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They were indeed broad strokes, but the story was there and he had already named Malicia, Peaches, Sardines and — to his great delight — Darktan. That was the genius of Terry Pratchett; he could see stories everywhere. And now he would be delighted with the character designs of Carter Goodrich. Bringing this story to life was so important to Terry and it upsets me that he won't get to see the finished film, but the teams at Ulysses Filmproduktion and Cantilever Media are honouring his vision and I am absolutely delighted. Carter Goodrich, who worked on 'Ratatouille' and 'Brave,' is on board for character design.

Toby Genkel 'Ooops! The team is now looking to raise the last part of the financing and, with a script and character designs in hand, is ready to go into production at the end of the year. The plan is for the comedy-action-adventure movie to be ready for release in early The script and tone of the film will be 'very Terry Pratchett, very true to his vision,' but different from the characters seen on the book jacket he added Gaiman responded to the petition on Twitter, writing: 'I love that they are going to write to Netflix to try and get GoodOmens cancelled.

Says it all really. This is so beautiful … Promise me you won't tell them? The problem? It's an Amazon Prime show. The petition has been signed by more than 20, people and is the work of Return to Order, a branch of the US Foundation for a Christian Civilization, the Guardian reported These are powerful forces at work. The Return to Order campaign, an offshoot of the US Foundation for a Christian Civilization, initially directed its ire at Netflix, calling for the site to 'stop promoting evil' and 'pull this series at once'.

The petition was updated on Thursday to reflect the 'oversight by Return to Order staff' and acknowledge that the 'offensive' series had, in fact, been released by Amazon. Gaiman himself tweeted about the controversy, cheekily saying, "This is so beautiful Promise me you won't tell them? The tweet has since received almost 50, likes, with plenty of affirmation from fans of all faiths in the comments On a more serious note, it all points to the dilemma facing our civilisation which is, if they watch the show or read the book, they would see that the demon character, played by David Tennant, is made out to be someone who has become a little bit human and the sensibility of the story is at the heart of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman's writing which is that maybe if we give everybody a chance to get along, the world could be a better place.

I was raised Catholic and I was given an understanding that there weren't actually mystical fantasy creatures, I don't believe we were supposed to take that literally. So I think it's kind of embarrassing. Speaking directly to the people who signed the petition, he says: 'I think it could simply be addressed by saying to signers of the petition, "Yes, you are illustrating exactly what the book is about.

Perhaps the solution to your petition is that you should give the book a read. Yet the Return to Order campaign's petition for Netflix to cancel Good Omens has the subject of ridicule, after it became clear that the demands were directed at the wrong streaming service But what The Return to Order campaign lacks in attention to detail, it makes up for in passion. An offshoot of the US Foundation for a Christian Civilisation, the campaign takes issue with the biblically-inspired series on several counts. The first is that, 'An angel and demon are good friends, and are meant to be earth's ambassadors for Good and Evil respectively.

This isn't the first time that the Return to Order campaign, and its controversial orchestrator, have concerned themselves with policing the world of entertainment In fact, it is the polar opposite of the Christian fantasy This Present Darkness. Both books deal in markedly similar themes and contain markedly similar conspiracies. This Present Darkness was published in and took a few years to become a blockbuster best-seller in Christian-Land.

Good Omens was published in and as far as I remember, pretty much immediately became popular. Thus, I mentally categorize them as belonging to roughly the same time-period. However, the author of This Present Darkness, Frank Peretti, wrote from the standpoint of someone who desperately needs Christian mythology to be true to a great extent.

Accordingly, he wrote the book to appease the sensibilities of like-minded Christians. Together, they idolize their quirky interpretation of their magical book. By contrast, the authors of Good Omens wrote for an audience willing to see that mythology for what it was: a very malleable source that could be turned to a good story. It's just that this time, we know exactly who crafted the story. And it's a way better story at that than the mishmash in the Bible About the music, from Jennifer Vineyard on SyFy.

