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Slow German ist ein privater Podcast — mein Hobby. Das ist kostenlos. Ja, es gibt Lernmaterial als PDF. Ich gebe diese Daten nicht an Dritte weiter. Die aktuellen Podcast-Episoden:.

Expressionismus. Lyrik. Textausgabe mit Materialien. (Lernmaterialien) (German Edition)

Mehr Episoden. So funktioniert Slow German. Absolute Beginner These episodes are different than the usual Slow German podcast-episodes: They are produced especially for people without any knowledge of the German language. Grammatik Der, die oder das Artikel? Just would slightly change the uniforms and dresses in video sequence. The obvious step ahead in lyrics.

Mauritius North Port Louis, Pamplemousses and Riviere du Rempart (Photo Albums. Book 11)

Bravo Rammstein for having the balls to write this song and make such a video. Brilliant album and even more powerful seeing what the lyrics mean. The music says it all though. I think they are talking about the Germany of now as much as the Germany of the past. As in the UK there certain things going on shall we say that is dividing people and causing a rise in far right patriotism, nationalism and even extremism.

As mentioned here every country has its past good and bad.

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I think they want to get something important across with this album something we can all relate to. Thus, in the original German the wording is far more ambivalent. Implying not only separation in mind [thought? Additionally, I think that by not including the backing vocals in the translation a layer of the song is lost. While the backing lyrics essentially compliment the context of the main lyrics, they also tell their own tale:. To all who are saying that they feel bad for past events in their country, just name me one country that has a clean past.

As a Hungarian, I often feel the same about our national history, but because of the many tragedies that occurred, many people feel that we were just the victims of fate, rather than being the perpetrators of some of the events that we faced the consequences of. Germania is black in the video so that she represents the colors of the German flag black, red, and gold.

Slow German - der Podcast zum Deutschlernen mit Annik Rubens

Although I only visited for a couple of weeks and only spoke with a handful of people, I could tell they still feel shame. I tried not to drill our hosts about politics too much, but it would seem they are very afraid to be patriotic. I noticed they do not hang German flags around like we would hang American flags all over in the USA. They are afraid it will breed worse things, and I totally understand. I also see an effort though to thwart all kinds of extremism at its roots. They are forever vigilant, afraid to be complacent, in case things get out of control. We in America also have similar guilts, and I think most developed and mostly-white countries do.

We must do better as people. We do not have to beat ourselves up, but we must not forget either.

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    Spent the night in formation To the battle we marched in the dawn We were ready to die for our king On the fields of Breitenfeld. On September the seventh We filled their hearts with fear Seven times they attacked on that day Seven times they retreated. Gott Mit Uns English version - Lyrics.