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The possibilities of the impact of these changing demographics on the charism and mission of religious communities are almost infinite. How will the discussion and discernment of the mission and ministries of religious communities be affected by the voice and presence of black women, Latina women, and women of color of varying cultures?

Where We Work

We remain connected to our countries, cultures, and languages of origin. How will interaction with these countries and cultures flavor or change the theological underpinnings of those Eurocentric communities that have been so immersed in and informed by the experience and theologies of dominant cultures?

The question then becomes, how will formation processes and structures be evaluated and reshaped to allow for the sea change that must happen in the discernment and discussion of mission and ministry and the future of religious life? What are the systemic changes that we need to make to bring this new creation to maturity?

Much has been said of the studies and research that indicate that young women are looking for community and prayer in their potential religious communities. They feel this community life seems to imply a population of younger persons.

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This is simply untrue. If a religious community is truly open to the challenges that a new voice, a new lens, and a new vision will bring, then the possibilities of creative problem-solving are endless.

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There really is no way to conclude when speaking about the future of religious life — it is like the kingdom of God, here but not quite yet. We move into a future that clearly challenges us to make manifest God's presence in a world that is unpredictable and unstable and in which our brothers and sisters in Christ may be deeply afraid.

Aware of the many uncertainties, young women with passion and radical love and commitment to this present and yet unknown future continue to enter religious communities and to make public profession of their vows. We may not know, any more than anyone else, what that future holds, but we trust that the good work that was begun by the Holy Spirit in the hundreds of thousands who came before us will continue in us and in those who are yet to come.

In Our Own Words: Religious Life in a Changing World

We know that we will need to engage more fully in the refounding of religious life and of our respective communities if we are to respond to the challenges and opportunities that are before us. We are ready.

She made her perpetual profession in Raised in Trinidad and currently missioned as a social worker in Toronto, she went on mission to Sierra Leone in Excerpt is from Pages and is used with permission from Liturgical Press. Like what you're reading? This was an exercise to create a book that would be useful and inspiring, challenging stigmas and stereotypes.


It also provided an opportunity for those who have had their own personal battles to be involved in a project that could change perceptions and reach out to others. After advertising for submissions, the team went through a selection and editing process to generate what you hold in your hands today.

They received many submissions and every piece that was selected was chosen for its communication of the issues, feelings and struggles relating to self harm, understanding and compassion. Here we give you our collection of stories, poems, pictures and photographs that will reveal the real people behind self harm - the people who pay testament to their courage and strength as their contribution helps others move towards a better place in their lives.