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His name is Trevor. She came home to do so. Lane runs in to scarf down some pizza — Mrs. Kim has taken to ordering food, like okra, in bulk in the Internet. Lorelai wants to know if Naked Guy is hot. Rory says she finds Trevor weird because he carries water. So much for the guys in her life.

Lorelai says Rory has never dated — just had relationships.

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Lorelai says Rory should date. Lorelai says they will have horses — the property already has stables. Lorleai is very excited about it all, until she hears that Natalie did a remodel for her mother. Rory is eyeing up Trevor in her next class. Rory chats him up nervously after class. Then calls him persistent. Sookie says they are going to name the baby Davie.

If it was a girl, Jackson suggested Colgate. But, since Sookie is the only one who knows the sex of the baby, she picked a fight with Jackson over that name to throw him off about the gender of the baby. Natalie is the best. Lorelai agrees to give her a chance. Luke is fed up taking messages for Lorelai. And yells at Ed, which surprises Lorelai. Lorelai says Luke has been barking at people for days.

He gave them to Ed, but was still surly about it. He broke his own 2-day plan limit rule — he had expectations and got hurt. Lorelai invites Luke to the movie night she usually has with Rory. Lorelai arrives to the Gilmore dinner before Rory. Pretends to need something from her car.

She turns on the radio and dances in the car. Emily scares her by tapping on the car window. Tells her to come inside, where she proceeds to get angry at Lorelai for not telling her that Sookie is pregnant. Rory arrives and says she has a date planned. Emily is not happy at how Rory got that date. Lorelai tells Natalie their lives are perfect and they have no money issues. You need the radio on to look for your lip-gloss? Well, I came out here, and I couldn't find it, and so I thought if I tried to retrace my steps it would turn up.

So I put my purse on the seat and I put the keys in the car naturally the radio came on, 'cause that's what it does.

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Which makes sense since it's in the ashtray next to you. Look at that. Come inside, Lorelai. Can't I just wait till the song I'm coming. You can't sit here for three seconds without Rory. Not true! Stop it and sit down. I want to talk to you about something.

I just found out that Sookie is pregnant. Don't look at me. I had nothing to do with it. May I ask why you didn't bother to tell me? Your not telling me about Sookie is unforgivable. It's not like you're such good friends. I haven't sent her a gift. How does that make me look? Like you hate her and all childbearing women. You are so intent on keeping me out of your life. It's not my life. It's Sookie's life. A simple phone call to tell me that Sookie is pregnant. How did you find out, anyway?

Are you going to track down the informant and have him shot? Does it bother you not knowing? Hi, Mom. If you don't, she'll find out anyway. Yale's interesting. It's more free-form than I thought. You're an adult. They treat you like an adult in college. In college, yes. In the Gilmore house- We've switched subjects, in case you were wondering. What are your plans for the weekend? Any parties going on? There are always parties going on, but I'm not going to a party. Your English class? What happened? I thought you turned him down.

Ask him out? I just made sure he knew I was available. Rory, you're in Yale, not Amsterdam. How you conduct yourself socially is as important as how you conduct yourself academically. I promise, it was very proper. Yes, Mom, she had a nice Tiffany lampshade over her red light. Do you know where the boy's from, who his parents are? No, I plan to find that out on the date. What's that mean? It's bad enough you haven't taught her how to interact with the opposite sex. You will not dress her up in one of your "Sex and the City" ensembles and send her out to tell the entire campus: "Don't worry.

I'll ask you.

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I love "Little House on the Prairie. Where is Lindsay Sidney Greenbush? When she came tumbling down the hill, I would just laugh. I'm not really sure. Just keep in mind that anything you see here I can have duplicated. I've got this guy in Delaware who can knock off anything for half the price.

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We just got started. Then maybe we should think some more before we shop. We've been thinking for months. Let's start buying. Holy mother of God. No money problems or problems of any kind. Our lives are perfect. We have no complaints and plenty of money. I see a lawn jockey out there that looks very interesting. I'll be back. We cannot afford that bench. I know that. I don't want her to know that. I don't want any personal information leaked out.

How do you know she's not filling her in on our every move on a daily basis? My mother found out about you being pregnant. Because Natalie herself didn't know until about a half an hour ago. This is getting crazy now. You've got to go out there and talk to her about this. Come on. Look, Natalie, I have to say something to you. I feel a tad silly even mentioning it, but I think I have to. Did I do something that- No. You did nothing. You've been great, really.

Just great ideas, great attitude.

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It's just that you know my mother. You know my mother. And my mother and I don't exactly have the smoothest of relationships. I mean, we're not warring or anything. But it's just that we're very different and I feel kind of weird sharing things with her. I promise you, I haven't been in contact with your mother for a long time. Maybe twice she called to get a couple of names. But that was it. I hadn't even met you yet. So trust me. She knows nothing that you haven't told her yourself.

I feel really stupid right now. I enjoyed working with your mother. But this inn is the kind of thing that I love to do. The place has incredible potential. Somebody's gonna get a chance to make it a wonderful inn. I would be heartsick if I lost this opportunity. I haven't spoken to Emily in months. I doubt I'll be speaking to her in the future. So now that I talked myself back into a job what do you think the outlook for this lawn jockey is?

