One Hundred Reasons Why Born Again Believers Cannot Lose Their Salvation

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I maintain one who has received salvation cannot forget God nor God forget them. How can one forget their own salvation and the God who supplied it? Not unless salvation was not given to begin with. My opponent says that none of these passages talk of eternal salvation, John ;1 John ; Rom.

Let's look and cut it down. Clearly these speak of eternal salvation and that only those who received salvation stays with God to the end or in the end. There are many of these verses but I chose these.

Notice not one passage by my opponent in the N. My opponent then makes a outlandish claim that I think our salvation equals eternal life on earth or we have eternal bodies now. We who have salvation do have eternal life but not in this world or body. It is still a hope because we have not entered into eternity yet or do we have our glorified bodies yet.

Big Issues

We should not look to entangle ourselves with works of the Law nor with the world. If we seek the Law for salvation then Christ is meaningless to us. That we find righteousness by faith in Christ. My opponent seems to think the Bible was written solely for the saved, when she says that, Ye means just us. I hope my opponent in her last round stops bringing up the O. Christ came and died us all for a reason. We are not bound by the works and deeds in the O.

Google Search. Post Your Opinion. Create New Poll. Sign In Sign Up. Follow debateorg. The Instigator. Do you like this debate? Report this Argument. I am happy to accept the challenge and, of course, cannot offer any negations in this acceptance; therefore, I shall merely clarify my position: my position is that a Christian - one who has trusted in Christ, repented of his sins, confessed his faith in Christ, and been baptized into Christ - can in fact conduct himself in such a way as to forfeit his hope of eternal life.

The natural end or ultimate calamity of this "conduct himself in such a way" is to revert to disbelief, so the question then becomes, "Can a Christian believer cease to believe? If not, why not? Well, it will remain for my opponent to explain this impossibility for us: if an unbeliever possesses the right or liberty of thought or free-will to become a believer, why does he suddenly lose this right? And I'll submit, just for thought, that my opponent's position seems to imply a series of miracles upon every saved person in the world, constantly, lest any one of them might drift into atheism.

Now to the definitions: Christian : My opponent and I are both presupposing salvation - that a Christian is the equivalent of a saved person, even if our specifics may differ as to the "how". Salvation : Of course, this debate revolves or will revolve in large part upon these terms so I shall launch forth: my opponent defines "salvation" as "to gain eternal life through Jesus Christ. In what sense? Do you have it in the same sense as the peerless apostle to the Gentiles?

And this is the promise that he has promised us, even eternal life. So the fact is that we have eternal life. The how is "in promise, in hope, in prospect. My body, however, is mortal - until the second coming. My opponent also defines salvation as: "The act of grace from Jesus Christ by protecting one from harm, risk, loss, destruction, in eternal damnation.

The question, as always, is, "Does one have to comply with certain conditions, i. I'd be happy to define "salvation" as "the state of being cleansed from all sin. I'd like to know, however, what becomes of the fellow who flat-out refuses to walk in any "light" at all - all the way to the point of disbelief? Is that possible, and, if not, why the warning? The same sentiment is expressed in Rom 8: 1: "There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.

There cannot be any condemnation to a character such as that: he is "in Christ Jesus", and he is not walking "after the flesh", but "after the Spirit. How about this Christian if he simply decides to "walk after the flesh" - again, to the point of disbelief in Jesus Christ, period? Is the blood of Christ still cleansing him?

One Hundred Reason Why Born Again Christians Cannot Lose Their Salvation

I hope that clarifies somewhat, anyway my views of the definitions. And I shall be happy to affirm "A child of God - a Christian - can be lost" or something to that effect in another debate. This concludes my comments on the definitions, and I hope more clearly defines the issue. And here it is, and this is what it will boil down to: can a man who believes today ever quit believing? Any arguments about "a faithful child of God cannot be lost" are not even relevant, but this is: "Can a faithful child of God, one who believes in Him, and accepts Him and becomes pardoned Does that freedom of choice exist, and can it be exercised?

If not, what prevents it? Best wishes as my opponent begins his affirmative. I thank Annanicole for accepting this debate. This debate is not one that threatens one's salvation but leads one into false teaching to those who already have salvation and those seeking it. So we are here to clarify our positions on this issue.

