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While it may seem like you're dredging up problems unnecessarily, if you both handle things diplomatically, this can be extremely productive for your relationship. If your partner is receptive, you're probably on the same page about where things are going.

Soulmate & Relationship Guide

This question is a big one. Again, though, it's open-ended, so it'll be a lot healthier to ask than "do you see us moving in together," or something like that. If you're nervous, just remember that this question will come up eventually, and it's important to discuss if you see a future together. Also, [you can see] if they are ready to take the relationship to the next level and get more serious," the Mitchems say. And if your partner hasn't thought this through, it'll be out in the open, and you can address that together as needed. If you've gotten to this question, the two of you are probably already on solid ground.

But even if you're just getting started thinking about a future together, figuring out whether you're on the same page about having kids is really important. But it is important to discuss because that could be a deal breaker for staying together or not. Or if you both want kids, you can talk about how to plan for that.

Turns out, finances are a huge stress factor in relationships.

These 13 Books Will Improve All of Your Relationships

One third of millennial couples have even broken up over financial differences. So it's important to discuss this issue openly and honestly. It is one thing to say I want to buy a house one day, and it is another to actually plan out how you would accomplish that goal.

How To Tell If Someone Truly Loves You - Femi Ogunjinmi - TEDxXavierUniversity

Discussing this can help relieve any current or future financial stress. Of course, this question is for couples who are already committed.

But commitment can mean a lot of things, and this question can help guide you to how your partner feels about the idea. If it seems like too daunting a question, you can also ask your partner, "where do you see yourself in five years? Open-ended questions can be a great way to get to know your partner better, and keep track of whether you two are on the same page without guessing. Very few questions will end in obvious dealbreakers, but almost all of them will end in more clarity than you started with. So when her body begins to change, remind her that she deserves safe, pleasurable experiences when she's ready.

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Remaining perceptive can save her heartache. If the guy she's interested in says he isn't looking for a girlfriend, tell her to believe him. If he snaps at his mother, she should take note. Often, people show and tell everything you need to know. Remind her not to trick herself into believing she knows "what he really means" instead. Mothers must teach their daughters true love is about affection, selflessness, and generosity. If those qualities aren't there, neither should she be.

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Sometimes relationships look right on the surface, but feel wrong deep down. Maybe she's not getting out of it what she's putting in, or she simply feels something's missing. Tell her to understand her wants and convey them, so she can fix issues or move on. Your daughter will never need your advice, and shoulder, more than when she's brokenhearted. Remind her that it's okay to feel pain, but a breakup can be a lesson in itself.

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She will learn what she's willing to accept, what she really needs, and when and how to let go. So the happier you are, the more fulfilling your other relationships can be.

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There comes a time in every relationship when a screwup can't be covered by a simple sorry. Chapman and Thomas break down what makes for a meaningful apology, and how to potentially fix relationships—from romantic partners to friends and family—that feel strained. Can you guess what that includes?

Yes, honesty, the trait that Campbell says is important in every bond we share. Cheryl Strayed may be famous for writing Wild , but before she had a recognizable name, she was the anonymous advice columnist for The Rumpus. Her book Tiny Beautiful Things compiles the questions she received and the heartfelt advice she gave under the pen name Sugar, as well as essays she wrote about her own experiences.

It's a mix of memoir and universal self-help that'll inspire personal growth and empathy for others.

The 5 Stages of Love: Why Too Many Stop at Stage 3

Leave it to perennial self-help icon Oprah Winfrey to distill her favorite life lessons into one inspirational book. The Wisdom of Sundays condenses more than hours of conversations she's had with like-minded public figures on her show Super Soul Sunday to teach us how to live with more fulfillment, connection, and gratitude. In , when Nina Riggs was 38, she was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer.

The Bright Hour is a memoir that she wrote in the last two years of her life to explore how death is a part of existence—and why that shouldn't be intimidating. It's a bittersweet read, but its greatest accomplishment is in teaching readers how to appreciate their closest relationships in the moment. According to Campbell, you can figure out if your relationship is healthy if "you're happy or things are going well at least 80 percent of the time. The book uses a collection of essays to show how all the different relationships in our lives include one thing: complications.

By showing us that she doesn't always get it right, either, Corrigan offers up a mix of hope, humor, and approachable lessons that make the many layers of our relationships feel universal. Everyone knows about the "honeymoon phase" of new relationships. And while that feeling transitions into something deeper as love develops, it shouldn't go away completely.