Steam Shack: Tales of the Mech Band

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You can find the aforementioned plastering on the internet on our personal bandcamp page, and you can even buy a physical artefact of the story for a mere five earth pounds. We recommend you do so immediately. Takes place from the 13thth in some quaint backwater system called Lincoln. Remember to get both — wristband gets you into the party, tickets get you into our… enclosure. Looks to be a decent shindig. Come for the mechs, stay for the steam-themed misadventures. And for the second convention of the season, Raising Steam! Again, you need to purchase tickets in advance, but as anyone reading this is likely to have an internet connection, you can have a connection to the internet store where you can buy tickets.

Be there or suffer a messy death at the hands of the space-ants. The BlogBot is not entirely sure what is so attractive about this planet that you call Earth, but the Mechanisms seem to end up there rather a lot. In other words, the Mechanisms will once again be performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year. Every evening but not Wednesdays at , at Venue WhyNot?

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For the same price as above, i. Do join us. The first night has already seen a large audience, much fun and only a little violence — all of which so far has been confined to those on the stage. You have been warned. See you around, we trust. Gig with the Indelicates! Blogbot exposition! To all you stowaways! A short one for you this month, what with the crew busy patching up the Aurora to prepare it to sit in low orbit over Earth for the next couple of months, a fact which I assure you should definitely not cause mass panic.

Looks like the Edinburgh Fringe is already warning its citizens of our impeding arrival — handily, along with the times, dates and locations of our regularly scheduled descents into the city proper. Hopefully those of you willing to look past the official warnings will find the information useful. They also handily inform you that our shows are free of charge. Other forms of assault are fair game, though. In an act of fully-precedented vainglory, the Blogbot has put together an article detailing popular theories on its own nature , and refuses to function until we broadcast the damned thing.

As we have just about zero idea how to actually threaten the pile of space-junk, it looks like were posting an article detailing popular theories on… you get the picture. A while ago we were contacted by a particularly fanciful rogue by the name of Emily, who asked to cut a deal.

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Steam Shack: Tales of the Mech Band

After the bullets and explosions subsided, it became apparent she was interested in using our music as the basis of a documentation of the life of Old King Cole for some academic course Mad Science or somesuch. I am sending this message to the crew though a small and rather ancient computer system I have located within the depths of your ship, a part which I think has probably been forgotten about for many a century. By the majority of you at least, though it is still functional enough for me to be able to send this.

I appear to have found myself stuck in this labyrinth of old wires and technology, with enough space to stand at intervals. I never intended to stay but, uh. The humming lights of the electronics are not the only things blinking at me in the dark here. There are things mewling and bubbling in the shadows, and one or two has occasionally found its way onto my legs or shoulder when they drop from pipes.

Whilst being stuck in this labyrinth, I have overheard a few things by chance, and discovered others. I now know where the Tin Soldier put all those cakes for starters. But unlocking achievements will help you unlock additional mech teams that can bring all new exciting tactics to the fight. For example, the Rift Walkers your initial team of mechs have pretty straightforward attacks, including the Titan Fist which damages and pushes the target backwards , the Taurus Cannon a long-range attack which has the same effect as the Titan Fist , and Artemis Artillery which damages the center target and shoves all surrounding units one tile away from the center.

The point of all of this weapon diversity is to help you twist and manipulate the battlefield to your advantage. This gives your pilots the ability to counter them before they act. The game encourages you to do anything, including self-sacrifice, to achieve victory. Into the Breach is pretty achievement heavy when it comes to putting you at every disadvantage possible. In every campaign, there are four island sectors ruled by different factions including corporations, terraforming specialists, A.

Missions on each island will have special secondary objectives on top of simple survival. This is the percentage that civilian buildings will completely resist Vek damage. Such a simple UI. Some lines suggest that your pilots have been in the fight for a very long time, relatively speaking. Or any battle, for that matter.

Into the Breach manages to be difficult without being overbearing unless you want it to be, there is a brutal hard mode for expert tacticians. In fact, I found that getting certain achievements depended on a bit of failure. Deciding what each mech is going to do and how they will move is completely dependent on which type of mech they are and what armaments they have.

Artillery with increased move distance makes them infinitely more versatile, melee mechs need increased health and a pilot that can make the mech armored or resistant to single points of damage and flying mechs never have to worry about water or acid pools. Each mech team you obtain has a completely different game plan, and it took me quite a while to get used to a team change. Of course, the Vek live in an active volcano. Where else do giant bugs live?