Not good. So this is option number four. We're doing the whole bonding thing now. Start again. What do you think? Men respond subconsciously to a woman's pheromones. You should run in place till he gets here. Roommates meeting starts in two minutes. I told you to stop with the math and the Sharpies on my good sheets. How come the puppy doesn't pee on your bed? All right, everyone. Take a seat, please. Rory, one last curtsy, and let's move. My date will be here in 10 minutes, so talk fast.

Thank you all for coming. I'd like to start this meeting by saying that no one here is on trial. This meeting is about healing, it is about redemption about accepting responsibility and making amends. I don't believe this. This is a forum for us to air our grievances so we can resolve them and go on with our lives. Since I'm already standing, why don't I start? This is thrilling. Setting your alarm for in the morning when no one else here shares the desire to put on nylon shorts and run in circles for an hour like a greyhound is selfish.

I have a partial athletic scholarship, Paris. The grunting and sweating, there're plastic balls everywhere. No one can breathe. Rory missed breakfast the other day. You've seen Rory eat. She cannot miss breakfast. Janet does have a point there. While we're airing grievances, what about your stupid craft area? Everywhere you turn, there's glitter or seashells or macaroni. And the smell of the glue. I make things we can all enjoy. I am contributing. The coasters I make are for everyone. Those push-ups are for only you.

That's my emotional homework! I cannot calm down. I've tried to be reasonable. I've told myself over and over: "Imagine what she's been through to turn out like that. That's what's behind this obsessive behavior. You're calling me obsessive? I'm not intimidated or afraid of you. You ready to go? Just one sec. We're finishing up a roommates meeting. To Hewitt's quad and back. I win, no alarm before a. You win, I move my crafts area into Rory's and my room. I am not gonna race- - On your marks, get set, go. Now they're gonna have a nice musk. Man bearing bags of food.

Come in. I got tons of fries, half a pumpkin pie. I wasn't sure what to do with the burgers. Sometimes you order double cheese, sometimes you don't. So I brought one with normal cheese and one with - What did you do? Like I'm a piker? Just that I didn't need to bring food. Well, I'm leftover girl. I'll have burgers tonight and the Chinese food during the week. You just should have ordered the Chinese fresh tomorrow. I don't like fresh Chinese food. I like stale Chinese food. I give up. You are one click away from "Casablanca.

You situated? You need to squish around a little. Squish around a little bit. I'm fine how I am. Okay, but you can't squish during the movie because it's distracting. That's rule number one. Especially for a true classic like "Casablanca. Three middle-aged guys rent a beach house and they hire a young local stud to introduce them to cute girls, a. We're seeing "Casablanca.

No exceptions during a true classic. And minimize distraction. No shifting around a lot, no phone calls, nothing. No going to the bathroom. If you go, you miss the movie, because we're not pausing. It's the only way to get the flow of the thing. Here we go. What's that? No talking during the movie and B: Don't tell me you've never seen the FBl warning before. You're beyond Monk. You're uber Monk. I won't talk again. When they showed the first motion picture over a years ago it featured a train rushing toward the camera and people were so sure the train was going to burst off the screen and crush them that they ran away in terror.

Now, Luke, the train is not going to leave the screen. Hang on to this. We'll page you when the table's ready. A riot of color. Geeky but cool. What am I saying? I was just there. I'm just so used to not having been anywhere. Boy, they have these places all over. Two in Miami, Detroit.

Hey, two in my hometown. I miss things about home that I didn't think I'd miss. My little brother Brian. He drove me crazy my whole life and now I can't wait for his e-mails. I read this article once about restaurants like this where they have an open bowl of mints you grab on your way out. When people come out of the bathroom a lot of them don't wash hands. They'll grab a mint and walk out and people have studied the mints and found traces of urine in them.

Gilmore Girls S04E05 - The Fundamental Things Apply

So they're urine mints. Right this way. Sam, I thought I told you never to play - Stop doing that. Looking at me. Vain party, table for one. You know what I mean. You're watching me watch the movie. It's creepy. I enjoy watching people watch certain parts of certain movies. But you look over before something big happens - so I always know something's coming.

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You did it just before Humphrey Bogart saw Ingrid Bergman for the first time. She's the co-star. You knew something was coming. We've seen this. I was looking at you. Mom, if you're there, pick up. This whole night is sucking. You're right. I've never dated before. I know that now because of this feeling I have. I've never had this feeling before. Sort of frozen, sort of unsure sort of wishing you'd read a lot of dating articles? I have no idea what I'm doing here. Everyone is staring because they know we're on a bad first date. I'm moronic.

I bring the conversation to a crashing halt every time I speak.

Probably pondering my anecdote about urine mints. About what? People go to the bathroom and don't wash their hands and take a mint. Oh, my God, I've been eating those mints for years. I've forgotten everything he said to me. The name of his brother and sister and best friend. We're sitting on the same side of the table. We keep bumping menus and my neck already hurts from trying to turn and look at him when he talks. Can I tell him to sit on the other side?

Honey, you have to relax. Review "A skilled writer, with an eye for sharp, often cutting, descriptions and amusing anecdotes, MacLaren and his career swaggered across a bigger, much more international, stage.

Gilmore Girls - Transcript 70

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