I will start off with the topics my opponent mentioned in her opening round and then move on to my argument. Thanks to my opponent for his affirmative, and I shall go step-by-step and analyze it. First off, I had inquired, "Can a faithful child of God, one who believes in Him, and becomes pardoned His answer: "I reject the idea that once a person who has gained eternal salvation will cease to believe in God", and "I deny the fact that a truely born-again Christian in Christ can ever fully walk away from Him.

I trust that an explanation will be forthcoming. You ask: "I ask my opponent how can one who gained salvation and became a new creature within Christ then become the old creature again or lose that grace?

Can I Lose My Salvation?

In the first century, a paramount problem was the reversion to Judaism, which was and is characterized by the rejection of Jesus as the Son of God. Apparently that problem plagued the Christians in Galatia: "Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free. Gal 5: 1 That statement is the equivalent of saying they are saved. Now what? Well, the instructions : "be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage. Notice that the warning implies possibility? It could happen. Continue to Gal 5: 4: "Christ is become of no effect unto you, whosoever of you are justified by the law; ye are fallen from grace.

And if he does, then Christ "is become of no effect unto you. Therefore, "let him that thinks he stands take heed lest he fall. That won't work, will it? You are telling people, "There's nothing you can do", then turning around and telling them what they have to do. Who had to "accept Christ""? Somebody did. If someone "accepts Christ", then he has done something. And if he did something, he "worked" either mentally or physically.

Hear your words: "If we could lose salvation then that would mean that weare not justified by Christ blood alone but by our own actions. You attempt to prove that salvation is not maintained based upon actions. And what is your basic argument? That initial salvation was not based upon, in any way, your own actions. Then you do a two-step and say, "The only action required from us You might not be separated from the love of God, but you can forsake Him— and thus separate yourself from Him. The blood of Christ continually cleansing you is the means of continuity of salvation.

But it is conditional. And again:. One reason: salvation, whether initial or life's end, is conditional. Did the Israelites literally have Jericho at that time? Eternal life is a promise. We have eternal life now. Just as Paul did when he penned Titus. In hope. In glad expectation. Thus I Pet 1: Thanks, and I'll turn it back over to the affirmative. Thanks to my opponent for his reply. Of course, the truth of the matter is that neither my opponent nor anyone else can dream up a plausible explanation for this mysterious inability to quit believing in Jesus Christ. There is no logical explanation.

Well, I believe that miracles were performed to confirm the now-completed, all-sufficient revelation and to attest to the veracity of the speaker. Miracles were to last until early Christians - without the completed Word - attained the unity of the faith Eph 4: The Bible stands confirmed. That was the purpose of miracles: confirmation of the Word.

Which is it? If so, that's a big difference! Why all these warnings over impossible, unfathomable scenarios? Is that why Paul was " In hope of eternal life , which God promised before the world began? We do it. And watch again: he thus disproves his own contention because he contends that we do nothing to be saved, thus we do nothing to stay saved. Blatant contradiction. Does it include belief? Does it include love? It always is. So they were joined to Christ — saved.

Assurance of Salvation | Love Worth Finding

Now they are severed and fallen away from grace. Is your position that a man who is severed from Christ and fallen away from grace is still saved? Becoming entangled again with the yoke of bondage, which is 2. Synonymous with a return to Judaism, which is 3. Synonymous with a denial that Jesus is the Son of God, which is 4.

Synonymous with a believer becoming an unbeliever, which 5. You have repeatedly told us could not happen. Could you please explain that again, step by step? He had every appearance of a saved man. Then the Spirit left him, the Lord left him, he became God's enemy. I'll mention him further, but I wanted to briefly introduce his story. Back to the affirmative.

Thanks to my opponent for her reply! My opponent is maintaining that we have to do works to receive salvation. Salvation is a gift. Hebrews , "I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee. John 10 , " Jesus answered.. I told you.. My sheep hear my voice.. Becoming entangled again with the yoke of bondage Christ has set everyone free by His grace. If we seek again salvation by works, we reject it. Synonymous with a return to Judaism As above, we need not Judaism and its rules but just faith in Christ.

Synonymous with a denial that Jesus is the Son of God To look at bondage, you deny Jesus died for you and set you free.

You Can Be Sure

My opponent skipped alot of my points. I covered my opponents arguments that pertained to the affrimative resolution that I made. Telling myself i had time. So about a year ago, this month, i started watching Brother Charles Lawson on youtube. A wonderful preacher of God. No doubt. He talked about the end times, and i watched more and more on death and salvation. The fear started returning to my heart, then about april last year i wrote him letters, and their church tellimg them my heart, and mind and how i needed prayers and help.

