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But this group, once the largest, is about even with pure Fantasists. These folks actually believe. The consequences of losing the progressive politician because of the charge are so serious and this varies by the person under consideration, of course that the Fantasist cannot believe the charges against the progressive politician are true, not really true. Of course, when the politician is of no more use, or is otherwise a liability, the charges against him are treated just like charges against a Realist. Even Bill Clinton is still believed. A survivor is a person who was almost killed only to be saved by some thing or event.

Skip that. View all posts by Briggs. Hang them all as traitors to the Republic. After a fair trial, of course. Fair by their own, current terms — the seriousness of the accusation is all that matters. Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. But much more perilous for the targets of the fraudulent accusations. Sooner or later, the alligator eats the fool that threw it food. Progressives have gone wild feeding the gator. The outcome is very predictable.

Despite having an interest, I am obviously no expert on statistics. However, I am puzzled by a basic calculation that I see reported nowhere. Things such as accusing the wrong assailant or being wrong, vague, or self-contradictory in other aspects of the accusation do not count as proving the claim false. There are likely a lot more cases where no rape occurred than there are cases where it can be proved that no rape occurred, but even at the 0. This seems to be related to the principle that reconciles that I am very likely to get wet in the rain despite that only a tiny fraction of all the raindrops actually land on me.

There are just so many drops that despite taking each one as extremely unlikely to land on me, I still am almost certain to get wet. So somehow, it seems that we need to both presume that women are telling the truth and also presume that men are telling the truth, especially when there are reasons that many women might be tempted to target a particular man. Two mutually contradictory facts can each be very likely to be true, even though they cannot both be true.

I think this is related to the Briggs statements that probabilities reflect our own information about the world rather than being about the world as it is. How does one count the unknowable? Charles P. McDowell, Supervisory Special Agent, Air Force Office of Special investigations, investigated cases of alleged rape, and 27 percent of the women eventually admitted they had lied. Other cases which were questionable were reviewed by three independent investigators. They concluded that 60 percent of the original rape allegations were false. The accusation is NOT rape. It is groping. Allegedly Ms.

Ford, when she was 15, went to a kegger, got drunk, a child under the influence, all of her own accord, and was fondled by a groper, allegedly, who just happened to be nominated for the Supreme Court 40 years later, which is when she just happened to remember the incident after having blacked it out for 40 years due to the psychological trauma of it. We have to take that kind of in your face crap seriously? Because women, the female gender, are so pathetic and weak that if you squeeze their tit when they are 15 and drunk they will dissolve into a goo of psychological abnormality for the rest of their pathetic lives?

Modern women? They bend males to their will. Real women are not pathetic victims. This analysis omits something — unstated evidence. Briggs often cites it as part of the equation in his explanations about calculating probability. The I-Believe women who stand on mere accusation are factoring in all of their unwanted experiences with men as unstated evidence. To them those memories and fears outweigh specific demonstrable facts. Emotion is the driver, not rational deduction. It may not be correct in terms of justice in specific cases such as this one, but it certainly is not delusional.

Baker is on the right track, but follows the wrong scent in looking for the culpable parties, as well as their strategy and tactics. Compared to Kavanaugh abducting Ford in his Flying Saucer, which is something teenagers are known not to do? It is easy to deny when you are not under oath, and when a lie bares no consequences. Much harder to do under oath to the FBI and where a lie has consequences. Kavanaugh refuses to push for the involvement of the FBI.

After she sent the letter last July she got a lawyer and successfully passed a lie detector. Although they have no validity in court they are often used by the intelligence agencies and by the police to clear individual of involvement in a crime. Kavanaugh is not raising his hand to pass one. That because he had a stellar reputation he could not have done this, etc.

Or that for a long time catholic priest could do no wrong, until it became evident that many were pervert protected by the Church. There are numerous contemporaneous evidence that Kavanaugh was a drunk in high school, starting with is own yearbook mentions it would be great to read the comment people left in is yearbook. There is also his own comment that what happened at is prep school stayed at is prep school stayed at is prep school and that it was a good thing.

Maybe somebody can help me. These women keep saying they are survivors. Does anybody know where I can find some statistics on how many women die of rape? Now that is hilarious. The poly starts with a number of innocuous questions to establish a baseline before they start asking the personal questions. She told no one about it at the time and the issue came to the forefront during a couples therapy session six years ago. The Canadian terrorist is at it again. He clearly made terrorists threats. I know because I remembered it in my therapy sessions.

That proves it. Definitely guilty. Did she drive? She has made her accusation but now is clearly stalling. Good article there Briggs! Part of this is hard-wired into humans — when we recall someone we recently met, much of our attitude toward them is based on feelings. Objective analytical evaluation has no relevance when dealing with someone suffering from the emotional reasoning mental defect.

Similarly, other people may claim to believe the accuser if by doing so it results in a desired outcome such as getting a disliked nominee removed from contention. Of course enough of that was soundly refuted to cast into doubt ALL such reports for which no evidence exists. With the primary accuser of the SCOTUS nominee we observe something very similar — a painful trauma alleged to have happened is based on what was extracted by who-knows-what-kind-of-psychotherapy.

One has to wonder how or why such an encounter could be so traumatic as to prompt the psychological defense of total suppression, and that for decades. Routinely young girls who experience much worse never forget the event. However, because these can feel so believable to the accuser, the accuser will tend to come across as perfectly sincere. And because people can sense sincerity this helps make the accuser that much more compelling and believable. Did the event happen? We may never know for sure; and, even the accuser might not know for sure. The documents provided do not list who paid for the polygraph and give no explanation as to why Dr.

Ford subjected herself to the test if she had no intention of coming forward publicly with her allegations. The games people play in the middle of the night. I can understand why the libs and the Dems are hopping mad at Judge Kavanaugh — he only assaulted very liberal woman who now hate Trump. It is exactly in the purview of the FBI to investigate such allegations in respect to a background check. This is exactly what happened in the Anita Hill case.

Who says that I refuse to an investigation of the FBI. In my line of work, it is required that I pass a background every few years. Especially regarding sexual behaviour toward adolescents. What is most likely to be remembered by an individual. The name of the person who attempted to rape her, or the date and place where it happened. What I believe is what Kavanaugh said when he was a teenager in the yearbook and what he recently said himself about is conduct at his prep school.

There are at least 3 witnesses at this moment. The second woman as people corroborating her claim, so his for the third. I have been groped around by a man that was in a position of power and member of the clergy. It happened once and he never got close again to me. I remember how I felt and why I did not speak to anyone about it for years. I can understand how these women felt and their case was a lot more serious then what happened to me. A federal matter. Maybe afraid of being charged with filing a false police report? If they are competent, what new information would they have?

