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The next day, Piper is dressed down by his boss for keeping the Mannett account, as the murder will ruin the bank's reputation. Piper is fired on the spot and ordered to give up his teller drawer keys immediately. Jessica Tandy , Murray Matheson. Laura has psychic abilities; when she's inside her second-hand sedan she can hear the disembodied voice of a French woman talking to her lover. Laura, envious of the woman's passionate affair, investigates her story and discovers that she was having an affair with Laura's husband, James.

Hume Cronyn , Robert Douglas. England, Solicitor Henry Daw Cronyn kills a client, Miss Wilkinson, and buries her under a slab of stone next to the river. A body is found floating in the river a few days later, but Daw refuses to identify it properly, igniting Inspector Charles Tarrant Douglas 's suspicions. Placed under pressure, Daw confesses to the murder, but it turns out the body belongs to someone else. He tells them a story about the love of his life, Lila Gordon, who turned him down and died tragically. Adam and Carol are deeply touched by the story, but it turns out to be complete fiction — Colin was showing off his acting skills in the hope of getting work.

Adam is impressed and offers him a job. Wendell Corey , James Donald. Harry Pope Donald has been stuck in bed for hours because there's a venomous snake on his stomach. His friend Timber Woods Corey calls a doctor, but is flippant about the danger and makes fun of Harry. When the doctor arrives, they help Harry stand up and there's no snake to be seen. Timber mocks Harry for his fear, but as soon as the doctor is gone, he gets bitten by the snake instead. Sidney Carroll. The Templetons McGuire and Leachman are on a train with their young son, Johnny, who they have trouble controlling.

The Templetons offer Johnny one silver dollar if he can be quiet for ten minutes while elderly cowboy Mr. Kilmer Wills tells a story. When the train stops, Johnny sees a man outside the window, caught in the blizzard and begging for help, but Johnny cannot speak up having promised. Practical joker Bradley Salmi pulls a prank on easily-confused morgue attendant Pop Henderson Ates by pretending to be a corpse and "coming alive". When Bradley is later brought to the morgue presumed dead but only actually paralyzed Pop refuses to believe Bradley's moaning is real and puts him inside the freezer.

Harry Adams Kiley and his wife Breslin are traveling on a rural road when they're waylaid by crooked cop Officer Chandler Matthau , who's running an extortion racket with the local mechanic and judge. The Adamses leave after paying the fees, but it turns out that they're part of the State Commission, and recorded everything on tape. Lloyd Ashley Nielsen is accused of killing his wife Eve's lover, and offers his lawyer Mark Robeson Sullivan two million dollars if he can get him an acquittal.

Mark succeeds, but as soon as Ashley is released, he shoots Mark for also having an affair with Eve. Charles Brailing Lloyd is tired of his wife, Lydia Seldes , so he has a robot double of himself made by Marionettes, Inc to take his place when he wants to get away.

Charles' robot double develops feelings for Lydia and turns on Charles, taking his place permanently. Carl Merill climbs out a window onto the ledge of a high rise Chicago hotel. He is disconsolate over his wife Karen Montgomery 's recent death; she committed suicide when her lover abandoned her. After some banter the patrolman on duty Richman , joins Carl on the ledge to rescue him, but this turns out to fulfill Carl's plot: this police officer is Steve, Karen's lover; he had recently spurned her precipitating her suicide.

Once Carl is secured by a rope lasso, he tells Steve of the plot and who he really is, then pushes Steve off the ledge. Mild-mannered gun shop owner Cyril T. Jones Carney witnesses a murder by a pair of highly-wanted gangsters. Distrustful of the police's ability to protect him, Jones kills the gangsters with a rifle and turns himself in. The police, fearful that their reputation will be ruined by Jones' accomplishment, refuse to arrest him.

