A Mishmash of Life

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The Shepherd's Life. James Rebanks. The Forget-Me-Not Girl. Sheila Newberry. Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls. Elena Favilli. Queen Victoria. Lucy Worsley. Sally Wainwright.

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The Cut Out Girl. Bart van Es. First Man In. Ant Middleton. Michelle Obama. Your review has been submitted successfully. Not registered? Forgotten password Please enter your email address below and we'll send you a link to reset your password. Not you? The First Words! As it says on the tin really, the first words of my novel! Gone Viral! No not me unfortunately! However, I really did want to write a post about why The Class Teddy! Warning, there may be excessive swearing in the following post! The inspiration for this blog post came when myself and my friends were deep in An Honest Blogger? Motherhood and Lost Identity!

Christmas Countdown begins! My Top 5 The Ordinary. The Ordinary are a really great affordable skin care brand, and one that I use Being more in the Moment! With this product Blog Promotion; retweet account list! We all need a little bit of blog promotion, right? How do I deal with my Anxiety? But I need that to change though! This week we celebrated a little early by having A Bucket Full of Dreams! Recently an old university friend of mine celebrated her birthday.

We are typical Facebook friends, A Letter to my 21 year old self! You may remember I wrote a similar letter on my previous blog, before the big Our first impressions were not all positive. Our immediate neighbourhood seemed, initially, a little drab and uninspiring. You know, lots of workman, sitting outside cafes and closed shops.

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Thankfully, this impression soon changed. We wandered back, settled into our Airbnb apartment and just had a day of recuperating in the serene, warm Aussie ambiance.

A Mish Mash of Life

The next day, we spoke to our family over WhatsApp by video call. Just go to the relevant contact and press on the camera icon at the top. Wait for them to answer and it is that simple. After this joyous catch up, with our family, off we set towards to city. We went on the train one stop and upon arrival became immediately immersed into the vibrant atmosphere of Brisbane. The Tourist Information Centre is a great place to accumulate all the info you need and the staff are proactive in helping you. This takes you up the Brisbane River and is a wonderful way to see the city.

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This includes sights such as the beautiful parks, gardens, historic architecture juxtaposed with the Brisbane skyline. The city is very well set out and has areas of gardens, parks and also shopping, cafes and a trendy bar culture. The trendy bar culture, is in the Fortitude Valley area and we soon discovered the area may be a little sleepy during the day, but comes alive at night. We then went to saunter around the Botanic Gardens which are lovely and very relaxing. This is also free and has a wide array of plants, trees and animals. We spotted some large lizards and the birds certainly make different squawking noises from the UK birds, at home.

Hubby had discovered, online, a free Comedy Hour at the local Brisbane arts and culture centre, so off we ventured to see what the Aussies are like at comedy. Very good actually, if a little over sweary. This was an interesting experience because we walked from the CityHopper to the theatre, through the suburbs and I was able to nose at the houses and gardens. Love wandering around the local suburbs to see how the locals live. The housing in Brisbane seems to be rather contained but very smart, as are the pavement, road areas and general infrastructure. After a great hour of comedy, we walked back through the now dark suburbs, towards our apartment building.

Brisbane is an impressive city and another great location which is well designed and has lots to do. Firstly, we went to the ArtScience Museum. It holds exhibitions and we saw only one exhibition, called Future World: Where art meets science. This is an immersive and interactive exhibition which has 16 installations and takes place in the iconic lotus shaped building, next to the also, iconic Marina Bay Sands Hotel. The exhibition has many surreal digitally activated spaces and is clever. After this, we went to Chinatown by metro.

Hostels in Warsaw tailored to the guest’s needs and budget

This area is in sharp contrast to the rest of Singapore with its old colourful low rise buildings, small cluttered shops, cafes, restaurants and the crowded, bustling ambiance. Then appreciated a Chinese meal of beef noodles and seafood stir fry which was delicious. Overall, we were very impressed with Singapore.

The tourists attractions are futuristic, fun, interesting and obscure. This is the perfect city, so do go, if you get the opportunity. Today we visited the Gardens of the Bay and once again, were very impressed. The work in this space is of a high standard and involves designers, horticulturists, arborists, engineers, plant health and garden landscape experts. The result is a magnificent display of innovative, space age design, full of colour and splendour. This area of arboreal beauty spans hectares and has been designed on reclaimed land in the centre of Singapore adjacent to the Marina Reservoir.

You can go up on a high rise path to gain an aerial observation of the gardens, which is breathtaking, because you see them in conjunction with the city. The flower dome, is a large contemporary conservatory embodying the dry Mediterranean climate and focuses on various places such as Australia, South America and South Africa.

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This was a spacious display and it is interesting to observe where various plants have originated from. After lunch, we decided to visit the Marina Bay Sands Hotel observation deck. Must admit to becoming a little obsessed about this conspicuous building. It is a phenomenal structure and when I first spotted it, felt it was part of a dreamscape.

Ready to discover your family story?

Oh dear, have I become one of those self obsessed people haha? Up 57 levels of this magnificent building, you can see the heart and soul of Singapore and what a marvellous sight it is. Panoramic views including a floating football pitch with racing track. This city has so many extraordinary observations and I was pleased to see many of them at this time. Maybe I will return to Singapore one day, and stay in this hotel.

Not sure if I can afford it! We popped back to the Clarke Quay area, to have a quick drink and break in a bar Brewerywerkz. Then rather ambiguously, we ventured forth to the Singapore Flyer to see the city at night.

Life's a Beach Mish Mash Short Multi

Well worth a slow spin on this remarkable wheel and more incredible views ensued. Another resplendent day and I was very pleased to return to the hotel, to rest. What a wonderful city Singapore is. Clean, green, friendly, fascinating and safe. The gardens were established in by the Agri-Horticultural Society and designed by Lawrence Niven, who reflected the English garden and influenced the emergence of many English gardens and parks from that time to this. I found the gardens deeply calming and many areas had quite a serene ambiance to it. As you explore the gardens you encounter people practicing yoga, group meditating, picnicing, playing games or just chilling in this park.