Lethal Refuge

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  1. Lethal Refuge – FINDING HEROES
  2. Plan to drill in Alaskan wildlife refuge downplays climate impact, U.S. agency argues
Population Biology of the Pest

Similarly, the military, police, media entertainment, university security complex is already refining its capability set towards new measures, to ensure border security and zone exclusion. This new capability sets already include non-human algorithms and robotic elements for patrolling long borders and a wide variety of sub-lethal weaponry has emerged which can either be fired at crowds by humans or operated by machine intelligence. But how probable are such deployments?

I will explore the current reconfiguration of the major manufactures of intelligent fencing systems; unmanned ariel vehicles, robotic security and patrolling systems as well as lethal and sub-lethal weapons technologies and doctrines to meet the demands of these new markets. The presentation ends with a discussion of some ethical dilemmas of how to respond to such technical fixing.

Should we acquiesce which may be tantamount to collusion , or should we engage in research activism to reveal social and political consequences of existing fence systems like those recently erected in Bangladesh.. Such uneasy ethics will be at the core of any future intelligent policy response to climate-induced mass migration.


Lethal Refuge – FINDING HEROES

Do we build resilience into modern architectures and infrastructure or a fortress: a human or an inhumane menu of future solutions? See the full program of the antiAtlas conference, Aix-en-Provence Skip to content.

Steve Wright — Corporate military management approaches to climate change: from refuge to exclusion. Fish and Wildlife Service, which runs the national refuge system. It did not immediately reply to a request for comment. The environmental groups want refuge officials to follow through on a commitment to gradually decrease elk feeding on the refuge in coordination with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. The animals would then be expected to forage for food during all but perhaps the most severe winters.

Plan to drill in Alaskan wildlife refuge downplays climate impact, U.S. agency argues

About 5, elk were gathered in the feeding area at the time. Groups sue over elk feeding in Wyoming, citing disease issue. All rights reserved.