I knew i was lost and i had to do something. Thought God was gone. Then on Fathers Day, same church, as i went last time years before on that day, i showed up hours before church was to start, and a man seen me, and called the preacher to come talk to me. We prayed and cried out begging God to save me. Never happened. Then i got home, and had a phone call from a man at Pastor Lawsons church i had been watching on YouTube. Brother Ronnie. He prayed with me. I closed the Bible. Cried every tear possible, done all i could. I told him i didnt want to live one more day lost, didnt want to wake up another day lost, i told him i give up!

I cant do this anymore. I beleive with all my heart you forgive me of all my sins, already have, i just do. You have to do this.. I wanted to touch him, but a wall was in my way. I threw myself off of my bed and to the floor on my knees and face. I screamed Jesus I Love You!!! So loud. I felt such releif and joy. Saying heavenly father felt wonderful.

I was trembling all over and couldnt stop crying. I felt his goodness all around me. So i had to tell someone. I called brother ronnie and gave them the news. I will say.. I dont feel saved, im afraid in church, i dont know my direction, and i doubt again. I just want to know his will. I am guilty for being fearful, doubtful, and not sure what to do. Havent even been baptized, for fear of God telling me im still lost. Have an unsaved girlfriend i live with… no fornication anymore… i made mistakes.

Salvation to my mind was a thing, feeling, not him. For years i belived that. Now i get saved.. Im lost? What did i do wrong?? I feel like dying sometimes. I would encourage you to search the Scriptures and claim Gods promises. Salvation is not about a feeling.

And honestly it is nothing about us or what we do. It is simply trusting in what Christ already did. You trusted Him for that before, so now you must trust His promises that He will do and has done what He promises. Hi…I too have struggled with doubts my entire Christian walk. It drives me crazy. My thoughts drive me crazy. I have few friends and only one family member, whom I know , that is close enough to me that I can speak to her about my Christianity…but I think she believes…once saved always saved. When I was a little girl…I had soooooooooooo much love in my heart for The Lord. I spent so much time in devotions when I was a teen.

I truly loved The Lord.

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Now as an adult of 55, I feel more confused and sometimes lost…please pray for me. God bless you…. I am 14 years old and I have been going to church all my life. When I was 11, during revival I was convicted. I went to the alter to pray with my nana, and I thought I was saved that night. I started doubting my salvation about a month after. One Sunday morning when I was 13, I felt like I was being convicted again. I went to the alter to pray, and felt so much better. I started doubting again a little while after that. I still struggle with doubts. At other times I wonder if I truly am or not. I have been praying constantly, asking for the lords help.

I just feel like nothing is working. Everyone makes it sound like a huge burden is lifted, but I just felt the fear go away, and it came back shortly after. All I know is that I love the lord, and I believe in him with all my heart. Any advice would be appreciated, thank you, and God bless you! For me, there was not a huge relief either. I chose to claim Gods promises and every time I doubted I would read through the list of verses and claim them.

Over time the doubts came less often…. And eventually they stopped coming back. So find verses that you can claim and trust God that He will do what He said He would. Satan torments me but I know God is guiding me through this. I feel like crying bc this has really been a big help!!! This blog has been a blessing to me. I was 10 when I asked God to save me. I began to doubt my salvation when I was around I have struggled many many years.

I am now 51 and I am a Baptist Pastor wife. Sometimes I am confident and other times not. I have prayed many times. When I started doubting when I was a teenager. I went to the altar a lot. I asked God to save me I got baptized 2 more times after my time. I truly fought then as indo now that God saved me the very first time. I too would hear preachers say things like: you need to know that you know, or if you doubt then you need to get it took care of, ect.

I could write a book on this. I guess that was the first time I realized others are going through this. My doubts usually are brought on by something like: when I hear someone say I thought I was saved when I was younger but I wasnt. I know I am now. That usually get me to saying how did they know. I then start praying. I taught a Wednesday night class to the ladies at church on this. I was amazed at the positive response I received. I could tell some struggled as I do at times. Just pray for me that God will use me to help other with their walk.

