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Biblical allusions abound in Frank Herbert's novel. In the film, Paul Atreides is more a man of action than a man of the cloth, but he barely hesitates before using the unusual -- some might say supernatural -- powers granted to him by "the spice" to overturn an evil dynasty. As a side note, I do wish that Alejandro Jodorowsky had been able to mount his version in the 70s. That would have been an undeniable religious experience. Bruce Willis provides the earthly contrast, allowing Father Vito to take the high road as a member of the supporting cast, a Friar Tuck to Willis' reluctant Robin Hood.

Dillon Charles Dutton S. Neo lucha contra su propio destino a un nivel instintivo, incluso mientras busca comprender mejor el mundo que le rodea.

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Ellie Arroway Jodie Foster en Contacto Ella se mantiene firme en sus convicciones y firme en sus creencias. El caso se convierte en una prueba de fe, y una prueba de la profundidad del amor que Mulder y Scully sienten el uno por el otro. Bruce Willis ofrece el contraste terrenal, permitiendo al padre Vito participar como miembro del elenco de apoyo, un fraile Tuck para el reacio Robin Hood de Willis.

Rellena el filete de pollo de queso y ciérralo. ¡Tan fácil pero tan rico!

Profile last updated Apr 9, More translators and interpreters: Nos lo hemos pasado fenomenal, ha sido una fiesta inolvidable y nos hemos reido muchisimo con nuestra familia y amigos. La decoracion ha quedado preciosa, las flores eran una autentica maravilla y han aguantado bastante bien. Se que mas de una se las ha llevado a casa como recuerdo. Muy a nuestro pesar no hemos podido comer practicamente nada con todo el remolino de emociones, pero nuestros invitados nos han dicho que estaba todo riquisimo. Los camareros un 10 tambien, se que habia un monton de gente funcionando pero ni me he enterado que estaban por alli.

A la recena si que llegamos y creo que algun croissant de esos rellenos de tortilla me salvo de una buena borrachera!! Al final, nos quedamos un grupo bastante divertido que no queria irse a casa y me parece que hemos ampliado una hora de barra libre. Por favor, dinos cuanto es y os hacemos la transferencia antes de irnos de vacaciones. During the 10 months of arrangements I have been reviewing every detail whereof I wanted for this big day and was dreaming that it was as I was imagining it myself. What we never think is that the work of all those who took part that day could do that all our expectations were exceded.

And undoubtedly the proprietors of the House of Offices are a family that won the love of us together with his magic farm from the first moment. We will never forget the day that we went to see it and Francisco received us. Since then, many have been the visits to his house, ever received for a member of the family, each one the most charming… Luisa, Paco, Alicia, Francisco… made us feel that we were running at our house and have accompanied us until the big day in all the arrangements, facilitating very much this process to us.

Thanks for these months family, it has been a pleasure to meet you. We owe a visit to you when we have the photos! There would be many things to be emphasised of the work of all those who are employed at this catering. Like the meal, which was fantastic. Everybody congratulated us on the cocktail, which in addition to good, was attended perfectly and in which we manage to see all our guests enjoying very much.

As well as the banquet, it was quite delightful and the team of barmen was The decoration of every corner was a wise move and they managed to receive how we wanted our day, helping us to include all the details that we wanted to take care. And off course, Fernando's work during the whole last September It was him who took charge of our wedding and merely we want to thank him for everything, you did that everything was exiting perfectly and that we and our family were relaxed and enjoying this day without worrying for anything.

Also we will go to see you when we have the photos! In the end, a magic and unforgettable day, so thank you very much!! A real privilege is for me to be able to rely so much upon so much talent toghether concerning us. I want to transmit the conviction that the success of a wedding is only the sum of the small individual successes of each of you, that close and organised, form an extraordinary collective success. Please, transmit to each and everyone of your teams and collaborators our most heartfelt congratulations. The first thing of everything we want to give you is the eternal ones thanks for everything done for us.

And off course to congratulate you because everything remained beautiful. All our guests told us it the delighted that they were with all the details of decor that they had seen. Isabel and Javier Sent on September 15, Elena thank you very much for your work and yesterday dedication. The people super satisfied with the environment and with the service. We will take you on mind the whole life. She called yesterday to half a wedding to comment on it and to ask for the catering, I hope that other some event comes to you. Thanks for everything and congratulations From: First of all we wanted to thank you for everything.

Carlos has been in charge and very attentive and it has exited. The whole team of The Laurel incredible, the people haven't droped out to call us to say to us that they were pleased with all the attention, the catering and the decor. One more time thanks for everything. All, and when I say all I refer included the rest of providers of my wedding, they remained astonished with the meal, the staging, the decor, the service I might have married in shorts, and nobody would have realised.

