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Want more resources like this for other, often-taught writers? We have them on Shakespeare , J. I have five copies of a cd version left, which I will send free of charge to the first five teachers who request one through the following site:. The Charles Dickens Essential School Resource Book: Contemporary Approaches to Teaching Classic Texts 7 — 14 is published by Routledge on 7 Feb Written by 3 very experienced teachers, it promotes a teaching approach to 6 of Dickens novels which included drama, active learning, web 2.

Dickens was a great psychologist. I am currently reading all of the novels in order. The adventure has presented much I am happy to be reminded of and much I did not know. But having also added his writings about his travels in America, his work has become more meaningful in that the real differences in between Britain and America were mostly about attitude and regional availabilities and selections of hobbyhorses, addictions and other extremes chewing tobacco vs snuff, whiskey vs brandy.

Sadly, or gladly, this is the era to which the Tea Party would return us. Well, with Barnaby Rudge, earlier. I could have guessed you were an English professor before visiting your very interesting website. I agree that reading Dickens can be an exercise in human exuberance. By Cuger Brant on smashwords!! You will be pleasantly entertained and maybe learn morale or two!! The JP Morgan library recently had a fantastic Dickens exhibit with original manuscripts and whatnot.

Perhaps getting in touch with them might be useful. Dickens was the first english man, i ever knew in my life.. See next articles. Steve, I could have guessed you were an English professor before visiting your very interesting website.

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This list meant I could get inspiration on demand and even if a request for a truckload of lesson plans came through. Although, I did anyway. All these resources are not created equal. Some are better for TEFL games, others for summer or winter camp activities, others will help you sort out those painful grammar classes. And yes, I taught teenagers, why do you ask? One of the best things that ever happened to me was finding this website.

From grammar exercises to helpful videos, to listening practice… there is no shortage of free TEFL lesson plans and ideas here. Not so much for lesson planning, more for those tricky questions advanced students or co-teachers might try to ask on the spur of the moment. Just try not to cringe over the whole Partyland thing… TEFL turns the best of us into mildly cheesy grammar clowns.

TEFL worksheets, lesson plans and games galore. This is a great little hub of ideas that will get your students excited about learning English. From lessons like creating your own restaurant to designing your own music magazine, this is a wonderful resource for some project-based learning.

I particularly love the blog and it has lots of great articles, like this one on unique intro classes.

This website is amazing! What they lack in fancy design work, they make up for in sheer brilliant content. But it sure is worth a browse. I quite like resources section where there are blogs on stuff like short speaking activities and fingerplay songs for kids. Even the potato-eaters paid attention when I played a clip.

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I used to trawl youtube for fun things my students might like and then build out quizzes and blank fills for them. But there are days when trawling the internet is not the best use of your time and this site already has videos and exercises sorted by ability level. An oldie but a goodie! Everyone can work at their own level.

Gamification at its finest. I positioned it as a reward, little did they realize they were learning! Hidden within the walls of Coketown, a northern mill town in the book, is more material for drama than a soap-opera writer could use in a year. It is fun for students to indulge in a little schadenfreude as they put themselves in the shoes of Stephen Blackpool, Mr Bounderby, Racheael and Stephen's wife and create a Jeremy Kyle-esque show. A seemingly silly task, filming it and watching it back can elicit interesting discussions about the issues surrounding working class people in Victorian times as well as the portrayal of class difference and equality.

A series of written tasks could revolve around the trade unionists use of rhetoric. Start with a close language analysis of the speech that the visiting trade unionist makes at the beginning of chapter 4.


Teaching Dickens With The New York Times

Analyse Dickens' use of language to establish why it's so powerful. After comparing this with Bounderby's conversation with Stephen Blackpool, where he is trying to persuade him to provide information about the workers, students could then explore the character of Blackpool. They could write a journal entry for each of the encounters he has — hearing the initial speech, refusing to join the union, making his own speech and his encounter with Bounderby that ends in his dismissal.

The task could be concluded by holding a ping-pong debate: on one side of the classroom stand all the people who agreed that Blackpool was right to act as he did and on the other side, all those who agreed with the workers and Bounderby. They can fight it out between them with one side sharing an argument before the other bounces back their rebuttal. As a plenary for the whole unit, it can be interesting to revisit the fact that Hard Times was initially published as a weekly serial in the newspaper, Household Words.

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Ask students to write a review of the book to be published the week after the last instalment. Encourage them to write as a Victorian, not just reviewing the story but also including a moral reaction to the novel.

Hard Times (novel) - Wikipedia

What were Dickens' aims in writing the book? What did he want to say about society, its values and industrial development? Did he achieve what he set out to? Whatever methods you choose, try to bring Dickens alive to your students.