OK, maybe they ARE incompetent. How else could they have missed your predatory deviance? Probably just for the money. We only have the name remembered rather recently. Her accounts of who was present vary. There has been no corroboration. BTW: she said she was groped and only feared it would lead to rape. Not the same thing as attempted rape. And because she was felt up she now panics in an airplane. I have been groped around I guess you panic in airplanes too? Messed up your time sense as well.

Funny, I can remember the exact date, time and intersection of a near fatal car accident I was in. But WAIT! She graduated in and was and adult attending college but, for whatever reason, hung around with high school partiers.

There were public gang rapes at these events according to her but she went to ten of them until she herself was raped. None of this was reported to the police and none of it surfaced during six background checks. Rasor recalled that Judge had told her ashamedly of an incident that involved him and other boys taking turns having sex with a drunk woman. The New Yorker piece quotes Rasor saying Judge confessed to a similar episode, but without implicating Kavanaugh in it. The whole point in all of this is to sidetrack the vote.

Democrats should be ashamed. So the FBI investigation into the matter would be in respect of a background check, not a matter of criminal law. The matter in question is one of character which this Kavanaugh lack. I understand that you have an orgasm seeing the overthrow of Roe v Wade so near. But the guy is a liar. He has now got caught perjuring himself at least twice, which should be disqualifying in itself, if it was not for the idiotic direction that the GOP is heading.

¡Aquí tienes un espacio para interactuar con otros que comparten esas mismas inquietudes!

The same would go with lying to the FBI. BTW, the statute of limitation for a misdemeanor is one year from the event. With now the four cases that came out they would have several people that they could now interview and to whom they never talk. FBI might do background checks for people asking fort the Nexus card that allow the fast lane at the border.

You are very confused, or believe liars. Oh wait, we have a Foxnews fan here. She knows where and when the event happened. Did I say it was dramatic. It happened when I was destroyed by years of bullying, that cause two of my friends to suicide. But an event like mine which is very minor, and remembering how I felt about it, help me understand how women can feel in similar situation that are much more traumatizing.

Swetnick claims that as an adult in college, she attended high school parties with minors where alcohol was being consumed and where gang rapes were taking place. Rape might not be a crime in Canada but it is a crime in Maryland without statute of limitations. Oddly, Swetnick is confessing to complicity in both by being an accessory after the fact since she not only claims to have attended numerous partues where these occurred but also never reported them to the police.

It happened when I was destroyed by years of bullying No. You said it was traumatic. And so does the second sentence quoted here. Hard to be destroyed by something non-traumatic unless you mean something like a stroke. Happy experiences never destroy. Your English seems good enough to understand a dictionary definition. Use one. According to scotusblog, Kavanaugh has accumulated an extensive record in cases implicating national security.

That would require a Top Secret clearance. I had one myself. The process takes about a year and costs a lot. It leaves little ground unturned. There were five others. Like yourself? And also, I thinking it is Swetnick, is proven correct about her beach week mention. She remember where, when the exact date could be found if it was looked for , how, who.

Sylvain, What is he supposed to have done that is so terrible? Groped someone at a party? The media are never true to anyone. Burglary, car theft, mugging, pick pocketing, hacking, internet spying. No need to resort to psychobabble on a matter of brute fact. An innocent man accused of raping a woman is a victim, too. It is every bit as sad as the woman who IS raped, outside of any permanent physical injury. Immune cells in the brain remain present and can switch on for up to twenty five years after trauma. Trauma, literally, changes you. For the better, in the end, hopefully.

The media and the left always go for the same type of characters. Those who speak freely. Even our very own Aled Jones has been accused of some ancient sexual mistake which sounded like a mild encounter, to me. People are strong or weak or somewhere in between. There is no control over the internal reaction to something if there is a genuine traumatic memory of something real.

Rubbish talk, too. I was a victim, not through choice. Nor am I a survivor, just a person who thought quickly when the moment required. To say any given traumatic event will produce a given predicted outcome is also false and simplistic. This is Inconvenient for psychobabblers. Trauma is trauma, whatever part of the anatomy is affected. To be grabbed by some man is something that only happens when he suspects that no other man is watching because he knows another man would do something about it.

Any man who is worth knowing, understands this. It might be upsetting if you thought the man had more nouse, more brains. For a man to be falsely accused of rape is Very sad. More physchobabbling. Why is the only other professed woman here speaking about feeding crocodiles? Weird, just weird. Yet another example which was completely unnecessary but thanks anyway. What do you do? Hide it up your sleeve? She has a valid explanation of plane travel mostly or all work related and never to Australia.

One of the claimed reasons for delaying testifying was her fear of flying to DC from California. The claimed reason was a lie. Did she now? We learned nothing beyond what was outlined in her letter. Gotta wonder who was the butt of the joke. So much for protecting Ford. It was a MeFirst moment. One evening that summer, after a day of diving at the club, I attended a small gathering at a house in the Bethesda area. I also remember my friend Leland attending. Bernie and … Squi. Ford mentioned that Kavanaugh was heavily drunk when she arrived and that the gathering was in the middle of the week.

All the boy she mentioned were present. She also stated that she could find the exact date with the help of the FBI. And she did reluctantly fly for the hearing. Do you remember every party you went to when you were a kid. Kavanaugh and his boys seam to have had a lot of them. Remember he is under oath and lied Graham impeached Clinton for less. But not which house or whose. There are a lot of houses in Bethesda.

A place miles from hers. Also about miles from the club. I also remember my friend Leland attending All of whom have denied it in writing and under risk of felony. A waste of time. The only thing they will be able to do is interview the witnesses who deny being with Ford. But not how she got there or how she left. Pretty selective memory. People tend to fill in details.

This sounds like fill -in because, well, he just had to be. Yeah, how? What exactly can the FBI do to get this date? Speaking of filing a report, she has yet to file one with the appropriate police departments. She is being asked to provide specific details about a specific one. Some of her testimony came from therapy sessions. So it is important to verify her account. That was only weeks ago and yet we are asked to believe she vividly remembers events from a third of a century ago. But she lied about it when asked to come to DC to testify.

She came from Delaware where she has been staying since the beginning of August. Reps claimed the leak was from her which she denied. But never said that it was dr Ford faults. Continuing to be pressed, Feinstein said it was probably Ford who was responsible for the leak since she had told some of her friends. She either leaked it herself or someone on her staff did.

The real purpose behind all of this is to delay until the Democrats have control. I think this is going to backfire on them. They also have opened up a can of worms where any nomination can be permanently destroyed by mere uncorroborated allegation. The Republicans have been treating this with kid gloves.

