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  1. Genesis 37:19-21 NLT
  2. Here Comes the Dreamer - Dr. Kenneth O. Robinson
  3. Genesis 37:19-21
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Maligned, he was thrown into prison where he was forgotten.

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Get the message? And so God sends adversity to purify our motives, refine our dreams and prepare us to realise our visions. So when you find yourself in a pit, maligned or misunderstood, allow it to make you better not bitter. Adversity builds character. We do not have to remain a victim of our past. The story of Joseph shows what God can do despite our upbringing. The favour of God and his own integrity won Joseph the admiration and trust of his master. He was made overseer of the entire household. He had come into a privileged position. Joseph had passed the test of adversity.

If Satan cannot get us to sin by withholding our needs, he will try to by offering us what we desire. The test of adversity led to:. Sexual attraction is probably as strong an urge as the will to survive. Like adversity, it is both test and temptation. As we saw last week the difference is, God wants to build us up while Satan wants to tear us down.

Allurement either makes or breaks us. Joseph found himself in a very difficult situation. Everything conspired to make sin easy and resistance near impossible. He was a slave living in a society devoid of moral values, far away from home, alone with a powerful, attractive and assertive woman — quite a combination. Several things we can note about this temptation:. It came from an unexpected quarter — the wife of his master.

Genesis 37:19-21 NLT

She took the initiative. Joseph was taken by surprise.

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So it is with temptation. Satan does not wait until we have our armour on.

Here Comes the Dreamer - Dr. Kenneth O. Robinson

Totally unexpected. On this occasion there was no other man in the house. They were alone. This is how Satan works. At any other time there was the danger of detection but now the coast was clear. No one need know.

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Daily repetition. Favourable opportunity and. This was the test Joseph faced. How did he pass the test of allurement? Desire is not synonymous with sin. Temptation is not the same thing as sin. It only becomes sin when we gratify legitimate desires through illegitimate means.

God has given us clear boundaries. When we break them it becomes sin. When we sin, we sin first and foremost against God. Our greatest security against sin is to be shocked by it and call it what it is. Joseph escaped the physical presence of temptation. Sometimes that is the only way. Joseph was rewarded, but not in the way he necessarily expected. He was in prison but he was free on the inside.

Genesis 37:19-21

Joseph had passed the first two tests: The Test of Adversity: Joseph learnt to submit to God while in the pit Genesis If Joseph could not be tricked into bitterness through adversity nor adultery through the allurement, how would he fair under advancement? He had to experience 13 years of adversity in order to be ready for a momentous responsibility — to save his people. Because God enabled him to interpret the dreams of Pharaoh, Joseph was honoured with the most senior position in all of Egypt.

Not everyone could have coped with such sudden elevation in power and prosperity. The discipline of those thirteen hidden years was not wasted. God protected him, gave him supernatural ability to interpret dreams and showered him with honour, power and influence. What would Joseph do with all this power? Use it or abuse it?

Here Comes This Dreamer

Few Bible stories are so moving and dramatic as the reuniting of their family, when Josephs brothers came to Egypt in desperation looking for food. Why did he treat them with kindness and not retaliation? His one desire was reconciliation, but before he could reveal himself, he must first find out if there had been repentance.

He wanted to renew their relationship based on trust not fear. His plan therefore was intended to awaken their consciences and that is what happened. In chapter 42 we read,. God brought them to repentance and eventually Joseph revealed himself with gentleness and concern for their welfare.

The adversity test. The allurement test and the advancement test. It had taken 23 years from the dream to fulfilment. But in the end, Joseph did lead his family. He was reconciled to his brothers. He did save his people. On his deathbed he had another. He was still consumed by a vision even on his death bed. Think about it: Both had a special birth. Both were begotten by God. Both were loved more by their father than their brothers. Both became good shepherds. Their brethren planned for both a cruel death. Stripped of their robes, both were consigned to a grave not intended for their burial.

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