It would be a song that could recur throughout the whole story, opening the show and also running over the end credits in different incarnations, reflecting where they were in the story. And so Arnold's first task was to create six different versions, none of which survived to the series, although the idea lives on in the TV spots. The death metal one is hilarious, because it's the sweetest song in the world and fitting that into a head-banging version was quite the challenge. Here, I'll give you a blast,' he said, as cacophonous music played As cute as it was, Arnold had another idea: Create an original theme and sustain it the way the Buddy Holly song would have, adapting it to the end of each episode.

End the first episode "the way Queen would have done it," end the second episode with "an angry formal string quartet," end another with a "maniacal church organ," another "like a fairground carousel," and so on, to feel "like a nice scent that lingers. The twist is that Good Omens' opener employs illustration, physical props, character animation, 3D and even live-action footage to foretell the show's story about the clash of Heaven and Hell and the coming apocalypse.

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We had to work in that same totally bonkers spirit. On the making of Adam's "real" father, by Rachel Yang for Variety: "Doug Sinclair, Supervising sound editor: I was involved in capturing Benedict's performance, which was recorded to guide pictures or an early version of the animation that is in the final show. And then once we knew that those are the takes to be used, we started to process and add all the other sounds You've got a bit of a panorama figure — he's looming out of the ground — and so it's coming up with angles that fit in with what has already been shot, but work really well just to get that sense of scale across.

Deguara, Visual-effects supervisor: Our concepts originally were much more hellish: There were holes in the flesh, you could see the bones coming through. Neil's input at that point was, 'Listen, we've really got to go back to more of the human form. The ador k able story of how Aziraphale and Crowley were cast, as told by Michael Sheen and David Tennant and transcribed by Jennifer Maas on The Wrap : "'I became friends with Neil quite a few years ago now, and so when it got to the point where he started writing the adaptation of this, he would send me the early versions of the scripts,' said the Welsh-born Sheen But when I started reading the scripts I thought, "I can't do this.

That's not the right part for me. I wouldn't be able to get away with it. But I was scared that Neil didn't want me to play Aziraphale, and he was scared that I wanted to play Crowley and I wouldn't want to play Aziraphale! So we had an awkward dinner where both of us wanted to address the fact that I should play Aziraphale and each was scared to say it to the other,' he continued Tennant added, 'I was blissfully unaware of all this going on behind the scenes. To me, a script arrived and Michael was already part of the project, and Douglas Mackinnon, a director I knew and had worked for before, was already part of the project.

So I just got this wonderful, fully formed masterpiece in an email from Neil Gaiman and it was an easy yes. I read the first two scripts and said yes before they could say they wanted anyone else. On SyFy. Robes, armor, and suits don't look similar; nevertheless, costume designer Claire Anderson has found a through line keeping several things consistent including the color palette and the details which the devil is in, of course. Variations on sunglasses do date back to the Romans, with Emperor Nero favoring emerald lenses for gladiator fight spectating. Crowley starts wearing eyewear in this period to hide his serpentine eyes; however, as with the rest of his look, he doesn't just stick with the first pair he lands on.

In Rome, he opts for tiny sunglasses that would fit right in with Keanu in The Matrix, but they barely conceal his origin as the snake in the Garden of Eden It is lucky for Crowley that snakes have influenced fashion through many different centuries His tartan tie evolves from super flamboyant to a cravat before settling on the bowtie in the present. This pattern comes into play in the finale — 'Tartan's stylish' — showing Aziraphale's taste shines through no matter the situation For a truly decadent timeless vibe, look no further than Jon Hamm as the angel Gabriel.

He has no time for Aziraphale's BS and he is impeccably turned out, no matter the occasion In Good Omens' Amazon subtitles, however, Death's dialogue is transcribed with normal capitalization. And it can be frustrating for anyone to miss a few words due to the extra second or two it might take them to comprehend a different format. This consideration by the producers will likely be appreciated by many fans, in spite of the missing trademark speech style from Pratchett's version of Death.

One for the fanficcers! The odd couple are clearly depicted as being in love with each other and a lot of folks think that it's a romantic love they share. While that remains to be confirmed, Nerdist caught up with stars David Tennant and Michael Sheen and asked them what they make of all the shipping and how they perceive the duo's relationship. They're supernatural beings.