He was set up. The radfem was a tool. This is all about abortion: aborting innocent babies, aborting the Constitution, aborting the rule of law, aborting America. Murder murder murder. Not many 15 year old would be able to trace back their step to a house party of someone they barely know, the next day or week, let alone 36 years later. These are not related to the event itself, no-one remembers everything, well maybe people on the planet. Even more for what happened after the trauma and that she was able to escape to safety. But I remember learning about the clutch in my motorcycle class.

Yet this was years after I was driving cars. They did not say it is impossible it happened. They leave open the possibility that people at the small gathering forgot about it or were not in position to witness the assault. Fill-in would have been to tell thing she did not remember.

She could have said she took a taxi, bus, bike or anything else. Instead she did not fill in her memory gaps and only stated what she does remember. For Judge working at Safeway they could check is tax filling, which might still be available, or maybe he kept is pay stub, I have mine for since I started to work. Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.

Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it. He has now stated that he would cooperate with the investigation so did the others. The exact when and where should be found by the end of the week. It is important to verify her account which it was why the FBI investigation would have been great before the hearing. Better than her note would have been to subpeona her therapist.

Except Kavanaugh lied about what expression in is yearbook mean. And we would have to believe that he was virgin long after high school. Did he? Prove it. Even if he did, so what? If she manufactured this during a therapy session say, under hypnosis she would also be short on details. She testified under oath Before congress. Goes to credibility. Thought she wanted justice. Apparently, her purpose was only to derail the nomination. Tell everybody but the people who could actually do something? What was her reason for sending it? Her letter was meant to be innuendo only?

The answer seems to be a resounding YES! Except that he DID testify in writing and under the force of perjury. For Judge working at Safeway [the FBI] could check is tax filling, which might still be available, or maybe he kept is pay stub, I have mine for since I started to work. Why stop there? They can look at his school grades, too. How about his performance in school sports?

What would anyone learn from these? How would they help? The rest is unverifiable. A total waste of time. Ford describes. At least now we now where your ideas come from. Never underestimate the stupidity of a NYT reporter or their readers. Judge went trough a 12 step program.

Better than her note would have been to subpoena her therapist. A no-win situation — the plan all along. Fairness dictates that the charges have corroboration before they can be deemed believable and accurate. What happened in the committee is a disgrace. Kavanaugh is being forced to defend himself against baseless, unverifiable claims. Claims that never should have seen the light of day. On top of that, his defense is being used as evidence against him! If the democrats were really interested in fairness and getting to the bottom of this, they should have said so during the confirmation hearing itself when they first learned about it and where it could have been handled more thoroughly and privately.

Instead they chose to drag it out in public as a delaying tactic. Ford is their pawn. They sacrificed her in an attempt to win the game. Booker seemed to know what was going to happen in advance. You never know. How prescient. The Republicans sadly seem eager for them to succeed. The door is now open for a never ending stream of baseless allegations which will take until doomsday to follow up. The only solace is what goes around, comes around. Someday all of this will come back to haunt them. Speaking of claims with evidence, how did you beat this rap?

Are you out on bail or something? See how fair it is? Sweet irony. They reject the very country and ideals that allowed them to become spoiled brats. Sylvain, You dwell in the quagmire of gossip and intrigue and In fever swamps of conspiracy. Start with, and stick with, what you know for sure. You are jumping the gun. Judge Kavanaugh is being mistreated publicly. A man is innocent until proven guilty. A crime has to be committed for this to obtain. A trial by media is no trial.

We have public galleries, small ones, but no cameras or media are permitted and the tiniest of infringements will make a case null and void. This is because the legal system recognises that politics and salacious gossip have no place in a law court. They just want to make sure they throw enough mud that some might stick. It is a tabloid media carry on. The case would never be brought to court in England by the Crown prosecution service. Yew tree circus aside. There seems to be a hysterical or neurotic lack of sobriety about dealing with cases involving people in the public eye.

It is sad for everyone involved. Nobody wins if justice is a matter of gossip. Sylvain: You never answer easy questions. You always switch to chat about details, as if the claim has any validity in the first place. This is a trick so common on the internet in all kinds of discussion hot topic or cold. In one sentence, if you can. You have twenty-four hours to reply, Failure to do so will be construed as your conceding that he did nothing terrible.

Dav, yes, some of those who would sell their country and their heritage, down the river, appear to be from rich backgrounds. Particularly I noticed those who had made it over to France to visit the migrant encampments. Zombies, in other words. Tommy Robinson has had fun interviewing many of them.

Never met any. It is the females on the left wing that are always given the microphone on TV. It would be nice to have them under oath. Though, to say so to FBI would be good enough. Kavanaugh was also unable to explain how the drinking game was played. Also a made-up drinking game by Brett Kavanaugh as a way to lie to gullible senators and try to get onto the Supreme Court.

Why lie on something that is inconsequential other than to make yourself look good. In her case, it was not necessary since she always remembered those details. Hypnosis could have been necessary if she had forgotten a part of her life, if she had had no knowledge of being raped or a murder. And he was not exonerated. He could be exonerated if they said that they were in Canada or Mars and that the calendar supported it. Instead the calendar supports her point. The gathering she mentioned is highly probable on July 1st The boy she mentioned were present.

You really believe that there is only one person with my name in Canada. To be guilty you have to be in criminal court. In civil court it is preponderance of evidence. And finally congress is neither. Including Gorsuch. Mistreated was Merrit Garland which would have been put on the court even if he had been filibustered. Never ever got a hearings or a vote. And Reps claimed a rule that never existed to begin with. Joy do you feel that someone who has been caught lying on multiple occasions should be elevated to the highest court. This is on himself. He claimed that when he drank he was of legal age.

The legal drinking age was 20 not And at the event he was He lied about the meaning of the expression in his yearbook. If the expression were meaningless, then why lie about it. An urban dictionary definition proves nothing. The dictionary definition is not proof of anything. You have to show he meant the words the way you want them to mean.

If you do then you are shoehorning them into your theory which is, in a nutshell, that Kavanaugh did what Ford has claimed. You first need to show that her testimony is verifiable. When it comes to the date, she named the whole damn summer! Doing that is like predicting an earthquake sometime in the next decade and, when one happens within miles, claim you predicted correctly. OTOH, you do seem to think this way. BTW: the media blather about credibility is wrong. For her to be credible, most of what she has told needs verification. The one thing she gave which IS verifiable are the names of people present.

They have all subsequently denied it. There is nothing remaining. When they start saying X then so does Sylvain! He never brings up X until they do. Always following; never in the vanguard. Pathetic, even. I am curious though. Why DID you kill that guy? Did he use the wrong pronoun? Perhaps he expressed dismay at Muslim terrorism? Maybe he liked Trump? Quit your lying and tell us.

