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  3. Découvrez tout ce qu'il y a à faire, évènements, restaurants, musique et vie nocturne en Israël
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Une grande et vieille maison qui se transforme, Philadelphie, Paris Drones et hologrammes font partie du quotidien. Sans danger? Paris, Coureur, menteur, buveur, noceur Depuis l'enfance, il est en rupture avec son milieu familial. Un jour, il tombe amoureux d'une lointaine Je me propose de vous rendre la pareill Mike Bromberg La guerre en Soltane n'avait pas eu le loisir de jou Vingt-quatre heures de la vie d'une actrice.

Lors du dernier jour de tournage d'un film, Dorine M. Aurore est une styliste reconnue et Ludovic un agriculteur reconverti dans le recouvrement de dettes. Mais qui guette qui? Vingt-cinq ans, aucune envie de travailler ni de s'engager dans des relations stables : le narrateur de Je m'enneige vit sa vie au jour le jour. Silence, on tue! Deux jours avant Un soir de mai Monsieur Meyer se plie aux interrogatoires de Et la petite alors?

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Sauve, bien vivante! Je travaille avec les mots et avec le silence. Les non-dits. Je travaille avec la honte, le secret, les regrets. Le pont qui relie notre Elle qui incarnait le bonheur n'est plus qu'une ombre. Est-ce Austerlitz? Ou bien le sacre? La plus dangereuse aus La "semaine sanglante" de la Commune de Paris voit culminer la sauvagerie des affrontements entre Communards et Versaillais.

Au millieu des obus et du chaos, alors que tout l'Ouest parisien est un champ de ruines, un photographe f Un roman sauvage et puissant. Elle sait qu'elle ne devrait pas s' De quoi parlaient-ils? Document sonore Didier Jeunesse. Document sonore Armada productions. Un matin de la Grande Guerre, le capitaine Armand siffle l'attaque contre l'ennemi allemand. Lambeau, subst. Een schoon meisje, die kwam er al tegen, En zij was er maar ja, gedaan en gedaan, En zij was er maar ja opgedan. Zou 'k ik niet meugen een nacht bij je slapen? Dat zal mijn jonk hertje vermaken.

Die vader die sliep en de moeder die riep, "Wie mag d'r hier boven zijn Welk wat mag uus dochtertje maken? Haar berre bedde begunt er te kraken Zij en is er vorwaar, niet alleen, niet alleen, Zij en is er vorwaar niet alleen. And who did I find on my way? A beautiful maiden came in front of me, And she was so well adorned, Yes, so well adorned. Couldn't I sleep one night with you? It would make my young heart happy". It might well be. And he knocked at her shutters, The young girl went to open And let the hunter go in And let the hunter in.

And the father was sleeping and the mother called: "Who might be up there? What might our daughter be doing? Her bed starts cracking, She's certainly not alone in it, not alone, She's certainly not alone in it. Les vendredis, s'assient sur leur sellette bis Les samedis, baptisent leur recette. Lon la… On Wednesdays, they go to drink a little glass 2 twice And on Thursdays, they "do" 3 in their beds.

A little piece of bread, A little piece of meat For Jean Pansard. I have iron legs, I run like a deer; I have wisp legs, I always stay hunkered on them. You made waffles, You'll let me taste them, Put some outside, put some inside Till it's my bag very full. A little present, Ma'am, Because I have sung so well! I've come here, in your area 1 Naked, sockless and poorly shod. A little present to thank me. Il faut nourrir homme et enfant et embrasser l'ouvrage.

L'on peut bien dire : "Adieu beau temps, je suis dans l'esclavage. There are small ones also large ones that sing in their language That young girls are anxious to get married twice To get married, You must be courageous. You must feed man and child and work. One can well say, "Farewell, good time, I am in slavery. We'll put our white clothes on, the penance gown, The three-colored top hat, the ribbon of suffering.

