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Since he never worked with Edison at the Menlo Park or West Orange laboratories, however, he is not technically a "mucker. A gifted chemist, Aylsworth began working at the West Orange labs when they opened in Much of his work involved testing materials for phonograph recordings.

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He left around only to return ten years later, working both for Edison and in his own laboratory. He patented condensite, a mixture of phenol and formaldehyde, for use in Edison Diamond Disc records. His work with "interpenetrating polymers" came decades before other scientists made similar discoveries with plastics. Like his younger brother Fred, Ott worked with Edison in Newark as a machinist in the s.

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Both brothers followed Edison to Menlo Park in , where John was Edison's principal model and instrument maker. After the move to West Orange in , he served as superintendent of the machine shop until a terrible fall in left him severely injured. Ott held 22 patents, some with Edison. He died only one day after the inventor; his crutches and wheelchair were placed by Edison's casket at Mrs. Edison's request.

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Canadian-born Fessenden had been trained as an electrician. So when Edison wanted to make him a chemist, he protested. Edison replied, "I have had a lot of chemists He left the West Orange lab around and patented several inventions of his own, including patents for telephony and telegraphy.


Muckers - The Real Muckers

In , he became the first person to broadcast words and music over radio waves. Along with most of the West Orange crew in the s, Dickson worked mainly on Edison's failed iron ore mine in western New Jersey.

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However, his skill as staff photographer led him to assist Edison in his work with motion pictures. They were a ragtag team of players with a mountain of odds against them: the smallest team in Arizona in a mining town set to shutter, a football field made of slag instead of grass, and a coach suffering from injuries endured in World War II. Considered an integrated team in Arizona, the Muckers often played schools that were all-black or non-Hispanic white, but not Mexican and "Anglo" like they were. Not only did the Muckers win the Northern Arizona Conference title, they went undefeated, trouncing teams from cities like Phoenix and Flagstaff, who were much larger.

The remarkable feat earned them bragging rights for the mythical state championship. Seven months later, the school closed and the mines soon after, making Jerome a ghost town.

What is a Mucker?

Many Muckers players went overseas to fight in the Korean War and the team championship was forgotten. Through these letters, which spanned two wars, and researching newspapers, I realized this was more than a football story--it was an epic tale of segregation, war, and poverty. Prejudice, under the guise of the Communist red scare, had seeped into every part of American society. Go to our cookie policy for more details. Muckers Plural noun 1. Paloma has always mucked about with Pijon.

They love it. They run wild. They dress up.

The Muckers "New York Girls"