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I received star ratings from the host families I stayed with. Now Airbnb […]. My son reserved a property in Tokyo months in advance, just to find at arrival that the place was filthy, and did not offer the number of accommodations advertised […]. When I called in to discuss this matter, I was told that I was not allowed to talk to them because technically my account had been deleted.

I spoke to […]. I live in Atlanta and had guests coming in from Bangkok to visit, so I wanted to show them a good time. I took three days off work in the middle of the week, as weekends are almost always booked up, and grabbed a really great looking cabin up in the Smoky Mountains. It had […]. I have had two Airbnb experiences. Both were a nightmare, but the second was the worst. I cancelled an Airbnb eight weeks prior to my stay and the host still kept my deposit. It is the most unfair practice ever. Even hotels allow you to cancel up to 48 hours prior to your stay.

Eight […]. When I arrived at my Airbnb I would have had to walk over a group of homeless people living inside of the building just to get into the apartment. The host refused to give me a refund and refused to help me. I called customer support and they told me they would help me find […]. We have just come back from a nightmare of a vacation and only sharing this with you all so everyone can be safe and secure themselves as everyone is traveling for the summer holidays.

We were in Lisbon June 10thth. On June 12th as we returned from our day out, we unlocked the apartment door. I booked a seven-night stay at an Airbnb in Miami Beach in May. The place looked nothing like the pictures: the hotel was rundown and old; there were garbage bins at the front and back of the building; they had smelly elevators and smelly hallways. My mom found bugs in the kitchen, and people were […].

To start off, this was a last minute booking. My friends and I were on a road trip to Asheville, NC when we suddenly found ourselves off course by four hours. We decided to get a room and figure it out in the morning. I booked this lovely place. The earliest check-in was at PM, but the suite had not been turned over. We had to book a last minute hotel so […]. I had a situation that made me not be able to make it for those dates in early August. I was confused by the language on Airbnb and thought I had up until 14 days from the check-in date to cancel. Yesterday June 9, the host knocked on the door of the room I am renting in her home and asked me to help her evict another non-paying Airbnb Guest.

The young man who was staying in another bedroom […]. I booked a trip in Los Angeles and when I arrived the Airbnb was not as it was on the site. First off, there were homeless people hanging out on the staircase; I had to ask if I could pass to go up the stairs. They obviously slept there. The whole staircase stunk of urine.

Last night my family had the beginning of the Airbnb experience from hell, which we are in the middle of. We had a hour journey from Chicago to Bali, for the first time with our baby who is nine months old, and we had planned to stay in Airbnb accommodations. We booked nearly a year […]. We booked a bedroom home and paid our deposit. The leasing agency the host employs then called us to pay our rental insurance and pet fees… okay, no problem. I asked her to put the charges on Airbnb like the site says you should and they refused, stating they would need a credit card or […].

My sister acts as a secretary for me, which really means she saves my life regularly. She booked me into the home of an Airbnb host in Kenasaw, GA a suburb of Atlanta in a condominium complex. Parking is an issue in Georgia. My sister had asked about parking and the lady texted me a […]. I had an internship in a foreign country not tropical, and not at all known for big problems in the slightest. So I turned to Airbnb.

I had stayed with a friend outside of La Rochelle for a few days. Not having a car, when this friend went away it seemed wiser to rent a place in the city to be able to get around, take a boat, etc, more easily. I rented an Airbnb for a Sunday and Monday. After […]. My Airbnb account was hacked on May 17th. Six simultaneous bookings were made, my account settings were changed and the account closed. It was impossible to contact Airbnb as they like you to login to contact them, which is impossible if your account is closed and all of your details are not recognised. Luckily my […]. This was our first time using Airbnb.

We found a listing that was in the area we wanted and it was a better deal than the area hotels, so we decided to try it out. The morning before our […]. My gripe is with Airbnb itself. We also praised the good aspects of the property […]. We contacted the host by telephone and he sent the cleaner in. She told us that it would only take her a half hour to clean. When we came back all she had done was put some clean […].