I do not know why some doubt and others do not. I got saved at the age of 4 in a Fundamental Baptist Church. I remember walking to the altar, I remember who took me into the gym storage room to pray, I remember praying not the words I prayed though and I remember exactly where I sat in that storage room.

I was baptized at the age of 5. I remember a lot from this day as well. I had doubts once or twice as a teenager but was able to settle them quickly. I grew up in the same church and was under the preaching of truth all my life. Fast forward to today. I am 26 years old with a 4 and 1 year old and expecting my 3rd child.

I started doubting my salvation in March of It has been a long road and I am still fighting the doubts. Thank you for the scripture references. I deal with the same thoughts you described. I have met with my Pastor a couple times as well. We have all determined that I am saved and I need to fight Satan through the power of God on this. I have grown so much through this. I have read my Bible and prayed more than I ever have before. I have discovered so much more about who God is and how He thinks of me. God is showing me so much even though I doubt him almost daily.

He really is faithful. All your testimonies have been very encouraging. I feel like I could write a novel about the experiences and doubts I have faced the last year but this is it in short. Feelings are a fruit of faith. They will not come until we can have faith. Remember that the Word of God is powerful, it is our sword against Satan and he hates the Word of God. He knows it is truth and that is why he will flee from it.

The Father of all lies cannot stand to hear pure holy truth. I was raised up in a Christian home and my family went to an independent Baptist church that preached the gospel. A couple years later I was 9 and I was starting to wonder if I was going to heaven when I died I heard about salvation and being saved but I never really knew what it meant. I felt so hopeless and scared because everyone else around me was sure of there salvation and I just felt like I was only person having this problem.

I also realized that this feeling of doubt also comes from not reading my bible as often,not walking with God on a daily basis like I should, and living in the flesh instead of living According to Gods will. At that time I thought it was something I needed to do and felt good about it afterwards.. Now I am starting to have doubts about if God truly accepted it or not because of my lack of understanding back then.. All I knew was that there was a heaven and a hell.. And I wanted to make sure I did the right thing so I can make it heaven… Do you think this is Satan trying to play mind games on me.?

Or do I need to get rebaptized because of my lack of understanding as a young teen.? First off being baptized cannot save you only accepting Jesus Christ to save you can send you to Heaven. Put your trust and accept Jesus and you will be saved. I have like many of you went forward to be saved many times.

I have doubted most of my life. I really struggle with this. I get scared to go to revivals, tent meetings,youth meetings because they preach on Salvation. Or if people say I thought I was saved, but I realized I was not. That scares me. I too grew up in church with Christian parents who never doubted.

I have sought help from everywhere. And yes sometimes u feel helpless. I pray and tell God I want assurance. I want to want to attend these services without fear. I start doubting before I ever get there. This post and these comments have been such a big help! I had claimed to be saved when I was 8. I have been raised in a Christian home and my dad is an ordained preacher. So I got up and got my dad and went to the altar to pray.

But after I prayed that night I got up from the altar and talked to my dad a little bit because I was confused again, because I was expecting some big thing o happen to me to show me I got saved. I felt so much better. I got baptized again and then a few months later I started doubting.

During that time I found out my mom also struggled with doubt sometimes too. A lot. So I have been dealing with doubt for awhile and it comes in waves. Then I doubt again. But reading these posts gives me comfort and I thank god for that. I need to spend more time with God and spend more time reading his word, and I hope others struggling with this can do the same and that they can stop doubting too.

After I claimed to be saved at 8 years old I never doubted it. Satan had what he wanted. So there was no reason to make me doubt it because as long as I was actually lost but believed I was saved there was no issue for him. As long as I ended up in hell, he was happy. But after I got saved at 14 I started to doubt. And the only way to make him feel better about that is to tear us down and make us sad as long as we are on this Earth. I have thought this about myself several times.

He knows what gets us. Thank you so much for sharing this! I gave my life to the Lord when I was 14 and I have had my doubts but recently, they have hit me hard. If we start to drift away from his word or stop talking to him through prayer, we tend to lose that peace and the world starts to get a hold of us.

Once again, thank you so much for sharing this, it was an encouragement! I have been saved for years, but doubt continues to plague me. I continues to pray for chances to make sure that I am saved, but my timid nature holds me back from taking them. Pray for me that the Lord be patient with me and help me through this. This was an emotional blog for me to read to say the least. I was never into drugs, drinking , etc. I went to summer camp each year with our church. I was in church every Sunday. How do we know heaven is real when nobody can see it? I have a real spiritual battle going on isnide of me and I just want to know how to beat it.