A long piece on the challenges of bringing book to screen, by Steve Weintraub on Collider. Rather frantic and worried emails explaining that we had to reduce the size of our ambition. We could not be so ambitious, we just simply had to curb our ambition. So we said goodbye to that producer, because we thought, 'There are two ways to do this, and shooting for the stars is the only way. That was one thing. But Neil came up with the best phrase to not confront money in the history of making anything television, or film. He said to the money one day, 'What I'd like to do is just keep the bits that I love.

Neil went, 'That's what we want, I think! I have to say, channeling Terry here, that Douglas did that absolutely, using ingenuity when there's no more money, and that's huge In between Neil and Douglas who has an almost preternatural recall of the novel and would always have several versions of the book sitting around video village or something to just to reference.

We were very fortunate in that respect. So it wasn't filmable in the 90s and early s and now here we are in a new world of content delivery and content creation where you can make essentially a six-hour movie and it's not the world of Berlin Alexanderplatz. You're not making that version of it. You can make it like this and you could deliver it to people and say, 'Bite off an hour, bite off three hours, bite off six hours, do whatever you want'.

So again, for people like us who get to be in front of the camera, it's exciting because you get to do so many different things. So when an opportunity like this beautiful novel that they wrote so many years ago gets to be filmed you're like, 'Yeah, that would be part of that'. Are we going to be able to do that?

So I went to a lot of the records and I saw how both him and Neil both dealt with situations in such a calm and almost undoubtfully way, undoubtfully. I just made up a word. It worked Arjona again, this time on playing Anathema Device, interviewed by Press Trust of India: "Good Omens actor Adria Arjona says the Amazon Prime Video series gave her an opportunity to play a 'well-rounded' role for the first time in her career.

The actor plays Anathema, the last descendant of witch Agnes Nutter, who teams up with angel Aziraphale and demon Crowley to stop the end of the world. It was really well written. I was pinching myself, because for the first time I was being offered a female character that was well-rounded and drove her own plot, she was not a girlfriend of anyone She is extremely determined and ambitious. She fails a lot throughout the show.

But she always keeps going. I think the role Anathema really caught me and then I read the book, and I fell even more in love with the character,' she told PTI in a telephonic interview from London I like to do characters that I really like and enjoy. I don't necessarily look at it as a whole, I think I've had really great experiences. When I look back, I see that I fell in love with the projects that I do and the characters that I play. I want a lot of people to watch it. Another long piece, but fascinating: "Director Douglas Mackinnon and his cinematographer Gavin Finney were, like Gaiman and Pratchett, another match made in heaven.

The pair went to film school together and later worked together on two films. Finney also had several other bonafides for this project in his pocket, having already shot three adaptations of Pratchett's novels for television. We talked to Finney about the lighting, lenses, filters and techniques he used to delineate the show's many moving parts and how he resurrected and modified his beloved Arriflex D, the precursor to the Alexa, to shoot a key set piece the old-fashioned way.

Another big plus for me was that Douglas was going to direct all six episodes. Everyone prefers that and it's really important to the creative process. For me, it's much more satisfying to do all of a project with one director than to have to swap directors in and out from episode to episode. The actors also prefer working with one person all the way through when given the chance The time between me being offered the job and flying to South Africa to begin scouting locations was about 12 hours.

I was literally packing my back on the evening I got the job. There were a lot of discussions in airport lounges with Douglas and Michael Ralph, the production designer, and also on location. That was my immersion to get up to speed We used different looks and but also different camera filters for different periods and characters. The looks were designed and applied for each period of time seen in the show, whether or or the s or the Victorian era and before. That way, in the edit, it had kind of a first-pass grade almost. That was continued during the online where we built looks for each section, so every section of the show had a signature Good Omens' designer Claire Anderson discusses the costumes with Adriana Gomez-Weston for Awards Circuit: "Claire Anderson: Once we had nailed their regular looks- Aziraphale Sheen in his slightly timeless look, and Crowley Tennant in more of a street style, contemporary look, we could work backwards and see where they fit into other parts of history.