Brothers, one must scour the fields when one travels at our age, Our happy hearts are free of sorrow and worries. To know the picture of the tour of France that people make to us, To reach the science that the god of arts promises us, To show the new courage inside us And to make us swifter and more vigilant to work. To better know the delights of the duty so dear to our hearts, To win the good graces and the favors from the novices' hands To know both the clever wake and the noble laws Of the real companionship.

Our father, on the tour of France, would sing of Bacchus, would sing of love And they would taste the price of a sweet independence every day. Ah, if in days of yore our fathers would bless fate, It's because anytime, my brothers, they would sing this refrain. May the tears of sorrow not blur our eyes, Let's give up our hearts to joy, let's bid our farewells cheerfully, Duty invites us to leave quickly. But before all, dear comrades, the author, a companion like us, Wants us to pour some glassfuls as we end this song. Children, wake up! En obal y o lou bel riou!

Over there is the large stream? It makes the CDs so much more enjoyable. Earlier on you asked for some constructive help with your initial translations: "I wish that you guys out there pointed where the previous ones are wrong, weird, awkward, incomprehensible I haven't found any fault with your translations so far, but I shall do my best to go through them again, and where I can do so, I may suggest some alternative readings which I'll tell you by PM. Many of the apparent akwardnesses are inherent in the original language, where some very idiomatic expressions are used.

Much of the language is so compressed that it would take a whole paragraph to disentangle all of the meanings from a short two or three word phrase. It is very useful that you should continue to provide basic literal translations, along with your helpful notes and glosses. It has been said elsewhere, and more elegantly than I can express it here, that the heart and soul of a poem is the bit that gets left out when it is translated. The more you, or anybody else, attempt to round off the weird and awkward bits to make them read better in English the more you stray from the original - but you know that already!

I will certainly try to help, when I can do so, and offer some suggestions with your translations from French. I can't help at all with Basque, Breton, Walloon, or Corsican, and Occitan is a struggle for my limited powers too! I wish Malcolm Douglas were still with us as he had a good working knowledge of French at degree level. I'd love to see some good English language versions of some of these songs; and I'd love to sing a version of Le Roi Renaud or of Skolvan , but I think those are best left to other, separate discussions. Thanks once again for all you have done so far.

The fountain of Terminelli Is on the edge of the plateau. Everywhere in this area, We're surrounded by beauty. Under the meadows openings Spring out so many streams, Where trout are prisoners And above the lambs graze. Wishing you good luck, Sermanu is going to open its gates to you. The village of Sermanu opens its gates On a flowery road And gives you as a companion The most generous heart. You enter Alexis' household, You'll be in paradise there. You kept him hidden From Paula Maria's eyes.

Rather than giving him to you, I would prefer to see him buried, But if he were alive this morning, He would be your husband. Take this anxiety from me Take this pain from me And wear for three years My dear, the widows' dress. I'll give you three hundred crowns Counted in my apron As many when I die, I subscribe them to you right now.


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You know well that in my family, We count them by the bushels. In my father's house, Four fountains would flow, One of red wine, The other of white bread, One of God's love, The other of charity. I am in the hills And I live in the Arbitrone 1. I am sad and despaired For Filicone is dead. Filicone's death Hurt me so much. We removed from his mouth A sixty-six pound wild boar. We shared it At the Arcarotta pass. Jean-Baptise, nicknamed Cocca Cocca Was with us.

He would find partridges and hares Wild boars and pheasants. He would start from Aleria And go as far as the Alisgiani. He would cross Padulella In Moriani district. Who will keep watch In the house of the Albitrone, By night and by day? There were always gatherings Today, all of this is over For Filicone is dead. Now I am done and finish my verses I'm very sad and despaired. My friend who lives in Viscuvatu Sent me a telegram, He'd had come to the burial If he'd been told. Have mercy on us, Lord, Have mercy on us. My God's holy wounds, Be printed in my heart. Have mercy… Weep, weep, you sinner, Your Lord's Passion.

Have mercy…. I offended against you, alas. I confess, o Lord, In greatest shame, My iniquity. I am this ungrateful man Who drove you, the Redeemer, From his heart With so much impiety. Genitum, non factum, consubstantialem Patri per quem omnia facta sunt. Qui propter nos homines, et propter nostram salutem, descendit de caelis. Et incarnatus est de Spiritu Sancto ex Maria Virgine, et homo factus est.