Another one of his lies. This is a he says she says case. Until know only what she said has some sense of corroboration. While he told many lies. If it was a judge nominated by Obama he would already have been executed. You mean like when Jeanine Pirro talks of hypnosis and then you start mentioning it. Or the question about how she got there. You OTOH, never mention anything until it becomes a Lefty talking point then you link to some of them. I had no idea that she mentioned it. In any case, the effect of hypnosis on memory is well documented.

Using the same logic, no one else here except you has been accused of murder. So you must be guilty and deserve to be treated accordingly. So wait! Are you saying Kavanaugh therefore is innocent and NOT guilty of attempted rape? I would have never guessed you believed that given the above posts. Strange all I find are mention of what Jeanine Pirro said. And mention of paper that Ford wrote on hypnosis for treating depression.

When there are idea from someone or site I mention where it comes from. There are a lot of possibilities and none matters to what happen. Since it is neither a case of criminal court, or civil court, no one will go to jail for rape but maybe some could go for perjury. The possibility that it happened and that the fact that he lied numerous time under oath certainly means that he has no place on SCOTUS, it is not like there are no other conservative judge to do the job.

The supreme court was a full year a 8 members for 15 months. For sure, they can be 8 for a few month more, to give the time to do a proper investigation. Even before the hearing they had decided to vote the following day, without interviewing one of the person alleged to be present. Reps can blame Dems all they want but Ford wrote and sent the letter. They even fired the attorney they had hid behind as soon as she asked valid question to Kavanaugh. All of those search results are pointing to rebuttals made by left-leaning sources. What I find odd is that all of those lefty places felt the need to rebut Pirro.

Wonder why. Was she on to something? Adweek had her at no. Was that it? Otherwise, you seem to be saying you come up with an argument on your own then scour the internet for support. Why would you do that? It looks more like you come across points that you find agreeable then you parrot and link them. You have the whole idea here upside down. We need to verify her claim s before proceeding to hearing a defense. I also note that one of the demands for her to appear at all was that Kavanaugh should defend himself FIRST before hearing her claims!

Even her lawyers must think her testimony is weak to demand that. Reeks of the Inquisition and Salem witch trails. Her accounts are full of discrepancies giving every appearance she is continually polishing. Please point out where her testimony says anything in itself to give it support and stop trying to force-fit what others have said. Unsubstantiated accusations should be tossed just for Democrats and Lefties it seems. I have it wrong!!!!! Ford has not offered a consistent account of when the alleged assault happened. Ford failed to explain how she was suddenly able to narrow the time frame to a particular season and particular year.

You believed it occurred in the summer of and you said at the end of your sophomore year. And I would like to be more helpful about the date, and if I knew when Mark Judge worked at the Potomac Safeway, then I would be able to be more helpful in that way. I was 15 at the time. She was 15 at the time of the event. So she was 15 in the summer of , at the end of her sophomore years. It is not that hard to determined when it happened. And an investigation would have helped.

Ford has struggled to identify Judge Kavanaugh as the assailant by name. Ford over thirty years to name her assailant. Schindler snap-called with a set of eights. PokerListings produced a short video documentary of his experiences in the event in Thanks for all the love. Next up it was Pratyush Buddiga falling to Leon Tsoukernik. By this point Schindler has firm control of the chip lead and knocked Byron Kaverman out in fifth place with pocket aces over pocket eights. The final three players will play to a winner tomorrow starting at 1 p. All the action will be streamed live on PokerGO.

Sarah digs into some statistics and talks to players and media about who is the best poker player at this stacked Super High Roller Bowl Final Table. Phelps has a long history as a poker aficionado but this is the first time since that Phelps has taken part in an official WSOP event.

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The time Olympic medalist winner joined up with seasoned poker pros Antonio Esfandiari, Brian Rast and Jeff Gross to compete in the team-based tournament. Gross and Phelps are long-time friends and were actually roommates before Phelps rose to Olympic fame. I actually met him at a poker table in There are no scheduled breaks in the event and players must swap out every time they want to use the bathroom or take a breather.

Phelps is less experienced than the rest of the crew but Gross was confident he would be able to pull his weight. Phelps became a father last year and has a number of post-Olympic commitments so it was difficult to get him on the squad this year. I hope I can.

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Phelps participation in the event was up in the air up until a week ago but enough space opened up in his schedule to play. Not much time, however, as Phelps will fly out tomorrow to an event in Denver. He might return for the final table if the rest of his team can power their way there.

Regardless of where they finish, Gross was just happy to have his long-time friend along for the ride. After six days of play, we are pleased to announce that, Russian player, Pavel Shirshikov is the winner of the inaugural PokerStars Championship Sochi. Kevin Hart opens up about how he is trying to make poker sexy again. Whilst we wait for the winner to emerge, take a look at all of our highlights from our time here, with a sprinkle of bloopers.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a body-length lead, a perfect flip turn and nothing but pool ahead of you for the afternoon poker news sprint for gold. The man staring down the bad end of that bubble right now? Clearly, the pressure is on for an early double up. As you might expect some blockbuster teams of players have been put together along with we assume the reigning champion team of Doug Polk and Ryan Fee. One of the more intriguing teams confirmed so far?

Follow along live on wsop. And just like that, unstuck more or less for the summer so far. There might be something to it. After five days of highs and lows, we are now down to the final table of six. Find out more about where they are from, and how you could be next, with a …. Slot machines have long been a staple of the gambling sector. The very first machine, in fact, was crafted by two savvy New Yorkers in , Pitt and Sittman, who aimed to make gambling available to every man.

First-time players could play them in their local high street stores, with this, gambling became a past-time […]. Originally the tournament was only scheduled to play down to nine players but a double elimination on the final hand of play on two different tables means that organizers will have to deal with one less player tomorrow. Shak and Kempe were among the 12 players that busted in a little over five hours of play on Day 3. Toukernik will take 1. The final table is rounded out by German pro Stefan Schillhabel who finished with 1.

Former spelling bee champ Pratyush Buddiga has 1. Buddiga has several high-profile super high scores to his name but has yet to take one down outright. Tsoukernik got some relief, however, as Rainer busted 10th when his pocket nines failed against tens. Everything looked good for Shak until an ace rolled off the deck on the river. PokerGo will once again be streaming all the action tomorrow starting at Interestingly the plan is to play until three players remain and then pause the action for one more day. Bonomo was on the feature table with Hart on Day 1 when his unusual hairstyle drew the attention of the world-renowned comedian.

Bonomo told him it was in support of feminism and in protest of societal gender norms. Hart was intrigued and asked Bonomo if he belonged to any charity organizations. Bonomo had just become an ambassador for REG and told Hart a little about it. REG, which consists primarily of professional poker players and financial investors, was created with the idea of contributing to charities that are particularly effective at giving back.

