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Research and development are performed in exactly this order. Therefore, the current status quo and the targets are recorded in a virtual mind map to guarantee maximum efficiency in the development processes. In any case, the new cabinet would have to launch in two versions. Thinking outside the box for comparative research in the area of consumer technologies quickly exposed the tablet as a user-interface format that has already gained wide acceptance in the everyday life of consumers. In gaming technologies, too, the. This familiar format offers new possibilities for the game and user-menu design, increased convenience for the guest and, finally yet importantly, also a modern look.

A key objective of the development process was the optimization of the overall ergonomics. Elements like the newly developed ergonomic soft hand rest and button positioning as well as the optimized angle and positioning of the monitors were determined through intensive internal analyses and test series. These features contribute significantly to further improved convenience for a premium player experience.

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Operational business during the reporting period was extremely satisfactory. Whereas gaming revenues worldwide grew by 3. Herewith the company was able to increase the revenues in all the core markets. A total of subsidiaries were fully included in the consolidated balance sheet. Global taxes amounted to EUR million. Sales in Italy reached a value of EUR The Spanish market also saw particularly dynamic growth with an increase in sales of 20 percent to EUR During the fiscal year, the Group also acquired several smaller operators of gaming facilities in Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and Eastern Europe, predominantly gaming halls, bars and betting businesses.

During the year under review, operating Cash flow reached EUR In , share prices for gaming companies dropped across the world, with this trend reflected in the market price for Ainsworth Game Technology Ltd. AGT stocks. The most significant extraordi-. The company is also impacted by the introduction of new regulatory provisions, for instance in Germany. After rapid growth over the last few years Nach dem raschen Wachstum der letzten Jahre Insgesamt wurden in der Bilanz Tochterunternehmen voll konsolidiert. Dennoch wurde die Marktposition des Konzerns in Italien weiter ausgebaut.

Spielhallenbetrieb, Baraufstellung und Wetten. AGT wider. AGT zuzuordnen. Zudem ist das Unternehmen von der Umsetzung neuer Regulierungsvorschriften, wie beispielsweise in Deutschland, betroffen. The Global Regulatory Awards is an annual event held by Gambling Compliance, the leading independent platform for legal, regulatory and business information about the global gaming industry that recognizes gaming operators and suppliers for outstanding achievements in compliance management and commitment to Responsible Gaming.

The Awards honour teams and individuals who have found a special way of dealing with the constantly changing regulatory framework in daily life with measures in the areas of data protection, anticorruption, corporate responsibility, player protection and money laundering prevention. The awards are subject to a strict evaluation process, which is monitored by an independent jury of recognized industry experts.

It is a great recognition of her commitment and results achieved. Die Anerkennungen unterliegen einem strengen. The term 'Responsible Entertainment' encompasses a large number of measures that help to identify and avoid problem gambling, to provide support services and game control tools, and to train employees.

The measures also include cooperation with player addiction counseling and research institutions.

Invata germana in 10 zile - CURS INTENSIV A1 - LECTIA 1

The 15 largest subsidiaries will be certified, which is a unique expanse in the industry. The G4 standard goes beyond legal requirements and. For successful certification, a large number of specific criteria are assessed by an independent auditor. These include corporate policies and codes of conduct, quality checks of staff training, age verification measures, availability of information for customers about gambling risks, self-limitation and self-exclusion options. The audit process encompasses the analysis of the documentation, interviews with executives, experts and staff, as well as auditor visits on site in the shops.

If documents are missing or if the measures do not meet the requirements, no certification will be issued. Once certified, companies have to undergo a re-audit every two years. The certification of further subsidiaries in Austria, Germany, Italy and Spain is currently being implemented in the areas of land-based gaming, sports betting and online gaming.

Superbrands is an international organization and considered a respected authority in objective brand valuation. Since its founding in in the UK, the Superbrands organization has gained international recognition and carries out its recognized brand assessment in nearly 90 countries according to the same rules — since in Austria. Adding to the evaluation by an independent panel of experts, the Brand Council Austria, the award is based on consumer surveys. Companies are nominated by the council and cannot apply themselves.

Das neue Lichtkonzept unterstreicht das Design, das ergonomische Tastenfeld verbessert das Handling und die neue Software-Generation Volume 2 steigert die Performance. Weiterhin beste Voraussetzungen, um schwarze Zahlen zu schreiben. What is your summary? Harald Neumann: I am very satisfied with the development of our operational business.

