insegnamento? Non avevo ancora cominciato a fotografare. Domanda di rito Fonti di ispirazione, fotografi che consideri maestri, vicini e lontani. Mi piace moltissimo anche la fotografia giapponese degli anni '60, e tra le nuove generazioni Lieko Shiega.

Cosa racconta una fotografia dell'odierno est? In Neon Dreams alla galleria Interzone di Roma esponi sia fotografie che immagini time lapse. Ci racconti la tecnica che usi e le motivazioni di questa scelta? La tecnica del foro stenopeico, applicata tanto alla pellicola quanto al supporto digitale, si presta perfettamente a questo, come ho scritto nella mia introduzione.

Paesaggi distopici, luoghi in cui il qui ed ora scompare Guardavo fuori dalla finestra dell'hotel e vedevo una torre di acciaio spuntare dallo smog, come sospesa nel vuoto, un'immagine bellissima. It was not an exhibition, not even a project. It was a collective performative event carried out by 99 illustrators. None of them knew what was going to be exhibited, except for their own table. Those who responded to our call knew a few simple things: they would neither have been refunded nor paid.

Of course, they had to draw. Till the last second we did not know if all the respondents would have come, if it would have worked. What would have been the result of it? In this case, let me say, each creation — all 99 listed in here — is a small grain of sand in the eyes of those who do not want to see. They will not blind them; they will not change the mind of those who carelessly look at the increasing social, economic and even cultural gap between social classes. But a grain of sand in the eye is annoying for sure.

Many people reacted, also on a local political level. They have been touched personally or institutionally. This is what they call a guilty conscience. Whether you point the finger and speak up or resist the silence maintained by most of the contemporary artist, you will neither be arrested nor tortured. You will not be the new Ai Wei Wei. Because we are human.

But you will not take part to the feasts that count and let you pay the bills. You will receive fewer invitations; you will not be a welcome guest. That gabble can make you lose a mediocre contact. Sometimes it may happen. It happens. They do not even have a contract. They would not know how to make a living.

That gabble, that finger, that being unwelcome do not lead anywhere. It has been a year since then and now I can say it: the edition of Kamikazen has been the best one. Once at the MAR Museum of Art of Ravenna , they had to install the table on their own following the instruction that you can read at page one. If you want art, buy it. It does not cost that much. The supporters of arts who do not have at least an artwork made by one of their friends are strange people. They are like the supporters of books who do not have a single book on their shelves, or like those who want to be playgoers without attending a play.

Art is trade and none should be scared by that. Drawings can be bought. Well, I am wasting time. I did not analyse, I did not summarize, I did not recall the right names. In fact, I did not want to, because this is a self-explanatory action, it does not need any annotation. You can see it in the video enclosed to the catalogue and recorded because — to be sincere — that is the artwork. Each table is the interpretation of the same leitmotiv.

You think you can make a fool of us, but we can see you. The wave is coming. Precisely there, right in the middle of the empire. If it was in Tunis, Cairo and Beirut, there would have been no problem. Even in Madrid or Athens — at the end of the day they are almost Africans. But they were American citizens in the Big Apple.

Your complicity is being bought along with the artwork. For example, consider one of the actions of occupymuseum. The actions of these groups of American artists aim to reveal the horrible work condition of those who are building the new Guggenheim Museum in Abu Dhabi. We should be concerned about it, because also in Italy those who work to produce and preserve the art world have become occasional workers. Our intent was easier: we wanted to show the unsustainable work conditions of those who work in the fields of culture and art.

It is no more about occasional work, but work for free. Even the Ministry offers free traineeships as if they were real jobs. Even if one makes it for passion, it does not mean that one should not make a living out of it. You can be a doctor, a luthier, a lawyer for passion, but no one can even think of not paying you for your work. The social welfare system and the political mediation that was born from the social conflict in 60ss did not led to equality, but it caused a substantial redistribution of wealth that granted our parents the well-being that has not been recorded in any other age on such a large scale.

Those who should act in our stead to claim more rights, to protect our lives and be our mediator is driving the car to run away, in fact. As a result, we can just move on, take out pens, pencils and microphones, and start again claiming more social equality and more chances for everybody. The thing that surprised me the most was that, at the end, all the artworks were multifaceted, rich, and different. There was no repetition, no standardized thinking.