Justin Bonomo played with Hart a fair amount over the first two days of the Super High Roller Bowl and came away somewhat surprised by the experienced. He makes you work for it. Throughout the broadcast Hart made a point of spicing up the constrained atmosphere by cracking jokes and shouting profanities during lulls in the action. He knew that he was acting differently than everyone else.

What is there to do in Sochi, when day 5 of the PokerStars Championship Main Event wraps up after just five hours of play? Quick smart. The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a glass spade raised overhead, an epic session on the Bowflex and all of your afternoon poker news wishes come true. With just six players left Ni has 2. Shirshikov has led the field for most of the past two days and may well be accustomed to a big poker end game; Ni might not be so confident. One thing working against him? Russian legend and all-around crusher Vladimir Troyanovskiy is also at the final table.

And with 1. Live stream action picks up at 1 pm local time tomorrow and of course can be watched cards-up in its entirety here. Check the full chip counts here. And took good advantage by racking a Top 6 stack. By the end of Day 2 Bonomo bagged up 2. Is this even possible?! Third straight day playing an all-pro table. Chip counts:. Justin Bonomo 2,, 2. Byron Kaverman 2,, 3. Dan Shak 1,, 4. Bill Klein 1,, 5. Christoph Vogelsang 1,, 6. Leon Tsoukernik 1,, 7.

Pratyush Buddiga , 8. Cary Katz , 9. Jason Koon , David Einhorn , What is the deal with poker wishes, anyway? I made wish few years ago, 1 win ept title 2 have super strong abs Few years later,my wish still not coming true, how hard to implement? Fresh faced poker veteran, Martin Finger, describes how his poker journey began, his greatest achievement to date, and his goals for the upcoming World Series of Poker.

Could he be withholding information? The post Ema Zajmovic on her vision to help girls manage social media pressures appeared first on CalvinAyre. Raising on third street with second-best in stud? Tsoukernik has been dominating Day 2 of the Super High Roller Bowl and leaving some of the best pros in his dust. I am comfortable. I like to play against very strong players. Do you like playing or managing the casino better?

Lorens PlayList

Definitely running the business. It seems to be growing at an exponential rate. I always played the game. I played all over the world. Then I decided to just build my own casino. I like the mental aspect of the game.

POKÉMON IN UKRAINE: Tactical War Game Introduction Manual

You can also run bad or good. I like it a lot. The work in antiques is different because there is a lot of traveling to see a lot of buyers or sellers. I miss seeing all the galleries and exhibitions. I definitely had a great coach in Johannes Strassmann. These days I have a fair amount of experience playing high rollers. Not necessarily the high-roller tournament but plenty of high-roller cash games. Martin Kabrhel has been coaching me in this tournament. We caught up with Roberts on the first break of Day 2 of the SHRB to get her thoughts on being the only woman in the field, how she got started in the game and the similarities between hedge funds and poker.

So I decided to sell some action. I love tournaments. It drives me. And I love the game. I love it. My father has a PhD in physics but I grew up in a gambling family. My grandfather spent time in Las Vegas and when Atlantic City opened my dad went down and counted cards so well that he was barred from every casino in A. He retired from HP and started playing poker and tried to get me to becoming a professional poker player.

I was managing a hedge fund at the time. He said there were no women in it and I would do well with my analytical skills. I ended up having 16 surgeries in three years so it was like one surgery every other month. I fell in love with the game. I was immediately hooked. My dad brought me to Commerce casino. I was so nerves at first. I have a list of stuff that I want to work on. The other thing is that, for the most part, I love the community. I really do. I look forward to the WSOP every year.

PL: It seems like there is a strong sense of camaraderie amongst female poker pros these days. Is that fair to say? It is. I think it depends on the female player and the circumstances. Finally I just went up to her at a table in Montreal. As far as female poker players go you have to be confident to sit down at a table full of men. You have to be secure with yourself and smart.

Women and men like that. People that are comfortable in their own skin and secure with who they are. You can do this. You can quit your stellar career and pursue your passion. But I am a glass half-full person. The Royal Flush Girls do more than look good. I think that I just accept that men are men and I accept that this is the way they think. I hope they keep doing it.

Every event that I can play. The post Patrik Antonius on keeping it real as a Dad and giving back to poker appeared first on CalvinAyre. The post Codere wins Stars legal case; Poker playing bomber receives years appeared first on CalvinAyre. After 47 years the fabled series, as you might imagine, has produced a truly mind-boggling array of facts and numbers. One event; no buy-in, no actual poker. Just a vote amongst themselves for the best player. Only six players participated. The total number of events grew to 70 in This year 74 events will be played in Las Vegas plus 11 events in Europe for a total of 85 bracelet events.

Not only has number of events grown, so has the number of players. Six entries in became thousands of entries in the nineties. Over 50, entries followed the poker boom in and the totals soared over , in the past two years. It goes without saying that the prizes increased tremendously alongside.

This means that at some point during the next month the WSOP will register its 1 millionth tournament entry and we will see the 1,th person to win a bracelet. And, of course, dozens of people will win millions of dollars again. That number has stayed the same for 46 years now. Granted, 10 grand is still a huge amount of money to most.

While Hellmuth has cashed in 27 different years, and at least once per year since , there are several players even more consistent. Right now two players share the record of most years cashed in a row. Mike Sexton currently holds the same record. Cashing many years in a row is one thing. Winning a bracelet in multiple consecutive years is a much tougher task. He, too, won a bracelet four years in a row.

But his titles were impressive on another scale. Two bracelets were quite peculiar. In he won the same event — this time without an opponent at all. The latter even has the chance to extend this streak if he wins a bracelet this year. While the World Series has its 48th instalment this year, no single player has been part of the Series for every year since its inauguration. Nevertheless Brunson still holds the record for the longest time-span between his first and his last cash at the WSOP with 15, days.

In Brunson cashed for the first time, finishing 3rd in the Main Event and being paid most of the prize money due to a strange deal which allowed Amarillo Slim to win the event. In the thenyear-old finished th , more than 41 years after his first cash at the World Series. In Bojang cashed in a record 13 events. In Israelashvili equalized, scoring as many cashes. Even more impressive than those numbers is their consistency. Israelashvili has Since a total of 90, players have bought in to the Main Event.

Only 7, unique players have cashed at least once. A few have cashed two or three times; a handful of selected professionals have cashed more often than that. Between and he made the money 10 times in the Main Event. He finished 3rd in and , won the whole thing in and made another deep run in when he finished 5th. Johnston is 81 now but still around. Imagine you get into the money at the Main Event, make a deep run and bust on Day 4 or 5.

Now imagine the same thing happens the next year. And the next year. And then once more. And, for good measureme, again for a 5th year in a row. Your name must be Ronnie Bardah. He currently holds the record for the most Main Event cashes in a row between and Both have cashed the Main Event 4 times in a row from Another name we have to mention here is Andrew Brokos. And not only did he cash, he finished in the Top the last three times.