My mom and I just went trough the worst trip ever, less than a week from her birthday. We booked two nights at what looked like a beautiful cliffside villa in Bali for my girlfriend and I. We overpaid for Bali so we kind of expected a nice place. After dragging our belongings down five […]. Do you have an Airbnb story to tell? Share it HERE! I have used airbnb a lot in the past and generally advice against it. I have numerous stories of sexualt assault, fishy hosts I mean come on who in their right mind rents out rooms in their own house?

Have had 2 superhosts who were outright sexual predators. Reported one of them to airbnb, and they never took his account down, although he confessed to them. I find airbnb really shady, in spite of there wholesome image. Like facebook, you cannot trust them to protect you. They just want to make money!

Cancelled my reservation with no reason, months after I made it. It was paid for and confirmed. What kind of mickey mouse is that? Hope you all learned your lesson about AirBnB. Stop being so selfish and get a clue. Yes, AirBnB corporate sucks, but they owe you nothing and they know it.

Stop supporting this P. I had an unfortunate experience with a host Briyah in NYC, who was apparently just out to make money by charging for ridiculous things. Furthermore, she was such a nag, always around to criticize and comment on every little thing I did. Full kitchen use was permitted in the profile, but I ended up not using it much, because of her terrible attitude. Right before I was about to leave, she asked me if I had used a dishwasher before — how rude and entitled — and you really think you had to say that right before the guest is about to leave — what purpose does that accomplish?

Briyah also told me another guest saw a mouse in the room. This place is a wreck, and she is an insecure host, who takes out her issues on her guests really, really uncomfortable to have to hear when I was there. We are a family husband and wife and infant. Since Caroline was rude to both me and my wife in addition to the last night guest who actually cancelled her stay and left we asked Caroline to leave. She refused and went to work. I texted her at noon asking her to leave when she comes back and that we will refund her the entire day.

When she came back at pm I asked her again. She yelled at us and refused again. We had no choice but to call the police. The police arrived and escorted her out. Such a terrible experience. Caroline falsely reported that there is a camera or a recorder in her room. Airbnb shut down our account and believed her without investigation or even thinking logically about it. If there is camera or recorder why did she stay at all or even want to continue to stay.

If I see a recording device in my room what is the first thing I will do? I will certainly take a picture for this device and share it with Airbnb or at least I will not stay for a minute. Anyway it is a terrible experience and we will not bring people into our house anymore. Not worth it. I am here to share my experience i had with airbnb today. Firstly, my reservation was cancelled and I found out that it was cancelled only the day i was landed in Japan. The day before my departure, i had checked my airbnb apps and the status was still confirmed. Here is where the problem starts to get worse.

I did not know that there is a policy that forbids 3rd party to book on behalf of someone My reservation was booked by my brother , please note that my Japan trips i had also booked 2 different places and the other hosts have no issues with the booking which my brother booked on my behalf.

My brother had called and checked with the airbnb support and was told that the reservation was cancelled by them reason because of the typhoon. The only mean of informing to us was just an email indicated that the amount was refunded. Yes, here everyone would had thought that why no one checked the email. The reason is simple as everything was done and communicated in airbnb apps. In the apps it was still confirmed and the host has not message or inform in regards to the cancel. So because of this predicament, we are desperate to find another place to stay as it was already late at night, my brother not knowingly nor did I about the 3rd party booking and proceed to find another place to stay on the day itself.

The host asked us to cancelled the booking on our own My brother was very suspicious of the host unwilling-to-help behaviour and read the cancellation policy, needless to say once my brother clicked cancel it would be more reason for the host to use it against us, which indicates that it is the guest who cancelled the booking. We did asked the host to refund us back the amount since we had not even stayed and explained our predicament to the host.

But the host chose not to refund at all knowing our predicament and i have never even set foot at his home. Also, we did checked up with the airbnb support and all they can do is to try to convince the host to refund the money back to us, and still the host does not want to. Please do not hate me for posting this, all my intention is to let known what i faced using airbnb and how the policy could be a loophole that could cause you to waste your money.

Once you booked the money will be immediately debitted to the host, which i really find it ridiculous, it should be debitted or charged after the stay. Refund policy was not even protected or in the stand of the customer, especially with my case where there should be a policy or a mean to get my refund back. I would not use airbnb anymore and i would strongly suggest to use another platform. Below I will relay the correspondence I received after the request of a refund.