We receive almost more fulfillings, praises and congratulations for the election of the catering that for our wedding! Cum laude, we will adore them up to the ending of our days! So much the decoration, like the service, the organisation and off course the meal were outstanding. The general comment was the high quality and the beautiful that was everything. We mightn't have wished a better night. Javier and Maria From: The truth is that everything exited. Our guests were happy, they all commented on the good of the meal and how exquisite was the service.

I wanted also to mention that Fernando was impeccable in everything what he did, very professional and ready for. We will speak very soon because I would like being grateful to you personally for everything. A big hug from our side from Mikonos. It was quite perfect. A wonderful meal, the most correct service.

I kept for myself a napkin, which certainly, ideals, not to forget the name and look that the holiday purses are small …. Whenever I have an event, you will be my first option. Thank you very much. Enchanters Javi and your team!! A hug and thank you again!!! On July 22, Hello Elena. Only to be grateful to you for the excellent service that we have received from The laurel. We have loved how they have mounted everything, the professional and nicest barmen, the beautiful chill out presentation although it happend to us over a little of water: But undoubtedly the best was the catering Everybody congratulated to me on the variety, the good taste of every plate, the presentation and the good that the ham was.

So millions of thanks to you and to all your team. We keep on in contact. It exited all everything and the richest meal, people went out delighted. You have a big team working with you, super attentive, polite and especially flatted out professionals. Thank you very much indeed. Now I was going to write to you to be grateful to you for the whole coordination! Everything exited perfectly and we are absolutely pleased. We had a good time, it has been an unforgettable party and we have laughed very much with our family and friends.

Fernando was super attentive and affectionate and a darling with everybody. The decor remained beautiful, the flowers were an authentic marvel and they have born rather good. I know that more than one has taken them to house as memory. Much to our sorrow we couldn't eat anything with all the emotions, but our guests have said to us that it was all quite richest.

The barmen 10 also, were a heap of people working however I haven't even found that they were over there. We still reached the redinner and I believe that some croissant of these fillings of omelette safed me from a good spree!! In the end, we have left an amusing rather group that didn't want to go away to house and it seems to me that we enlarged an hour more of free bar. Please, say to us how much it is and we do the transference to you before taking the vacations. El HEV, que combina un motor de gasolina de 2. Soon from August 1, New Ford Mondeo, the perfect union among technology and craft, performance and efficiency, innovative design and precise engineering, the New Ford Mondeo has been created to inspire.

The image of the elegance Stylised line, low roofs and showy details: Surely, Is it sophisticated? Its interior is equally overwhelming, an union between design and technology of avant-garde with a finished meticulous one and perfectionist. Headlights that help you to see around the curves The Ford Autoadaptive Headlights are not only nice; they are also intelligent. These ultraefficient LED project an intense beam of light that follows your plan at the same way that you turn the whell. Even the flashing signals have been replaced with a more advanced and visible alternative: The technology and the art for park The new generation of the assistant to the advanced park helps you not only to park in line, but also it does it in battery.

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  • Its ultrasonic systems determine if your car fits in a car park, and its computerised system parks for you. Its technology also indicates you if there is any object no visible that may obstruct the maneuver. The system also reads you aloud the incoming text messages. Added protection for companions In the New Ford Mondeo, the two lateral rear entries can be fitted out with an only safety system: In case of impact, the belt gets conceited and distributes the forces of the impact for an area of the body five times major than the conventional belts.

    On having reduced the pressure in the breast and on having controlled better the movement of neck and head, this innovative technology is designed to reduce the possibility of injury. Powerful, efficient and revolutionary The New Ford Mondeo relies upon diesel engines and petrol ones, in addition to a hybrid revolutionary engine. Advantages of having a translated web General field: Internet, e-Commerce Source text - Spanish Ventajas de tener una web traducida.

    La lengua sigue siendo el principal instrumento utilizado para transmitir mensajes y comunicarse. Texto no justificado Translation - English Advantages of having a translated web. Nowadays the economy and the cultures of the whole world are so interrelated, that it is not possible to ignore the fact that Internet is a global, intercultural and multilingual way of communication, since it has allowed the geographical limits to disappear.

    Lo que usted debe saber sobre la diarrea

    The language keeps on being the main instrument used to transmit messages and to communicate. Therefore, our comprehension of what is said in a foreign language is far from being perfect. The persons feel more confident and more secure on using their own language in any process of comprehension or expression. Thereby at this point of the globalization, it becomes indispensable rely on web pages that "speak" to the users in their own language.