David Swift. Phyllis Thaxter , Tom Helmore. She speaks in old-fashioned English, claims to be "Dora Evans", and kills her husband with a pair of scissors. During the inquest, Farnham insists that Lucy was inhabited by the spirit of Dora Evans, a real woman who killed her husband in Farnham hypnotizes Lucy to prove this, but during the testimony "Dora" stabs Farnham, killing him. Lucy is set free, and when a journalist questions her if she planned it all, she replies, "Woulds not thee like to know. Iris Teleton Leighton is threatened with blackmail by her husband Oliver's mistress, Blanche Herbert Hunt , who wants them to divorce.

In retaliation, Iris kills Blanche, hoping to frame Oliver for the murder. However, Iris was seen by a private detective hired by Oliver Matheson , and he's still planning to divorce Iris for another younger mistress. Elderly cowboys Tom Akins Demarest and Ben White Ates are in danger of being taken away from their desert property by the town council. One night a criminal barges into their cabin and threatens them with a gun, but the cowboys manage to kill him. A month later when Sheriff Jeff Johnson arrives to inspect the property, Akins and White proudly show off a lush rosebush, secretly grown using the criminal's body as fertilizer, thus proving the fertility of their land and allowing them to stay.

Herman Merande has a plan to kill her wealthy but paranoid uncle Bill Finley Collins , but needs a conspirator. She picks former actress Mrs. Fenimore Astor who agrees to the plan for a fee. After the murder is done, Mrs. Fenimore reveals that she secretly married Finley before his death, and that she will inherit his fortune instead of Mrs.

John McGiver , Peggy Cass. Barryvale briefly wakes up in the funeral parlor to demand that his funeral be simple and cheap. After discussing the matter with his wife, Motherwell decides to follow the instructions of Barryvale's lawyer for a lavish funeral instead. Trotter Nolan is unhappy that her daughter Sharon Provine is having an affair with married businessman Ben Nelson Alda. Trotter appeals to Ben's wife, Mrs.

Nelson Wray , revealing the affair to her. That night Ben kills his wife and calls Sharon to set his alibi, but Mrs. Trotter takes the phone call and deliberately gives Sharon the wrong information so Ben will go to jail. Wayne Morris , Joe Maross. Joe Philips Maross is lead engineer on a tunneling project in Mexico, and Bret Johnson Morris mysteriously arrives to be his assistant for the project's last six weeks.

One night Philips hears a radio newscast about an ongoing manhunt of an engineer who murdered his colleague; this prompts Philips to search through Johnson's things to find his true identity, but he is stopped when Johnson pulls a gun on him. Since there is no way to leave the site for six weeks, the men work together to finish the job despite their suspicions of each other.

The tunnel is completed one day before the deadline, and it is revealed that Philips is the murderer, and Johnson is the police officer who traveled there to arrest him. Elderly widow Miss Fox Davis mistakenly accuses her dog walker, Eddie, of having robbed her. She learns her error after a year, during which Eddie has been in prison and his lover died in hospital. Miss Fox tries to make it up to Eddie when he's released, but he murders her as revenge.

Nancy Olson , Ralph Meeker. When Jan Manning Olson hits financial problems with her dress shop, her friend Mel Reeves Meeker offers to set the shop on fire so she can collect the insurance. After the shop burns down, Jan confesses to the insurance investigator about the plan with her friend. However, the investigator has found that the fire source was Jan's overheated kettle.

Jan realizes that it truly was an accident, but the investigator does not believe her. Robert Horton , Fay Spain. Brad Taylor Horton wants to marry his new girlfriend Janice Wright, but his other girlfriend, Leslie Lenox Spain , refuses to let him go. Brad takes Leslie swimming and drowns her in the ocean, but when he returns home he is arrested for the murder of Janice, whom Leslie has stabbed to death.

Barbara Bel Geddes , Don Dubbins. Helen Brewster Geddes is frustrated that her boyfriend Philip Pryor Dubbins has been stalling their wedding for years on the excuse that his mother is unwell. When they finally get married, Helen learns that Philip's mother has been dead for years, but Philip in his insanity believes that she's still alive. Claude Rains , Betsy von Furstenberg.