Father, I've come to confession. Tell me if you're married or single. Father, I'm a widow without a family. Give me the absolution, merciful father, For God will forgive me if you take me To talk to her on the sly. Where can Romani be, For he's nowhere to be seen. He sings him the Miserere Also the holy De profundis. The Renucci's party, we grow as mushrooms So that our challenger Doesn't ever set a foot in Peru again. Mister Paul's name Resounds very loudly in the district.

blagues de tous horizons

They help you first to saw, Then to thresh. If they had hands, They'd help us to grind And if we put them a pack-saddle, They would help us to carry To bring the grain home For it's what will feed us. I add to my poem The Acquaviva brothers. All these persons Initiated this evening performance. They gathered in Pigna The poets of the area Who were sleeping in the shadow Of a very divine cave.

It is why I turn around Like the priests on the altar To welcome All these poets Who, this evening, will show Their talents successively. I brought it a chair. It will notice because it the chair is hot. To finish the poem, It the chair doesn't come from Bastia. Close your eyes for I keep watch upon you. In the sky a huge star is shining, The nightingale already sang, The moon is round and looks like a pie 1 The angels in the sky would want to eat it.

Under the stairs, the chicks are squeezed They don't stop tweeting, But if they don't want to hush, Our mother hen is going to leave them. I know a fairy in a castle, She's so beautiful and loves you so. I ordered her great wealth And great fame for you. Later, when you're older A queen will want to marry you, My hundred colored geranium, My son, your mommy's jewel. On the way to the court, I was nicely surrounded By gentlemen from Calvi, I was well accompanied. My dear Petru Ghjuvanni, You weren't very old yet, Being twenty-four.

But if I were a little bird, And I could spread my wings and fly, I would have liked to squash A village of the Ghjunsani 2 My poor child You made your own fate, She was no countess Who wouldn't have been your equal. Idol of my heart, my beautiful beloved, Why don't you relieve so much pain? I am sure that you are not the way you were; You may have changed your love At the love spring, Diana Stella. Voi siete gioia e riso Di tutti i sconsolati, Di tutti i tribolati, Unica speme. A voi sospira e geme Il nostro afflitto cuore, In un mar di dolore E d'amarezza.

Maria, mar di dolcezza, I vostri occhi pietosi, Materni ed amorosi, A noi volgete. You are joy and laughter For all the sorrowed ones, For all the tormented ones, The only hope. Towards you our afflicted hearts Sigh and moan In a sea of pain And bitterness. Mary, sea of gentleness, Turn your pious, motherly, Loving eyes Towards us. Welcome us, the miserable ones, In your holy Veil. Show us Your son in Heaven. Welcome and listen O, gentle, clement and pious Virgin Mary, Our marks of love.

If you have killed the bird, It's enough for my travel And for my stay. If you have killed the bird, It's enough money for my travel And my stay. As soon as the fair lady catches sight of me, With her hat in her hand, she greets me As soon as the fair lady catches sight of me, With her hat in her hand, she greets me. When we heard the king in our woods, 2 The queen arrived.

When we heard the king in our woods, The queen arrived.

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Ad lib. Rodrigues Creole Nursery Rhyme Ki pomm' d'amour? Pomm' d'amour rouz Ki rouz? Rouz di san Ki di san? Kotis zasar Ki zasar? Zasar mang Ki mang? Mang la corde Ki la corde? La corde coco Ki coco? Coson dan park Ki park? Park di bwa Ki bwa? Which candy apple? Which red? The blood red. Which blood? The coagulated blood. Which note book? The homework notebook. Which homework? English homework. Which English? The English schottische. Which subscription? The achars subscription. Which achars?

