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Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. View Product. Light Song. My Sad Song. Online: Delta state. Song of Spring. Song Of The Shepherd Boy. Songs of Frost. This book is a journal or diary of a man who rescues an infant from This book is a journal or diary of a man who rescues an infant from a psychotic father who determined the child to be his threat and murdered the mother with poison while intentionally hiding his crimes from his family.

Songs of Our Time. Songs of Our Time is a collection of poems that showcase reflections of the author Songs of Our Time is a collection of poems that showcase reflections of the author growing up, carrying forward her past with dreams of tumultuous future. Such a sad scene, I tell ya. I felt like Cinderella. My room was spick and span the next morning. So yeah, that's my steely brother for you. My younger brother, Jam, was my playmate at home since our age difference is just 3 years. Because we are always in each others' faces, there were times we would get very irritated and rained punches on each other mercilessly, each of us very determined to inflict as much pain on the other party as possible!

Besides that, this one has a kind heart.

Except for the times when he is pms-ing. Jam took really good care of me when I was pregnant with Nyla. Whenever he saw me lie down on the couch, he would ask, 'Oi, you want me to massage your feet or not? So when I was pregnant, everytime I heard the door, I would hope and pray it was my brother. Sorry ya hubs! Jam would massage my feet religiously almost every night.

Marsha Ambrosius is ready to reintroduce herself | ihosaxupoxyd.tk

Jam was also the first one to spot Nyla's first kick. I was feeling really hot, so I just let my tight tummy hang loose that particular afternoon after a long day in school, during those hectic NIE days. When he saw my tummy roll, he panicked and screamed, 'Motheeerrrrrr!

Sis is giving birth!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, that freaked you out big time! So from that day onwards, he would always say, 'If you want me to massage, you cover your belly. Today, like how all uncles are to their nieces and nephews, my brothers are wonderful to Nyla. My Bah, her uncle Bud, would buy her soft toys and pink stuff whenever he returns from his overseas business trips. Jam, her Uncle Jambi, is exceptionally close to Nyla because he will frequently be at home when we visit my mom. Nyla is very manja with him.

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Both of them enjoy their conversations with each other. My mommy, second and you are third. Way to go with the ordinal numbers, Nyla! Jam: Yes, you're right!

  • M. Théodore Mommsen (French Edition).
  • Kid Lightning and the Thunder Peach: An Epic Poem;

Nyla: I really pity you, Uncle Jambi. So poor thing, you. Well Nyla, in the family dynamics, being the last one, the bongsu, has got to be the best thing ever! When you have new siblings insyallah! You will have a new perception of the word 'last' sweetie. Anyway back to my brothers, I love the both of you. Very much. Monday, January 25, Lifelong Learner. Recently, I have discovered that a healthy dose of audacity and a willingness to take chances have served me well.

I am definitely one who is willing to take chances but I need to be responsible and make sure that they are not reckless ones. Because, my line of work involves education and in turn, the future of the young ones. Here, I would like to sincerely apologise from the very bottom of my heart for turning down the requests of you concerned parents who would like me to tutor your children.

Marsha Ambrosius is ready to reintroduce herself

Yes, I am specialised in primary education. However based on my past teaching experience, I am most confident and capable in teaching the upper primary children. But who knows, in the near future, I might be able to rope in my awesome teacher- kakis to teach the lower primary levels 1,2 and 3. For now, Bottoms Up! There are now upper primary children who take Standard English and Mathematics joining my tuition classes.

Welcome aboard the newly-modified ship, fellow Bottoms Uppers! Biar Betik Nura?! Sec 1? The bulk of my Sec 1 tutees were past year's batch. I have been lucky because I have a very positive parent-tutor relationship with the parents. To all you parent clients, thank you for the enjoyable interactions. Anyway back to my Secondary One abang abangs and kakak kakaks It took me about a month to finally confirm to their parents that I will teach their teenagers this year.

In that one month, plenty of studying was done because I was not familiar with the Secondary 1 N A and N T syllabuses. Even Nyla noticed and I remembered her asking, 'Mommy, are you doing homework? Who is your teacher? As an educator, I have to be that positive role model and commit myself to continual learning and improvement in everything I do. I always tell my tutees that we need to be 'lifelong learners'.

Hence I need to practice what I preach. In this case, I have most certainly 'set the bar' higher when it comes to my own personal performance. I am still learning. I am very much aware that I will never be a Miss-know-it-all but I will make education and continuous learning as one of my primary goals. Saturday, January 23, Top I've seen my friends on facebook joining groups. Some groups are really funny. So hilarious because somehow, I can relate to them.

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  4. Here, I have shortlisted my top 10 groups. When I was younger, I put my face close to the fan to hear my robot voice. Guilty as charged! I remembered doing this when I was younger. Only stopped when my hair got stuck in the fan on that one fateful night. I wish our school was full of hot people, like schools on TV. Ya lor.. How come on TV, the gals and lads in their high school look so hot one.

