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Poet Tommy Sissons recounts his childhood relationship with his father.


TED Bigger than us | April , | Vancouver, BC, Canada

In this behind-the-scenes clip, Tommy Sissons discusses writing and how it enables his self-expression. Kong Off is a Donkey Kong tournament where the best in the world gather to face off in eight-bit competition. Kong Off founder Richie Knucklez introduces the elite players that will be battling for the championship in the tournament's fifth year.

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After an unexpected pain in his leg, b-boy Tommy Guns must overcome the life-altering diagnosis of cancer. In this behind-the-scenes clip, krumper Duece shares why he is compelled to do well in the face of adversity. Rather than muting his emotions, Duece focuses his resolve on positive aspects of the struggle, such as moving forward and succeeding.

Who is Tommie Sunshine? After the Raves S1 E1: Extra. A connoisseur of electronic dance music, his appreciation of the genre goes well beyond the music itself.

Dreaming with Your Inner Child

It also introduced a new element that has forever changed electronic dance music. Established in Eindhoven, Netherlands, the Ruggeds are the forward thinkers of the Euro breaking scene.

Selena - Dreaming Of You

Soul Mavericks are a London b-boy crew that brought the UK out of obscurity through relentless perseverance. With billboards for DJs and clubs outnumbering ones for most other forms of entertainment, EDM has redefined a city known for gambling and boxing.

Updated Trips

Ibiza has embodied the lifestyle and spirit of EDM from the very beginnings of the movement. While often compared to Las Vegas for its similar vacation-like atmosphere, the historical pedigree of this Spanish island is unmatched. Tough rocking San Diego crew Rock So Fresh may not have wild commercial success, but their influence is big. Friends of the Beasts of Balance team show off their foray into the world of video games that take place in the physical world.

Sean Schuster – Landscape Photography and Fine Art Collection

Run an Empire is a fitness game that encourages people to literally outrun their competition. Video game artist Jeff Lee shows off some of the best pieces of arcade history from his personal archive. From game concept art to unused arcade control panels, Jeff's collection is enough to make any gamer geek out.

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Baku Hubertusjagd S1E3. Travel with Hubertus to the largest city on the Caspian Sea in his quest to meet fascinating people. Blitz Kids — Perfect Music video. There are no chapters in this book, only anchored themes that, like the mudflat shacks, rise and fall with the tides. The other film, Some People Have to Suffer , documents the grievances of the working-class residents of Bridgeview and their problems accessing services and infrastructure. Though blue collar suburbs and floating counterculture villages may seem dissimilar, Walton shows how they shared more thanone might expect, emerging through the same historical processes and social and geographic context.

Dreaming the Future – Indigenous Languages Conference 12222

Miller , which was filmed nearby in the North Shore Mountains, is where the author most vividly traces the contours of a particular Vancouver and its connections to the broader world. The mudflat dwellings were recreated in the mountains for the film, as a hastily cobbled-together mining community in the late-nineteenth-century Pacific Northwest, the drama orbiting around a brothel. Here Walton draws connections between sex work and extractive capitalism—bodies and landscapes forged through global circuits.

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As she does throughout the book, Walton lets her filmic archive lead her outward, engaging with those who had appeared on screen, each joining a chorus that sings a particular Vancouver into existence. One of these contemporary informants, Jackie Crossland, who played a sex worker-turned-cook in McCabe , describes the making of the film, but also the vectors of her life that extended outward from it: her central role in the local theatre community, her advocacy for youth sex workers in the Downtown Eastside, and her place in counterculture and queer circles—a life that occasionally brushed up against mudflat dwellers.