We set the tone with Crowley shielding his eyes because he still has snake eyes, even though he transformed from a snake to a human being. Little indicators like wearing glasses help tell the story, so that people don't think that he is a snake in real life. It helped inform how we would dress Crowley through the different periods. And of course, you've got color, which is key. The pale colors for the angel, and the dark for the demon I used a lot pre-Raphaelite paintings, and Victorian paintings.

Religion was still the key in UK society. A lot of paintings had an ethereal quality, and that's very useful to draw upon for where these characters come from. Of course there are not really paintings from the arc or the Crucifixion. Nobody was there sketching that. I suppose there was no Instagram in those days.

We could have used those modern recordings to collect information. We went back to paintings, and historical documents and information. But there's so much in the script, lot's of things! There so much clever depths of knowledge in the book. Neil writes so deeply. You can always find a thread to draw something out for the costumes Up close and personal Neil Gaiman interview by Ginny Dougary in the Sydney Morning Herald: "I had spent a few afternoons with the Discworld inventor in the chapel-cum-writing-studio on the grounds of his noble manor house and garden in Wiltshire, over a period of three or four years, so talking to his younger friend sometimes feels as though he is channelling his old mentor.

Gaiman even squeaks like Pratchett when he gets excited, his voice shooting up several octaves. As he says,'we realised that we were pretty similar kinds of people' The first draft of the book they worked on together was called William the Anti-Christ, the second was the book they sold in , Good Omens.. In the original 25 pages of Good Omens, he says, the Crowley was very like Aziraphale, 'and one of the things that Terry did was take all the things about me — the me of 30 years ago when I was 28 — which he thought were hilarious, like my habit of wearing dark glasses inside even when I didn't need them and occasionally bumping into things So he took all the things about me that amused him and changed them to Crowley.

Gaiman is having a gas seeing how the actors bring their own interpretations to their roles. And there's something particular about David's way of playing Crowley as someone who thinks he's cool but isn't and who is also slightly unaware of human cues and styles. He thinks he's cutting edge and hip but he can never get it quite right.

Whereas with Aziraphale, I love the fact that he has the same haircut for years. Michael Sheen or David Tennant? The joy of them is this incredibly wonderful double act. An interesting take on goodness and faith from Michael Sheen, by Greg Daly on The Irish Catholic: 'I always have an issue with people who say 'it's much more fun to play [someone] bad',' Michael Sheen tells the Sydney Morning Herald at smh.

I think we've failed as a species if good is boring. If we made good boring then we are doing something wrong. Goodness is about sharing, joy and being generous and connecting, and that's the best thing we have in the world. That's what makes life living. So if you can't make that interesting or fun, you might as well pack up and go home. I'm always trying to look for moments that will allow an audience to feel for what he's doing in a way that is authentic, that connects. The TV show is very faithful to the novel I failed to impress my wife by speaking some of my favorite lines aloud at the same time as the actors — though I was sad that "What a shocking bad hat, as you young'uns do say!

The other changes are mostly updates to the furniture and logistics of the action, moving things from the late s with its nuclear anxiety to the late s with our own set of anxieties , adding in mobile phones and the internet, exposing more of the inner workings of heaven and hell Likewise the decision to surface the queer subtext between the angel Aziraphale and the demon Crowley, which throws all kinds of wonderful complexity into the mix, especially in the final episodes. I don't often recommend movies or TV shows, because there are so many people out there better qualified than I am to tell you what's worth your time in that domain, but when it comes to sitting in judgment over adaptations of Good Omens, I feel pretty confident in my qualifications, given my longstanding and deep familiarity with and love of the material.

The TV adaptation absolutely qualifies as worthy of your time and attention They would be mortal enemies, whose conflict drove the show forward to a violent, predictable end. There would probably be dramatic special effects. Maybe fire. But Good Omens is not that show Good Omens is a love story on many levels; between an angel and a demon, between two celestial beings and the human world they inhabit, between a group of teen best friends and even between God and Her creations.