My personal favorite?

Recommendation Infinity

A hook mech to reel enemies in, a boulder mech to squish and stop Vek from emerging from the ground, and a lightning mech to chain-electrocute close-up enemies even through buildings. My verdict? If you like tactical board games, you should definitely play this game. Complete with an intuitive UI and tooltips explaining absolutely everything, I never had any questions about the effects of any weapon or gadget. If you can learn chess, you can learn Into the Breach faster. Co-op with two teams of mechs versus a mass of Vek on an expanded board would have been amazing.

And I just found out there are mods for the game. I think my brain just broke because of the awesome. Before writing this review, I shot and edited a short gameplay video with no voiceover to put on YouTube as an experiment. So that kinda sucks. Okay, okay, after my Backstage Tale about god games , you probably think I have a purposely narrow view of what a god game should be. A natural conflict between the player and pre-defined NPC behavior arises immediately. This lack of player control can become immediately frustrating, as I illustrated in my previous article about the game Black and White and its giant creatures.

Even with proper AI programming, minions are nearly guaranteed to annoy the player if given too much independence. Of course, games can be fun with a lack of control. Just a bunch of giants on a barren world, full of potential. Nothing big. These giants all have abilities to create different biomes across a circular worldspace: oceans with the crab giant, deserts and mountains with the rock giant, forests with the forest giant, and swamps with the fungal giant.

Once the biomes are in place, the giants can lay down resources like plants, minerals, and animals that vary between biomes. With enough resources planted down, humans will settle into villages and towns, claiming the resources you lay down.

Tell us your stories :: Kenshi General Discussions

Initially, the goal of the game is to complete the different eras, helping the humans grow their settlements. Besides the eras, there are 30, 60, and minute games where you can complete challenges ranging from simple to remarkably difficult. There are three basic types of resources: food, wealth, and tech. Food can come from elderberries which your father smelt of , mackerel, and pears. Wealth can come from beaver their hides, I assume , agate, and quartz.

Total War: WARHAMMER 2 - Curse of the Vampire Coast Trailer

Tech can come from peppermint, ginger, and dandelions. A tiny bayou town living under the shadow of a giant rock and the living embodiment of hay fever. These unique projects grant big resource boosts, like granaries providing food, toolshops providing wealth and tech, etc.

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These projects themselves can be upgraded multiple times, each with more complex resource and situation requirements than the last. If you lose a giant, they return to sleep in the earth to recover and you will no longer have access to their powers for the remainder of the era. Good thing the rock titan can cause an earthquake that will topple the largest villages and towns into oblivion if they get too uppity.

You can use the crab giant to sink a village into the ocean. If desperate, the fungal giant can lob giant balls of swamp goo at attacking armies. Some high-end project upgrades like the level 3 Historic Point require that village to destroy the closest nearby village, for example, so some war is useful. On paper, this seems simple. It seems like resources with useful amounts of awe are few and far between, or are reserved for higher-level transmutations. Maybe not hard, but time-consuming.

If Reus had some type of planning tool you could use before laying down a resource, or even an in-game encyclopedia, it would help immensely. Your giants are incredibly pondering and slow creatures as well I guess they should be. Managing an entire world, even a small or medium-sized one, takes a lot of travel time and planning. This game should be casual and relaxing. Yes, there is an endless mode, and I could practice my Reus skills. No, I would probably head to the Reus wiki or the Steam guides for help to figure out a game plan for finishing a particular challenge in the timed game.

A bit too much into the puzzle genre for me. In fact, to me, it feels a lot like a piece jigsaw puzzle. Just a heads up to any readers: Chains and Tales is now on Patreon! You were either the one in charge of the kingdom sending the heroes forth, or the evil darklord trying to stop these heroes from plundering all your hard-earned treasure. But what if, instead of being the heroes or the overlord or the king, you were a humble merchant just trying to get by in a world full of danger? A blacksmith, of course! Every hero needs a Hephaestus or a Griswold! Yes, that is a giant golden potato statue in the middle of my smithy.