Elderly Andrew Thurgood Rains is let go from a jewelry firm after almost three decades of loyal service. On his last day, a diamond necklace is stolen by a thief von Furstenberg. Andrew is "distressed" at the breaking of his perfect record, but the thief is secretly Andrew's daughter, Thelma, and they worked together to carry out the theft. Denholm Elliott , Torin Thatcher. John Manbridge Elliot plots to murder his cousin Felix Thatcher in the hopes of inheriting his fortune.

Felix, who is secretly terminally ill, commits suicide by poisoned whiskey first, and John unwittingly drinks the poisoned whiskey as well, also killing himself. Eddie Foy Jr. Burglar "The Cat" Foy Jr. John Forbes Meeker runs his wife Fraser over with his car, and covers up the murder with the help of his loyal assistant, Dad Collins. Dad hopes that John will take care of him, but John frames him for the murder.

Bretaigne Windust. Inspector Benson Moore is tasked with preventing Lady Gwendolyn Avon Court from smuggling her emerald necklace out of the country. Lady Avon thwarts Benson and his officers at every turn and manages to leave the country without the necklace on her. However, Benson and Avon are secretly lovers, and Benson carried the necklace for her. Hotel waitress Thelma Deering learns that she's in the will of her wealthy regular customer, Sara Mannerheim Lovsky , who's stopped taking her medicine in expectation of death.

Thelma's boyfriend Arthur Jason suggests that they speed things up by slow-poisoning Sara with anatine, a leaf extract. After half a year of no change, Thelma strangles Sara to death one night in frustration. At the inquest, it's revealed that Sara's doctor prescribed anatine for her heart condition, and Thelma had inadvertently been keeping her alive. Albert E. Lewin and Burt Styler. Miserly Alexander Gifford Day decides to kill his wife, Jennifer, when she starts spending money on herself.

Alex explores various options, most of which he considers too expensive. He ends up giving her food poisoning and selling her cadaver to a medical university. Barry Nelson , Everett Sloane. Reporter Raymond Houston Nelson stays overnight in a wax museum in order to write an important article. Raymond, who is claustrophobic, hallucinates that one of the wax figures is alive, and is found dead the next morning. Having had enough, Oliver murders Grace. Oliver's assistant, Miss Hall Mathews , who is in love with Oliver but has been rebuffed for years, learns about the murder and asks him to have a relationship with her in order to keep her from going to the authorities.

Blackheath, Former Inspector Brent Williams conspires with his friends to stage a fake haunting in the hopes of scaring John Bedford Haigh into confessing to the murder of his aunt, Ms. Brent arranges for an actress, Mae Thorpe, to sneak into the house dressed as Ms. Ferguson and walk past their dinner room.

The plan is successful and Bedford confesses when he sees the menacing figure of his aunt. After Bedford is arrested, Brent is shocked when he learns that Mae Thorpe was late and missed the dinner entirely. John Smith , Joyce Meadows. Irving Randall Smith loses his money in a poker game to his unsympathetic boss Smalley, and lies to his pregnant wife Frances Meadows that he was mugged. Irving makes a police report at Frances' insistence, and is surprised when the police arrest a teenage boy named Whitey as a suspect.

Irving reluctantly takes Whitey's money, but feels guilty and conflicted. The next day, Irving learns that Whitey had mugged Smalley, and the money he had was Smalley's poker winnings. Brian Keith , Leora Dana. Arnold Shawn Keith is a ruthless defense lawyer who uses his arguing skills to put down his wife, Naomi Dana and defend his cheating on her. When Arnold refuses to divorce Naomi, she hits him with her car, killing him. The only witness of the "accident" is Henry Babcock, a man Arnold had just destroyed the credibility of as an eyewitness in court.

Steve McQueen , Arthur Hill. Yangan tells Bill how all the other Martians just vanished one day, and when he investigated, found a machine that transported him to Earth, inside a human body. When the kind-hearted Yangan suggests telling everyone his story, Bill kills him. Bill is also a Martian, but part of an invading force trying to take over Earth. Frustrated, Logan carries out a series of pranks to make Tritt lose his credibility at the bank. Rupert Croft-Cooke. Soon afterward, Gilbert dies, supposedly of suicide. Cannon and Brett begin a relationship and get married, but when Brett accidentally discovers that Ms.