    To have a multilingual web is a profitable investment that turns out to be unavoidable on the current global market for several reasons: The studies demonstrate that people are more inclined to buy in web sites that are published in their native language. If English is added to it, another millions can be obtained.

    What’s Wrong with the Chart and How to Fix It.

    To have also the version in other languages like French and the portuguese might increase the number to more millions. With only 4 languages there is facilitated the access to 1. Non justified text German to Spanish: Ein bisschen Geschichte General field: Social Sciences Source text - German Un poco de historia Jesus Duran Fernandez lleva ejerciendo su actividad profesional como traductor autonomo desde Esta experiencia sumada a las distintas certificaciones obtenidas posteriormente, le han aportado mucha experiencia, la cual le sirve ahora para ejercitar su actividad de traductor en su domicilio.

    El inicio de su actividad fue un poco serpenteante, su enfermedad le hizo pasar por muchas etapas en la vida como traductor. Visiting Granma on Christmas General field: Llevaba las manos sucias y los zapatos embarrados. No la esperaba esa noche, sin duda. La abuela la ayudaba a quitarse el abrigo y la bufanda, sonriendo misteriosa.

    Cosas que te gustan mucho. Que os gustan mucho a todos. Ahora la cocina estaba desierta, pero no silenciosa: Una veintena de platos estaban distribuidos sobre la encimera y la mesa de madera. Una salsa de textura untuosa se agitaba sobre el fuego. Irene se detuvo, sorprendida, en el umbral. Ya se acercaba el taconeo de la abuela pasillo adelante. Los trabajos de ambos, los planes de futuro, la casa. De boda, nada, por el momento. Y de pronto, vuelta a empezar: Y no tardes mucho. En ese momento, regresaba la abuela, blandiendo una bandeja enorme llena de croquetas.

    Un rastro de miguitas de pan rallado le cruzaba el pecho. La abuela trasteaba colocando el mantel y las servilletas en la mesa rectangular del comedor. Y su hijo Pablo. Y mis dos hermanas mayores. Tres en uno de los lados largos de la mesa: Uno en el lugar de honor: No van a venir. La vio distribuir cuchillos y tenedores, con un cuidado infinito, colocando y recolocando cubiertos hasta que estuvieron perfectamente paralelos. La anciana meditaba, pensaba en voz alta, tal vez. Pero les gusta tanto verla Se acuerdan de los viejos tiempos Dicen que al principio siempre da miedo, pero luego se pasa.

    Tarde o temprano, a todos nos llega. Lo que siento es que en tu caso haya sido tan temprano. Esta carretera, esta nieve Actually, he did not like visiting Grandma at any time of the year. The two or three hours that she employed since leaving the city until returning caused her some concern difficult to explain in her for her worship seamless feelings on the old woman.

    But they were so difficult to combine love and remorse. And there they were, inevitably, these pangs of guilt that seemed to mess it all: When feeling lazy about having to drive for lost roads, when I thought I should go more often to the house where she had played as a child, when during the visit could not avoid looking herself stealthily the wrist to spy the advancement of clockwise.

    And to top it all, sincere joy from grandmother on receiving her, her utter lack of reproaches. The guilt feeling shallowed her. For Irene would have been easier if she had thought that she meant for it. He hated visiting Grandma for Christmas, but she was there on Christmas Eve plying the narrow roads on which the snow had begun to solidify itself.

    I've assigned Miss Crumley to your case, Wead.

    Crumley , Wead. Lil's got Joe Crumbly looking through old publicity shots from Papa Belle's. Lil tiene a Joe Crumbly viendo viejas fotos publicitarias del Papa Belle's. Crumbly viendo viejas fotos publicitarias del Papa Belle's. A good view of the crumbly volcanic rock surface.

    Una buena vista de la superficie suelta de un arrecife rocoso. The crumbly cheese mass is then left to settle before being moulded into a lump by hand. He moved his toe, Miss Crumley. Miss Crumley has made a request which is strictly against naval regulations.

    Crumly - Translation into Spanish - examples English | Reverso Context

    La Srta. Crumley hizo una solicitud que va estrictamente contra el reglamento de la Marina. Flaming tequila, crumbly old book? You just said yourself you're a crumby shrink. Don't get all crumbly on me. Some people might say that collecting vintage toasters is a crumby hobby. Jonas has invited president Chumly , to watch his test for Replicator today. Jonas ha invitado al rector a la prueba del replicador. The walls are a bit crumbly The dough will be crumbly looking at first, but should come together.

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