Despite a very competitive situation, we were able to increase sales by more than ten percent to over EUR 2. In this area, we generated 63 percent of the sales revenues. In Austria alone, the company provides secure jobs for around 3, people from 70 nations. This is one of our most important figures in our key facts. We think and plan for the long term and, therefore, motivated and highly qualified employees play an important role. Without them, growth would not be possible. Were there any further acquisitions in the financial year?

HN: Yes, we did selectively invest in acquisitions. We made acquisitions in in Germany, Italy, Spain, Eastern Europe and in the Netherlands — primarily in the arcade, sports betting and bar segments. These acquisitions are intended to further expand the Group's position in the core European markets. With corporate acquisitions, our goal is to achieve market leadership in existing markets or to further consolidate them.

This will create a healthy basis for sustainable growth in the future. TWOG: Experts also continue to see a general increase in the gaming segment. He had agreed to meet several associates afterward in a Bedford Street restaurant. Going there, he told them he had just "insulted" Pope and Garofalo.

Next day a prominent city official who had been at the banquet telephoned Tresca and asked him to keep silent about what had happened the night before. Half an hour later Miss Fa- conti telephoned and asked if she might come to his office to talk with him. Details of this aflfair and of earlier conflict over Fascism in New York were made known to the District Attorney's office by Taddei, as well as by others. Not satisfied with the response he got there, Taddei delivered a speech in the Rand School of Social Science on February 14, , covering the main points that he published later in his pamphlet.

Photostatic evidence of that association was dispatched to him by a com- mittee comprising Morris L. This committee urged that Pagnucco be removed from the Tresca investigation on the ground that though he might be honest and con- 25 scientious, he clearly was not in a position to examine efTectively persons from whom he had received favors or honors.

The committee contended further that the investigation had not been really exhaustive because persons whose names were known to the District Attorney's office as early as March, , who were close to Tresca and had intimate knowledge of his political conflicts, had not been called and questioned. Not until October 3 was a Conference arranged betwcen the com- mittee and Messrs. Hogan and Grumet, to discuss the charges. Hogan declared that he had complete confidence in Pagnucco, and that he would neither displace him nor ask him to withdraw from the investigation.

Days passed without added word from Mr. Then his office was informed that the committee could do only one thing — ask Govern- or Dewey to appoint a special prosccutor to take over the Tresca case — and that it was circulating a petition toward this end. Late in October it had gathered the signatures of well-known men and women op- posed to letting political murder go unpunished. The committee was on the point of submitting that petition to the Governor, with the intention of making it public as soon as it was in Mr.

Hogan suddenly agreed to make a change in the conduct of the inquiry. Because of this, a letter was sent out on November 10, to all signers of the projected petition, explaining that Mr. Hogan, although not agrec- ing with the committee's contentions about Pagnucco, had consented to put Assistant District Attorney Eleazar Lipsky in direct charge of the Tresca investigation, under Mr.

Pagnucco, because of his familiarity with the evidence and leads developed to date " the committee's letter read, "will assist Mr. Lipsky so that the progress and continuity of the investigation may not be hampered or interrupted in any way. Any new evidence or new witnesses will be handled by Mr. Hogan would begin at once. But November and December passed with no sign of action.

Not until aftcr mid-January did hc begin calling witnesses. Finerty, and Justice Dorothy Kenyon. A Call for Action! At a memorial meeting held in Webster Hall on January 11, , sccond anniversary of Tresca's death, a resolution was unanimously adopted by 1, men and women who rose silently to a standing vote at the hour and minute when he was slain, calling for intensified action by the authorities, and demanding, as Chairman Bertram D.

Wolfe said, that the moral and political dim-out in New York be lifted as the phys- ical dim-out had been. Many of Carlo's friends are skeptical of there ever being any Solu- tion of this crime. So many political crimes remain unsolved, at least officially. Aldino Felicani, an old friend and associate of Carlo, publishcd in the Countercurrent of Boston in an open letter to Mayor LaGuardia, asking him: Would it complicate our interna- tional relations.

When Margaret De Silver Tresca, widow of the slain editor, tried to get an interview with him to ask his active help, she was told on three different occasions that he was too busy to see her. Yet the Mayor had long been known as Carlo's friend. And neither Pro3ecutor Hogan nor U. Attorney General Biddle could find morc than a few minutes for Mrs.

