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Our best estimate is that more than 99 per cent of the universe is actually hidden in the dark.

The story of how we used light to reveal the cosmos begins in the 3rd century BC when, by trying to understand the tricks of perspective, the Greek mathematician Euclid discovered that light travels in straight lines, a discovery that meant that if we could change its path we could change how we see the world. In Renaissance Italy 2, years later, Galileo Galilei did just that by using the lenses of his simple telescope to reveal our true place in the cosmos.

With each new insight into the nature of light came a fresh understanding of the cosmos.


Dark Light

It has allowed us to peer deep into space and even revealed the composition and lifecycles of the stars. In the s, the Danish astronomer Ole Roemer discovered that light travelled at a finite speed, a discovery that had a profound implication.

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It meant the further one looks out into the universe, the further one looks back in time. And in , by detecting the cosmic microwave background, the afterglow of the big bang, we captured the oldest light in the universe and saw as far back as it is possible to see with light. See all episodes from Light and Dark.

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Step into the light or explore the mysteries of the dark with The Open University. Home Episodes Clips Galleries. Main content.

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    Color: Color. Add the first question. And it shows in our portfolio with multi-awarded lighting products. At Dark, we focus on a wordwide audience while keeping our full attention on residential projects.

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