Le Cercle rouge (French Edition)

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Le Cercle Rouge

Certain parties we shall not name complained of excessive grain on the now out-of-print Criterion Blu-ray of Man , but apparently the Studio Canal version is such an unmitigated picture disaster that even that protester was forced to admit that too much grain isn't the worst thing that can happen to a high-def video rendering of a classic film.

This is beginning to create the most frustrating thing that one can encounter about a brand: the pattern of no pattern, quality control-wise. So there's that.

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Which the shots I took with a camera from off of my display don't really show, but extend an indulgence here To highlight the imperfection of the shot, I cropped it so as to leave in the borders of the display just so you don't think I'm trying to pass this off as anything but an enthusiast's whack at capturing a particular quality. Said quality being color—not on Santi per se but in the Johnny Walker Red bottle in the right side of the frame. The little details such as that, along with stuff like the real "good" grain of the night sky that silhouettes Alain Delon and Gian Maria Volonte as they go over some Paris rooftops by the Place Vendome about to break into the jewelry dealership they're about to knock off, are beautifully reflective of the film's grittily artful look Henri Dacae was the DP.

It's a reflective but at the same time no-nonsense and blunt picture.

At first Melville's frequent use of zooms seems a bow to the fashion of European genre pictures of the time—the year of this one is —until one really looks at how the director uses them: not at the end of shots, as was largely customary, but in the midpoint of long takes, for emphasis, like an italics within a sentence. The zooms also signify, in a sense, a hallmark or emblem of the herky-jerky world its criminals inhabit, full of unexpected stops and reversals. This is a Region B locked U.

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Does that mean a U. Le CercleRouge was thepenultimate film and biggest box office hit for the late Melville, king of theFrench gangster movie. It had only a brief release in the US, under the title TheRed Circle , in a versionthat was dubbed into English and cut by 40 minutes. The release will bethe complete, unseen minute version with new subtitles by Lenny Borger. Said Woo:'Melville's style and message move with his actors as they deliver theirsoulful performances, and the romantic values of friendship and brotherhoodexpressed in this movie are hard to find anymore.

Le Cercle Rouge () - IMDb

There is no mistaking thatthis is a Melville film, as all of the elements synchronise to his vision. Ihave long admired Melville for his spirit and his movies.

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Le Cercle rouge

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