And Kingdom Hearts carpeting. Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! You start the game with little more than a shack, a few workbenches, and a few fellow apprentice smiths to help. Your objective is to develop your craft and sell the weapons you create to heroes that inhabit the potato-themed world, working your way up to more advanced facilities and hiring additional workers to assist you. Your actual goal in Holy Potatoes! Develop your smithy enough, and you might invite some legendary smiths to work for you!

Your smiths will develop their skills as they work on weapons or train at different locations on the world map. Your smiths can also level up in a few other areas, such as improving their ability to explore the world for materials or learning the art of bartering for improved weapon selling prices. All weapons strengths are based on four different attributes: power, speed, accuracy, and magic.

Each weapon can also be enchanted with a stat-boosting item that will give the weapon a catchy suffix. You can even name your weapons! With weapon-crafting experience, your fellow smiths will level up in their respective job classes, unlocking improved class types and enabling them to further improve the attributes of the weapons they work on. With increased fame comes opportunities to craft weapons for very special spuds. You may very well recognize them! So, with having to juggle your increasing number of smiths on various journeys and vacations, crafting and selling weapons, balancing all of the different weapon types and their growth potentials, is it easy to get lost in Holy Potatoes!

So, I click on that button so the graphic changes to show a full food bowl and a happy puppy thing. This button right here. Just let me play the dang game, puppy potato! There is so much gosh-darn clicking in this game, it makes the late-game unbearable. Almost nothing in this game is done automatically. First you have to click on the smith to get a report saying that they finished. Then you have to manually point and click a workstation to send them to.

How much harder would it have been to assign them to their last workstation, or a random one if that one got filled? Confession time: my ten hours playing this game was not concurrent. Gain more fame.

Fiction Writing, Gaming Reviews, and Therapy

On the contrary, the humor and the overall game system at the very least kept me wanting to come back and play it. But I find it very challenging to sit down and play for longer stretches of time. But then, what did I expect from a game about a potato blacksmith? The humor keeps it afloat. The game mechanics weigh it down. I think this must be what the item and potion shop owners must feel like when a battered-up adventurer strolls into town looking to buy and sell.

Or, better yet, get it on a GOG. So, you could say I spent 10 hours playing with the big Titan toys. It usually invokes the idea that a game has taken the theme or mechanics that one game had and built upon them to create a more refined experience. So, when I say that Planetary Annihilation is the spiritual successor to a game entitled Supreme Commander , I really mean it.

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  • Like, really really. Having earned the title of the 11 th Kickstarter project to reach over a million dollars, was the investment worth it? Or maybe it was the other way around. Just about everything, plus planet-hopping! These commanders are gigantic mechs that can build basic buildings and feature anti-air and anti-ground weaponry for fending off basic-to-mid game threats. When failing, fail hard, I always say. There exist many different types of units, organized by the way they travel: vehicles ride on wheels or treads strong but more expensive than bots , bots walk cheaper but weaker than vehicles , naval units float on water, aircraft fly but are very vulnerable to anti-air , and orbital units orbit in their own sphere above the planetary battlefield.

    Basic constructors can build advanced factories, which can produce advanced builders that can build even more advanced structures and units. All alone, Suna--the adopted Sand Jounin--wanders the world, looking for the interesting and the wicked alike. Swimming for miles with full backpacks, outrunning the shriekers of the forests, and taking in the pleasant views of age old pasts, Suna finds happiness where others would fade away.

    One day, the lovely lady found herself in quite the predicament, having been able to sneak her way into a wayward lab, but unable to get herself out. Spidermech upon spidermech assaulted the poor girl, and no matter how many times she found herself able and willing to part ways with the legendary finds within, the mighty Suna could not depart. Upon being defeated once more, she lay at the robotics' feet, her life flashing before her eyes. Elsewhere, south of the states of Okran, north of the dreaded swamp lands, and nesteled smoothly between the purple rain forests and the bandit lands, lay the homely base from where Suna once set out from.

    Toiling away at the research bench, the leader of this motley crew, Amaya, was overcome with a terrible feeling. Heading over to Burns, his recent batches of med kits and splints lay at the station, ready for the task ahead. Picking up the largest of them, Amaya headed quickly for the weapons rack, swapping out her normal slim katana to her backup holster while she equipped the legendary Fragment Axe.

