Project 2010 Pour les Nuls (French Edition)

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The Institute is headed by Prof.


Lyndon Emsley and develops activities on two main sites, one in Lausanne and one in Sion. Undergraduate teaching bachelor and master programs is organized by the Section of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering headed by Prof. Vassily Hatzimanikati. Sandrine Gerber. The links on this page should help to provide a more detailed picture of our Institute, showing it to be exciting environment in which to conduct research in the chemical sciences and engineering.

Published: Placing environmental security at the heart of military strategic planning.

November 2012

It points to the near complete lack of consideration for environmental security in the French Livre Blanc , where it occupies only half a page due to the fact that scientific uncertainties remain about the real impact of climate change. This neglect stands in contrast to the approach of other powers, such as the United States, the United Kingdom or Germany.

For example, the U. Quadrennial Defence Review devotes an entire section to matters of environmental security. This could take the form of a ministry entirely devoted to environmental security that would be linked to the ministry of defence, a far-reaching proposal.

Géopolitique et développement durable

The Livre Vert acknowledges that the concept of environmental security has been developing over the last decade, but argues that other analyses do not go far enough. For instance, even in countries such as the UK and the US where environmental threats are taken more seriously, they are still not an integral part of military reports and school curricula.

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At the European level, the Livre Vert underlines that the European Security Strategy still does not place environmental security on the same level as issues such as terrorism or cybersecurity, even if more consideration was given in the update. At the international level, progress has been made with the adoption by the UN General Assembly of a resolution in June explicitly recognising that climate change has security implications.

Travel diary

Nevertheless, the Livre Vert argues that UN institutions still do not take environmental security seriously enough. Many countries continue to consider environmental issues to be economic and social matters, and reject the idea of associating them with international security.

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Hence, the Livre Vert recommends that France and other EU member states use their influence within the UN system to push for a new resolution by the General Assembly that identifies environmental degradation linked to climate change as one of the main threats to international security Greater use of preventive action to tackle the root causes of environmental degradation. The Livre Vert focuses on preventive action and diplomacy to forestall environmental conflicts before they emerge.

Tout sur Microsoft Visio® pour les diagrammes | Lucidchart

Like many current policy analyses, this policy paper is critical of international interventions post-Cold War, underlining that excessive military action has shown its limits. Seybolt T.

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As a result, the Livre Vert argues for more diplomacy and preventive action to resolve the root causes of conflicts before they emerge, thus averting the need for intervention later on. This is especially true for environmental threats, whose origins are often linked to conflicts over the sharing of resources, which should be addressed through diplomacy and dialogue. The Livre Vert outlines several proposals for reinforcing preventive action at the national level.