Cannon killed both Gilbert and his first wife, Ms. Cannon kills him as well. Paul Douglas , Robert Morse. Bill Fleming Douglas is upset that his wife, Laura, is cheating on him with a man named Baxter. Bill's new friend, Phil Morse , points out a Californian law on duels that could work in his favor, so Bill challenges Baxter to a duel and kills him. Bill is acquitted, but has to pay a hefty allowance to Baxter's only child for life.

Bill then learns that Phil is Baxter's son, and is also Laura's lover; Phil and Laura plotted together to gain Bill's money and get Baxter out of the way. Gary Merrill , Joanna Moore. Albert Martin fears that his good friend, Virgilia Pond Moore , is going to be killed by her jealous husband, Joseph Pond Merrill due to her affair with her ex. Albert goes on a fishing trip with Joseph to warn him off, but Joseph confronts Albert first, revealing that Albert has been poisoned.

As Albert is dying, he weeps and tells Joseph that he has the wrong man. John Theron Macnee investigates Arthur but is unable to find the body because Arthur has ground it up in his hammermill into chicken feed. James Donald , Patricia Owens. Stella is devoted to her late husband, who died on a mountain and fell into a glacier, and refuses to move on until she sees his body. After forty years they find the body, but there is a locket on him with a picture of another woman. Seventeen-year-old David Logan Kimbrough spends a night on the town talking to various sympathetic people: a blonde in a bar Crane , a sailor Gulager and an Irish pub patron McClory , all of whom are disconcerted by David's virulent hatred of his father.

However, David's father is a serial killer, and his execution is at that night at eleven o'clock. While driving across the desert to California, a Professor Carey agrees to take on hitchhiker Julie Wilcox. However, Julie brings along her father, Pops Buchanan and "brother" Harry, and the three of them take the Professor's belongings.

The Professor tricks them into abandoning him and his car, and follows them to a gas station where he calls the police on them. Brian Keith , Joanna Moore. Millionaire Dave Rainey Keith is paralyzed from the neck down and needs a respirator to breathe. He accuses his wife Cindy Moore of having an affair with her new friend, Arnold, and that they're planning to kill him; Cindy admits they're both true.

That night, Arnold drowns Cindy in the ocean, because he's a contract killer hired by Dave. Hermie Jenkins Morgan buys a coral snake for his animal-loving wife Myra Baxley , in the hopes that it'll bite and kill her. The snake, which is actually a harmless kingsnake , bites Hermie instead and he dies of a heart attack. Young gangster Art Vaughn is ordered by his new boss Barberosa White to prove himself by killing a man named Moran Matthau. Art goes to do the deed, but Moran suggests that Art kill Barberosa instead and take over the organization.

When Art agrees, Moran kills him; the counteroffer was a test set by Barberosa. Henry Jones , Dick York. In the advanced future of , life expectancy has improved dramatically. Bunce York works for the Society of Gerology, which provides the discreet service of killing the healthy elderly. John Treadwell Jones agrees to have his tiresome mother-in-law "dealt with", but once it's done, Treadwell realizes it's only a matter of time before his own children have him "dealt with" as well. Stuart Rosenberg. Courtney Masterson Cotten and his secret lover Peg Adams are robbed in lover's lane by a thug Gordon.

Unwilling to go to the police, Courtney kills the thug so he won't reveal their affair.

Transforming the Workforce for Children Birth Through Age 8: A Unifying Foundation.

Afterward, Courtney learns that his wife has had a private detective following him for the past week, and he saw everything. Steve Dunne , Beatrice Straight. Boys all over the country are buying mail-order mushrooms to grow in their cellars. Bill and Cynthia Fortnam Dunne and Straight are worried when their neighbor mysteriously disappears after warning them that something catastrophic is going to happen.

Bill posits an alien invasion by space spores that grow into mushrooms and possess human bodies after being eaten. This is confirmed when Bill's son, Tom, acts strangely, and demands that Bill eat some of his mail-order mushrooms. Sam Pine Massey and his elder sons rush to get his youngest son, Davey, to a doctor after being gored by a bull.