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Also, since this correspondence I have reached out to air bnb a second time to report this person as I have never experienced such a terrible person let alone someone in the service industry. Also, I have seen that since I went to the cottage, so one week later, someone else has left an almost exact review as mine. I received your request for a full refund due to the condition of the cottage and amenities not provided.

Marriott Verified Guest Reviews

I would like to know the specifics that you were not satisfied with. From my knowledge there was no complaints of this matter brought to us during the whole duration of the stay, which I find odd considering we could have rectified this situation. We do not provide free stays, if there was a problem that warranted a complete refund then clearly the cottage was not fit to stay at for 2 nights and 3 days which you did. Also to my understanding extra space was offered to you free of charge which you had no problem taking advantage of.

Please understand this message in no way shape or form is meant to be malicious but as air bnb hosts we have seen many guest who have tried to take advantage of the system. Myself — I am not trying to take advantage of the system whatsoever. That cottage was disgusting and not what was advertised. There was nothing you could have done to get rid of the mice or the dirt or ensure your hot tub or wifi or any basic amenities were there in the middle of the weekend. So thanks for your accusatory and malicious message. So until you would like to take responsibility for any of that false advertising I will be ensuring my review is public because now I am hurt.

We tried to not let it ruin our long awaited weekend but it was terrible. I would advise moving forward Clean the place, take off that you have a hot tub and wifi, put mouse traps in there, fix the screens and tell people to bring every basic amenity ever. Unknown Number — Your unwillingness to leave because of the long drive up does not warrent for you to fully use a service and then ask to not pay for it.

As for the mice, I think you mean the chipmunk population that enter the house if doors arent closed. And are you referring to the dirt that you guys left behind and we cleaned up? The hot tub situation could have been sorted if you had asked us to open it for you guys while you guys were here. As with the wifi, no one asked for the password.

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You can not complain about us not complying if you guys did not request anything. Are you looking at the wrong listing? Because the cottage on the pictures is the cottage you stayed at. Telling me that you are kind and hurt does not help to resolve the situation and frankly does not matter. Also kind people do not have to state that they are kind they also work to resolve problems.

Furthermore I stated that it was not a malcious message, your reaction and interpretation shows us that you have an understanding messages. Why are you not taking the responsibility of poor communication? We were here during your whole stay. As for you guys losing your weekend, we can not get this weekend back to provied to cooperative guests as well. We did not leave a mess, we left it nicer than we got to it! And we asked the young boy that fixed the hot water many questions and he could answer nothing.

Unknown Number — Ok I am a human, since we are just stating things now. Firstly saying what you want is not considered resolving. Secondly the only name I have called you is Jamie. All that I have stated are facts. Facts are irrefutable. Your inability to come up with an factual rebuttal along with using your feelings and perception to attempt to reason does not help to resolve anything. The only question you asked Johnny was about a possible discount. Which he replied with probably not. Myself — I have contacted air bnb and will be posting all of your absolutely disgusting comments on all of your listings to ensure no one has to deal with you again.

Our host a former police officer had his bother who lived close by spy on us repeatedly throughout the first evening. It first started when he sat at the end of a nearby road with a friend observing us for about 45 minutes from his truck, as we tried to relax on the patio after driving all day how do you relax on vacation when you feel like you are under surveillance. The truck then pulled into the driveway and sat there for about 20 minutes while the driver was on the phone.

Our reason for staying at the this house was to attend a local music festival close by. In actually fact we are just 4 middle ages guys three of us landlords ironically who wanted a nice quiet place to stay at night after a couple days of taking in some music. This year we have chosen to stay a few miles away at another house. I assume all will be OK, like my other stays have been elsewhere. Wow reading these stories will make you a complete skeptic and not trust anyone. These hosts and even guests are not your friends!!

Take pictures, always, there is nothing like concrete evidence. We could be looking at reviews that are not all the way truthful because someone, like me, privately messaged the issues and gave a decent review. My sister and her better-half had to place their belongs near their beds. So my mom asked one of the House Keepers are they gonna put it away? There was also mail in the kitchen where he had a bottle of Beefeater gin. Little did she know we had been out all morning long and my mom needed some rest. There was only Netflix, which is fine but you basically had to use your phone to control the livingroom TV apps only.

