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  1. What is an Indigo Child?
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  4. 17 Signs You’re What’s Known As An ‘Indigo Child’

What is an Indigo Child?

Unlike the Indigos who are struggling with the exteriors of their lives, Crystal Children have peace in which they are — they recognize that they have what it takes to save the world and they strongly live for this calling. They just know that they are ready to follow their hearts and do amazing things for humanity and the planet.

Ever wondered if someone close to you is actually a Crystal Child? Here are some characteristics you can examine further to affirm your current observations:. Let us celebrate having these Indigo and Crystal Children among us. They are here to uphold the essential beauties of life. They are here to facilitate our journey closer to a deeper journey into our beings. Let us protect them and hold space to understand them. Together, we can make this planet the best home.

INDIGO KID | Babel Label

We respect your email privacy. August 4, How to Recognise Indigo Children and Crystal Children With eyes that radiate wonder, with smiles that warm hearts and with laughter that lulls worries, children are true gifts for the world.

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Indigo Children Indigo children are here with us to lead us closer to our true essence. Indigo Children can never hide how special they are, you can identify them through these signs: They naturally recognize how unique and special they are. Even at a tender age, they just know they are different and empowered. They exude confidence and profound self-worth. They are strong-willed and independent — they do not believe in authority for dogma They are wise and caring beyond their young bodies They are not impacted by traditional parenting like being dictated on what or what not to do They can be reactive emotionally.

The Arrival of the Indigo Children

Some of them usually struggle with depression, anxiety, and melancholia. They recognize the weaknesses of our education system and are more attracted to experiential learning. They can sometimes feel lost and disconnected when they are not able to meet and connect with like-minded people. They are insightful and they usually think out of the box.

They are very intuitive and can sense what is unseen and even unexplainable. They sometimes have a difficult time trying to find out their real purpose in the world because of the many emotional and spiritual factors inside them — and the lack of support outside. They are empathetic and sensitive; they can tell if food or other stimulus is not good or healthy for them.

Indigo child

They have incredible gifts; therefore they must be nurtured well. Crystal Children Crystal children are in our lives to guide us in loving, sensing, healing, and being fully alive. Here are some characteristics you can examine further to affirm your current observations: They have psychic power, they can sense what is hidden; they can perceive what is uncertain.

They are able to sing first before they can talk — they have a deep connection with music. They communicate richly non-verbally. They honor honesty, they know when you are lying; they honor truth in others and can sense authenticity. They are easy going, friendly, and warm. They treat others like friends; they are not fuelled by suspicion when meeting strangers. They are open to people who have open minds, hearts, and hands. They delight in the humaneness of others and value compassion and kindness at all times.

They care for other beings around them — plants, animals, and even the smallest of creatures. Indigo children are concerned with making life meaningful. Indigo children are incredibly open-minded.

17 Signs You’re What’s Known As An ‘Indigo Child’

They prefer to mix and match from different traditions to suit their needs, never going so far down one path as to close the doors to the others. They love learning about other explanations for the world around them, knowing how incomplete our current answers are. Indigo children often feel out of place when they are young because they are more independent, intelligent, and emotionally mature than other people their age. While this can cause problems early on, generally indigos figure out how to cope will always feeling a little bit like an outsider.

People have ever wondered if you have ADHD. Society is scared of people who are a little bit different, so we often try to give them a medical diagnosis to explain away their different way of being. Indigo children are commonly diagnosed with ADHD. It may be a correct diagnosis for some, but for others it may just be about our inability to accept new ways of thinking.

You are a gifted storyteller. Indigo children are known for their incredible imaginations. You easily get scared by horror movies. You are here to make the world better, period. You would rather be fulfilled than rich. Money means practically nothing to you past a certain point.

This is why indigo children often choose less lucrative, but more fulfilling careers in the arts or in professions that help others. You have a creative outlet. Whether its music or painting, crafting or cooking indigo children are all extremely creative people. Throughout their lives they will always find a way to be creative in their job and home life, even if their explicitly creative pursuits never make them rich or famous.

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