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  1. Beach Plum Island Nature Preserve
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I am devoted to yoga, it is the only thing that keeps my head screwed on.

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My free time is spend doing anything that keeps my hands busy and my mind quiet; painting, puzzles, sewing, etc. I am super excited to get out of the house tell adults what to do for the night instead of my adorable bratty children. Paint Nite: Beach Blossoms. Your location. Plum Island Beachcoma. Your host. Chelsea Hale. Events like this. Countries United States Massachusetts Newbury. Map available at the refuge entrance and online - click here. Plum Island is a 6-mile long barrier beach that extends south of Newburyport.

Most of it makes up the Parker River Wildlife Refuge, which is visited seasonally by nearly bird species.

Beach Plum Island Nature Preserve

This walk is a nice introduction to the extraordinary diversity of the Plum Island scenery. You will walk both on the beach and on the main Refuge road, which offers wonderful views on the Plum Island River marshes and the Broad Sound. Leave your car on parking lot 1 on your left after the Refuge entrance. Walk up the boardwalk at the far end of the lot to access the beach. Start walking south on your right on the beach.

  1. Beach Plum Island!
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You will first see a beach access road and another boardwalk a bit more than 0. After about 1 mile on the beach, you will see another boardwalk that connects back to the main road.

Watch the Osprey Cam Live!

Take it across the dunes to arrive back at the main road. Turn right on the road to retrace your steps and walk back to your car.

Allow about 2 hours for the walk at a leisure pace. Once back at the parking lot, you can also take your car to explore the Refuge further.

Delaware Ecotourism at : Beach Plum Nature Preserve

One nice stop is parking lot 4. Then, walk back on the main road for about yards to explore Hellcat Swamp Trail, which extends on both sides of the road. There is a photography blind at the end of the trail that will have children and adults alike excited! You can also drive further south to the tip of the island. From that point you will drive on a gravel road, so drive safely and watch for pedestrians and bikers. Sandy Point State Reservation is the end of the road, at the tip of the island. There is another observation tower there which offers a nice view on Broad Sound, protected from the ocean by Plum Island.

You can also access the beach, though you may find more people there than elsewhere on the beach.

UNH and Plum Island Dune Restoration

Drive back the way you came on the Refuge road. Watch for deer, which appear often along the road between there and parking lot 2 in the evening. Local Search Site Search. What do our ratings mean?

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