Redemption (Street Corner Short Stories)

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He looked at Patience. What was her name? Her face showed no emotion, her long braid lay neatly down her back, her hands folded in her lap. He touched his hand to his throat. Would she shave him, in the morning? And cut his hair? Patience looked at her hands.

redemption street corner short stories Manual

Of course she would shave him, she said softly. If he thought it would help. Pike said he was sure it would be all right.


He trusted her not to hurt him. The twenty-third Psalm was beautiful, she said. It would give him strength, she was sure. Pike said all he wanted was for her to go with him. For ten minutes more they sat quietly. Harriman and the hangman from Boulder. In the yard he asked him if he had any last words and in a strong voice Pike said he wanted to thank Miss Patience Haig for the tasty biscuits and the cordial and the clean shirt and the shave but most of all he wanted to thank her for her sweet quiet company.

She was the best and kindest person he had ever known. He had not deserved her but he was grateful and he wished he had something to give her, some small remembrance or lasting token of appreciation to show his gratitude, but he had nothing and all he could hope was that if she ever thought of him after he was dead, it would not be badly. When it was over Patience asked Knapp if she might sit for while in the empty cell.

Knapp must have spirited it away, or perhaps Pike had taken it with him.

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She walked slowly away from the jailhouse, trying to empty her mind of everything that had happened since the four Piper City men had failed to return and their horrible fate had been discovered. She had never felt so miserable in her entire life. She paused before the heavy pine doors of the bank. On the brass knocker someone had tied an evergreen wreath with a thick black ribbon. Poor Mr Shrigley, she thought.

Poor Mr Palgrave. Poor Damon Archer and Dawson Mew. She walked on a little way and then she stopped and turned and looked back at the silent premises of the four dead men. It had not occurred to her before. It was doubtful Lym could succeed next time without them. Forgotten password? We'll even send you our e-book— Writing with punch —with some of the finest writing from the Prospect archive, at no extra cost! Prospect may process your personal information for our legitimate business purposes, to provide you with our newsletter, subscription offers and other relevant information.

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Duke City Diaries: UNM alums’ documentary series tells stories of redemption

Your password will then be emailed to you. Thank you for your support of Prospect and we hope that you enjoy everything the site has to offer. She was a thin, plain woman, Patience Haig. If the preparation of the heart is taken seriously the right words will come. Patience took out her knitting. At the worship meeting?

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He hated the way the fat jailer spied on them. Pike studied her. He had made it, he said, to brighten her frock. Please see these instructions for managing through your mobile device Settings:. Sign in if requested to do so. This brings you to an Account Settings page, where you can select the Subscriptions option and view your Moshi twilight subscription.

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Monsters, real and imagined, external and internal, are the subject. Here, and in the towns beyond, the young live hard and wear the scars…In each story, a local voice delineates the grittiness of post boom Irish society. These are unforgettable characters rendered through silence, humor, and violence.

With the grit of Raymond Carver, the humor of Grace Paley, and a blend of wit and melancholy all her own, Berlin crafts miracles from the everyday, uncovering moments of grace in the Laundromats and halfway houses of the American Southwest, in the homes of the Bay Area upper class, among switchboard operators and struggling mothers, hitchhikers and bad Christians.

Such richly fraught mother-daughter relationships can be lifelines, anchors, or they can sink a woman like a stone. Nowhere are these qualities more ingeniously brought together than in the works of short fiction she wrote throughout her life. Chaon mines the psychological landscape of his characters to dazzling effect. Each story radiates with sharp humor, mystery, wonder, and startling compassion. What if we discovered that the fundamentals of mathematics were arbitrary and inconsistent? What if there were a science of naming things that calls life into being from inanimate matter?

What if exposure to an alien language forever changed our perception of time? What if all the beliefs of fundamentalist Christianity were literally true, and the sight of sinners being swallowed into fiery pits were a routine event on city streets? These are the kinds of outrageous questions posed by the stories of Ted Chiang. Sometimes you find you have crossed an invisible line and must cope, as best you can, with petulant princesses, vengeful owls, ladies who pass their time embroidering terrible fates or with endless paths in deep, dark woods and houses that never appear the same way twice.

Doerr explores the human condition in all its varieties—metamorphosis, grief, fractured relationships, and slowly mending hearts—conjuring nature in both its beautiful abundance and crushing power. Some of the characters in these stories contend with hardships; some discover unique gifts; all are united by their ultimate deference to the ravishing universe outside themselves. In her debut collection of short fiction, Due takes us to Gracetown, a small Florida town that has both literal and figurative ghost; into future scenarios that seem all too real; and provides empathetic portraits of those whose lives are touched by Otherness.

Without abandoning the tenets of classic storytelling, Elliott revels in lush lyricism, dark humor, and experimental play. In these stories, Evenson unsettles us with the everyday and the extraordinary—the terror of living with the knowledge of all we cannot know. In the hands of master storyteller Everett, the act of questioning leads to vistas more strange and unsettling than could ever have been expected. In July of , in Hardin County, Ohio, a boy sees ghosts. A teenage runaway and her mute brother seek salvation in houses, buses, the backseats of cars.

Preteen girls dial up the ghosts of fat girls. A crew of bomber pilots addresses the ash of villagers below. And from India to New York to Phnom Penh, dead girls both real and fantastic appear again and again: as obsession, as threat, as national myth and collective nightmare. A medical procedure reveals an object of worship.

A carnivorous reptile divides and cauterizes a town. Crime is a motif—sex crimes, a possible murder, crimes of the heart.

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