This is a story about the universality of family both natural and found , as well as the idea that it's kindness and care that ultimately will save the world, not flaming swords and holy water.


Though neither of those things are bad to have around, in the end. Good Omens doesn't really ask us to choose a side in this Final Battle, either. Instead, it simply encourages us to choose each other, too. In a time when real life appears to be as bad as anything the minions of Hell might be able to conjure up, this admonition feels more necessary than ever. But where the series shines is through the very special friendship shared between the demon Crowley David Tennant and the angel Aziraphale Michael Sheen.

Neil Gaiman's talent of plundering old stories and remixing them into something unique is on full display here, fitting comfortably with Terry Pratchett's distinctively British humor It's long been a pastime of fans to reimagine bromantic protagonists as passionate lovers, and Good Omens is so openly homoerotic that the fan fiction doesn't need to push boundaries -- it's out there in the open, just never spoken aloud For a tale about the end of times, it's a surprisingly streamlined story, despite the different jumps in time.

Still, Gaiman isn't afraid to break some boundaries: in one of the show's best episodes, 'Hard Times,' we see Crowley and Aziraphale's friendship throughout history in a minute long cold open. The dialogue is snappy, bolstered by Tennant and Sheen's wicked fast delivery, but it also leaves room for moments of levity, even in some of the more ridiculous of circumstances The show is cast so well, and the characters are endearing.

The kids who are cast as the Them are brilliant, often child actors can be a bit wooden, but these four are wonderful in their performances It's a true stroke of genius that Michael Sheen and David Tennant were cast in the roles of Aziraphale the angel and Crowley the demon, respectively. They are really a match made in heaven I can't help it. Tennant comes across as the ultra-swaggering rock star he always seemed born to play which is the perfect antithesis to Sheen's delightfully plummy, book loving, wine collecting angel. Even if there were times when some of the humour didn't quite hit its mark, whenever these two shared the screen, it was a real joy to behold.

There is also a certain amount of expansion on the characters and their relationship to each other which is pretty satisfying. Of course, Jon Hamm deserves a special mention, both for his excellent angelic dress sense, and for making a jog in the park look absolutely effortless — I've never seen anyone pull off dove grey and white with quite so much style Despite the occasionally uneven and overexcited plot execution, Good Omens really is a masterclass in why author involvement in an adaption is a resource that should not be disregarded lightly.

Crowley and Aziraphale in the book were written as two more players in the ineffable game of Armageddon, but Sheen and Tennant's versions and their friendship is the TV series' emotional core. It is nothing short of delightful watching these two don wigs and outfits of varying apocalyptic campiness to dine at The Ritz, heckle side-by-side at an original performance of Hamlet at Shakespeare's request, bicker over a beer in ancient Rome, and accidentally hit witches with their car It's an interaction that isn't just gay as all hell and heaven, really , but embodies the shows all too important message, that even the most extreme beings are more complex than they seem Certainly, one of the best Neil Gaiman adaptions to date, and one of the most fun watches of This being preserved in the TV series is what makes it succeed.

The casting of Michael Sheen and David Tennant as the angel Aziraphale and the demon Crowley is the best thing about this show.

Full text of "Town Topics (Princeton), Mar. 16, "

Every scene where they interact plays out like a great mix of unlikely friendship and an odd romcom couple. The heart of the show lies in their relationship and how it develops over the course of all of human history, and how it ends up being central to their fight against Heaven and Hell for stopping the end of the world. The show does tackle some of these heavy-handed questions of morality and how well defined the binaries of good and evil really are, and it does it best through the viewpoints of Aziraphale and Crowley.

It's safe to say Michael Sheen and David Tennant's incredibly chemistry carry this show. Jon Hamm as Archangel Gabriel is another inspired choice of casting, playing an over-the-top bureaucrat from Heaven. Neil Gaiman does a great job of adapting the original source to script, and it's very apparent having known his co-author well enough that he's able to keep Terry Pratchett's charm alive in the adaptation It contains twelve hundred CGI shots throughout, showcasing some of the best special effects the world has to offer, and according to John Hamm Gabriel it's 'the best version of it they could have possibly done' Sheen's performance glows with heart, outshining Tennant from the get-go with a range of emotions and subtlety that make comic moments hilarious and casual lines sing with meaning.