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They are deliberately blocked on the road by inconsiderate salesman Ed Fratus Emhardt , and Davey dies. With his remaining sons' help, Sam confronts Fratus and seemingly poisons him; Fratus rushes to the doctor, and in his panic crashes his car and dies. However, the drink was just liquor, not poison. Robert Morley , Kenneth Haigh. Laffler Morley introduces his colleague Mr. Costain Haigh to Spirro's, an exclusive gentleman's club. The Specialty of the House is a rare but popular lamb dish. When Laffler is about to leave the country for a business trip, he's invited by Spirro, the owner, into the kitchen to meet the chef.

Afterward, Spirro tells the other members that the Specialty of the House will be served soon. Recently-widowed Confederate Peyton Farquhar Howard decides to blow up a bridge the Yankees plan to use to cross, but is caught. Peyton is hanged but the rope breaks and he seemingly escapes. With the help of slave Josh Hernandez , Peyton travels past various Union soldiers safely and returns home to his wife Melissa. Right before the two can embrace, however, Peyton collapses with a sharp pain to his neck.

Peyton is actually dead; he never escaped from the hanging. The doomed man imagined the whole escape. Laura Siddons Hiller , a teacher at a girl's college, is fond of her brightest student, Gloria Barnes Perreau. While out with her neighbor Ben Prowdy, Siddons sees Barnes with a man and assumes they're having an affair.

Siddons later learns that Barnes is actually secretly married to the man and plans to tell her parents at the right time, but Powdy blackmails Barnes's parents, causing her mother to collapse. Prowdy is arrested, and accuses Siddons of masterminding the blackmail. Norman Lloyd. Oskar Homolka , Sam Jaffe. Antiques dealer Carpius Homolka visits a monastery in order to steal a valuable icon. When Carpius kills the monk guarding the icon, the abbot Jaffe forgives him but says he must stay with the icon for the rest of his life praying for absolution.

When Jeff Jensen Persoff is non-fatally attacked by his wife, Marie Williams , he assumes that Marie is suffering from tropical fever that affects the brain. Jeff arranges for his friend Mike Richman and native manservant Luiz to take Marie to a shrink. Mike and Marie are having an affair and attempt to kill Luiz; Luiz kills Mike and follows Jeff's orders to the letter by sending Marie to a native "head doctor" who shrinks her head. Phil Canby Tully is accused of murdering Matt Thompson during an argument over year-old Canby's romantic relationship with Matt's teenaged daughter Sue Love.

Canby's alibi is that he was babysitting his grandson, but a neighbor insists she heard hysterical crying around the time of the murder. When Canby is arrested, Sue has a manic fit and begins crying, revealing that she's the one who killed her father. Paul Hartman , Robert Bray.

After 13 years in prison, Potter is released and returns the money to the police, ending his parole. Barry Gordon , Glenn Walken. Rose beating up a frightened man. Iggy insists on reporting the incident to the police, but is heartbroken when the police refuse to take him seriously, and his father is too frightened to stand up for him. Thirty five years later, Iggy has become a mobster himself, and Clete sees a newspaper article of his death by gunshot.

Underhill learns that Len is a juvenile delinquent and, believing Len is going to hurt him, speeds to get the attention of a police officer. Len is revealed to be unarmed, and Underhill receives a ticket instead. Underhill is distressed at destroying his crime-free record, but Len pickpockets the officer's book, saving him. Hubert Grizzard learns that his controlling mother Sofie Collinge has been thinking of taking poison to join her late husband, Arthur.

Hubert has his girlfriend Irma Baxley pretend to be a medium and convince Sofie that Arthur is lonely. Hubert expects Sofie to take the poison alone, but she secretly poisons his drink as well. Thomas Craig Van Dyke is disappointed when his late uncle leaves his fortune to his dog Casper.

