Contested Spaces: Abortion Clinics, Womens Shelters and Hospitals: Politicizing the Female Body

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Preston Throughout this project I have worn lab coats as a signifier of working with factual knowledge, the scientific properties of materials, and as a practical garment worn while creating art works, a process that is often messy. Fig 3: J.

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Preston, all that matters An array of common and ordinary devices that served as metaphoric and literal tools in the research project. Of most influential to contemporary domestic ideas and spatial practices stems from Western domestic identities during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. During industrialization, the idea of the home as this haven, separate and safe from the city, became inscribed into Western ideology.

As the centre of love, nurturance, and family, the home as overseen by the mother was a place of peace and a constant refuge from the competitive city. It was specifically during this time period that designing of interiors became a pastime for many women of means. Enhancing the surfaces of the interior was a creative practice and she became the arbiter of domestic aesthetics. Through interdisciplinary avenues of material, political, and feminist research, she seeks to upend a discipline that has been inherently gendered female, and deconstructs and constructs differently spatial possibilities that have been quite limited and prescriptive.

Through her nuanced alterations of material surfaces, she demonstrates how generic and banal interior building materials can be dramatically transformed.

Books by Lori Brown

Her work requires the viewer to question some of the most common 20th century assumptions about domestic interiors and their surfaces. What appears to be seamless has seams; what appears structural can be superficial. Often these subtle interplays have some of the most profound affects. Through this transformation she has opened up possibilities of occupation, affect and intimacy. I think it is important to acknowledge her employment of feminism. Her inquiries place pressure on how our building materials perform and undermine their historical applications.

How to think in architecture, or of architecture, without conforming to the standard assumptions, the doxa, the apparent naturalness, or rather the evolutionary fit assumed to hold between being and building? In short, how to think architecture beyond complementarity and binarization, beyond subjectivity and signification?

What other ways can architecture be conceived and produced? What we thought we understood about such generic materials of sheetrock, glass, and even wool is turned upside down and inside out. She is urging us to reconsider certain material realities and posits potentials for quite a radical reconsidering of these everyday materials and their applications within the discipline of interiors. Her work radically recalibrates the way interiors are researched and practiced.

She has discovered power within, literally underneath, interior surface materials and mines their potential.

lori a. brown - Google Scholar Citations

Her creative practice is a new trajectory for design and I look forward to continue following her on-going feminist material explorations, installations and textual inquiries. Lori A. Brown has developed a creative practice focusing on the relationships between architecture and social justice issues with particular emphasis on gender and its impact upon spatial relationships in hopes to broaden the discourse and involvement of architecture in our world.

She is the co-founder and co-leads ArchiteXX, www. She is an associate professor of Architecture at Syracuse University and is a registered architect in the state of New York.

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A woman with her thicket of white-grey hair, her head bent over in concentration, and the paradox of a calm expression worrying her face. She moves slowly, rests often, as though testing the proprioceptive relation of her material body to itself. Sometimes her arms sweep arcs through the air as she redistributes the diverse materials of her environment-world.

She expresses bursts of material exuberance. Or else she remains quiet, curled up, exhausted. She inhabits a sealed room, viewed only through a restricted portal. What else? A bale of greasy wool, a blanket, a candle, some water, some gingernut biscuits for sustenance.

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Room, wool, me, you. And over three long days the woman redistributes the wool, as interior carpet landscape, or else she packs it tight so that it blocks the recess of what is the main door, which is, in any case, locked closed.

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The smell of greasy wool must be pronounced. A bale of greasy wool is as good as a coyote, she says to herself. I love to you, she murmurs. Want your ad here? Books Kilkenny. Editor s : Connolly, Anne; Britton, Amanda.

Sowing Sustainability

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Inside Mississippi's Lone Abortion Clinic

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