Check in and stay a while: TBS' 'Guest Book' and HBO's 'Room 104' look at hotel life

I must say that during a period I used airbnb a lot, but will never do it again. Have several horror stories, including a superhost who sexually assaulted me. I am sure there are nice people renting our on airbnb but my experience is that this business attracts fishy people who want to make an extra buck fast. If you have a decent salary, chose a hotel or hostel instead! A day prior to my planned trip I had to cancel in fear of what might happen. I asked to review my experience and airbnb did not grant me the opportunity, I think it is the right of others to know what to expect, I waisted 2 weeks thinking I was going on a trip, only to be the victim of this covert narcissist at last.

I would like to give you the advice. They will try to say it is in the contract. Please take pictures if possible and sign on the piece of paper. If they do not make up a story , ask them to sign on the piece of paper to declare everything has been checked.

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  6. They only stand on the money side. Do not expect you will get help from them, please forget about their insurance. We all know if we claim for insurance , how much we have to pay for next year. If the Airbnb uses insurance to protect us , will the insurance company take Airbnb as their customers? The address was Bank street. The house looked exactly like it did online, BUT many houses on the street had bars on doors and windows ours did not!

    In addition, there was not a dead bolt on the back door. We immediately left, stayed elsewhere and asked for a refund. Owner said no. Daughter explained how it was dangerous and said that our reviews would have to reflect that. Owner said she would refund two nights ASSuming that would make us not write an honest review, I guess? In review, we put that it was a great little house, but that women should not stay there alone. After our review, the owner wrote and said we would not get refund, because we threatened with a bad review Airbnb called it extortion!!

    We booked a flat in Haarlem, the Netherlands, for our day holiday in July Our hosts were a young couple and we picked the flat for its location, off the main city centre and walking distance. Also for the freedom to cook our meals. We had a very brief introduction as to how the kitchen and the washing machine worked and the owners quickly disappeared. They left behind 4 cupboards stuffed with their stuff which explained the very stuffiness of the place.

    Opening the garden door was the only way to get oxygen into the flat. There was a hatch joining the living room and the bedroom which was the only way of ventilating the room. The place was full of cats hair, also the 7 chairs. We had to hoover twice to start with and spent arrival day cleaning the place. Plus every other day to try to get rid of the stuffiness. The bathroom had a disgusting smell, probably clogged pipes, which we could not get rid off.

    Using the washing machine gave way to the same unbearable experience. Cleanliness was nearly impossible.

    People Share Their Tinder Horror Stories - AskReddit

    We had to live out of our suitcases because there was no storage space and opening cupboards was a health hazard: bundles of cloth and shoes and things piling up to the ceiling. The kitchen was so messy that cooking was impossible so we had to buy ready salads at the supermarket or fish at the local Fish stand, and sit in the garden. The last 2 days were dramatic since it rained and we could not sit in the garden. It escapes me how people can live like that, let alone rent it out to strangers to earn a huge amount of money.

    We checked the conditions and saw that there is no control over the quality of the rentals and nobody can be held responsible.

    That means a commission for nothing. Some type of consumer protection service should exist for people not to be hurt by this, in the way described by many here. And Airbnb should be liable when they do not care about customers. In countries like the US people get 2 weeks vacation a year. It is unfair that you come across a bad rental experience and have to go through this type of experience while a big company like airbnb is making lots of money from what they refer to as guests. My bf and I went to Japan for the first time. This was our dream trip and everything went great..

    Great reviews overall with maybe two people who complained about cleanliness. I like my place clean, but not OCD about it. Once you get the key, go straight, under the bridge, etc. Third, we get in the room and there is hair everywhere, and dust in all four corners with something that looked like breadcrumbs.

    The Guest Who Stayed

    Hair on the pillows. There was a dead squished cockroach, pee and hair all over the toilet which we had to clean, hair and dust all over the bathroom. We packed our stuff, told the host to either clean the place or refund us — we will NOT be staying there tonight. We walked a good 20min to get to a near by hotel.

