Trail of the Silver Saddle

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Fall is a beautiful time as the cottonwoods provide a colorful backdrop along the trail. The cache is a fairly moderate hide due mainly to the sheer number of possible hiding spots. There did not appear to be a nest where I hid the cache, but as always watch your hands. However, numerous signs warn of rattlers, so pay attention at all times where your various vulnerable parts are.

In Aug. At his request it was moved to a new location. The cache did not survive the '07 winter, so I changed containers and location. Happy 'Caching! Attributes What are Attributes? Inventory There are no Trackables in this cache. View past Trackables What are Trackable Items? Carson City Parks and Rec offers summer bicycling programs for children, teens and adults Repeats every week until Sat Aug 17 June 17, All day Carson City Parks, Recreation and Open Space will offer two bicycle programs this summer, one designed for children and the other for adults and teens.

Nevada JobConnect is located at N. Carson St, Carson City. Available jobs are: Housekeeper JO No. June 3, - pm Zumba is a dance form and aerobics fitness program.

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Zumba involves dance and aerobic movements performed to energetic Latin and pop music from countries around the world. The choreography incorporates hip hop, soca, samba, salsa, meringue and mambo. June 1, - pm For the 27th year, the spookiest historical tour of the capital city is returning this Saturday, June 1 with the Carson City Ghost Walk. June 4, All day This 8-week series is for anyone living with arthritis or with similar symptoms of pain and stiffness.

Trail of the Silver Saddle (A Western Trio)

In this gentle class, you will learn how to use yoga and modifications to manage your arthritis. We may use chairs, blocks, the wall, or other props to support your body in the practice as needed. Most content submitted to Carson Now is covered under Creative Commons license:. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Search this site:. Silver Saddle walking trail. Carson Now daily email newsletter Click here to get the latest news sent to your inbox every day. Top Stories News - Thursday, June 27, - pm. Updates to follow. Sports - Thursday, June 27, - am. By Isaiah Burrows. Extra Extra! Community - Thursday, June 27, - am.

Carson City man jailed for suspicion of felony domestic battery with strangulation. News - Thursday, June 27, - am. By Donna N.

1111 Silver Saddle Trail

Inversin, Muscle Powered. Events around the Carson City area for Thursday, June News - Wednesday, June 26, - pm. Nevada Day announces 'Nevada Counties: years' as theme for Carson City emergency crews called to crash involving motorcycle on Highway 50 East.

Carson City investigators say Sunday's townhouse fire classified as arson. Throughout Carson City, restaurants are closing their doors due to labor shortages. Thursday means its Farmers Market day in Dayton. Community - Wednesday, June 26, - pm. By Quest Lakes. Carson City sheriff's detectives seek 3 in robbery, extortion case. Carson City Sheriff's Office. Arts and Entertainment - Wednesday, June 26, - pm.

Brewery Arts Center. Headed to Tahoe for the July 4th holiday? Forest Service provides tips to make it a safe visit. Outdoors - Wednesday, June 26, - am.

Forest Service. Sports - Wednesday, June 26, - am. By Isaiah Burrows, Tahoe Onstage. Carson City law enforcement arrest man with half a pound of meth, firearms and cash.

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News - Wednesday, June 26, - am. Carson City School District recognized for safety efforts. Living The Good Life. Real Estate - Wednesday, June 26, - am. By Krisha Scannapieco. Spectacular cloud formation during sunset Tuesday over western Nevada skies. Photos by Nicole Hooper.

Carson City sheriff's deputies arrest pair for meth possession.

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Events around Carson City for Wednesday, June News - Tuesday, June 25, - pm. Nevada librarians catalog virtual reality content for worldwide access. Teri Vance, Nevada Momentum. Arts and Entertainment - Tuesday, June 25, - pm. Business - Tuesday, June 25, - pm. What Works: Yes, you want it. But do you expect it? By Diane Dye Hansen. Carson City Fire Department called to assist with northwest Reno brush fire. Carson City School District could save millions with purchase of former church campus.

Community - Wednesday, June 26, - am. Carson City couple jailed for suspicion of felony domestic battery after choking each other. The elder Barrett has been dead for several years and Thomas, Jr.

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Ettore Manni. Angered at being cheated out of his revenge, Blood leaves the boy stranded in the hillside with only a knife and blanket.

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Back at the Barrett homestead, the Thomas's older sister Margaret Cinzia Monreale is upset over her brother's disappearance. Thomas, Sr. Meanwhile, Blood is rejoined by Snake who offers him a deal. Snake reveals that he took in Thomas, Jr.

Trail of the Silver Saddle Audiobook | Jr Les Savage |

Blood is also informed that the bounty was a ploy used to kill himself and the boy, with Blood being blamed for the murder. Blood hides out at Shiba's whorehouse, and where Thomas, Jr. Using her feminine wiles, she is able to learn that after the death of Richard Barrett, his fortune was divided between his children and his brother. However, Thomas gambled away his half of the inheritance while the family fortune was possessed by his children. The will provided that if Thomas, Jr. It is presumed that is the motivating factor for Thomas Barrett, Sr.

Thomas, Jr. The gun-toting padre of the monastery promises to protect the boy while Blood goes after Turner. He eventually confronts Turner and his men at an abandoned farmhouse where a shootout occurs and Blood kills Turner. But at the monastery, the bandit Garrincha and his gang have killed all the priests and taken Thomas, Jr.

Blood is later arrested by the sheriff Phillppe Hersent who believes he is a member of Garrincha's band. The courier is murdered once he hands the money to the bandits. With the help of Margaret, Blood eventually escapes from the town jail and reunites with Snake to track down Garrincha. They finally find the bandit's hideout when Thomas, Jr. Blood and Snake arrive to find Garrincha whipping the boy after discovering his ruse.

A gun battle with Garrincha and his men results in the death of the bandit, but not before Snake is killed. Blood returns to the Barrett ranch with Thomas, Jr. Garrincha was also part of the plan, Thomas, Sr. Blood kills Thomas, Sr. The film's conclusion shows Blood riding out of town with Thomas, Jr.