The comparison highlights Tennant's two main characteristics as an actor — the moody anti-hero Broadchurch, Hamlet and the exuberant adventurer Doctor Who , and it's clear now that his performance in Good Omens flits somewhere between the two. And whilst it works, and fans will have a fun time looking for the Doctor Who Easter eggs that have been confirmed to appear in the series, there are times when his delivery feels a little Tennant-By-Numbers. His undeniably cool demeanour, bespoke rock 'n' roll costumes, and Queen soundtrack however, make up for this in spades and still make him a thrilling demon to watch on screen.

Surprise appearances from stars such as Jack Whitehall, Miranda Richardson, and League of Gentlemen founders Steve Pemberton, Reece Shearsmith, and Mark Gatiss keep things fresh and entertaining, and some most notably Whitehall surprise further with performances far removed from their usual comfort zones One of the fatal flaws of Good Omens is it's constant need to over explain single minuscule narrative twist.

As wonderful as it is to hear Frances McDormand as the voice of God, the narration rarely if ever tells the audience anything it doesn't already know or is about to discover and usually serves the purpose of buying time between scenes. The pacing is slow anyway; six episodes feels a lot more like ten There are iPads and smartphones, but everyone in London wears a waistcoat, the streets of Soho are lined with twee red phone-boxes, and Adam's adopted father brings his wife to hospital in an incredibly outdated car.

We have face-timing, but the children are dressed like remnants from the past and talk like they are taking part in a BBC2 educational programme from the 's. I suspect that this uncertainty stems from the 'anglophilia' that Good Omens is so keen on pandering to The 'ow' in Crowley, by the way, is pronounced as if one is saying 'oh,' not 'ouch.

Aziraphale loves books and sweets, and owns a rare book shop in London. He's 'gone native,' as has Crowley, who is perhaps most proud of his Bentley he's had it from new, and kept it scratch-free for decades. The Bentley is its own character, really, and the model used on the show is just perfect in the larger aesthetic framework of the story In addition to excellent casting, the soundtrack is also great. I'm a Queen fan anyway, but the image of Crowley's flaming Bentley barreling into the air base as the guitar solo at the end of 'Bohemian Rhapsody' is ending is going to stick with me for a while.

As is the excellent use of 'Somebody to Love' as Crowley exits Aziraphale's burning bookshop, thinking he's lost his best friend.

The opening theme, composed by David Arnold, is also perfect for the two characters he's the composer for 'Sherlock' as well. One of my favorite things about the series is that it adds to the book. That's not something that happens all that often with adaptations things usually get cut for time! In particular, that 6,year slow burn I mentioned before.

We see more of how Aziraphale and Crowley get to know one another during their time on Earth, in an excellent sequence spanning hundreds of years. To me, the standout moment that made this my new favorite romantic comedy was Crowley going into a church to save Aziraphale in during the London Blitz As viewers learn in the first episode of 'Good Omens,' entitled 'In the Beginning,' Crowley is not only a demon but the serpent who tempts Eve to eat from the Tree of Knowledge, while Aziraphale gives a flaming sword to Adam for protection as he and Eve flee from the Garden of Eden.

Art History Volume 2 4th edition by Marilyn Stokstad

Right from the start, Aziraphale and Crowley's personalities are brought to the forefront and instantly engages the viewer in their bickering as if they were the perfect odd couple. Sheen and Tennant have no trouble humanizing their characters and grounding them in reality, making the audience forget they're watching two immortal, supernatural creatures. Their witty banter and snide remarks add enjoyment and aids in washing down the bitter taste of the show's often cheesy and ridiculous moments. Without Sheen and Tennant's performances, 'Good Omens' wouldn't have any legs to stand on.

