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Blaming himself for not being able to save her, he becomes detached from the Miyamizu family and its traditions.

One of those traditions was visiting their god at the Miyamizu Shrine. We later learn from Hitoha that all of the women in Miyamizu family line have spiritual ties with random people which explains the link Mitsuha shares with Taki. However, for both Hitoha and Futaba, those connections faded over time and eventually became hazy memories. Essentially, nobody has ever come as close to meeting their spiritual partner as Mitsuha came to meeting Taki. Was Toshiki the person she shared a spiritual connection with? Maybe, maybe not. She breeds that attitude in Mitsuha, but is unable to have Toshiki carry on with the Miyamizu customs.

I think this information about the Miyamizu family exposes a celestial link between the first comet and the second comet. The first comet created the shrine that the Miyamizu family uses to pray to their gods. That other half then connects with someone else after you perform a ceremony. These spiritual connections existed for generations so that, eventually, someone would be able to alert the Miyamizus about the second incoming comet or at least some sort of future danger.

Which is why Hitoha has her granddaughters perform a ceremony where they make kuchikamizake and twine a red yarn thread. When you keep twining like that, emotions will eventually start flowing between you and the thread. That shrine and old documents were destroyed, and this is known as The Great Fire of Mayugoro. So the meaning of the festivals became unknown and only the form lived on.

But even if the words are lost, tradition should be handed down. First, on a plot level, this information tells us quite a bit. The Miyamizu family used to know a lot more about their abilities, but everything was destroyed by The Great Fire of Mayugoro.

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It just so happens that the second comet strike occurs during the annual festival. To me, this means that the festival was always meant to serve as a warning of the second comet. Perhaps the festival took place on the anniversary of the first comet strike? Perhaps it was always known the second comet would strike, and that knowledge was passed down from generation to generation? Who knows. All we know is that that information was likely destroyed in the Great Fire.

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She becomes one with its past and its future—she becomes one with her home. Building a life with someone means inviting them into your home, into your life, and then building a new home and life with them.

The ceremony then triggers the connection between Mitsuha and Taki. Seems hard to defend. He can picture her face. He can sketch her hometown so well from memory that people recognize it as Itomori. So when Taki returns to where the town once stood, he knows to return to the shrine where Mitsuha left her kuchikamizake. This is what severs his body switching days with Mitsuha. But back in the future where Mitsuha is dead, Taki is in his own body when he visits the shrine and drinks the kuchikamizake. I believe this to be a poignant commentary on love.

Your Name. () - Box Office Mojo

You remember how they move, how they talk, how they act. The climactic moment of Your Name is when Taki and Mitsuha finally meet.

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You might wonder how their bodies are suddenly able to transcend time and space to meet in the same spot, but this meeting was actually set up much earlier in the movie. The first day after the body switching, Mitsuha wakes up in her body with no recollection of the previous day. Everybody keeps talking about how strange she was acting. This is an important moment, right? When the world blurs and one might encounter something not human.

When Taki and Mitsuha finally meet, their bodies travel through time to finally converge in the same time and space. This occurs at twilight aka tasogare-doki when their worlds blur together. You can apply to change your name if: you're 18 or over, and you were born here or are an NZ citizen, or you're entitled to live here indefinitely you're a permanent resident of NZ or Australia, or you're Australian You don't usually need to apply for a name change if you've taken your partner's surname after marriage or a civil union, or if you want to use your birth surname maiden name again after a divorce.

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The giant explanation of Your Name

If you don't have the documents you need, contact Births, Deaths and Marriages. Contact Births, Deaths and Marriages Expand all. If you were born outside New Zealand You also need to provide evidence of: when and where you were born your status as an NZ citizen or permanent resident. You need to get any documents that aren't in English translated.

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Your Name review – a beautiful out-of-body experience

You can: get or renew a New Zealand passport change your name on your driver licence Tell people about your name change Births, Deaths and Marriages will let the Electoral Commission know about your change of name, but other government agencies and other organisations won't automatically be notified. Have your say about this page Is there something wrong with this page?

Something is broken or outdated. Kazuki Yamaguchi Director. Yoshitoshi Shinomiya Director. Masashi Ando Director.

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Ei Inoue Director. Studio FUNimation Entertainment. Subtitles English CC. Released year Duration 1 h 46 min. Size 5. Additional terms Terms of transaction. Windows Windows 8, Windows 8. Plot hiccups aside, it's a visually impressive experience with endearing characters and a unique story. Read full review. It's both gorgeous enough and emotionally engaging enough to be worth seeking out. Throughout, there is the nagging sense that the whole thing will unravel if any one thread gets tugged too hard, but when both the heart and the sky are on fire, why lean in and go squinting at flaws?

You may have to fortify your illogicality tolerance when viewing the anime adventure "Your Name. With its balance of grounded emotion and wondrous escapism, Your Name should firmly establish Shinkai as an auteur to follow for many years to come. This concept could be used for stock shenanigans worthy of a John Green novel, but Shinkai unleashes a twist early on so clever and cerebral that J. Abrams and Christopher Nolan will kick themselves for not thinking of it first.

It's thoroughly charming and gently comic and, if Mr. Shinkai finally plays it safe about what it means for an adolescent boy and girl to trade bodies and lightly toy with gender, he complicates the story in other ways. Your Name is a stirring tale of rescue with a boisterous edge of YA mischief. It's also a love story with a swoony romantic affinity for the age-old tussle between chance and fate.