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  3. A confused trip south in 'Junebug'

Consider this dialogue:. That much is exactly right. A certain kind of person my father was one finds a Phillips head screwdriver easier to lose than almost everything else. So now wait until it's later at night, and observe Eugene in the kitchen.

He looks in the refrigerator and then he says: "Now where would I be if I was a screwdriver? If you get that right, you get everything else right, too. And here is other dialogue that rings with clarity and truth:. Ashley to Johnny: "God loves you just the way you are, but he loves you too much to let you stay that way. Peg, under her breath at a baby shower, after her son's new wife from the city has given her daughter-in-law a silver spoon: "That won't go in the dishwasher. Who are these people? At the event she meets George Alessandro Nivola , and they fall in love and get married.

His family from North Carolina is invited but doesn't attend. They decide to kill two birds with one stone: She'll sign up the artist and meet the family.

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Here is the family she meets: Peg Celia Weston is the matriarch, who criticizes everyone, second-guesses every decision and is never wrong, according to her. Eugene Scott Wilson is her husband, who has withdrawn into a deep silence and a shadowy presence, and spends many hours in his basement wood-carving corner. She is pregnant. As George and Madeleine arrive, Ashley is about to give birth. Johnny is responding to this, as he does to everything, by withdrawing, not talking to anybody, working under his car in the garage.

Ashley, on the other hand, is always chatty; she's a good soul, cheerful, optimistic, supportive. The four people in this household are so locked into their roles that the arrival of the Chicagoans is like a bomb dropping.

Junebug Movie Review & Film Summary () | Roger Ebert

Madeleine, the outsider, smiles all the time. If she feels this family is strange and disturbing, she doesn't say so. George behaves as he knows he should but remains enigmatic; we don't find out what he really thinks about his family until the movie's last line, if then. The artist, David Wark, is a profound eccentric with an accent and values that seem to have been imported from the 18th century.

His folk art incorporates imperfectly controlled images from a half-understood world. Wark has just finished an allegorical painting about the freeing of the slaves. He explains that he can't paint a face unless it belongs to somebody he knows, and he doesn't know any black people, which is why all the slaves have white faces. He spends long hours away from everyone, but watch him down in the basement, when a documentary about meerkats comes on TV.

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He knows his wife "loves meerkats. It would mean so much to him to give her this video. He fails.

here are some of our best tips + advice to help you plan your big day

Ashley explains about the tab that keeps you from re-recording over something, but he responds with anger and, of course, takes it out on her. They increase their activity in the spring.

Robert Francis- Junebug

The adults are chafers , feeding on foliage of trees and shrubs. They may cause significant damage when emerging in large numbers. The larvae called white grubs feed on the roots of grasses and other plants. The insects pupate underground in the fall and emerge as adults the following spring. To test for the presence of these beetles, drenching an area of lawn with water will cause larvae to emerge at the surface. The adult beetles are very clumsy, both on land and especially in the air.

Adult chafers eat the leaves and flowers of many deciduous trees, shrubs, and other plants. An obvious indication of infestation is the presence of birds, such as crows, peeling back the grass to get to the grubs. The injury consists of poorly growing patches that quickly turn brown in dry weather.

The grubs can be found immediately below the surface, usually lying in a characteristic comma-like position. The grubs sometimes attack vegetables and other garden plants, e. Injury to the roots and rootstock causes small saplings and tender tap-rooted plants like lettuce to wilt suddenly or to show stunted growth and a tendency to shed leaves prematurely.

A confused trip south in 'Junebug'

Plants growing in rows are usually attacked in succession as the grubs move along from one plant to the next. Chafer grubs feed below ground for 3—4 years before changing into adult beetles. Some Pyrgotidae flies pursue the beetles in flight to lay an egg on the beetle's back under the elytra where the beetle cannot reach it. The egg hatches and the fly larva enters the body cavity of the beetle, feeding on and eventually killing the host before pupating.

A species of bee fly, Exoprosopa fascists, is also a parasite of this genera. The larvae feed on the ground and pupate in the grub cell where they stay over the winter. They are also known to be prey to a large variety of amphibians [ further explanation needed ]. Some small mammals, including skunks and moles , feed on the grubs. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Harris , Retrieved Iowa State University.