Deeper into the Heart of the Rockies: Selected columns from The Denver Post 1999-2012

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For this, she was sentenced to life in prison. The law governing the particular circumstances allowed this, but it was a miscarriage of justice nonetheless. Ed was one of the first, maybe the very first, to call attention to the injustice, followed by others, including Hunter Thompson, who in turn was followed by celebrities. Lady Justice had her eye patch removed. Today, I told the group in Boulder, a woman walks free, partly as a result of Ed.

Oh yes, Ed had his prejudices. He never was fond of ski towns, and his lone experience in in Breckenridge left him less impressed yet. He often told of the time that he ran a photo of a snowplow that had slipped off an icy Highway 9 and the resulting phone call received from one of the local chamber people. What will tourists think when they read that snowplows slide off the highways here? Instead, he gravitated toward places like Leadville, which was more in line with his blue-collar sensibilities.

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He let facts steer his thinking. And Ed always had a way of assembling big pictures. In her comments in Boulder, Limerick, who directs the Center of the American West while also teaching history and writing books, shared that Ed had attended a forum about boom-and-bust economies of the West that her institute had sponsored. Limerick was a recipient of a MacArthur Foundation grant, the so-called genius award. But Ed was a genius, too, if less formally recognized, and he delivered lots of ah-hah moments in his writing career.

I miss him all the more. One Time Tip Jar Donate now to enable more of the well-researched, well-written stories such as you see here.

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Recurring Donations Give a little every month to ensure that this robust, grassroots journalism continues. Subscribe Subscribe to Mountain Town News, an e-magazine containing news and analysis from mountain resort regions of the North American West, delivered to your e-mail box in a convenient, easy-to-read format. Skip to content. By George Sibley A quarter-century ago, shortly before starting this magazine, Ed Quillen wrote a major essay for High Country News — preceded by a two-day conference in Denver Ed had instigated with HCN publisher Ed Marston and the Pacific Foundation, assembling a motley of regional journalists, environmentalists, educators and other western thinkers to explore […].

He grew up in Iowa and was graduated with honors from Ohio Wesleyan University in It was a crazy idea, but the events unfolding in almost made it seem feasible. Student riots, sit-ins, and demonstrations rocked […]. Perhaps more […]. The water planning process the […]. The Pilgrims arrived at Plymouth in December of years ago this month and stayed aboard the Mayflower, where they died by the dozens. They were sick and discouraged until March, when an English-speaking native hailed them, […].

By November 1, Deeper into the Heart of the Rockies will be available on amazon. Indiana University Herbarium completes massive plant digitization project. Indiana University Bloomington News. Traditional Medicine 4 key principles to ensure your product is Ayurvedic. April 5, NSF International. Nutrients from food, not supplements, linked to lower risks of death, cancer. NC State University News. Spicy compound from chili peppers slows lung cancer progression. April 6, The future of agriculture is computerized. MIT Media Lab. April 3, March 26, Pain News Network.

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Emerging Regulatory Pathways for Nutraceuticals. April 1, WholeFoods Magazine. Evolution of supply chain transparency. Cannabis Update Fresh guidance to fill 'information vacuum' on new cannabis products for medicinal use.

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  8. Hemp world takes steps toward legitimacy, but still has need for growth. April 4, April 7, The benefits and challenges of incorporating climate action. NZ Herald. Medicinal plants used in traditional remedies under threat in Mexico. TRT World. Rhodes University. April 2, Polysaccharide supplement may give marathon runners an immune boost.

    Aloe vera does not present risk of increased exposure to hydroxyanthracene compounds, Herbalife Nutrition researchers find. March 29, Crushing Biopiracy in Sri Lanka. Daily News. FDA, supplement industry eye ways to foster compliance with ingredient notification system. Canada set to take a leading role on the global stage for cannabis research.

    Does it work — and is it legal? PBS Newshour. A blast from the past: exhibit explores weed as medicine. Soapbox Cincinnati. Hemp world sits at pivotal moment in its history, Israelsen tells attendees at expo. March 28, The humble kohlrabi has been reinvented as a delicacy. March 31, Paper provides 'great overview' of challenge of choosing right botanical test materials. Why a cacao ceremony might be exactly what you need right now. USA Today. Unlikely effects and ridiculous claims: Are 'superfoods' the new food fraud?

    Just Herbs: Crowdsourced Ayurveda. Forbes India. Cameroon farmers spice up earnings with forest-friendly foods. Thomson Reuters Foundation News. Scientists trial drones to protect coffee plants from devastating fungal disease. Medicinal plants may be a key to understanding other cultures.

    Bad Idea. Scientific American. April March 27, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. FDA responses to supplement ingredient notices show improved success rate. Nature's Way strategy and innovation chief shares how a legacy company is keeping up with the times. Cannabis Update Can medicinal cannabis treat the tics in Tourette syndrome?