With the amount of emphasis placed on Aziraphale and Crowley's origins and individual storylines, there isn't enough room for a viewer to care about the actual plot or supporting characters The show, a surprising love story about two oddball best friends: an angel and a demon, is a pure love story that, along with its Tolkien-esque conclusion for its zany cast of characters, provides a sweet and sincere conclusion in hilarious yet fitting fashion. The second half of 'Good Omens' is a race to the apocalypse One of my favorite aspects on the show is the strength of its casting.

With a surprising gem in episode 6 featuring Benedict Cumberbatch It's definitely an homage to both authors and their friendship, embracing a story of love above all things… Score for Episodes 9. There's a kind of parity of esteem of information on the net. It's all there: there's no way of finding out whether this stuff has any bottom to it or whether someone has just made it up. Burrows said: 'He's someone who understood how a story worked and how robustly facts need to be checked, and as a press officer he would have known how quickly misinformation spreads.

It comes up quite a lot in his work, most obviously in The Truth. He makes good use of the old saying about how 'a lie can make its way around the world before the truth has got its boots on' often misattributed to him as a result , and invents a tabloid press to prove his point.

Pratchett was someone who really understood human nature. Gates is an optimist, and an idealist — Pratchett was a realist, if not necessarily a cynic. He was absolutely bang-on. Gates offered an optimistic response: 'Not for long. Electronics gives us a way of classifying things. You will have authorities on the Net and because an article is contained in their index it will mean something.

For all practical purposes, there'll be an infinite amount of test out there and you'll only receive a piece of text through levels of direction, like a friend who says, 'hey, go read this', or a brand name which is associated with a group of referees, or a particular expert, or consumer reports, or the equivalent of a newspaper The whole way that you can check somebody's reputation will be so much more sophisticated on the New than it is in print today. I have a question about your book on chaos theory.

Can we meet? We became close friends and collaborators, writing three popular science books together: The Collapse of Chaos , based on four years of pub conversations, Figments of Reality and What Does a Martian Look Like? We wrote two science fiction novels: Wheelers , whose complex plot we invented during a long car journey to appear on a scientific game show on BBC radio, and a sequel, Heaven We also collaborated on scientific papers: mathematical models of evolution, the supposed decline of the human sperm count, and an article on alien life for a Nature astrobiology supplement.

The culmination of these activities was, for us both, the Discworld books. Jack and Terry had been friends since Terry was a struggling young journalist, brought together by a common love of science fiction When his head of department was looking for people to lecture to schools, he noticed a copy of an SF magazine on Jack's desk, and wrote on the lecture list 'What does a Martian look like? He acted as a consultant to leading SF writers, helping them to design scientifically plausible aliens and scenarios for novels.

He provided scientific underpinnings for Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders series, including explaining how the Red Star could 'be at zenith' in two different directions at once, and worked with Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle and Steven Barnes on alien ecologies for their Heorot series. With help from Jack, Warwick University awarded Terry his first honorary degree in Before the ceremony, Terry made Jack and me honorary wizards of Unseen University, an event reported in Nature.

More conventionally, Jack was made an honorary professor in the mathematics department at Warwick in Jack was always friendly and open, though he could bite when necessary. He preferred informality, but wore a spectacular waistcoat for special occasions The friendship was subsequently sealed at a convention in The Hague, at which members of an audience of sci-fi fans objected when Pratchett, seeking to defend a fellow author who had earned their hostility, pointed out that he and his co-guests were so rich they did not need to attend such conventions, but were doing so out of the goodness of their hearts.

I stood up and said "shut up". I was at the back right of the audience and all eyes turned towards me.

I said, extemporising wildly: "Money is like air and love. If you've got it, it doesn't matter. If you haven't got it, that's desperate. Then I'll buy you a drink. He called this the 'Fred Factor', although this doesn't mean Fred was the real name of any of the accident-prone workers. We had various Fred-type emergencies when I was working for the industry,' he recalled. But no-one told Fred. So when he was done cleaning the top of the reactor, he tipped a bucket of, well to him, dirty water down a lavatory; and it just so happened that the health physicists, checking the sump outside shortly afterwards, heard the Geiger counter suddenly go 'bing!

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