Biddle declared that the Department of Justice had no Jurisdiction in the case, and Mr. Hogan was called to the telephone in another room soon after Mrs. Tresca was ushered into his presence, and did not retum. What Became of the Promised New Inquiry? On January 12, , Mr. Hogan told the press that Mr. Sincc thcn a dcep fog of oflicial silence has settled over the Tresca slaying. Despite the probability that international forces were behind the Tresca slaying, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has never entered the case, holding aloof on the ground that it lacked Jurisdiction.

Repre- sentative Will Rogers Jr. But the Rogers resolu- tion died in committee.

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The solving of the murder of Carlo Tresca is of vital importance to all groups in this nation, just as the life of Carlo Tresca was of im- portance to every group in the nation. Political criminals are just as dangerous as war criminals. They have no right to immunity. Political assassination is in fact the worst form of murder, because it is the very negation by violence of democracy, and one of the weapons of total- itarianism from which the modern world has suffered so terribly.

Who- ever killed Carlo Tresca must be found, if any one of whatever political belief is to remain safe while exercising the privilege of expressing that belief.

Konrad Bayer

Those labor unions particularly for which Tresca did so much and so freely during his lifetime, have a moral Obligation never to rest until his murderer and the employer of that murderer have been punished. Progressive Citizens in evcry economic and political group have a moral Obligation to insist that every means of investigation be used to apprehend the killer's boss. But the Mayor of the City also has a clcar Obligation to make sure that Tresca's slayer and the individual or group who hired him are broiight to justice. And the Federal Government cannot escape responsibility in this quest, simply by pleading lack of Jurisdiction.

If legal technicalities prevent that government from stepping into the case, they should be removed, and if necessary the Rogers bill should be revived and enacted into law. The lethargy which has charac'terized the prosecution of this case Stands as a blot upon the names of both this State and nation, and its 28 continuance would stamp the constituted authorities as derelict in their duty to Protect the freedom and democracy of the United States from pohtical assassms, so alien to American life.

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The man who murdered Matteotti and unleashed the forces of oppression and slaughter in the world has met his own kmd of justice. But the man who murdered Carlo Tresca is still at large. Werner Edmund Wilson Bertram D. Here are things you can do to help: District Attorney Frank S.

Hogan is running for re-election m November on both the Democratic and Republican tick- ets. Write him at once at Leonard Street, New York City, and teil him he owes it to the whole Community to demonstrate clearly before election day that he is actually doing something definite toward apprehending Carlo Tresca's slayers. Urge him to invite the Federal Bureau of Investigation to mvcstigate the international aspects of this case, in view of Tresca's relcntless attacks upon totalitarian groups and individuals connected with them. Write to the newly appointed Police Commissioner, Arthur W.

Urge him to make a new and independent investigation of the Tresca mystery, re-cxamining closely every clue in hand and every person known to have knowledge of Tresca's political conflicts. If you have information that might shcd light on the identity of Tresca's slayers, and indicate the specific reason why he was killed, teil this committee or the District Attorney, or both.

Allan "Only yesterday" ' Unitod Stftes'tharcoS? And below that the steefet ran red with the blood of the dead and dying. I away , t these ci the rat day. For a moment the brokers, not kiiuwing what had happened, scaiupered for apy- thing that looked like a shelter. Remar- kind to a friend "I guess it's about tiiae to ring the gong," he mounted the rostrmii, rang the gong, and thereby iminediately ended tra- ding for the day. The next day prices conti- nued to rise as if nothing had happened.

Every wagon in the city, to say nothing of powder wagons, was traced. Bits of steel and tin founa in the neighborhood were studied, manufacturers consulted, records of sale ran trough. One iragment of iron proved to be tne knob of a safe; and the safe was iden ified: Reports of warnings of disaster received by business men were run down but yielded nothing of real value.

Renate Ahrens | LibraryThing

Suspected radi- cals were rounded up without result. One bit of evidence re. After years of fruitless investi- gation, there was still a question in the minds of those wno tried to solve the mystery. The country followed the early stages of the investigation with absorbed interest. Yet no inarked iacrease in anti-bolschewist riots took place. He is disllked and feared by a powerfia politician, the member of a three-aan-coaalttee that has usurped powers.. One day the Commander falls Several speclalists are consulted, none of whoa recommends the Operation. Btlonglng to the oldtst Party cadrts, fanous as a htro of the ClTll War, trus- ttd by his own as wtll as by the younger Bolshtvlst gtntration.

