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A person may be described as spank-bank material , spank-bank-worthy , or spank bankable.

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Examples of spank bank. Would he make a move on me? Or was he just looking to fill his spank bank with someone untouchable? If a staker only stakes for 1 period, they will not be able to checkIn and extend their stake.

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It will expire after the next period and they will be forced to withdraw and re-stake if they wish to stake again using the same SPANK. Because staking only goes into effect in the next period, they would be effectively missing every other period. The SpankBank does not delete stakers after they withdraw, and so stakers who stake, withdraw, and attempt to stake again from the same account will find themselves getting contract errors. Each new stake is required to come from a fresh account. If mintBooty is skipped for a period, the impact would be that the stakers for that period would not receive their BOOTY, which would especially hurt stakers that are exiting after that period.

Overall, the impact would be minimal, as any reduction in the total BOOTY supply would be made up when mintBooty was called during the next period. Can also optionally extend the staker's endingPeriod. If 0 is provided for updatedEndingPeriod , the staker.

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If a staker fails to check in for a period, they will not be able to receive any BOOTY minted for that period. Failing to check in for one period does not, however, prevent the staker from checking in for subsequent periods. The motivation for requiring check ins was to avoid requiring iterating over an array of stakers in order to calculate the totalSpankPoints at the time of minting. At best, this would be expensive for whoever calls mintBooty , and at worst, it presents an incentive for a malicious actor to create many small staking positions to make iterating over them even more expensive.

This would either force us to enforce minimum stake SPANK amounts or rewrite mintBooty to be able to be called over several transactions so that the gas cost exceeding the block gas limit doesn't prevent the function from being called. Another reason for requiring check ins is to address the possibility of stakers losing their keys or going permanently offline e. Can only be called before the staker checks in for a period. The motivation for splitStake is primarily to allow stakers to be able to decide to extend less than their total stake when they check in.

Without splitStake , stakers would be forced during every check in to have to decide to either extend their entire stake or not. To get around this limitation, stakers would likely split their stakes up to be controlled by multiple addresses, so they could decide whether or not to extend each staking position independently. This would make staking more annoying and require unnecessary upfront planning.

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The splitStake function gives stakers more flexibility in deciding how much of their stake to extend over time, and reduces friction from the initial staking. Used by stakers to close the SpankBank and be able to withdraw early e. We have decided to forego attempting to make the SpankBank directly upgradeable onchain because of the additional complexity and foresight required today to make the present SpankBank forward compatible with the next version. Used by a staker to update the delegateKey account which they use to checkIn and claimBooty. Test with RunKit. Periods The Period struct stores all releveant data for each period, and is saved in the periods mapping by the period number.

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The startTime and endTime are set when the period starts, when the updatePeriod function is called. Askreddit is for open-ended discussion questions.

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