    Called airbnb and they were incredibly helpful. They were so apologetic and gave us a huge discount to find a new airbnb — which we did right away for the next day. We we so tired and angry at this point, but airbnb customer service made everything ok! This host has since deleted that room, however, she has a new listing and this place already has negative reviews on how dirty it is. She seems like a sweet girl, but man.. My husband had to travel to the Daytona Beach area for business, booked a nice-looking apartment—all was wonderful except the horrible neighborhood.

    Airbnb really should provide addresses or at least street names so that potential renters can Google Earth what they are getting themselves into before making the reservation. My husband was really worried about leaving his car parked on the street, which was required, so he found a streetlight to park under so that the local methheads would likely not bother the vehicle.

    Shortly thereafter, I had to take a trip to Florida—this time, Ormond Beach. A woman was renting rooms in her house. She had great reviews. What was creepy is the woman the host was MIA. She had a guy roommate handling everything for her, although she did not tell me this was going to be the case. I moved the dresser in front of my door before going to bed. When I looked up the property in the online county records to verify that the host really existed-I was truly that nervous the first day , I saw that she had purchased the house for way too much during the housing bubble.

    She seems unable to afford or care about the upkeep. Peeling, chipping paint outside—it was really run down and misrepresented on Airbnb. I was thinking of contacting Airbnb to get a refund and go get a hotel same price but I knew it would be a hassle. Rented an apartment on AirBNB for 6 nights. I arrive Medellin and apartment was rented to other people. Now more than a week latter and AirBNB only says they are looking into the case. The place still shows a available on AirBNB. This on an apartment which was not even available for rent. O have contact them half a dozen times and host in chat admits the place was not available and they I should have a full refund.

    AirBNB tells the host he must submit a credit card number to process a refund to me, due to his debt on previous cancelled rentals that have nothing to do with me. Completely unfair and should be illegal. False advertising, breach of contract and essentially theft at this point.

    The apartment was also falsely advertised as having a full bathroom yet it was without sink and having a large balcony with view of the ocean tiny balcony overlooking the parking lot and view of other buildings on all sides. We ended up booking a hotel instead, but were clear with the case manager that we did not want to cancel the reservation until we had obtained a refund, however we found the next day that the reservation have been cancelled regardless.

    Since then, it has been a useless back and forth of emails with Airbnb. In addition, the cancellation was made against our will or by the host , also warranting a refund. Simply appalling service! We are bringing our claim to the Resolution Center after trying to resolve an unsuccessful Airbnb experience with the hosts and mediated by case manager Allen D. We are very unhappy with how our situation was addressed and handled by the case manager assigned, his attitude and demeanor towards us and our claim.

    We had been explaining that the studio apartment we rented was falsely advertized, the floors were extremely dirty, and smelled of new construction please bear in mind that we are a five-month pregnant couple and health concerns are important to us. We had asked the case manager specifically why our evidence was not strong enough to prove our room was not what was advertised, nor unfit to stay in. Therefore we ask that after your investigation you provide us with detailed responses to all the four points that we have listed below. The following points summarize why we feel we are entitled to a reimbursement, either from the hosts or Airbnb.

    The apartment was dirty. The floor was covered with sticky and dusty grime. Likewise, other surfaces within the room had collected a fine layer of dust. We also claimed that the room had a chemical smell to it, which is something we cannot prove who could? The hosts were unwilling to cooperate.

    The policies clearly state that the hosts should have made themselves, or a representative available within hours to investigate and solve the issue highlighted in the policies below. The host repeatedly stated over the phone that he lived an hour away and could not come to assess the situation.

    Instead, after much time, the host had the property manager take a look at the room and report to the host. Instead, we spent over three hours waiting in the lobby of the condominium for the situation to be resolved. The host or Airbnb should have at a minimum offered a reimbursement or other accommodation for the first night, in an attempt to resolve the issue within 24 hours. This never happened.

    The guests are instead required to use the kitchenette sink in the main room and it should have been part of the description on the portal that the bathroom does not have a sink and or is not a complete bathroom. We are resending pictures of the bathroom to show that it does not have a sink pictures 7 and 8. The picture of the lanai balcony and relevant view on the platform picture 9 attached is not the picture of the actual balcony and view, which is a HUGE case of false advertisement. And was one of the main reasons my wife was drawn to choosing this air bnb. The actual balcony of apartment has a view on the condominium parking lot, and is flanked by views of the condominium itself on both sides the condominium has a tight L-shape.

