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  1. Returning Soldiers
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As a result of the war mobilization, teachers, club leaders, and authors of youth literature instilled militarism and nationalism more deeply into young people than before but in a way that paradoxically relaxed discipline.

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The book details how Germany had far more military youth companies than other nations as well as the world's largest Socialist youth organization, which illegally agitated for peace and a proletarian revolution. Mass conscription also empowered female youth, particularly in Germany's middle-class youth movement, the only one anywhere that fundamentally pitted itself against adults.


Returning Soldiers

The book addresses discourses as well as practices and covers a breadth of topics, including crime, work, sexuality, gender, family, politics, recreation, novels and magazines, social class, and everyday life. Account Options Sign in.

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  • Google Libros. Conseguir libro impreso. Ver eBook. Jeff Bowersox. Raising Germans in the Age of Empire is a cultural history of the German colonial imagination around the turn of the twentieth century.

    Fatherland Lesson Plans for Teachers

    Looking beyond the colonialist movement, it focuses on young Germans who grew up during this era and the various commercial and educational media through which they daily encountered the wider world. Using their imaginary colonial encounters, Jeff Bowersox explores how Germans young and old came to terms with a globalizing world.

    Chapters on toys, school instruction, popular literature, and the Boy Scouts or Pfadfinder reveal how Germans, through mass consumer culture and mass education, built a definitive association between colonial hierarchies and Germany's place in the modern age.

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    By this colonial sensibility had been accepted as common sense, but it always remained flexible and vague. It could be adapted to serve competing and contradictory purposes, ranging from profit and pedagogical reform to nationalist mobilization and international socialist solidarity. Thus, as young Germans used images of imperialism to construct their own fantastical adventures, adults tried to use those same images to ward off the worst excesses of industrial modernity and to mold young people into capable and productive citizens.

    The result was a chaotic multitude of imagined empires vying for space in the public arena as Germans debated how best to raise the next generation of children.