Its All Your Fault: How To Make It as a Hollywood Assistant

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It might be sushi at 4 a. It might be a private plane to Tibet, by tomorrow. It might be exotic animals for a party, or prostitutes for an afternoon.

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It might just be laundry. But it's always something. The eager neophytes who once flocked to Wall Street are now looking over their shoulders at the life of their friends at agencies, production companies, and studios. Let's face it, it's always been considered hip to be in showbiz and at the turn of the millennium, complete with a robust economy and Internet studio mergers, the biz is booming.

Is it any wonder more and more of Generation Y2K wants in on the party? Starting as an assistant, or in the mail room, is the single proven way to advance quickly in show business. And, for the hordes seduced by the fantasy of Hollywood, it is also the best way to get the closest look at the stars and industry machinations.

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While it's true many begin life in Hollywood working tech jobs in film or TV sound, electric, camera, etc. So if you're searching for broad exposure to the people who call the shots, you're going to want access and proximity to those people Being an assistant to a director, executive, star, producer, agent, or manager can be a great, intense education in how "the business" works.

It's like making it through boot camp, and it's hard to predict who will survive. All types live through it and all types leave, including lawyers, film school graduates, and MBAs. This book endeavors to give you the view from under the red carpet. And if you have the sickness required to actually seek gainful employment in the industry, then we hope you will glean the basics in what each job involves and tips on how to succeed, learn as much as possible, and trade up in the food chain of Hollywood.

And by "Hollywood" we mean the many cities where the entertainment industry is flourishing, providing the U. Sure, you've seen the images of the peons running across the floor of the stock exchange at dawn.

How To Make It As A Hollywood Assistant

You've seen the footage of sleepless campaign workers giving their all for a candidate. But imagine a similar kind of sacrifice and hard work for the sake of a producer who demands the City of Los Angeles change the timing of traffic signals so that he can have a more "streamlined" drive to work each day. This is a true story, but by no means exceptional in the land that breeds bosses who make assistants blow their noses for them.

The job of the Hollywood assistant is not just about getting coffee at 9 a.

The scoop on Hollywood's secrets - The Globe and Mail

There are serious hazards in the workplace as well. Just ask Naomi Campbell's assistant, who got smashed in the head with a cell phone hurled by the leggy beauty during a temper tantrum. One producer cut his assistant's tie off with a pair of scissors because he didn't like it. There's much more to being a Hollywood assistant than just retrieving messages and scheduling meetings, although, as you'll see, the complexity of those tasks alone have led many back to Kansas.

One may assume that the term "assistant" indicates merely a glorified secretary who must perform the usual office duties. However, there is an entire set of rules and special knowledge required to succeed in the highly idiosyncratic entertainment biz. Terminology, geography, and pecking order are just a few of the things they don't teach in film classes. For example, putting Harvey Weinstein on hold, or xeroxing Steve Zaillian's latest screenplay incorrectly, can cost you your career.

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Try assuming your boss doesn't mind you giving out his home number. Or perhaps you didn't know that Sharon Stone will never sit sideways to the door of a restaurant. Make just one of these mistakes and you may find out how quickly you can be replaced by one of the thousands of eager young assistant wannabes who are all too happy to work for as little as six bucks an hour. The first steps you take in this business can be crucial.

Reputations are established and contacts made very quickly. If you're the kid who saves the day, instead of the kid who spills the coffee, you may be looking at a bright future. Condition: New. Publisher overstock, may contain remainder mark on edge. Seller Inventory B. More information about this seller Contact this seller.

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It's All Your Fault

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Language: English. Brand new Book. Seller Inventory APC Book Description Simon and Schuster, New Book. Delivered from our UK warehouse in 4 to 14 business days. Established seller since Seller Inventory IQ Book Description Fireside, How can the aspiring Hollywood assistant quickly learn the inside track to success while avoiding the land mines?

It's All Your Fault is the answer. Written by two former Hollywood assistants who've been there and done that, It's All Your Fault is bursting with hard-earned advice, from figuring out who's who and who isn't to sex, drugs, and other work-related issues. Filled with outrageous anecdotes and countless celebrity stories, It's All Your Fault proves an indispensable addition to the nightstand of every wannabe Hollywood mover and shaker. Feeling Julia Robertss Pain. How to be Satans. The Best of Times the Worst of Times. Its No Less Ethical Than.