His phyaician diagnosed an ulcer of the stomach. Aa a resulti the uproar cauaed by the "Story of the unextingulshed Moon" ended by Clearing the Krealiii and its physicians of all susploion. Vishinsicy, provided an asthonishing epilogue. In March the forraer Peopletg Coaimlssar H. KazakOT — all foriaeriy of the iCrealinis aedical staff and frequently entrusted wlth the treatfflent of ailing Bolahevlst leaders. At the news of Maxim GorKl's death,. This subseries is in German, English, French, and Italian. This series contains letters that relate to Joseph Bornstein's work at the literary agency with LiesI Elisabeth Frank.

This agency represented foreign authors, among them also Hermann Hesse and Alberto Moravia, in the American literary market, and tried to place American authors with European publishers, as well. The manuscripts and some correspondence also suggest that Joseph Bornstein tried to offer political works of Valeriu Marcu to American publishers. Most of the correspondence is addressed to LiesI Frank.

Hesse, Hermann, undated, This subseries is in German and Engiish. Arranged alphabetically by folder title. The material in this series relates to the activities of the literary agency to find a publisher for some of the works of Hermann Hesse. It contain letters to Walter Meier, who handied the foreign rights for Hermann Hesse's works while Hermann Hesse was hospitalized, including the offer for Option, beginning of the collaboration, and conditions under which Joseph Bornstein and LiesI Frank ought to represent Hermann Hesse.

Correspondence with the lawyers of the Hermann Hesse and with the other agencies namely, the European-American Literary Agency and Rochefort Productions, clarified further the terms of representation of Hermann Hesse. Contracts and reviews of Hermann Hesse's books published in the United States, as well as shorter pieces by Hermann Hesse can also be found in this subseries. Juli in der klei- nen wtirttembergisohen Stadt Calw an der Nagold. Die Spannxmgen, die in der Luft lagen, wurden dahin ausgetragen, dass Hermann Hesso, obwohl er das "Landexamen", d.

Dort schreitet der Dichter auf dem eingeschlagenen Wege fort. Denn reist Hermann Hesse nach Indien, in das sagen- hafte Land, das seinen Eltern so viel bedeutet hat und als erwor- bener Besitz nun auch in sein eigenes Leben und Dichten eingeht.

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Von dort aus liess er die Aufzeichnungen "Aus Indien" erscheinen, denen der Roman. Jung und also Vertreter der modernen Psychoanalyse ist. Auch bei der Weisheit bleibt Hesse nicht stehen. Der "Steppenwolf" gelangt nur bis zum vorletzten Schritt auf dem Weg in den Weltraum: Denn wenn es auch diesmal wie- der um die Irrungen und VYirrungen des problematischen Morgenland- fahrers H. Aber wo springen diese Quellen, und wie gelangt man zu ihnen?

In diosom kurzen Abriss ist noch kaum etwas von dem gros- sen Lyriker Hermaim Hesse gesagt worden, von jenem echten und seltenen Meistor deutscher Verskunst, der noch ein Erbe der gros- sen Tradition von Klassik und Romantik ist. Donn Hesse ist in jedem Federstrich er selbst, echt und wesentlich, imd der Reiz seiner Geschichten und Novellen be- ruht gerade darauf, dass diese bunten Kristalle das Geheimnis dos Tautropfens besitzen; noch im kleinsten Teilchen ein Spiegel des Unendlichen zu sein. Aufzeichnung mit farbigen Bildern, Ebenda. Aufzeichnungen von einer Badener Kur.

Fischer , Berlin Krisis. Betrachtungen zu Krieg und Politik seit What stirred these readers was its revolutionary attitude toward good and evil; its pro- phetic insight "The world as it is now," says Demian, "wants to die, it wants to perish, and it will. And they were stirred by the heroic demands of its mystique, of seif above society and destiny above dicta: It is still a stirring book. The story, which begins in the Eighteen Nineties and ends in , relates the sig- nificant happenings in the boy- hood and adolescence of Emil Sinclair the pen-name under which the novel appeared until its tenth editionK The first half of the book is a brilliant account of schoolboy experiences.

It would be difficult to overestimate the magic of this section of the book, its freshness, its concreteness, its intelligence, and the grace and tension of the style. Symbolic dreams and painting, cryptic messages and meetings, trans- cendental relationships, culmi- nating in a cult of seif and of "Fate," replace the Solution through rational experience that the earlier development seemed to promise.

The luminosity of the Story grows vaporish, with only spasmodic flashes of the earlier intensity and light. Johnny's inner man, like this sen- tence, "The bright silver beads of limc slippcd away und soon were lost to sight, deep in the well of death," do not connect in the least with the extcrnal young mcn. They are phrases invented by Ihe author, and they do not belong to the rather simple and tortured Johnny, who is neither a poct nor a novelist; nor does he in any othcr way bctray a gift for words that woLild bc alicn to his Community and to himself.

