The Impact of Technology on Marketing Strategy

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  1. 1. Authentic content marketing is on the rise.
  2. The critical impact of information technology in marketing mix of ser…
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  4. The Impact of Technology on Marketing: A Great Shift Is Occurring

1. Authentic content marketing is on the rise.

Access to data for companies goes well beyond basic demographics, Tingle said. Marketers need to do more than gather data. The data needs to be meaningful, and businesses need to use that data to improve marketing campaigns. It can be gathered from a company website by looking at which pages a customer visited, how long they stayed on those pages, and which links they clicked or procured from a third party. Intent data can be used to prioritize the best customer prospects and create more personalized campaigns to drive better conversion.

While AI has been discussed for years, we're getting to a point where small businesses can better benefit from its use.

The critical impact of information technology in marketing mix of ser…

Take Fizziology for example. The company, which specializes in understanding consumers, likes to combine human intelligence and AI. With social media reactions to the destruction of merchandise driving the news cycle, it would've been easy for a marketer to miss the actual branding impact.

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Instead, the data was collected and interpreted through the work of both the Fizziology staff and AI. Fizziology's example is a bit extreme for small businesses, as the Kaepernick advertisement campaign was one of the most talked-about campaigns of These five tech trends are expected to influence marketing in and beyond, but that doesn't mean you need to immediately start using different and more advanced technology to market your business effectively.

Decades ago, consumers might have asked their friends in person where they should go for the best hamburger in town. The increase in technology doesn't change the core concepts of marketing, but the new technology does magnify every triumph and failure.

Before, serving a bad burger to one customer might lead to the unhappy customer telling their friend not to eat there. Understanding new technological tools can greatly benefit your business. On the flipside, if you don't understand how the technology can help you, there's no use adding new tools into the mix.

Adamson, who worked as the chairman for North America of Landor Associates when it helped with branding for major brands like Marriott and HBO, says many companies have issues getting caught up with the latest and greatest marketing tools. Customer service issues can be resolved faster through social media chats, customers become aware of sales and promotions faster through social media feeds, and ads can target users based on very specific needs and interests, helping them find solutions faster than before.

New technology, like AI, will offer continued connection from a company to their client base.


AI scripts have already created apps that were developed to help enhance online customer chat platforms. These programs can learn from customer information and help them solve problems and find solutions on demand. Increased connectivity is apparent in things like the Internet of Things technology, where customers can use an app from a mobile device to control a product, as well as voice assistants like Alexa and Siri that can help answer questions on demand.

Personalization is another way new technology will help businesses maximize their customer connections. Augmented-reality apps have already been developed that show customers how a product would look in their space or even approximate it on their person to help personalize the shopping experience. AR technology is a great marketing tool because it offers users an additional layer of understanding and experience when engaging in a product.

Another form of digital personalization will likely be in the form of video.

The Impact of Technology on Marketing: A Great Shift Is Occurring

People are used to video advertising through commercials, and while these are targeted, the internet and analytics help to narrow the focus even further. This means that companies can develop more custom video content and target it to the customers who could benefit from it the most. The impact of digital technologies on marketing strategies will continue to grow and develop marketing plans and projects for all industries, helping to reach more customers with personalized messaging that will be even more relevant and useful in connecting your client to your business.

The positives of digital marketing far outweigh any negatives that exist. This is how the…. We really see that it is all about customer expectations — and comfort level — and control. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

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