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  2. Gabrielle Burton dies at 76; feminist writer shed new light on the Donner Party
  3. News about Time's Fool, Alys Earl's Shed: Unbound
  4. The Bath Festival, 19-28 May: Young Writers Lab, Family Arts Day, Dare to Write Library and More

Speaking of other writers, if you could swap places with another author for one day, who would it be and why?

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She has the wackiest, funniest, most engaging flights of fancy on Twitter, all of which clearly show how her brain works when she writes her books. I yearn to be that funny and free with a brain open wide to whatever kookiness creeps in and no slamming doors of negative self-editing.

She makes even the most stoic people laugh. And we all love a good laugh. Sometimes, though, we love a good cry, too.

What is the first book that made you cry? Stephanie: Okay, this is a great question because I loved to cry over books as a kid.


Gabrielle Burton dies at 76; feminist writer shed new light on the Donner Party

I vividly remember getting the book from Griffen Bay Bookstore in Friday Harbor, WA where my grandparents lived and reading it on our vacation. I was a huge cat lover as a kid still am and being away from home meant worrying and missing our cats at home in Minneapolis every single day. The funny thing is, I reread that book a lot as a kid but I have not been able to bring myself to reread it as an adult.

Notable It must be just as hard to write a sad book as it is to read one. But what is hardest for you about writing in general? And the easiest? Stephanie: Hardest: waiting for something to happen when my writing is out there in the world.

News about Time's Fool, Alys Earl's Shed: Unbound

Easiest: procrastination. Just in the time it took for me to complete this interview, I have cleaned my entire house, gone onto Twitter and had 1, fights and random musings, eaten several meals, and an invented a fish language that includes a plethora of diphthongs and monophthongs. Notable LOL! Ame Dyckman might have competition in the funny author category. Finally, one last question before you get back to your fights on Twitter: where is your favorite place to write?

Drawing on the historically intimate relationship between writers and their sheds, the space was conceived as a haven in the city; a fairy-tale hut at the bottom of the garden where the client could retreat and immerse himself in his work. The back-lit cedar facade, shingle cladding, log store and wood burning stove were all intended to play a part in creating this world. The bespoke sliding door and frameless glazing give onto the covered verandah, creating a space where one can enjoy the very worst of the British weather. The material palette is modest and unassuming, whilst also being resilient and sensitive to ageing; complementing the role of the shed as a place of changing ideas and production.

The Bath Festival, 19-28 May: Young Writers Lab, Family Arts Day, Dare to Write Library and More

A hearth made of cut concrete paving slabs was built to surround the stove. The offset pitch of the roof allowed for a large north-facing skylight; flooding the workspace with natural light. A bespoke shelving unit on the main internal elevation playfully meanders around the wood burning stove, providing a centre piece with which the client is able to store his large collection of books.

Repeating the working model employed for their first project — the RCA Student Union Cafe — WSD Architecture capitalised on their multi-disciplinary backgrounds in order to act as designers, project managers, site managers and lead contractors for the project. In this way, the practice were able to ensure that the ambitious design could be delivered within a very limited time-frame and budget, whilst also being able to maintain a productive and flexible working relationship with the client.

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