Thomas's girlfriend Judy Stevens tries to have Casper killed but fails repeatedly. Judy concludes that the way to get the Craig fortune is to marry Casper herself. Audrey Totter , Joby Baker. When aged movie star Betsy Blake Totter dies in a boat accident, young Hollywood PR man Jimmy Dolan Baker exploits her death to create a massive publicity campaign and advance his career.

Three months later Betsy returns, alive and ready to take advantage of her new "legend", but Jimmy, distraught at having his success overshadowed, kills her. It is revealed that Betsy was Jimmy's mother. One night a mysterious man Lloyd shows seemingly demonic powers to defeat the brothers, and takes everyone's money. However, it was a con, performed by the man and the brothers together. John Shatner has an unnaturally close relationship with his mother, Claire Landis , which worries John's new lover Lottie Scala.

Lottie suggests taking Claire to their favorite spot by a waterfall; John understands this as Lottie's suggestion that they kill Claire, but John pushes Lottie off the cliff instead. Ida Blythe Straight is staying alone at her cottage while a patient has recently escaped from a nearby mental institute. A woman named Madeleine Spain sneaks into Ida's cottage, claiming that she was followed by the patient. Madeleine's rambling scares Ida, and when a man Buka knocks on the door to tell her about the female runaway patient, Ida opens the door. However, the man is the real patient.

James Franciscus , Jack Weston. Dean believes Otto killed his wife, and wants revenge. Tyre does his job but has a change of heart and goes to the room just as Dean and Otto have shot each other. While dying, Otto admits to Tyre that he killed Dean's wife, but he was hired by Dean to do it. Eric Portman , Oskar Homolka. While on a cruise ship Sir Richard Musgrave Portman sees a former business partner, Jan Vander Klaue Homolka , whom Richard thought he'd killed years ago, but is now living under a new name.

Upon learning that he was also responsible for the death of Jan's wife, Richard jumps overboard. Jan seemingly tries to save Richard, but in actuality drowns him, though he is afterward hailed as a hero for his "attempt". Charles Cavender Weaver suffers from insomnia, caused by his fear of his brother-in-law, Jack Fletcher. Charles's wife was killed in a house fire and her brother, Jack, believes that Charles let her die. Charles confronts Jack at his apartment and, after a struggle, Jack is killed.

Dogs We've Rehomed

That night Charles sleeps peacefully, and does not wake up when his heater catches aflame and burns his apartment building down. Myron McCormick , Linda Lawson. When gangster "Little Dandy" harasses Georgia, she pours a drink over his head, humiliating him. The next day a detective informs Bert that Georgia has been killed and questions him, discovering that Bert knows enough to have Little Dandy arrested.

However, the "detective" is one of Little Dandy's goons, and takes Bert away. Irene and Joe Helmer Adams and Slate are in dire financial straits. One night Joe sees a man collapse and, thinking him dead, steals his wallet. Later Joe finds a card in the man's wallet stating that the man suffered from a cataleptic illness that only looks like death.

Joe goes to the police to confess and save the man, only to learn that the dead man is a pickpocket and the wallet was stolen from someone else. Hilton A. Helen Parch Canova enjoys abusing the party line. One day she's warned by policeman Mr. Atkins Dano that a man named Heywood Miller Johnson escaped prison and may come after her.

Years ago Helen refused to let Heywood use the party line to call the doctor, which lead to the death of Miller's wife. That night Heywood breaks into Helen's house, and when she tries to call the sheriff's office, the party line is busy. Brian Keith , James Best. Herbert Morrison Keith is on death row for murder and wants to die with dignity, refusing his lawyer's attempt for a stay of execution.

When Herbert is taken to the gas chamber he kills a guard and is taken away. Afterward the warden tells Herbert that his lawyer obtained a stay and found a witness to clear his name, but since Herbert killed the guard he'll never be pardoned. Hermione Gingold. Wellington picks up the new governess Miss Hope Gingold from the train station, and is quickly thrown by Miss Hope's outspokenness. For the next few days Miss Hope teaches the Wellington children with enthusiasm, but Mr. Wellington are appalled by her unorthodox methods and fire her. Miss Hope leaves in good spirits, because she's actually wealthy aristocrat Lady Charlotte; Mrs.