    Novel insights into soil biodiversity, Earth's global engine. Traditional Medicine As China pushes traditional medicine globally, illegal wildlife trade flourishes. March 25, Tuck into colourful fruits and vegetables and see the light. March 22, Shire City Herbal's suit over 'fire cider' trademark heads to trial this week. The Berkshire Eagle. March 24, Next-gen sports nutrition beverages. March 23, Business Wire.

    The Jerusalem Post. March 21, Go for a run or eat chocolate: A choice dictated by the cannabinoid receptors. March 19, Indian Gooseberry Boosts Heart Health. March 14, March 12, Penn Today. March 18, March 16, Bloomberg Law. March 15, Sports nutrition firms, owners indicted for selling SARMs, prohormones. The Arizona Tribune. Marijuana cultivation in India permitted for research and medicine, but nutraceuticals remain left out. March 13, Psychology Today. March 11, Botanicals for blood sugar support.

    Seven key supplement trends from Expo West Could internet activity provide accurate in plant and animal conservation? Traditional Medicine Researchers work to standardize traditional Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine believed to be alternative treatment for opioid-related disease: expert.

    In China, scandal engulfs a big seller of traditional medicine. The Economist. World's first TCM evidence-based medical center established. How Chinese traditional medicine helped beat malaria. Avocado seed extract shows anti-inflammatory promise. Green light for green tea as study links its potency to lower obesity risk.

    NHS to trial ayurvedic herbal remedy to cut down on antibiotics for coughs and colds. The Telegraph. Study: Spearmint extract may boost attention in healthy, active men and women. Unearthing a botanical legacy, one seed at a time. Curcumin exhibited anti-fatty liver properties in Iranian clinical trial. Standardization is tide that can raise all botanical boats, supplier says. Cannabis Update Why patients are still being denied legalised medical cannabis. The Pharmaceutical Journal. Brain health market is still largely undeveloped and ripe with opportunity, experts say. Food as medicine a resurgent trend at Natural Products Expo West.

    Food Business News. From the Editor's Desk: Separating fads from trends. February 23, Native California medicinal plant may hold promise for treating Alzheimer's. February 20, Advances in naturopathy research reported in new special issue of JACM. Shilajit may help maintain muscle strength for longer during exercise. February 19, Grasses found to cheat evolution by stealing genes from their neighbors.

    New Atlas. Aloe sanguinalis, a new red Aloe from Somaliland. February 14, February 13, Mango leaf extract linked to sprint muscle performance. Compound from Vietnamese herb shows promise in fight against sarcopenia. February 12, February 11, February 22, USPlabs co-founder signals intent to plead guilty in dietary supplement fraud case.

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    Outside Magazine. Here are a couple of suggestions. February 15, Properly crafted memory, cognition claims still viable in wake of FDA Alzheimer's enforcement action. February 28, February 21, How crisis communications can turn dietary supplement industry challenges into opportunities. Indianapolis Monthly. March February 27, Hemp extract sourcing and extraction: The pros and cons for the natural product industry. Medicinal Cannabis and the Need for Data. The Boston Globe. Medicinal cannabis: Why has it taken so long to get to patients?

    February 16, February 22, Proprietary blends still prevalent in pre-workout products, but consumer demand for transparency is increasing. Liver health supplements attract young adults that regularly consume alcohol, says analyst. Traditional Medicine How does traditional Chinese medicine threaten wildlife? National Geographic. Hong Kong sets up reference standards for Chinese traditional medicines. Aboriginal healers treat patients alongside doctors and nurses at Lyell McEwin Hospital. ABC News. February 18, AOAC International. Probiotic-fermented soy has potential to enhance cognitive function in older adults: RCT.

    Report urges policy makers to find a bigger role for supplements in healthcare. February 26, Consuming garlic and onions may lower colorectal cancer risk. Few essential oils met label spec in recent test. Could saffron be as effective as stimulant medicines in treating ADHD? The 'blue' in blueberries can help lower blood pressure.

    February 25, FDA official sheds light on dietary supplement working group. Focus on supply chain will help top quality brands weather commoditization storm. The Atlantic. Washington has work to do on CBD, hemp. Botanicals to watch in Immune-health ingredient update News Ghana. Regenerative agriculture is moving the sustainability goalpost in the nutrition industry. Missouri Botanical Garden. New York Botanic Garden. February 6, Chinese research links schisandra extract to reduced risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver. February 5, How to Maintain Trust in Nutrition Science.

    February 4, February 7, The Secrets Inside the C. Bigelow Apothecary Est. February 1, Uruguay is betting on exports of medical marijuana. JD Supra. Why colorful foods boost immunity. Science News for Students. IUCN study identifies tree species for climate-resilient reforestation. International Union for the Conservation of Nature. AHPA submits comments on use of dairy names for plant-based product labels. New BTI database to foster efficiency, collaborations. Cornell Chronicle. Dermatology Advisor.

