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She is 15" tall and has a hard stuffed leather body with porcelain head, hands and feet. She is nicely painted and is beautifully dressed. Her clothes are a little dusty so would benefit from a refresh but all in all they are in nice condition for their age. The artist signed her sculpt and the mold is marked H Gunzel which is the artist that hand sculpted the original mold. Her head bears incised numbers 15 on the back of her neck - 15 is circumference of doll's head. Her painting and coloring are beautiful, she has brown glass paper weight eyes small scratch on left eye , pierced ears on a Seeley French ball jointed composition body, has a few marks on body at waist from stand.

Chicago, IL Northwest Hwy. I do not know who the artist is, but she is actually pretty good. I think her wig is mohair, and she has on a cork type pate. A sweet pouty character reproduced from the German made doll. Very nicely painted bisque with light skin tone and lightly blushed cheeks.

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Blue glass set eyes, closed pouty mouth. Excellent quality reproduction composition all jointed body. Open Mouth Teeth showing. Dress, lace around neck, lace is loose in spots. Small holes on base of dress. Buttons in back. A Slip, small buttons on shoulder. Great condition. Pink Booties. She has a beautiful pale bisque hand painted head with set blue glass sets that is set into a shoulder plate so her head can pivot from side to side, her arms and legs are also hand painted bisque.

The middle section is a cloth stuffed body with aperture so her arms can bend and sit and she can have a variety of other poses. Large 26" Artist Reproduction of Antique German J D Kestner Hilda Doll -all porcelain-with stand stand not mint but good and sturdy-very beautiful face-ever so light mark on right cheek paint. Sweet William. Sweet William will pair with many of all bisque girl dolls.

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Sweet William is ready to dress. Completed size of the body is 14" 35cm. She has a beautiful locket on a chain - I can't get it to open, not sure if it does??.

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Sweet little open mouth showing 6 small teeth. She fits Bleuette Body. She holds a bouquet of silk flowers and has matching flowers at the back of her skirt. The half doll portion is approx. She has an arms away pose, a fancy hair 'do, beaded applied earrings and a matching necklace. She has brown glass stationary eyes, a french human hair wig, is on a ball jointed composition body and is dressed beautifully in a French style cranberry dress with jacket and bonnet with black leather boots.

Founded by Leon Casimir Bru. Her head bears incised:BRU Jne and number 13 on the back of her neck. Doll artist Patricia Loveless has dressed her in an elegant. Patricia Loveless is internationally known for her fine reproductions. Many Patricia Loveless Originals this size. Results pagination - page 2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Shop by category. Brand see all. Material see all. Packaging see all. Original Unopened.

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Delivery options see all. Free postage. Show only see all. Darling miniature baby Isabella. Free shipping. His mouth is open for his pacifier and bottle. Silicone type: platinum silicone. Gender: Boy. Silicone used: Ecoflex Baby Color: Caucasian. She has a tongue and gums. This little girl is super cute with lots of detail. This price is for her painted bald. Structure: raw materials provided by the German BASF, doll limbs can be active, can sit reclining; can not speak; the body of high-quality filled cotton, cloth body can not enter the water.

You will be getting the baby pictured in the thumbnail. If you have any questions or would like more details please do not hesitate to message me! Enjoy your day and be Evergreen! This little guy is Nixon Bryan, he is 9" long and weighs 9. He is poured in platinum Ecoflex 20 silicone, he has a open that will take a mini pacifier. He is really squishy and soft. You can order him as a blank kit unpainted or painted.

Style hair gently - as the head is solid the hair cannot be glued in so don't tug at any knots, use detangling spray and tease the knot out gently. Only 1 left! This little boy is baby Liam. He is inpainted just like in picture. This little guy is poured in platinum Ecoflex 20 silicone and has a open mouth to take a pacifier.

Liam is really squishy and soft. Every baby is hand made so is not perfect. Every baby is hand made so they are not perfect. All my babies have beautiful newborn skin tones and feature the softest mottling, veining and little. They can be bathed just as you would a real newborn.

I made him a tiny pampers diaper and his mouth is open for his pacifier and bottle. Rifle Sling. Condition is New. This chubby baby was modeled by Maisa Said and beautiful poured in ecoflex 20 by D3 creation. She has various layers of veining, mottling, shading, and fine details, all sealed with a high quality matte finish for a soft baby-skin feel.

Q1: Is this reborn baby made of cloth or silicone?. This is a darling tiny silicone Mommy's Tootsie Baby Girl 5. How to Care for Your Silicone baby doll. Adopt your very own mar sea baby and let it shower you with joy. Boo boo's are the tiny micro bubbles on back of puppy. She is all one piece super soft silicone no ball jointed head.

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  • Please ask questions. No refunds. She comes with some clothes, pajamas, onesie, pacifier, headband, socks and her COA. Reborn Baby Doll.

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    • Reborn Kit. One has 2 beauty marks. Open mouth but not deep. Need to modify pacifiers will come with the 2 Pacifiers shown they have been cut to fit. One has 2 fingers still together. They will come in diapers. They r not perfect. No returns.

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      Payment due immediately. No holds. Make me an offer. They will come in elephant outfits shown and handmade rose outfits. His body is stretchy, soft, squishy and can bend to many different positions. Open mouth and can accept a bottle or pacifier. His skin feels soft and squishy. He can be bathed and dressed. He also can have tiny silicone imperfections and seams which are common with full bodied babies.

      Nov/Dec Lifelike Dolls Magazine by Lifelike Dolls Magazine - Issuu

      He is a bald baby with no hair. This doll is safe and non-toxic. The doll can sit,limbs can be activities,can't speak,can put into water. Size: Approx. Material: Full body made of Soft Vinyl, material like real skin. I 'm Natalya Kovaleva, Kovalevadoll. Each doll is not like one to one, so if you like this doll, do not miss the chance to get it, the second one will never be like that! Craftwork with hand painting,just like a newborn! Structure: The doll is made of high quality soft silicone.

      Full silicone doll's neck and limbs can rotate degrees. The doll can't speak, stand, or blink. Reproduced and painted by myself valerio's reborn nursery small flaws as does every silicone baby have her seam line shows, and where head was attached but i have tried to blend it as much as possible it looks pretty good on neck one hand is boo boo on fingers i still need to paint them.

      This little girl Harper Skye is adorable. She has a open mouth that will take a full size preemie pacifier. She has a tongue in her mouth and gums. This baby was sculpt by Heartwork Babies and she was molded and poured by Babies By Lori with reproduction rights. Imperfections just add to her uniqueness!

      Made into a partial body platinum Ecoflex 15 very soft silicone. I sculpted her and my husband poured her in ECOflex 15 Platinum silicone with no additives which is soft. Results Pagination - Page 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Make an Offer. Full Silicone 13" Baby Liam. Reborn Baby Doll Full Body.