If you guys get this message, please pray for me as well. I was saved, bought, and sealed August 4, but I went astray for a period of time. When I ran back to the arms of Jesus He openly accepted me. But later down the road as I was growing in my walk Satan hit me with doubt and it crippled me. Little did I know it was Satan and it was absolutely horrifying.

August 1, I announced my call to preach and it blows my mind that the Lord has entrusted me with such an honor. Thanks for your testimony. The reason I ask is because i feel i went through a very similar experience but am experiencing significant doubts regarding my salvation or the loss of it due to certain scriptures; whereas, you seem to have found a solution, or at least freedom from the doubt; as well as the joy in being back with your Savior.

I struggled with a lot over my childhood and teenage years with fears, insecurities, trouble at school etc…my life was always or at least seemed marked or characterized by sadness, troubles, etc…my dad had a tough position on me and my 2 sisters not to any real abuse levels but there was certainly physical punishment when we did wrong and sometimes, that punishment, to some degree, certainly looked and felt like abuse..

I grew up as a teenager angry mostly at him , fearful, no real motivation except drugs , alcohol and trying to fit in in school. Long story short; shortly after that 2nd baptism i was still wrestling with sin but like any other Christian. I feel my faith was slowly being choked out.

I kept doing things that kept leading to oother things and soon wad caught up in the whole cycle of smoking marijuana again in my mid 30s. I finally got off it since Oct , and stopped some of the other things that came with it, i.

Recent Opinions

If you dont feel comfortable sharing your story in depth either i completly understand. Thank you all so much for your comments. I also feel like I live in a world of people who either do not believe at all or who do believe, profess that they believe, seem to always be joyful about God and trusting in his promises and encouraging towards others, etc. Which I was doing for a certain period of time when these doubts hit me VERY hard, shortly after I being struck with panic attacks out of nowhere. I began experiencing other very strange physical symptoms, as well as so much cognitive impairment it was ruining my life.

Every day I was sure I was going to die. I was sure there HAD to be something physically wrong with me and went to Doctor after doctor after Doctor, with no help other than being told I simply needed to be on medication for anxiety and depression. Several of them seemed certain most of my issues were manifestations of spiritual attack and needed to be fought with weapons of spiritual warfare. At first I was hopeful about this, even empowered. So I began to fight. I experienced some temporary relief from time to time.

However, as time went on, I plunged deeper and deeper into confusion, continued to be tormented by almost constant anxiety, frequent panic attacks, and spiraled into the worst depressive episode of my life which I have struggled with most of my life since adolescence. I could barely function and was heartbroken everyday over the effects this was having on my children and husband. It was the most terrifying feeling I have ever felt. I continued to wear myself out with desperate prayer. I eventually ended up in the hospital.

If anyone has a similar story and has truly come out on the other side, please respond to my comments. I have doubted on and off for half my life. One thing that helps me, is when Jesus talks about receiving the Kingdom of heaven like a child. I think the key factor here is lack of faith. God is faithful to do what He promises. You cannot out-sin God. One thing that you can do is to verbally tell Satan to go back to hell in Jesus Name! Jesus says Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away!! Our sin has been paid! Praise the Lord!

We must trust Jesus. Proverbs I grew up going to church , was taught about Jesus but never really understood. As I was a teen I knew he was there but never followed him or accepted him, I actually went off and was very rebellious ,involved in drugs and lots of sexual activity. My life was changing more towards christ and his scripture was convicting so I would change my ways as I was convicted.

So would you say I was never saved then? We had watched sermons of Charles stanley and he always prayed a salvation prayer at the end and I would juSt say it with him. Then last year I woke up with horrid anxiety, doubting everything I once knew, to the point where I was even doubting Jesus existence! How awful of me! But before my anxiety started last year I believed with all my heart that Jesus died for me and my sins and that he is alive.

I just thought I had to believe in him and follow him and I was good. Is that not being saved? Please help me somehow. I want to love Jesus without wavering. I just want to know if I was saved back then when I just simply believed and wanted to follow his commands. I wish I knew. Is my faith not strong enough? If my faith is barely anything how can I even be saved? I wish I had a day i knew I was saved so that I could fall back on that day. Any insight please would be great. God bless the person who wrote this it helped me understand my salvation. I have been having douts about my salvation and this cleared it up and now I understand.