Where Has My Little Dog Gone? - +More Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs - CoCoMelon

Wellington mistook her for Miss Hope, and Charlotte enjoyed the distraction. Bob Sweeney , Robert Bray. Three years ago a bank employee, Arnold Mathias, was convicted of stealing money from the bank, and Arnold recently died in a prison escape attempt, though his cellmate made it out.

Henry questions William aggressively, believing that Arnold was framed and William stole the money. William, believing that Henry is Arnold's escaped cellmate, tries to make a deal with him, but Henry is actually the police officer who killed Arnold and is trying to make amends by arresting the true culprit. When their car breaks down in the desert, criminals Marsh and Lemon Hamilton and Stanton steal a tanker from Andy and Bill Davis Bell and Reynolds , unaware that Andy and Bill know how to survive in the desert.

The next day the police find the tanker, also broken down, along with Marsh and Lemon's bodies. The kidnappers turned on each other when their water ran out, not realizing that the Davis tanker was carrying water. Ray Horton is married to an older woman, Gladys Segal , but has dalliances with younger women.

Ray's latest love is Nyla Foster Francis , who resists his attentions and inspires him to kill Gladys so they can be together. One day Ray takes Gladys fishing, hoping to drown her, but Gladys knocks him out first and throws him overboard. It was all planned by Gladys, Nyla and her father, because Gladys and Mr. Foster are lovers. Bixby and the Colonel's Coat ". Audrey Meadows , Les Tremayne. Married Mrs. Bixby Meadows receives an expensive coat from her lover and wants to keep it without arousing her husband, Dr.

Bixby Tremayne 's suspicion. She has the coat pawned and pretends to find the pawn ticket, which she gives to her husband to retrieve the item. Bixby is dismayed when her husband gives her a small mink stole; Dr. Bixby's nurse has the coat, implying that he is having an affair with her.

Dick York , Gena Rowlands. One stressful day, Ralph Jones York argues with his wife, Lucille Rowlands , and then mysteriously travels two years back in time, to when he was still a bachelor. Ralph finds Lucille, but what should have been their first date is a disaster.

Broken-hearted, Ralph jumps into the river and wakes up back in his regular "present". Later, Ralph's psychiatrist tells him the episode was just a dream, but Ralph has a set of baseball cards he brought back from his travel. Betty Field , Walter Matthau. When Harry learns about this, he pays her back the money by borrowing from his "friends".

A week later, Helen learns that Harry died to get the money for her. Bernie Pollack is a ceramics teacher at a summer camp, and is protective of Aaron Gold Gordon , a boy who dislikes athletics but loves sculpture. As Aaron has no other accomplishments, the camp's performance-driven owner Stern Maxwell orders that Bernie "finish" Aaron's sculpture of a one-armed knight to show off to Aaron's father.

Bernie adds the arm, which upsets Aaron deeply, because the statue is a tribute to Aaron's father, who only has one arm. Phyllis Thaxter , Zachary Scott. Miss Dent Thaxter was secretary to married Mr. Blake Scott , but was fired the day after they had a liaison. After weeks of being avoided, Miss Dent finally corners Mr. Blake at gunpoint and holds him hostage through his train commute in order to talk to him so she can move on. Katherine Squire , Clu Gulager. Elderly Miss Lowen Squire learns from Detective Berger that her niece Margie has been exchanging romantic letters with convict Rod Collins Gulager for the past two years, and Collins has just escaped prison and may come for her.

Unknown to all, Miss Lowen is the one who's been writing to Collins using her niece's name. Ricardo Montalban , Constance Ford. Tony Lorca Montalban is an outlaw who arrives at a small town during a blizzard. However, "Tony" is actually Pepe, the real Tony's brother. Tony died a year prior and Pepe has been pretending to be Tony to swindle people out of their money. Gary Merrill , Patricia Breslin. Cash Bentley Merrill is a former champion hurdler who's bitter that his glory days have passed. Despite his wife Louise Breslin 's protests and Cash's physical limitations, Cash keeps racing whenever he's taunted by others.