    Curcumin-fenugreek combo linked to improved cardiovascular health markers in obese young men. January 29, Can a sports nutrition product be too good? JAMA Network. IFL Science. Personalized nutrition must be individual, effective to succeed. Yale Environment January 30, January 31, State based laws on supplements would result in unworkable tangle of rules, stakeholders argue.

    Brexit confusion: How will sports nutrition be impacted? Cannabis Update Medical cannabis relieves symptoms in children with autism. Feeling Stressed? Try a Tincture. National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health. January 28, Banned substances in sport are not always clearly defined. In attracting new consumers, sports nutrition sphere runs risk of dilution, expert says. Cannabis Update CBD concentration matters.

    Cannabidiol: Rising star or popular fad? The Conversation. New study analyzes cost effectiveness of smoked cannabis to treat chronic neuropathic pain. Hemp and CBD in pet supplements weaves same tangled web as in products meant for humans. Haupt Conservatory. Cassava high in iron and zinc could improve diets and health in west Africa.

    Researchers characterize potential of multifaceted traditional botanical. January 27, January 25, An entire botanical garden of genomes. January 24, Ninth Circuit affirms summary judgment in favor of dietary supplement manufacturer in deceptive labeling class action. Timeline: Major Events of January 18, Does plant medicine play a role in combating stress? Las Vegas Sun. Traditional Medicine More than a mushroom. January 26, January 23, January 21, Supplements vary in their effects on muscle mass and strength: Review.

    Science Alert. January 19, January 16, Australian complementary healthcare practitioners reveal concerns over TGA reforms. January 22, Own-label distributors of supplements still failing to produce product specifications. More claims on herbal products now reflect responsible references to science. Is there mushroom for better research?

    Brain-boosting coffee creator sets sights on curing disease. Cannabis Update Canada's chronic shortage of legal cannabis expected to drag out for years. From the fields of Tennessee to a lab in Alton Park, here's a look at Chattanooga's growing hemp industry.

    Chattanooga Times Free Press. January 20, South China Morning Post. Subscription services, the next wave in dietary supplement retail? Sibelius uses proprietary epigenetic assay to find best raw material for new chamomile supplement. Takeaways: The changing dynamics of aging.

    January 15, Soil health ought to be pressing concern for every aspect of the nutrition industry. December 14, Grand Valley Lanthorn. Traditional medicine in Taiwan on life support. Al Jazeera. Ace Newz. January 17, Study: Chocolate could be better for your cough than syrup. Santa Barbara Independent. Is the hype about CBD, or cannabidiol, real?

    Works (168)

    January 4, Harvard Health. February Vietnam Net. China sprouts cotton plants on the moon. January 11, The Fresh Toast. Shutdown likely to delay resolution of CBD issue. January 14, Banned substance testing programs provide extended value to the sports nutrition market. Market Research Reflects and Predicts Growth. Traditional Medicine Yucatecan younger generations do not trust Maya herbalist medicine. The Yucatan Times. January 10, Mangosteen extract may improve insulin response, promote weight loss in obese subjects, pilot study suggests.

    January 2, December 22, December 21, The secret life of plants: Ten new species found this year. From spectacular orchids to towering trees — 's top new plant discoveries. Sensoril ashwagandha improves strength training, recovery, in athlete study. December 19, December 18, January 9, The FDA should move fast to change that.

    Business Insider. December 17, Cannabis Update Increased risk of harm from cannabis across Europe. December 31, Investing News. December 23, Wine Enthusiast. Fast Casual. January 8, January 3, Organic Authority. Will mainstreaming traditional Chinese medicine threaten wildlife? December 20, December 28, Phytochemistry, traditional uses and pharmacological profile of rose hip.

    December 27, Study of traditional medicine finds high use in Sub-Saharan Africa despite modern medicine. Ingredient transparency beyond legal requirements. Photographic info could bolster botanical ingredient supply chain. The National Law Review. Patients are hopeful Texas will expand access to medical cannabis. Changing marijuana laws in Canada and Mexico create pressure on Texas.

    Houston Chronicle. December 29, December 26, December 30, The big issues for CBD, the microbiome and more. What will be big in ? NutraIngredients predicts top industry drivers. Biggest superfood trends in Functional beverages will get even more personalized in Top 5 World Tea News Articles of December 7, January 1, Intercontinental Cry. Traditional medicine use remains significant across Africa and more scientists are taking note.

    Is Ayahuasca Mainstream Now? American Herbal Pharmacopoeia. Delaware Valley University. Herbal skin cream found to contain steroids. Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency. New study results suggest herb may boost strength. Green leafy vegetables may prevent liver steatosis. Branded black cumin seed extract shows potent anti-inflammatory activity in asthma-related mediators in in vitro study.

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    Chromatography Explores the Health Benefits of Mushrooms. Chromatography Today. December 12, Hazelnuts Why Oregon's state nut may be the key to disease prevention. December 11,