    Myself included. Going to Macdonalds for a salad roll is like going to a brothel for a hug. Who lah orders salad at MacD? Anyhow, please bring the cinnamon melts back I hate it when you make plans Frust tonggeng right? Sometimes I put on a smiley face and pretend that I'm fine.


    This one is for Mr E. I hate when I can't sleep because I am thinking. Sometimes, I have a tendency to think too much, too deep. I need to slow down and relak jack a bit. I am still working on this. I wet my toothbrush before I put toothpaste on it. I do this every morning and night and it feels good to know that there are many more out there wetting their toothbrushes before they put their toothpaste!

    Especially when I am trying to discipline Nyla. Just last night, I was angry at her for not putting her scattered books back on the shelf. Nyla's brushing up on her Malay. She said,"Enggak bisa, buk. Enggak bisa reach. Bukan Bahasa Indonesia sih! Mommy ended up laughing. I walk into a room, I forget I went there, I walk out, I remember. Happens everytime. Who is the smartass who created this group?! Now I need to change my favourite line. Friday, January 22, Dear God Nyla will occasionally perform the Isyak prayers with us.

    Esman and I also have asked her to always ask in prayer and encourage her to believe and have faith that she will receive what she has asked for. Ya Allah, please let my Mommy let me eat so many sweets. Ya Allah, please don't let my Mummy and Daddy make me sleep in my own room. Esman and I have been discussing about letting the girl sleep in her own room and I think based on the third doa , somebody is getting very stressed.

    F for Farah. N for Nura. As always, the shoot was F u N! With our new artistic director, Rowena. The duo from First Lady who decide who wears what. This time, I'm the chosen one to don the tudung. With the entertaining abang abangs. Once the advert is out, tunggu apa lagi? Serbulah First Lady! Monday, January 18, 'Katy Perry'. Last night, Esman helped me dye my hair because I needed his help, especially with the back of my head.

    I've never had it done at home but since I'm dye-ing the whole head black, I thought, sure cannot go wrong one la. I'm sick of being a 'red-head'. The fact that I have dry hair, it really looked like it's toasted. I want to feeling feeling Katy Perry. She's so pretty. It is also a frugal choice to do it at home. Save duit beb! And no, I do not look like Katy Perry at all. Thanks to Esman the very 'experienced' hair colorist, he has now left stains on my neck. Now it looks berdaki. Saturday, January 16, Aspiring Chipette. Having not watched the first one, I was a little bit worried I would not be able to understand the Alvin and the Chipmunks the squeakquel.

    My friends assured me that the plot didn't 'carry on' and they were right! They are reallllyyyyy cute. I so feel like squeezing Eleanor, the overweight chipette dressed in green! Toooooo gerams.

    IndigenousGround Community Class Series

    Nyla's been pestering me to log on to You Tube over and over again to watch the Chipettes sing Beyonce's Single Ladies. At first, she sat and watched. Member let loose hokay! I present you the 4th member of the Chipettes, Nyla! There is also another video. Acapella, this time. According to an Indian buddy of mine, it sounds Tamil-ish. Hee Hee! I present you now Nyla With a girl like her in the house, there is no need to watch comedies! Thanks for the entertainment, babe!

    Friday, January 15, Date with Mom. I realised that I hardly spend quality time with my mom ever since I have a place of my own. That plus the fact that I am now wholly in charge of Nyla and busy with my other baby, Bottoms Up! Yes, I do see her nearly every weekend when I visit her and my dad but what I mean is I seldom go out on a date with her, as in just me and her. I remembered pre-marriage and pre-Nyla, I used to go out with her pretty often. To CK Tang if she needs a new bag. Lunch would always be at Far East Plaza because she loves the mee goreng at Puncak.

    Last Monday night, I missed her terribly so I called her asking her if she would like to go out on a date with her only daughter. So the very next day, she dropped by my place for a little while to relax after her religious class. Then once I got Nyla ready for school, we left my place, dropped off the babe at her school and off we went to Geylang for some uninterrupted time together for a delicious lunch, some shopping and of course loads of chatting.

    Nyla's song

    I had a lovely time and will try to make time to increase our bonding moments, I promise. Tuesday, January 12, The Spilt Milk. I was in a pretty foul mood yesterday. It also does not help at all that when everytime I get bitchy, Nyla will somehow do stuff, either accidentally or intentional, that will annoy me big time. I was in the kitchen, getting ready to cook for Esman.

    Foul mood, remember? Anyway selamat laki aku suka Maggi curry! Heng ah! Nyla then appeared and decided that she would give me a helping hand by ripping the packet of noodles. She did such a wonderful job that the little bits of uncooked noodles landed on the floor. I was about to scream but seeing her swiftly scoot away from me was such a funny sight. But still not funny enough to even make me smile. I just gave her my stare and of course nagged like a mak nenek going on and on, 'Nylaaaaa, you ah Now I have to sweep!