Nel due qualcuno si fa sempre male. Poggia i piedi tra Torri di Mezzano e il Belgio. Anzi, la deriva identitaria che stiamo vivendo ne richiama fortemente le istanze. Bergson, Materia e memoria. Saggio sulla relazione del corpo allo spirito, in H. Bergson, Opere, , di F. Sossi, a cura di P. Rovatti, A. Mondadori, Milano , pagg. Donne, tecnologie e biopolitiche del corpo, a cura di L. Borghi, Milano, Feltrinelli Comunque lo induceva ad osservarne i paraggi, a chiedere informazioni ai passanti o a muoversi in direzioni inconsulte, realizzando una deriva inconsapevole. Ma a noi non serviva un canone stilistico per mettere insieme gli artisti.

Ci interessava osservare come gli aspetti salienti del nomadismo, il suo essere ibrido e meticcio, mescolatore e impuro, fosse alla base non solo di alcuni lavori, ma delle biografie stesse degli artisti vincitori di questa edizione. Tra i nomadi tradizionali, i transumanti sono legati alle stagioni e a luoghi tendenzialmente fissi: le greggi, le mandrie e i pastori si muovono dalla montagna alla pianura percorrendo i tratturi e seguendo il ritmo del clima.

In questa permanenza di una categoria fisica e terrena del movimento nomadico, si muovono i lavori del fotografo Camorani e Pezzi, del pittore Lanzoni, i trofei inquietanti di Fabiana Guerrini. Nello spazio tramonta e si rinnova il sacro: evidente il tentativo di congiungere gli opposti, renderli visibili, sottoponendo lo sguardo a revisione. Non difformi dai salti acrobatici dei giovani che fuori dal Mar volteggiano nel parkour. Dimenticano le barriere imposte, i codici preconfezionati e pregiudiziali per aprire nuove strade alla visione e alla geografia del sentimento. L'intervista allo scrittore passato da Feltrinelli di Elettra Stamboulis.

Molti hanno interpretato questo tuo ultimo libro come un'indagine sul rapporto tra generazioni, oppure un dono di un figlio al padre simbolico Ecco, io cerco di proporre la letteratura cercando di rendere desiderabile lo sguardo con cui io leggo. Da dove sei partito? Avrei voluto scrivere. Quindi laurea in Lettere, poi esperienze di ricerca, ambito letterature comparate. Ma quel mondo mi stava stretto. Poi mi ha salvato la Cgil Una vertenza sul lavoro Per il quale inseriscono nel carnet gli spettacoli una serie di reading per le camere del lavoro, tra cui anche un mio intervento.

Ovviamente quello che costa meno, visto che nessuno mi conosce. Questo, insieme a un piccolo anticipo che Einaudi mi diede per un libro, mi permisero di smettere di lavorare per vivere e cominciare a vivere per lavorare. Quindi, quale potrebbe essere il tuo consiglio per un giovane che vede dalla finestra del futuro la scrittura come opzione? E il luogo galeotto fu la casa di Valerio Adami Bajani ha vinto una schiera di premi, Bagutta, Super Mondello, Lo Straniero, Recanati, fattori che in alcuni casi potrebbero costruire un ottimo alibi per alzare il sopracciglio e sentenziare con fervore.

Hollywood si interessa al mosaico? E invece poi ha confermato il lavoro Speriamo l'abbia presa Johnny Depp Oltre a voi, altri artisti del mosaico sono stati coinvolti nel progetto In questo modo abbiamo avuto molti ospiti in residenza, soprattutto dal Giappone, ma non solo, curiosi di sperimentare questa tecnica. Anche se tu e Luca siete veramente figli della scuola ravennate. Ci vuole passione e tenacia. Per cui direi: lavora, crea! Ma anche: impara almeno l'inglese! E le opere che campeggiano in attesa di essere trasferite sul Canal Grande per la mostra di Zapata non fanno ombra alle creazioni originali degli artisti che in questo caso non sono stati semplici traduttori.

Che effetto fa tornare nella provincia dopo aver respirato l'aria del mondo? Non ti senti parzialmente in esilio volontario? Forse ne ho fatte troppe. Qui comunque, oltre ad avere la tua famiglia che ha un ruolo centrale nella tua vita, ti sei formata. Una specie di possessione. E mi sento ancora una principiante per questo. Nessuno mi ha insegnato quello che poi ho praticato con ostinazione. Per questa ragione mi sento una che ha avuto una fortuna formidabile.

Ricerca d’impatto: Università Ca' Foscari Venezia

Non ti dico poi la faccia che fatto mia madre quando le ho confessato che volevo fare l'artista Eppure ci sei riuscita. Un ruolo particolare, e non so neanche se lui lo sappia, lo ebbe Daniele Panebarco, che mi fece sperimentare tante cose. E mi fece capire che tutte mi piacevano, ma che io volevo altro. Anche lui fu esterrefatto della mia scelta.