Hello, I am someone who has doubted off and on for decades. I know I asked to be saved. Is it enough to call upon the name of Jesus to be saved or do you have to know all of this at once? He is there ready to answer you. I too had doubts for most of my life. I was saved since i was age Satan lied to me and i gave him too much credit. Its still the same thing as in the Garden of Eden.

God told the truth. Satan lied to Adam and Eve, but they believed Satan instead of God. Its still the same thing. We have the choice to believe God or Satan. This is where doubt comes in from. I used to have doubts about my salvation. Aftet i was saved by God, Satan said i was not saved. So, Why did I have doubts? Because i didnt fully believe God. I had to decide who to fully believe. I chose to believe God. When i did that just two weeks ago, all doubts went away.

The truth has set me free of all doubts concerning my salvation in Christ Jesus. Now without doubts, i feel so free. I am finally free. I live a happy life now with God. I feel that a heavy burden has been lifted from on me. I know know beyond any doubts that i will die and be with God forever in His Heaven. I no longer fear death. I moved to Heaven and that I will be waiting on you both to move up here near me. And also near God of course. That is how sure i am saved.

I hope that this will help someone somewhere. Also read John I was saved by God when i was only age I knew less than ten verses in the whole bible, yet God saved me. Ronald Thomas, you are awesome! We all relate to this. I did not know a whole lot either. None of us really do. Your comment helps. If I could sit down and have a cup of coffee with you, I would. I encourage you do that soon with someone and help them with salvation. You are a guiding light. We recently have a new pastor and after hearing some of his sermons I started yet again to doubt my salvation.

Because I fell away from God. Well after some soul searching and reading, I came to realize that I had been abused by a deacon and another person in the church as a teenager and child. I had difficulty attending church as I had an abusive husband right out of high school who made my life difficult to live as holy as I wanted to. I slowly got out of church and went down a bad road. God brought be back like the prodigal son but due to my backslidden condition I thought well I may not have gotten saved. Feelings are fickle. They will let you down.

Faith is a rock we can lean on. Thanks for the article. Exactly what I needed to read. Linda, have you ever heard of religious obsessive compulsive disorder? I believe many of your respondents have this disorder. I have struggled with doubt for many years. I have accepted Jesus numerous times. This is one characteristic of religious OCD. People with ROCD also struggle with evil thoughts and an over sensitive conscience. I have had these characteristics as well. When it flares up I go into depression.

I am on some medication. Depression is also often physical in origin. I am in one, now. When people with ROCD get into such a state, they may have an aversion to the Bible, prayer, and church. I have experienced this, myself. It is all in the chemical imbalance. I still claim Jesus as my Savior and Lord, and have accepted His forgiveness via the cross some years ago. But I still have doubts, and it seems to get worse as I get older. People with ROCD have an addiction to seeking reassurance. They are through no fault of their own often resistive to things that may help other people.

Despite this, some do overcome ROCD. I am still seeking. Please pray for me. Your thoughts?. I would just say that God can overcome anything. Overactive conscience, assurance seeking, etc…Obsessive to the point of tears and depression. I got saved in Sunday school when I was My first question that would come in my mind when people died where they will be going heaven or hell.

My faith in Jesus was very strong until the day I got baptised at When Satan attacked me very badly. I have no peace these thought haunt me. I per believe Jesus has died for me he has forgiven me he rise up for me. I have received him in my heart. Whenever I sin he spk to me I confess my sins he give me peace. Whatever I gave through he spk to me through the bible and meets my needs.

I have a personal relationship with him. I love him so so much. All other commands to obedience in the New Testament, including water baptism, are to people who are already Christians. Having pointed out the above, we must clarify that the type of faith that saves is one that is obedient. Ephesians confirms that we are saved by grace through faith and not of our own doing, but through a faith that results in good works. Thus we are saved by a living faith. Someone who has a genuine faith will seek to conform their life to the will of God. Ephesians 2 confirms that even faith itself is a gift of God.

Yet a living faith is still faith. Faith expressed is still faith. We would question whether a person who refused water baptism has a genuine living faith. A person who had received a saving faith would want to be obedient, thus would be baptized, not for salvation but because of it.