    We also include a picture of Waikiki Grand Hotel from Google Maps figure 10 : the Waikiki Grand Hotel is clearly indicated and I have marked the approximate location of apartment with a red arrow on the sixth floor, the condominium has ten floors , showing that this apartment has no view of the ocean as shown on the advertisement, and could not possibly have that view. These two issues violate a point that is clearly expressed under your minimum quality standards policy. A bathroom cannot be considered full without a sink, and it should have been clearly stated in the description of the room.

    Even more so, the picture of the view from the balcony is complete false advertisement and it should be removed or replaced with an accurate photo. We never authorized a cancellation. Our reservation was cancelled on the second day, however we never authorized a cancellation neither on the phone nor in writing. We informed the case manager that the front desk at Waikiki Grand Hotel within the same condominium as the Airbnb had a room available we could rent at extra cost, and which we did use, but we NEVER authorized a cancellation with Airbnb.

    If the cancellation came from the hosts, then they should reimburse our payment with no question. If the cancellation was made by the case manager, then it was on his accord not ours, and had the direct consequence that we can no longer review the hosts and protect other Airbnb costumers from them. In this case we feel it is Airbnb that must reimburse us. The cancellation issue itself is a gross mishandling of our claim by the case manager and should be fully addressed.

    We believe the issues regarding our Airbnb experience outlined above fulfill all the conditions required for claiming a travel issue. The case manager explained to us that any decision taken by the Resolution Center is final, therefore we kindly ask you to fully consider all the aspects of our claim and to respond to all the points listed above. Relevant points of Airbnb Refund Policies: 2.

    The Guest Refund Policy. If you are a Guest and suffer a Travel Issue, we agree, at our discretion, to either i reimburse you up to the amount paid by you through the Platform, as determined by Airbnb in our discretion, depending on the nature of the Travel Issue suffered or ii use our reasonable efforts to find and book you another Accommodation for any unused nights left in your reservation which in our determination is reasonably comparable to the Accommodation described in your original reservation in terms of size, rooms, features and quality.

    All determinations of Airbnb with respect to the Guest Refund Policy, including without limitation the size of any refund, shall be final and binding on the Guests and Hosts. Conditions to Claim a Travel Issue. Only a Guest may submit a claim for a Travel Issue. If you are a Guest, in order to submit a valid claim for a Travel Issue and receive the benefits with respect to your reservation, you are required to meet each of the following conditions: a you must bring the Travel Issue to our attention in writing airbnb.

    If you are a Host, you are responsible for ensuring that the Accommodations you list on the Platform meet minimum quality standards regarding access, adequacy of the description on the Platform, safety, cleanliness, and do not present a Guest with Travel Issues. All determinations of Airbnb with respect to the Guest Refund Policy, including without limitation the size of any refund to the Guest, shall be final and binding on the Guests and Hosts.

    You also agree that in order for you to reimburse Airbnb up to the amount paid by Airbnb, Airbnb may off-set or reduce any amounts owed by Airbnb to you by this amount. If the Guest remains for part or all of the stay despite the Travel Issue, the Guest will receive a refund that will reduce the amount of the Accommodation Fees ultimately paid to you. If the Guest is relocated to an alternative Accommodation, you may lose part or all of the Accommodation Fee payment for the booking and you may be responsible for reasonable additional costs incurred to relocate the Guest to the alternative Accommodation.

    The rights of the Guests under the Guest Refund Policy supersede the cancellation policy established by a Host. If you as a Host dispute the Travel Issue you may notify us in writing airbnb. You agree that all determinations of Airbnb with respect to the Travel Issue shall be final and binding on the Guests and Hosts regardless of your submission of a dispute against such Travel Issue. In the event of one or more Travel Issues, Airbnb, in its discretion, may elect to take additional actions. These actions include, but are not limited to, negatively affecting your Listing ranking, automated reviews indicating Travel Issues, cancelling future bookings, suspending or removing the Listing of the Accommodation or imposing penalties or fees for the administrative burden associated with the Travel Issues.