The mango achars. Which mangoes? The stringy mangoes. Which string? The coco string. Which coco? The edible coco? Which food? Pigs food. Which pigs? Pigs in the park? Which park? The wooden park. Which wood? Turn around, good evening madam, turn around, good evening sir Here you go, turn around, you make me happy, Turn around, good evening sir, madam, miss, Here you go, turn around, you make me sad …line sung ad libidum. Chevalier du guet. Who is passing in this castle? My best friends, What did they do?

They betrayed me. I have enemies at the front, I have enemies at the back Mommy, I have enemies without knowing them.

Découvrez tout ce qu'il y a à faire, évènements, restaurants, musique et vie nocturne en Israël

My enemies ask me questions To know my secrets. I have enemies on the left, I have enemies on the right. Leve Chimiz! Get out of bed! Take your shirt up! I ask you to get up, I ask you to get up, I ask you some news, I ask you how you are. I don't live with an old woman any more! Our big anchor is right below, All our topsails are on standby, Everything is ready to drag.

At the Petite Dorade That works like a storm 3 Night left us. There was no child, no grown-up Who did not bring their present And di-, di- di- And didn't bestow, tow, tow, And di-di and didn't bestow And didn't bestow without stopping 1 All their wealth. Without ce- ce- ce- ce- Without re- -re— re —re- Without ce- ce-, without re- re- Without ceremony For the fruit of life. Relieve Catalina's back. Hit on the drum Relieve! Alinor, don't take me away, Relieve! I remember Monday 14th of July, All those who where present when my mother died Relieve! Muscle men, don't take me away! There was a tree, The deadly sea mango.

Its fruit fell down in the water, It's tossed by the waves. Tossed, it's arrives and lands. It comes alongside the large land i. France Poor thing, they took it, They set it into the war. William set it into the war, The chains of the war. Malama uila, tou 'aga fiafia Otatou ne'a fuli na faifaitalisa Ko leia lakaga na fafa taume Laga taka faliava Kua taka tu'ete leinei lakaga.

We have the choice. We put the traditional outfits aside. Yesteryears We would dress with cordyline leaves, With Broussonetia bark and with torn Bags. There were horse and we would eat dog. We paint ourselves like a boat That looks like the Europeans ones. We polish our nails in red And we also paint our mouths. We do whatever we once fancied. In the past we would carry torches, We would weave sandals with creepers, Now we wear shoes.

à : to, toward, towards

Nothing left to eat That we could gather. And now We eat buttered bread. Let me tell you, Let me tell you Our way of life At that time. You wear your grass skirt The Fijian way or the Tongan way. We wear it the Samoan way. In old times, when a young man courted a girl, when he arrived… he would ride to court the girl… he tied the horse to the post then when night was on its way, if the young man was accepted by the parents, the father took the horse then fed it in the stable, watered it… when he was done, he went back then saddled the horse again, then tied it to the post.

And this meant that the young man was welcome in the house of the parents of the girl he courted. Oh Prince, allons s'en aller Moi j'attrape les capots Et toi tu manges les poteaux. Oh, Prince, let us go, I grab my coats And you're eating the posts. Le jour je suis fille, et la nuit tant blanche biche. Sont ceux de Renaud, sont ceux qui sont les pires. Renaud prit son sifflet, au bois il s'en va vite. Entre deux plats d'argent, mes pieds, mes mains sont mises. Entre deux plats d'argent, mes pieds, mes mains sont mises" Quand Renaud entend cela, il recula les vivres. Quand Renaud a entendu cela, il recula les vivres.

Ceux qui mang'ront d' ce souper mangeront des martyres. Renaud a pris son sabre ; en trois coups z-il se frappe. Coirault : La blanche biche. Laforte : I, B La blanche biche. I can well cry, oh, for my heart is sad. By daylight I'm a girl, by night a white doe. All the castle hounds chase me every night. Renaud's are the worst. Do go, my dear mother, go to tell him. Renaud took his whistle and hurried to the wood. He whistled three times but his hounds couldn't hear. On the fourth time, the white doe was caught. They take her to the cook so that they cook her.