Then there is a chap- ter that abandons consecutiveness and Iries to teil the reader things he al- ready knows in disconnected para- graphs. These monologucs and diver- sions into expcrimental prose blur the outlines of a notewoithy and ex- citing novel. To this reader they are unnecessary and add nothing to a tale which is, on the whole, blessed with univcrsality and simplicity.

It is the story of young Emil Sinclair, the son of a well-to-do German middletown family, of his primary- and Latin-school days, of his first Steps into university life, and his being caught up with by the war. But inasmuch as that entwicklung story is almost exclusively told through the hero's psychological re- actions to the world and his quest for himself, "Demian" may well be called a work of poetry; and the selective treatment of exterior happenings, their dreamlike remoteness and Sub- limation, are qualities which the reader will expect in poetry rather than in a novel.

At the beginning of Sinclair's edu- cation Stands his encounter with evil: He is rescued by Max De- mian, a schoolboy some years his senior. Again and again Sinclair, in the subsequent years, is threatened by losing himself to revolt, disorder, and the powers of the dark world. Even love, which seemed to belong to the bright one, is invaded by sex. Pistorius, a middle-aged theologian turned organist and philosopher, gains increasing influence over Sinclair. His final road to himself, however, is shown him through Demian again and the latter's mother — "Mother Eve," as she permits him to call her.

Good and evil, he realizes, are not to be separated. The sign on Cain's forehead is also the sign of those who have struggled. To the turn-of-the Century generation, education does not end where it ended for the heroes of the classical er Ziehung sromane, in bourgeois security and a slightly con- descending memory of the struggles of youth. What Sinclair has gained in them is the firmness with which he will meet the new world. In a lucid foreword, Thomas Mann teils the story of "Demian's" publica- tion, and the enthusiastic response it had among German youth emerging from the holocaust of the war.

Later, it was also hailed as one of the first "psychoanalytical novels. But of its beauty it has lost nothing. Jahrgang f Nummer Hermann Hesse zum Juli , zur Das sittliche Funda- ment war ins Wanken geraten, und die Wahnbefangenheit — des deutschen Menschen vor allem — mit ihren Eigenschaften, drohte zur Weltgefahr zu werden. Doch sie unterblieb, musste unterbleiben, weil Zeit und dichterisches Werk sich nicht entsprachen; weil dieses Dich- ters Werk eine Funktion des Geistes, die Epoche Hitlers aber eine solche des Antigeistes darstellte.

Seit befand sich Hesse sozusagen ununterbrochen in einer poli- tisch reduithaften Geistesverfassung. Menschliche Kultur entsteht durch Veredlung tierischer Triebe in geistigere, durch Scham, durch Phantasie, durch Er- kenntnis. Hesse hatte sich zur deutschen auch eine schwei- zerische Sorge aufgeladen.

Aus dem absolut Wissenden ist ein Weiser geworden. Es gibt Jahreszeiten, in denen ich ihn mit Bedenken, ja mit Feindschaft ansehe. Ein Riesenkerl ist er geworden, oft kommt er mir in seinem heftigen, saftigen Wuchs so vor wie ein derber, rasch empor geschossener, etwas schlacksiger Junge. Ich kann jene Erfahrung nie ganz vergessen.

Unbescheiden bejahe ich mir diese Frage. Dass es dieses Buch vom Glasperlenspiel gibt, ist der Beweis, dass ein Glaube, den man schon verloren geben wollte, weiter fortbestehen darf: Hermann Hesse ist ein Weiser geworden. Stets ist er vorangegangen. Logic and computer design fundamentals. Magnificent and beggar land : Angola since the civil war. Management accounting : information for managing and creating value. The marshmallow test : understanding self-control and how to master it.

Media and society. Modern electrodynamics. A Nation of victims? Nicholas and Alexandra. Nomadic peoples and human rights. Options, futures, and other derivatives. Patrice Lumumba. The power of innovation : how to make innovation a way of life and put creative solutions to work. Principles of marketing : global and southern African perspectives. Research in practice : applied methods for the social sciences. San Demetrio, London. Seit jenem Moment : Roman. Shadows : deeper into story.

Sheena Duncan. The skew-normal and related families. Somalia diary : the president of CARE tells one country's story of hope. The St Trinian's Collection. A Textbook of refrigeration and air conditioning.