For us humans, works are an output rather than an input. In terms of a formula:. Formula b is biblically incorrect as well as logically incorrect. The first law of logic says that 2 contradictory things cannot both be true at the same time and in the same relationship. So it would be merited favor if works are required for salvation. Something cannot both be unmerited and merited at the same time. Items 42 through 59 pertain to Acts , Mark , 1 Peter , and Acts —passages which are often used to show that water baptism saves.

Thus, whatever follows eis for may even be something that has already been accomplished. Similarly, the statement "Take two aspirin for a headache" does not mean "Take two aspirin in order to get a headache. Repentance is something that concerns an individual and God, while baptism is intended to be a testimony to other people. Scripture must be interpreted so that it harmonizes. Language is often not straight forward or literal, and interpretation is required. There are passages that may seem to be saying, on the surface, that we must do something to be saved water baptism —such as Acts or Mark But if they actually meant that, Scripture would be contradictory.

Any concept or statement that is contradictory cannot be true. Note for example, that Mark does not specifically say that all who believe but are not baptized go to hell. But in the case of an adult convert such works follow salvation. Thus we are saved by a living faith James 2. But faith expressed is still faith—and it is faith that saves us—not the works.

Acts , , and b salvation is entirely a gift of God, not procured via water baptism Acts [cf. Believing or repenting and being baptized are placed together, since baptism should follow belief. So neither Peter nor the rest of Scripture makes water baptism a condition of salvation. Mark , which is often used to support water baptismal regeneration does not appear in the oldest and most reliable manuscripts.

So many scholars question whether it should even be considered part of Scripture. See Got Questions on Mark. Does Mark prove that a person must be baptized in order to be saved? No, it does not specify. It says that a person who believes and is baptized will be saved, and a person who does not believe is condemned. This form refers to an act of outward obedience, in this case, baptism. Therefore, the correct translation here should be stated, 'He who believed and who was baptized shall be saved.

It means that this salvation took place at some point in the past and is continuing on in the present, being accomplished by Jesus Christ Himself. See Got Questions on Peter. When a person accepts Christ, he is saved; when the believer is baptized, he is identified with the One who has delivered him i. Jesus Christ. It also seems significant that Peter here 1 Peter explains his own statement by stating that baptism is "an appeal to God for a good conscience through the resurrection of Christ. Further regarding 1 Peter , is referring not the the dirt on the surface of the body, but most likely to our sinful nature.

The Greek word is sarx Blue Letter Bible. So Peter is saying specifically that water batpism does not remove our sinful nature. See Filth of the Flesh. Rise and be baptized and wash away your sins, calling on his name. Before receiving water baptism, they believed, praised God and spoke in tongues, so they had already become children of God before receiving water baptism. Acts , It is interesting to note that apostles were present in each instance. Notice that the baptism of the Holy Spirit [normally] took place prior to water baptism.

Also, we note that in Acts 11, where Peter explains what happened in Acts 10, he makes no mention of water baptism, and in Acts indicates that Holy Spirit baptism superceded water baptism of John the Baptist. The situation in Acts is somewhat different from the ones in Acts 2 and Acts 10 however. The Samaritans received the laying on of hands and the Holy Spirit after water baptism. The Holy Spirit is working in our lives before, during, and after water baptism. There are some logical reasons why this situation occurred as it did. Apparently the apostles were not present when the original conversions took place.

This was a group of Samaritans, who were not fully Jewish and there was a lot of hostility that existed between the Samaritans and Jews. Included in the many things the Holy Spirit does is that he is active in the salvation of a person. He regenerates us, this being made quite clear in Titus He transforms us 2 Corinthians He sanctifies us Galatians ; 2 Thessalonians It is by his power that we have hope Romans See also Who Is the Holy Spirit. Matthew ; Mark ; Acts ; Acts ; 1 Cor shows that we are baptized, washed, justified, and sanctified by the Spirit of God.

We are washed by the Holy Spirit—not by water. The Holy Spirit is everywhere in the Scriptures from beginning to end doing his work in the world and in people. Indeed, we are sealed by the Holy Spirit when we believed Ephesians , and even before at the foundation of the world Ephesians Note: Certainly, predestination is a difficult concept, but we believe it because God says it. Titus shows that it is the Holy Spirit that regenerates a person, not water baptism or any other work.

Notice also that it is by the work of God that we are saved, and specifically not because of any righteousness things we have done. This is baptism washing of the Holy Spirit, which is mentioned in Acts and fulfilled in Acts