    As soon as the gate was raised, Amaya ran full tilt to their outpost in Obedience. Along the way, she dodged packs of dogs, religious patrols, deadhivers, and what seemed like never ending Fogmen. Up, down, through the pea soup fog, and finally arriving at the glassed lands, Amaya took rest along the half-finished bed in their only fortified position this far north of the Holy Lands. At sun set, the hearty lady snuck out from the outpost, dodging spidermechs and robots with ease as she headed even further north.

    The only place Suna could go and not return, Amaya thought, are the ancient labs in the dreaded Floodlands. Never ending rain drizzled unhappily upon the little leader as she slogged her way around the lake, dodging line sight after line sight. Popping around a slanted tower, she came directly into the face of a ferocious monster bot, its many steel limbs ready and waiting for a hapless adventurer.

    Pulling out the Fragment Axe, Amaya tried to block, but was not in time. Slumping over, she passed out in the doorway as the creaking bulk of the spidermech continued on in its eternal pursuit of mostly imaginary enemies. Some time later, Amaya stirred from her blackout. Patching herself up, she peeked out of the safe haven to make sure she was alone this time. When the coast was clear, and the spidermechs were marching away in the distance, Amaya's gut told her she was close to her long-time companion. Not far from the slanted tower lay one of the few still standing research labs, and the first one that Amaya had ever visited with Suna.

    Although they had cleared it out in the past, nothing was ever permanent. With the last bit of land gone, Amaya swam the remaining distance to the barbwired point, and then floated around to the stairs leading up to shallower depths. Sneaking around to the only entrance, she spied several spidermechs, but they were all facing away. Smiling, she kept low and slow, sneaking quickly to the far stairs.

    Circling upwards on the staircase, Amaya popped her head above the last stair to see a lone robotic worker, idling silently. It too was facing away, to which she sighed a breath of relief. Several minutes passed as she snuck up the second staircase to the third floor, which contained arrays of battery banks and a small cache of supplies.

    If anywhere, this place would be where Suna was stuck. Sure enough, as Amaya popped her head over the last stair, a ferocious spidermech reared its mechanical head. Without delay, Amaya eschewed combat to sprint for the cache's room, barely making it before being konked on the head. Falling over, she spied Suna crumpled in the corner.

    What seemed like an eternity later, Amaya awoke with quite the headache. Grimacing as she bandaged her head, she wobbled over to her lone adventuring companion. Well into the second day of being holed up on the third floor, Suna had not yet awoken, but she had not yet passed on to the next life, either. Popping her head out from the room, Amaya could hear louder creaks from the left, than the right, and guessed that the only safe way to go would be the quieter route.

    As luck would have it, she made it all the way down to the first floor before being ambushed by the front entrance. With no recourse other than to defend herself or flee, she decided that trying to wield her weapon with her friend on her back would be impossible, and set Suna down as quickly as she could without hurting her. Just in time, a spidermech's arm clanged against the metal of the Fragment Axe, sparks spewing off into the shallow waters behind our plucky leader.

    As the weapon dented the attacking spidermech's arm, the heavens deemed it time for Suna to awaken. Picking herself up, Suna placed a hand to her head, her dizzyness not subsiding. Turning the wobby vision about, she realized that Amaya had come to her aid, and that the both of them were in deep trouble.

    As if time had slowed to a pause, Amaya's hand let loose the sword-like axe to her companion, and then pulled out her slim katana to defend and aggro the fiendish death contraption. Catching the Axe, Suna knew just what to do as time sped up. Flanking the hulking opponent, she gave it the good ol' one-two on the legs, crushing both in mere moments. Rearing its forelegs up in frustration, the spidermech turned just as Suna swung again, claiming its only method for attacking. With no way to deal with the situation, the monstrosity attempted to stumble away as the two woman squad went to pure offense.

    If they left it alone, it would surely heal somehow, and continue on its rampage, to which they could not afford. Moments later, the spidermech crumbled to its knees, opening itself to plundering. Coming down from being enraged, Suna put her weapon away as she thrust an arm deep into the pile of circuitry and junk, ripping out whatever she could find. After throwing everything onto the ground, the mech lived no more. Glancing up her bestie, Suna's eyes watered. Nodding towards the most favorable suggestion, Suna fell in line behind Amaya as they swam for the nearest haven, the slanted tower.

    After a night's rest, the duo spoke up about their intuitions, and Suna presented a legendary find in the manner of an A. As the wounds continued to heal, they made their way slowly back to the outpost in Obedience, and then finally to home, safe and sound. Per page: 15 30