When supper time came, to Margaret's name, When supper time came, to Margaret's name, "Supper, supper, sir, I am the first at the table. My body is in your dishes, my soul rejoiced. My feet, my hands were put in two silver dishes. When Renaud heard this, he pushed his food away. Renaud took his saber and by three times cut himself. Renaud fell down dead, he fell flat on his back. J'ai que mes dimanches pour aller la voir. Parce que c'est la plus triste couleur Pour deux amours qui vit qu'en langueur.

I only have my Sundays to visit her twice And on a nice morning I went there I found her lying on her bed. My beauty and love, I think only of you. All night long I am deprived. My dear lover, I think only of you, My dear lover, will you marry me? And if you must take a suit to wear, Do take it color of ashes Because it's the saddest color For two languishing loves.

Oh, good night Moreau, We had a great time, A great time all night long. Oh, I know, time is up, I'm leaving. I love you in all and every ways I love you but you don't love me. The first person I met was a lawyer's daughter. I asked her fifty cents and she said she didn't have them.

Manger & boire

She went upstairs to meet her daddy. She went upstairs to meet her daddy, She went downstairs and the man wasn't there. She went downstairs and the man wasn't there, I squeezed her so hard that I broke her two arms. I squeezed her so hard that I broke her two arms. It cost me five hundred for to get her her two arms. Didn't you see my little musician?

He already was a good boy But he wouldn't obey. I tried to make him obey But he didn't want to. I sent him to the fields with the calves He turned out worse than the bull. Then he chased women But I couldn't help it. He took her by her leg, threw her on the bed, To do what? You do know it! After than he knocked her up, It wasn't worthwhile. After that, he had a boy. Do you know how she called him? Laforte : I, G A la claire fontaine. I found the water so fine that I bathed in it, On the top branch, the nightingale was singing, oh hey.

I've been loving you for so long… On the top branch, the nightingale was singing. For a rose bud that I denied her, oh hey. For a rose bud that I denied her, I'd want the rose to be still on the bush, oh hey. I'd want the rose to be still on the bush, And my fine lady fair to be lying in my bed, oh hey. I'd want my fine lady fair to be lying in my bed. And to wake her with a kiss on the mouth, oh hey. Laforte : I, H-1 La fille aux oranges. She went from branch to branch, she chose the finest one, here it is. The first one to haggle them with me was the lawyer's son, here it his.

You made a good round, you didn't drink much 1 , If it keeps on like this, I think it's going to be fine. I hate drinking, I hate drinking 2 But I don't hate to drink a glass, To drink a glass So that it boosts us. You made a good round, you didn't drink much, If it keeps on like this, nobody will be drunk. Spoken "That means if it keeps on there will be nobody drunk! Laforte, I, L-1 La fille qui se noie. It only takes a little traveler to get one's little heart.

Le vendredi, ils s' passent la navette. Le samedi, la semaine est bien faite. On Monday they have a party On Tuesday, they have a headache. On Wednesday they had a drink. On Thursday, they go to see their mistresses On Friday, they have the shuttle going On Saturday, the week is over. On Sunday, they go to low mass. When they have time, they go back for high mass!

J'ai trois barriques d'or Portez-les-t-au roi d' France Et au roi de Paris Enfin qu'il prenne soin de ma femme mes petits enfants aussi.

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Coirault : Le libertin. One day, I am caught In an ambush. Even if I cried "Alarm" nobody heard me Before they heard me, I was in jail. One day my little children Ask their mother "Mother, my good mother, where has daddy gone It's well been five or six weeks since we haven't heard of him. Les filles auraient pu avoir chacune leur chambre. Max travaillait. Mais Judith ne montait jamais et il le savait.

Toujours amicale, Judith insistait. Judith haussa la voix pour lui chanter sa chanson. Ils burent encore. Il glissa sa main sous sa chemise de nuit et la posa sur sa hanche gauche. Avec beaucoup de douceur, beaucoup de tendresse, il caressa sa hanche et le haut de sa cuisse. Je te quitte.

ZAZ - Eblouie par la nuit (Clip officiel)

Nous devons vendre la maison. Il pleura. Elle le laissa faire.