Jesses First Day of School (I am a STAR Personalized Book Series 1)

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  2. Jim Collins - A Rare Interview with a Reclusive Polymath: The Tim Ferris Show - Podcast Notes
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More than , copies sold worldwide! This is a mockup of the book you like.

Take a look and then personalize below. Ages: 0 - 99 years No. Binding: Hard Format: 12 in. For tots and their moms This personalized gem is not just for your LO it's for mommies too. They just might shed a tear or two. Best gift ever You can stop overthinking it and just make your kid the happiest ever.

Or your wife beaming with pride. So many combinations Blond or brown? Blue or green? Poet or firefighter? Choose the stories, write a personal dedication So many great choices. Child's first name:. Hair Choose hair style and color. Eyes Choose eye color and shape. Extras Glasses? Save and continue. The action of the book concerns two high schoolers, John and Lorraine, who take turns reporting their experiences with a misunderstood old man named Mr.

Jim Collins – A Rare Interview with a Reclusive Polymath: The Tim Ferris Show

All the Bright Places , by Jennifer Niven So many YA novels are about escape, because being a teenager is about escaping: escaping high school, escaping the hometown, escaping family, escaping problems. So whatever happened to good old-fashioned allegory? The Reluctant Journal of Henry K.

Larsen , by Susin Nielsen The diary format works so well for high school stories because it feels immediate, intimate, and authentic.

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That approach is needed for the gut-punch of Henry K. Henry is forced to move and go to a new school after his brother is so mercilessly teased that he unleashes his anger and pain with a school shooting. Jerry must exhibit bravery beyond his years to stand up to the mob. Simon vs. Forever , by Judy Blume Queen Judy, mistress of the middle-grade novel, was not a one-trick pony. She wrote respectful, realistic literature for kids of almost every age. Forever is one of her classics, dealing with the sensitive, agonizing subjects of young love…and sex.

Katherine meets Michael, falls in love, and embarks on a sexual relationship with him, in a story that evokes all the excitement and tenderness of a budding relationship. Looking for Alaska , by John Green Green has a gift for writing about the teenage experience in incredibly relatable ways. Throughout his work, Green is most adept at describing the sparkling, tingly feelings of teenage crushes bordering on love.

Jim Collins - A Rare Interview with a Reclusive Polymath: The Tim Ferris Show - Podcast Notes

In this semi-autobiographical novel, a guy trades his regular life for one at boarding school. He finds the crackling existence he wanted, due in no small part to the enchanting but deeply troubled Alaska Young. Anna and the French Kiss , by Stephanie Perkins There are so many great romantic comedy movie tropes here, scaled down into high-school life.

Georgia leads a proudly messy life, as she and her best friend Jas spy on boys they like and try to compete with older, more provocative girls for attention and affection. Hey Nostradamus! In Hey, Nostradamus, he writes about high school students who feel the same way, and the desperate measures they take to change things. The story is told in tandem by four disparate characters, including a secretly pregnant and married girl, on what will ultimately be the most tragic day of all of their lives.

There are lots of teachers working in those classrooms, and to hear stories from their points of view is fascinating.

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The teachers are linked by personal tragedies, but must overcome or put their overwhelming grief to the side in order to help their ill-equipped students deal with the terrible things happening in their lives. Is it simply that they seem an exotic walled world, or are they a merely an esteemed-if-classist relic of the past somehow surviving into today? Set at an elite East Coast prep school, Prep follows Lee, a Midwestern scholarship student and audience surrogate who must navigate the intricate politics and social system of the old school and its old money, all the while pulling further and further away from her parents.

And if all goes well, Joey just might rock the talent show and win the school over by playing an awesome instrument of his own invention. Focusing on three juniors and their college admissions counselor, the book follows their trudge through SAT prep courses, AP classes, AP exams, college essay writing…. As many do in high school, she has tried on a few different personas and goes all in each time, be her new style goth, peppy preppy, or student government go-getter.

What Happened to Goodbye finds her moving to yet another new place and testing out her most risky personality choice yet: her real one.

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A Separate Peace , by John Knowles Knowles semi-fictionalized his experiences attending Exeter to create this classic, tragic coming-of-age tale about boys in a Northeastern boarding school during World War II. Narrator Gene is roommates with his good-hearted but ill-fated friend, Finny, of whom he is also supremely jealous. They take part in a tree-jumping club, which leads to Finny breaking his leg.

Bad things continue to happen to Finny, for which Gene feels both guilt and, for the first time in his life, the emptiness of loss.

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Readers will grow up a little alongside Gene. Jones puts together his own ragtag, super-inclusive swim team. Like the characters themselves, Whale Talk has a lot of heart. He decides to break out of his life as a target by using his smarts to gain entrance to a predominantly wealthy, white school off the reservation, which changes his life in more ways than anticipated. Speak , by Laurie Halse Anderson At a high school party the summer before her freshman year, Melinda is raped, calls the police, but runs away before telling them—or the other kids—why she made the call.

From that point forth , Melinda is an outcast, a victim of the shocking cruelty her classmates are capable of. This book is a demonstration of how even high school politics can override decency and justice.

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