Only seven players have cashed more often than that. But among all those cashes is not a single win. Before coming to our country statistics, here are some milestone years and numbers which capture the vastness of the World Series of Poker:. Poker was and still is a very American game. All tallied, US players have 1, gold bracelets — almost 20 times as much as the next best nation, Canada.

Some followed even later. Russia, for example, had its first recorded cash only in Now each year more and more countries debut at the WSOP. We compiled a ranking of all 40, players that have cashed in a WSOP in the past 47 years. Here are the Top Fortunately his experience enables him to hold until the end of the days play. The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a tight range, a flopped set and still no chance the muppets at the afternoon poker news table can appreciate your genius.

Have a tip for a future edition of the 3-Bet? Tweets us PokerListings or comment below. First, he showed up late and intentionally or unintentionally wasted some precious blinds. Even by Hellmuthian standards it was a humdinger of a day. And it, on cue, produced a classic Hellmuthian rant. While the classic Hellmuth tirade above was certainly a highlight of Day 1 of the Super High Roller Bowl there were, as expected, plenty of others.

Fedor Holz, again, showed just how primed his mind is. We could listen to Nick Schulman commentate poker all day, errrryday. And then there was Leon Tsoukernik. No one was expecting that. Except Tsoukernik, of course. With ,00 in chips Tsoukernik is behind only the 1. But man. It is really fun to watch Kevin Hart play poker. Unsurprisingly, he told a lot of jokes. But he was also comfortable enough with the poker to be in the Top 5 chip counts early, chat it up with his table all day and, when the mood struck, share an experience about taking a 2 in the woods.

All in all, a pretty wide range of gold. Check a few of the photos from yesterday below; see the full spread here. We have witnessed many players seeking a slice of side action, particularly when their tournament exit is unexpected. Nicki Pickering explores the cash game options, stakes, rakes and quality of play at the Sochi Casino and Resort. Share: Fa…. Table Talk is back by popular demand after receiving a number of tweets asking us to explain more of the not so obvious poker terms.

PokerListings caught up with Holz on a break from the SHRB to get his thoughts on retirement from poker and what his day-to-day life looks like these days. It seems like you still play a lot of poker…. I was on the grind before. I made that choice because I wanted to cut out the things that were taking too much of my energy. I really enjoyed his one-on-one coaching sessions so we made that into a minute session for different situations.

I just like to spread content that I personally enjoy. He did one-on-one sessions but that was about it. I wanted to share that content with other people. We also focus on eSports. Personally I enjoy it more for my normal-life stuff. We focus on getting the most out of each day. For instance to be more in the moment and enjoy the activities you do. Avoiding distractions.

There are lots of similarities but there are also some huge differences. But at the same time you have to put in the work just like poker. There are so many different factors you have to juggle and think about? Oh I love it. That actually matter. The set-up, the buy-in and the people. Can you talk about that? What I said came out a little more negative than it should have. People always get tough on Twitter.

Basically I think it would have been better to just pick the people you want in the tournament before having a lottery. It helps avoid the double disappointment of missing out twice. We promote this event. PokerStars Team Pro, Chris Moneymaker, breaks down his thought process during a hand played in the early stages of day 3, a decision which proved pivotal in the outcome of his title chase. For the first time in almost a decade, poker will have a World Champion by the end of July this year.

After 9 years of modest success the WSOP announced last week the time had come to mothball the November Nine and the 4-month wait to play out the Main Event final table. Everything you do is bigger than usual, trips, time with your family, the preparations, everything. When players who reach the final table want to work out a deal with someone, this now removes some of the opportunity for the network, the WSOP and also for the players.

I support that. I really liked the hype they were creating around it and how it built up to the final. Not only because everybody had time to get coaching and prepare — I spoke a lot with Vanessa Selbst — but also because of the length of the Main Event. Gaby Livshitz enjoys in some friendly banter with a positive spin as he introduces the latest, yet seemingly pointless, trending gadget to his opponents during the PokerStars Championship Main Event. Having recently won the WCOOP Main Event, Jonas Lauck has increased confidence in his game, particularly as he approaches the looming bubble with one of the healthier stacks.

After a day at the tables, players of the PokerStars Championship in Sochi, take some time off the felt to enjoy a night out surrounded by men on stilts, midgets and quite possibly the hottest women in the world? Share: Facebook Twitter Goog…. Play small suited connectors with Jonathan Little while taking an interactive poker quiz. Although PokerStars Team Pros, Chris Moneymaker and Felipe Mojave Ramos, are high achievers on the felt, nothing can prepare them, to face their ultimate fears and plunge 69 metres into the tree tops of Sochi.

Share: Facebook Twitter Google…. To get there…. It appears as though he is fond of her teeth, though it is hard to tell? Share: Facebook Twitte…. PokerStars Team Pro, Elky, shares his preparation rituals and some sound advice for players that are just starting out on the live event circuit. See what they are talking about in our poker forums this week? Read here to find out in our hand of the week and vote on your next move. To get there in the main event he had to go through a lot of interesting but also tough spots — like this one, where he was up against temporary chip leader Romain Nardin from France.

After a fold in first position Nardin 3. Klatt 3. Davidi Kitai in the big blind also folds. Nardin bets , and Klatt calls again. The pot swells to , with effective stacks now at 2. Nardin now bets , and Klatt calls again. The pot is now up to 1. Nardin now bets , Klatt ponders for two minutes until he eventually calls. Klatt takes the chip lead with over 4. Watch the hand below at Quite a crucial hand in the event and the biggest pot so far. It took Klatt over two minutes to find the call and win it. Klatt responds with a move that will pay-off later but needs a lot of nerve to go through with.

He has a strong A-Q on the button but he just calls, although there are good reasons to re-raise. Just calling means Klatt can avoid getting into a situation with a lot of variance with another big stack. That kind of situation could arise if he re-raises. He also might induce a push from the smaller stacks in the blinds which he could easily call in case Nardin folds. But Klatt plays his hand right, too. It gives him a flush draw and a gutshot draw, which means it adds 12 outs.

His bet size of , into a pot of , is chosen well. Klatt still sees no reason to give up his hand. There are now two flush draws on the board and Nardin might have a weaker ace. Klatt sitting and thinking for more than two minutes shows how tough this spot is even for a strong hand like the one Klatt holds. Because none of the draws came in Klatt pretty much has to cal. He eventually decides to do just that. He has absolutely no showdown value and even loses to most of the busted draws. On the other hand, even after losing this hand, his stack with more than 50 bb remains intact so you can make a point for the bluff, too.