One night Cash gives Louise his gun and asks her to fire it so he can race one more time. Louise, unfamiliar with guns, accidentally shoots him. Small-time crook Larry Loggia gets a job with wealthy Stefan Bregornick Kuluva , who knew Larry's father and is an importer of stolen goods. Larry's girlfriend Angie Dowling is angered at Larry's giving back the money, but Larry explains that he now has Bregornick's trust, and a bigger opportunity to steal will come his way soon. Barbara Bel Geddes , Alexander Scourby. Horace Meade Scourby 's new wife Sybilla Geddes is perfectly obedient and agrees to all his unconventional demands.

Despite this, Horace grows uncomfortable with her and tries to poison her, but is mysteriously thwarted. Horace concludes that Sybilla knew about the poison and has made contingencies with her lawyer in case she dies, and his only choice is to keep her alive and healthy. After ten years of marriage, Sybilla dies of natural causes. Horace learns that there was no contingency plan, and realizes that he loved her in the end.

While browsing mugshots, elderly Alice Wagner Byington finds a photo of a man who looks like her beloved daughter's husband. She's assured by policeman Lt. Meade Dunne that it's a coincidence, but she's later shocked when both her daughter and son-in-law are revealed to be wanted criminals.

Sarah Marshall. Scatterbrained Mrs. Barrett Marshall conspires with her lover Philip to kill her husband James while he's away on a business trip.

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She mistakenly mails an incriminating letter about the murder plan to James, and frantically tries to get it back, but fails. Bandcamp Album of the Day Jun 7, Explore music. Somewhere Between by Bad Buka. Purchasable with gift card. Somewhere Between pleasure and Pain Somewehre between don't do and do it again Somewhere between the dull and the gleam Somewhere between the sick and the sane I reside on an old and golden rooftop and the only problem is when it rains I have the broken blue umbrella but sometimes I crave a covered gilded cage Somewhere Between pleasure and Pain Somwhr btw dont do and do it again Somewhere btw the dull and the gleam somewhere between the sick and the sane I aim my rifle and shoot to the stars But they are so far, so far from me sometimes these bullets come back and fall on my head but one day i'll be a free man instead Somewhere Between pleasure and Pain Somewhere between don't do and do it again Somewhere between the dull and the gleam somewhere between the sick and the sane.

Tags alternative gypsy punk rock balkanic dark cabaret New York. Bandcamp Album of the Day Jun 7, go to album.

How to pronounce jco alcapone

Planning a trip can be stressful no matter the circumstances. Mental Floss spoke with Dr. Danielle Bernal , a veterinarian with Wellness Natural Pet Food , about what to keep in mind before hitting the road with your furry companion. Giving your pet lots of toys to play with at home is a good thing—but on long car trips it's a different story.

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Packing every toy your pet loves into their crate takes up what little room they have to themselves. If the crate is too full, it can be impossible for them to move around and adjust their position. Many places require incoming pets to have an up-to-date health certificate signed by an accredited veterinarian. Before signing the documents, vets will confirm that your pet is healthy and up-to-date on all vaccinations required by the receiving state or country.

An unfamiliar location miles away from home is the worst place to lose your pet. No matter how accommodating you are to your pet, some anxiety on their part is inevitable. Bernal says a common symptom of this is stress diarrhea—which is the last thing pet owners want to deal with on a long car or plane ride. It will be good for the pet and it will be nicer for everyone in the car too. Without regular access to water whenever they need it, pets can get easily dehydrated when traveling. Keep this in mind when traveling and pack extra water for your four-legged passenger.

Another way to keep them feeling good is to feed them wet food instead of dry; according to Bernal, the water content in wet food can help hydrate pets. If you can only give your pet one toy on a long trip, choose something that will keep them busy for as long as possible. When your dog is preoccupied on reaching the treat inside the toy, it's harder for them to focus on anything else—including the stress of traveling to a new place. Hopefully this is common sense for most pet parents, but Bernal emphasizes that this is the most important thing to remember when traveling with an animal—especially during the summer months.

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