    Airbnb is garbage. Will never use their service again. Home Away is the way to go. Check out the reviews from previous renters and you will have a decent idea what ur getting. Horrible experience with Airbnb. The customer service from airbnb is terribly slow. Last year August when we were travelling in Sicily, I got a message from the host two days before we were going to Taormina that my reservation was cancelled.

    Airbnb did nothing at the beginning. I had to rebook the place in midnight. It was so high season for Taormina that it was damn it very difficult to find a reasonable price accommodation in such a short notice. Later Airbnb offered an 80 euro coupon as a compensation. As this coupon will expire this coming August, I thought it may be smart to use it for a weekend staying somewhere. Via an instant booking, two weeks ago I reserved a camping lodge for the coming weekend.

    Yesterday I got the call from the host due to the double-booking of her lodge, my reservation has to be cancelled. Again no active action from Airbnb. Sent the complaint to the airbnb service. No answer at all. If you like that the unexpected change thanks to Airbnb terrible management ruins your holiday, try that hell Airbnb!

    The house was a mess when we moved in — garbage everywhere, really filthy and stunk real bad. They had a cockroach infestation. The house was a gut job. Everything was falling apart.. Bad neighbourhood. Basically a meth house. This house is really bad off. Needs to be torn down. This guy approved my reservation around 12 pm on may 7, He asked me if I can come at 5 pm so he can wash bed sheets. He never mentioned if he needs me to send any type of ID.

    So I arrived there at pm with my stuff. Then he started to ask for my passport upon arrival. I asked him why he needs my passport. Then I asked him if my drivers license or health care card would be fine he said no he wants to see my passport. He also asked me if he can see my credit card and take a picture of it. So I gave him my University card with photo on it and my drivers licence with home address, name and date of birth. Eileen is in the kitchen to escape the heat from upstairs, where she was finishing a paper regarding the future of the world.

    The guest encounters difficulties, whether actual or perceived, relating to Eileen; he struggles to find a topic of conversation, wondering if he should ask her about boys and basketball. He is irritated that he must make an effort to talk to her. However, Eileen unhesitatingly tells the guest about her paper and states that she does not believe the world has much of a future at all. The guest, put off by her precociousness and earnestness, attempts to brush her off at first.

    As the conversation continues, the guest seems to become more impatient with Eileen and gives her rather condescending responses. At this point, the guest is clearly put off by Eileen and the conversation. She wonders whether the students in her Latin class will be the last to read Caesar once the world is destroyed. Uncomfortable, the guest ends the conversation and exits the kitchen. Eileen giggles and informs him that she still completes her homework.

    The guest claims that Eileen is completing her Latin homework in the kitchen, and the father quotes Julius Caesar in Latin. This view is shared by other female characters in the collection, particularly when they encounter a wholly new environment, such as Margaret in "Pillar of Salt" or Mrs. Arnold in "Colloquy. She describes the world's prospective destruction and resulting chaos in physical terms.

    Much to the guest's discomfort, however, Eileen regards this projected destruction almost with awe. The man is unsettled by her demeanor and thus dismisses her prediction as youthful foolishness. The first introduction to the guest, at a nondescript party, indicates his subscription to the harmful boredom of suburbia—a theme upon which Jackson expands in subsequent stories. She implies that in the identical masses of suburban homes, people begin to lose their individual identities and become subsumed in the anonymity of suburbia.

    If the world's self-implosion were to destroy homes, people would no longer lose their individuality through the process of conformity witnessed in suburban neighborhoods, for such neighborhoods would no longer exist without physical houses. As a result, people would be forced to face themselves—their true identities—and those around them with honesty. The story is told from the point of view of the drunk man. However, Jackson does not make clear that he is the protagonist.

    On the contrary, the reader sympathizes more easily with Eileen; the narrator's inner thoughts depict his resentment and condescension towards her, thus rendering him a less pleasant character. The drunk guest dimly but correctly perceives that Eileen is more aware and knowledgeable of the state of the world than he is. This is the primary cause of conflict within "The Intoxicated," though both he and Eileen are too polite to confront each other directly.