Playing a bluff that never got serious with a speculative and weak hand loses Romain Nardin almost 1. Andreas Klatt keeps his nerve on the river with what a good, but not great, hand. Once again we realize that nothing is as successful as success. We recap some of the best poker YouTube videos this week including how to avoid getting hacked and Cate Hall vs William Kassouf.

Nicki Pickering takes you behind the scenes for a poker terminology lesson with one of the experts, PokerNews blogger, Anthony Charter, where he explains some of the not so obvious meanings of day to day table talk. Share: Facebook Twitter G…. When Chris Moneymaker arrived to the Sochi Casino and Resort today, he was a little white in the face as he contemplated the looming bungee jump, that he had so bravely signed up for. To make matters worse, he then had to endure a torturous forty five …. Nacho Barbero is quick to point out the positives within the Sochi Casino and Resort.

It appears that he is thoroughly enjoying himself due to his success, both on and off the felt. Given this is the first time the PokerStars Championship has landed in Sochi, Nicki Pickering, decided to run with that theme, and ask PokerStars Team Pro, Felipe Mojave Ramos, a series of questions to unravel some of his earliest experiences. Find out…. The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a wall-mounted case, a perfectly angled spotlight and finally the attention your afternoon poker news participation ribbons deserve.

Got a hot tip for a future 3-Bet? Tweet us PokerListings or tell us below. As we mentioned yesterday the Main Event is now underway with Day 1b in progress as we speak. In short: it sounds amazing — both to play and observe. Follow along with the live updates here ; tune in here tomorrow starting at 12 local time for the full live stream treatment.

As we also mentioned yesterday , the Aria Super High Roller Bowl is set to fire on Sunday with a mouth-watering three days of high-stakes poker action. As you likely know from our Daily 3-Bet dispatches over the years Daniel Negreanu has a mantra he swears by:. Big ask? A very real possibility for DNegs? To be filled by end of July … BraceletHunting. One of the most popular tournaments on the now-defunct European Poker Tour will make a triumphant return to the PokerStars Championship schedule.

PokerStars Championship Prague will take place Dec. The festival has always taken place in December with the city providing a picturesque winter backdrop to the event, complete with a Christmas market. Prague was actually the location for the final stop for the EPT last year leading some to wonder if PokerStars would make another appearance in the Czech city. Moneymaker was actually one of the most dominant players on the day and ended with , chips, which put him in the top At the time this article was published Day 1b was partially complete and the overall field had already swelled to runners.

The Diamond Club will do […]. The trash talking King takes a break from politics to win one of the first Vegas High Roller events of the Summer. Tight is generally right early in SNGs, but be aggressive and value bet strong hands. The post Pokerography: Finding your purpose in poker appeared first on CalvinAyre. Nicki Pickering comes clean with PokerStars Team Pro, Chris Moneymaker, to reveal what goes through her mind when she thinks about him, whilst Chris opens up about facing his fears.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is an encrypted password, air-tight 2FA and a complete lockdown of all afternoon poker news accounts after just one misstep. While the buzzing Live Barcelona festival wound down this weekend on the sunny beaches of Spain another big pokerfest was kicking off much further north on the shores of the Black Sea.

Day 1A of the Main Event is now underway with a similarly local vibe to the field as Russian names, known and unknown, dominate the live updates. Follow the PokerStars blog for more such delights. But not only do you get the whole SHRB, you get:. Just get it already, yeah? Sign up here. In the past, this has come mostly in the form of Trojan implants though apps like TeamViewer or from stolen laptops — most of which are preventable via RSA tokens and more vigilant watch over computer interactions.

Better safe than sorry. More on the hacks from Smith and Selbst:. This is insane. Got Dropbox issue resolved. Thx to all who helped. Aaaaand my VZWSupport account is being hacked for the second time today. AFTER multiple conversations telling them not to make any changes. Repost for those who missed this. In the process of securing my shit. The WPT will feature some familiar stops in , with more exciting news to come for While several states have seen efforts to legalize online poker get detoured over the last few years, Pennsylvania is barreling forward with an gambling bill that includes a provision for online poker.

The bill, which covers both online casinos and poker, features specific tax rates for operators in the state. The bill would also allow Pennsylvania to run online state lotteries and regulate daily fantasy sports. The House of Representatives could potentially amend the bill to lower the prospective tax rate for operators in the state. If the bill passes Pennsylvania would instantly become the biggest online poker market in the United States. According to a census Pennsylvania has a population of Pennsylvania is already a solid market for live poker with Parx Casino and SugarHouse drawing record numbers to some of their tournaments over the last few years.

Earlier this year New York assemblyman Gary Pretlaw said he was still confident the state would be able to pass online poker legislation relatively soon. PokerStars Team Pro, Liv Boeree, delves in to detail about her competitive nature and her experience in Sochi, including her thoughts on participating in a game of strip poker and the awkward assumption that she recently encountered on her travels.

What keeps him going, though, is much more than the rush of a card game. Continuing his ongoing journey around the world, Torelli dropped in on the Live festival in Barcelona last week where we heard more about about the amazing run he had on Day 1 — and in his life. Alec Torelli: Definitely yes. You can only focus on the part of the game that you can control.

AT: Yes. I like the brand and their combination of poker and lifestyle. I like going to events that are about more than just poker and coming to Barcelona in spring is just paradise. This event combined with the location and spring is the nuts. And I love Barcelona. AT: I spend about four or five months a year here. I only learned Italian when I was 23 and moved to Italy. So, I have family in Italy and also in California, but I also spend two or three months a year in Asia.

My wife and I have an online business that can travel with us so we can spend days a year on the road. I generally like sharing things with other people and maybe be inspiring and have a positive impact on people who chase their dreams and think that maybe what they want is unachievable and only for super rich people.

I was personally strongly inspired by Tim Ferriss. When I was 16 and started playing I never thought it could lead me to this. Would you ever fold in this situation?

Battle on the Bank IX Recap

If you enjoyed this episode, …. Discover who the top 20 live poker tournament players are from the UK and Ireland. Do you wish there was a place where you could discuss poker and put the world to rights with poker players from your own country? A place where you could chat about anything and everything, give feedback about partypoker, play in country-exclusive freerolls and tournaments and take part in exclusive promotions? What if we told […]. Check out the top 20 online poker tournament players from the UK and Ireland. Jonathan Little analyses an interesting tournament hand with a twist ending.

The new personalised rewards system is underway in Denmark before being rolled out to the rest of the poker world this summer. The PokerStars Championship has landed in Sochi, for the very first time. Join Nicki Pickering as she explores the sights, flavors and her tolerance for a breakfast shot. Can she hold it down? The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a plush office chair, a case of 5-hour energy and cash after cash after cash in your afternoon poker news mega series.

