Unspoken, Barely Written

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  1. Unspoken Bond by Blake O'Connor
  2. Unspoken, Barely Written: A Teenage Torment
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Submit your work, meet writers and drop the ads. B L Feb Glass Elephant, Glass Elephant.

Unspoken Bond by Blake O'Connor

Glass objects. Or Elephants. Irrelevance, Irrelevance Striving for motion, with motive elusive Each thing I endeavor is far too exclusive I need something inclusive, objectively singular A sinusoidal wave with a mean lacking integers Peace in zero and equilibrium inclusion Glass Elephant Glass Elephant Delusions, Delusions. Continue reading GreenTrees Dec A poem written while drunk and in under 3 minutes Carson Alexander Defelice May Cryptic and Unspoken. My pain is not a poem, my poetry isn't poetic. It's cryptic and a message, cutting up and breaking branches. Comprehensive; my poems are suicidal, files of medications and prescriptions are seemingly all my mind can write.

Unspoken, Barely Written: A Teenage Torment

Jumping to conclusions and indenting my addictions, inflicting this confliction, convictions I don't mention. I'm hoping for the latter, well I guess it never mattered, years doubled and I'm sadder. When does it get better? When do I get better?

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I guess it never will, and I'm home but I'm not here, I'm stuck, I'm stuck, I'm stuck, and all my heart can pump is tears-. All feedback is appreciated and welcome!

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Sofia Von Dec Hanna Alayne Oct I want to dive into your thoughts and never come up for air sinking deeper and deeper until I drown in all the lines you've wanted to write but never have. Eden Quinn Feb It is my fault that I am still rubbing salt into the wound, getting quieter and quieter with every day that passes.

Which is why, I am now lying in my bed at AM feeling the light of my laptop burning through my eyes. Being quiet; leaves me with so much on my mind, with things left unspoken, left unexpressed, left unuttered.

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  • I am not mute but I am and that is why I write. Deb Jones Sep Words Unspoken. I see the doubt in your eyes I hear the regret in your sigh You wonder what to say You wonder what to do Every time I whisper I love you So you choose not to speak And my eyes you refuse to meet You gently pull me close You softly kiss my cheek I pretend it doesn't matter As you drift off to sleep But it does It does Because my heart knows There will come a time When the words of love I now speak Will go unspoken My spirit and my heart Will have been too oft broken Where will we be Where will we be.

    Shannon Richardson Oct The Other Guy. We need to finish this But I don't know what this is Is my heart yours? Or, is it his? If you say you are broke, then you will be broke. If you say you are barely making it, then you will barely make it. Be careful of the junk you speak over your life. Even when you are in the midst of calamity, speak life and blessings over yourself.

    Speak life over yourself and only put yourself around people who bring positive energy into your life.

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    Negative people are toxic people. Toxicities can kill you and your spirit.

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    Dear God, Help me to speak life over my situations and not death! God guide mouth to speak blessings and not curses. I pray for vocabulary that is full of blessings and life! Thank you Father for shaping and molding me daily to become a better servant of yours.

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    In Jesus name I pray, Amen! Copyrighted by Edwina D.