Andai a Milano. Sentirsi anche soli e insicuri. Non so ancora come feci a convincere la curatrice, forse la presi per sfinimento. Come si coniuga questa diaspora con il vivere a Ravenna? Qui trovo una dimensione che mi permette di coniugare lavoro artistico e vita personale. Non riesco a tenere insieme troppi progetti. Mi avevano ad esempio proposto delle docenze, ma non mi sento in grado di insegnare.

(Quasi) tutto Max Klinger.

Rifiutai anche quando me lo chiesero da Los Angeles. Che cosa consiglieresti a chi vuole intraprendere oggi la carriera di artista E ci vuole una sorta di vocazione, di chiamata a una religione laica. Se non si ha quella, meglio dirottarsi su altro. Se mio figlio mi dicesse che vuol fare l'artista non la prenderei bene La fotografia come forma terapeutica e i viaggi fino in Taiwan di Nastynasty di Elettra Stamboulis.

Come siete approdati alla fotografia? Mi ricordo di Valentina tecnico delle luci Sono ragioniere, e dopo il diploma ho fatto il consulente del lavoro Poi andai in terapia, dove portai la serie di fotografie che mi facevo come forma di individuazione. Quindi la fotografia come forma terapeutica e di ricerca E il nome? Quella lingua che abbiamo scordato. Cosa succede in residenza artistica? Prendiamo ad esempio il libro d'artista, un modo intermedio con cui il formato libro sta tentando la sopravvivenza interagendo con il processo artistico Oppure comprando i progetti editoriali, raffinati ma anche indocili, che ne testimoniano il tragitto.

L'illustratrice bolognese in mostra a Ravenna di Elettra Stamboulis. Dalle aule seriose del Liceo Classico sono poi planata al disegno, alla musica, alla pittura e al fumetto attraverso molti incontri e diverse esperienze formative. Devo dire che un ruolo particolare ha avuto il workshop con Marjane Satrapi che voi di Mirada avevate organizzato nel Che cosa succede in una settimana da Marina? Come organizzi il tuo tempo e il tuo lavoro?

Cavalletto, colori e pennelli ho il mio pubblico semifisso che mi aspetta. Clienti inaspettati che comprano un quadro, dialoghi di critici improvvisati sul colore, interventi sul lavoro di commesse e studenti. Ti interrompo. Ma come si fa a fare fumetti in bici? Cerco quindi di usare anche io qualche strumento che mi permetta di connettermi a questa meraviglia Magie della Maga Magira, come ama spesso chiamarsi. Hai finito? In che senso, ho finito?

Intendi se ho finito di scrivere? Ho scritto la parola fine. Ma non so se questo significa finire. Decidere un nuovo inizio. Anche io a volte decido di cominciare un gioco nuovo. Comunque lo decido. Allora, hai deciso di finire? Vedere la pagina bianca mi fa pensare alla fine. Oggi mi dici il contrario. Hai ragione, non mi sono espresso bene. L'inizio e la fine. Solo quando mettiamo un segno, o non lo mettiamo, decidiamo in che parte della cosa vogliamo stare.

Lasci qualcuno o qualcosa. Come in questa pagina bianca. Oppure stare a parlare con te Anche se a volte mi sembra che preferiresti continuare a guardare la tua pagina bianca Di cosa parla il tuo libro? Ci sono sempre due cose. Parlare e tacere, sapere e ignorare. Voi adulti mi confondete. Sembra che non ci siano mai confini tra le cose. Capisco l'inizio e la fine, ma sapere e ignorare. Sono proprio due cose diverse. Coesistono due cose diverse. E sono anche un po' la nonna. Difficile rispondere. Io smetto quando mi annoio.

Allora sappiamo quando si smette. E quando si decide di iniziare? Io voglio sempre giocare. Quello non smette mai. Inizio quando trovo il modo di farlo. Anche io vorrei sempre iniziare. Anche tu hai il cuore bianco allora? Come nel tuo libro Lo dice Lady Macbeth al marito che ha appena ucciso un uomo. Anche non fare gesti. Tu sei il risultato di scelte o caso, che non sai. Nessuno di noi sa esattamente da dove viene. Allora ho deciso. Non ho il cuore bianco, ma lo vorrei con tutti fiorellini. Me lo puoi fare?