By the looks of things Vieira will have cashed 54! A truly sick total. The current runner-up? Check the overall leaderboard below:. With the start of the Unibet Open in Copenhagen tomorrow Unibet has brought back the super fun eSports Battle Royale to kick things off again. Watch the stream below! Check the numbers:. Even more impressive? Check out all of the stats from Powerfest here ; get in the game yourself by opening up a new partypoker account via our review page.

The U. SCOOP has always been known for offering three versions of each event with different buy-in levels. ROFLshoves, who hails from Australia, was dominant at the final table and repeatedly turned down requests for a deal. To celebrate our return to the picturesque island, we are running the Caribbean Poker Party Leaderboard until August 26, during which time we will have given away more than […]. Qualify for several of the major live events via our leading online partners. I fear it did plenty.

Did the famous heads-up poker match even happen? Sorting through facts and fictions. Get disciplined and stop wasting time with this debut video and interview from mindset coach whys0serious. The partypoker Powerfest is done and dusted with all events completed and the champions crowned. Only one invite-only event is yet to […]. The WSOP is just over a month away. This November marks the sixth edition of the award-winning small buy-in, big-value tournament and packages are being scooped up quickly. For a limited time potential BOM champs can grab a big discount by picking up one of the early-bird packages on the registration page.

The economy package offers accommodation at the Ir-Rokna hotel just beside the casino but includes almost everything else and is an excellent way to get in on the action on the cheap. Check here for the full BoM schedule. To learn more or secure your seat now, head over to our Battle of Malta home page. The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a tip of the hat, a monster pot and all your cards live as you embark on a new afternoon poker news adventure.

Huge news over the weekend for one of the true legends of the game and an absolute fixture of poker commentary over the past 15 years. Sexton is actually one of the founders of partypoker circa and has maintained his role as a partypoker ambassador while simultaneously calling all of the WPT action. I was at partypoker from the start, before there was even a name or a single virtual card was dealt.

It was devastating for me to see the decline of partypoker when we were forced to pull out of the US and then watch from the side lines as our competitors remained and benefited from our customer base. I am really looking forward to working with people that love the game like I do. We are not aiming for second place. We are all in. Shuffle up and deal! Congrats to both; the future looks exciting on both fronts. Garrin4e Ukraine 6,, 3. Maroonlime aka Emil Patel Finland 3,, 7.

Darwin2 aka Simon Mattsson Sweden 2,, 8. Epiphany77 aka Charlie Carrel United Kingdom 1,, Watch all the action live via the PokerStars client. Late night run included about 4 Mcnuggets, a mcflurry, one bite of filet o fish which then got thrown away and Maybe a half of a small fry.

McHamburgler1k has officially called the bet off. The company announced a brand-new app called PokerGo that will offer live streaming of various poker events in addition to previously recorded poker programming. All PokerGO live events will be produced by Poker Productions, which has a long history in the poker world and produced some of the biggest poker TV shows ever. Not convinced? Then I lose a hand when I am way ahead. It happens again, and again, and I am broke. I pull a dollar bill out of my pocket and put it on the table. I am not smiling on the inside.

The Beast has a hold of my brain and is shaking it, screaming throughout the halls of my limbic system. If you had a good start you could weather the later losses and have a great season! We run it twice. I lose both. I get up and leave with the vision of nine vultures all squawking streams of laughter behind my back. I feel shame, remorse and guilt.

I have lost money that I cannot afford to lose. I broke a promise to my wife. I am an idiot — again. Stephen Pfleiderer is a certified interventionist, addiction specialist and recovery coach. I told Stephen the same tale that I narrated to you. I also told him that for as long as I can remember, when I lose a bet, cash game or poker tournament, I feel a compulsion to find a way to win that money back in the fastest possible time.

I need instant gratification. It does happen very quickly. I feel like someone has hijacked my motor functions and is steering me to the ATM and the All-In button. On one hand, you need to be confident in your ability. On the other hand, you need to enter every situation with the understanding that you are more likely to lose. NUGGET 1 — In your post-game review and you should have a post-game review procedure if you are serious about the game write down all of the negative thoughts you had during the game and turn them into statements. Next, identify the cognitive distortions and then create more positive thought statements.

Next you can use David D. Sometimes I get off to a good start and sometimes I get off to a bad start. But I am more likely to get off to a good start if I work harder on my game, particularly my mental game, and do the necessary work to eliminate negative thought statements that are nothing but cognitive distortions. As soon as you notice a trigger that you are about to lose control, take a break from the game, find a calm spot, and do the work. You can use your Notes function on your mobile phone or take a pen and notepad with you.

To interrupt the sequence we are writing down the thoughts we have in our mind. If I have a need that needs to be met by this game I am in a vulnerable position. If I can detach from the outcome, the tension goes away. Being able to sit and allow the positive to come and the negative to come and not allow it to push and pull you in either direction. Those negative and positive thoughts are the masters in that very grounded and confident space. And then I see it. I am not accepting the reality of the situation.

If this was my reality then nobody would ever become a long-term winner in poker. I know when I help people recover from alcohol addiction that they have to learn to suffer. Interesting that I am not using that same knowledge and understanding in my game. Change those expectations. He was talking about David Sklansky and his myopic views on the mental game of poker. Negreanu said that improving the mental game is a lot to do with study of the game. If you want to improve all aspects of your game, including your mindset, you have to be committed to sticking with the right conversation.

You need to be talking to the smartest minds in both the technical and mental side of the game. Watch the best coaching videos, read the best poker books , and listen to the best podcasts. You want to be miserable and angry. To become successful in poker you have to learn to bypass the desire for instant gratification and focus on long-term gain. With that understanding comes patience. Without patience, there is no poker.

Learn more about Stephen Pfleiderer and his work here. It took Streaming phenomenon Doug Polk made the money and reached the final three tables before his luck ran out and he lost a chunk of his stack with A-K vs A-J. He lost the rest of his stack by means of a coin flip and finished in 27th place. Steven van Zadelhoff came 42nd and Rob Tinnion finished 87th.

All the XL Inferno champions are now waiting for their special Champion of Champions event in which only title holders take part. In this invitational the top three players will all win tickets to WSOP events with the eventual winner taking a complete WSOP main event package home. A new record of eight cash game tables were in play at the festival. And if you make the cut you can rely on getting the best assistance possible for your journey through the most important poker tournament in the world.

The other four wingmen will be announced in the coming days or weeks and not all of them will be professional players. To snatch a spot on one of the teams you have to qualify online for a main event package. Online qualifiers who get a spot on the team of their home country will be revealed on June Join at any buy-in level that feels comfortable for you. The higher you start, the fewer levels you have to survive. Tony Dunst will take his place in the booth. As you may or may not have heard, after fifteen seasons, I am leaving the World Poker Tour.

The WPT will always have a special place in my heart as I was there from the beginning.