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Using the few remaining giant surface patterns that had given them so many memories the cloudy week before, the Danes found the new clear sunny conditions to be much more challenging. The subtle autumn signs are now everywhere — faint yellows and reds have started to appear, tundra berries and mushrooms are being gathered by the bucket load, reindeer are again disappearing to the south. With the dark of night quickly approaching to cool the season off, our large coloured salmon are beginning to get restless.

Stay tuned! This first August week could be considered the finest fishing week in the history of the Atlantic Salmon Reserve. This is exactly double the number of fish in the same week last year. NR are six years into comprehensive 10 year salmon and wild brown trout program covering the entire watershed of nearly 2. We share your excitement about the future. Were you a believer? Never underestimate the mighty Kharlovka! Following a very soggy previous week, Mother Nature has recently smiled on us once again.

Ooh — What a difference a few centimetres and degrees C can make. The very day our unlucky previous guests left, the river dropped 5cm on the home pool gauge and also cooled down a perfect 5 C, to our present temperature of 13 Celsius. Down 5 and 5 — that is all it took for our rivers to basically explode, providing our guests with a genuine late summer Bonanza!

Line burned fingers, broken reels, shattered hooks, multiple swims — It has been an action packed week of high drama here in the far north. Over the last 7 days, Team Kharlovka, comprised of 9 very lucky young men and women, manage to put the record week of the season on the books catching and releasing unbelievable salmon along their exciting way. To put all this into perspective, in addition to more than a dozen personal bests P.

While the core team was only 9 internationals, there were 5 additional Brits that showed up late from other tundra adventures, eventually chipping 10 salmon into the cause. With the pressure straight off, their early success included a personal best — 28 pounder for Colin and another 26 P. From there on out, it was mostly Mom and young Edward with the hot rods, leading the clan onto a smashing 35 salmon before it was all over. Maybe it was the pheromones? However it was, Rosemary landed the three biggest salmon of her life in the mid twenties.

While young Lizzy battled hard to the end, landing several smaller ones for her cause, it was her little brother Edward who, besides being more than a foot taller this year, certainly had some magic of his own. Along with showing up for breakfast later everyday, this young man managed to triple what he had caught the year before including a couple of new 17 and 21 pound personal bests.

The moral of this story is — Never teach your wife and children how to fish, for they will no doubt soon become better than you! The whole family is hopelessly addicted to salmon fishing — and now, only big ones will do! Also with us last week was our enthusiastic young British contingent of Simon and Ted.

Back on his second trip, it appears that young Ted, who is a noble school teacher back home in the U. And then there was his partner Simon, who definitely has a serious case of salmon fever ever since he started fishing over a year ago with his 6 hard earned U. After finally giving up at midnight on the first day with 5 Kharlovka fish nearly doubling his life total including a new P.

Bitten for life — Stay tuned, to hear what these young lads might have to sell to get back here again next season. It is truly a great concept, how Peter has created the affordable young fly fishers program giving the under 35 fanatics the opportunity to enjoy — some of the finest salmon fishing on the planet. Their big expectations were met with hard work leading to 30 summer salmon including more P. On their last Litza day, Anders nearly had his short rod ripped from his hand as an estimated 30 pounder dragged him m down out of the Snowbank pool eventually sending the young Dane to his back in the river hair wet!

After an undetermined amount of time including several backing wraps around the rocks, the obvious cock fish eventually broke him off only meters away from the bank. Stop the press again! With less than one hour left on his fishing license Friday night, Thomas double hauled his Chernobyl Ant across the dark home pool waters. A few strips later and he was into centimetres of pure Chaos! Fishing both banks, there were four other anglers in the pool at the time, everyone immediately reeling in to run down after the fleeing Dane, whose angry salmon had just shot out the back of the home pool.

With some m of backing out on his single-handed rod, Thomas was sprinting to keep from losing it all. Banged knee and bruised shins — The pursuit finally ended in a side pocket approx. Honourable mention also goes out to our good friend Jens. With some 25 years experience including helping to create the FFF chapter — Denmark, this Dane understands what it means to fish with the best. Special mention goes out as well to Andrew, Dermod, Jacque, and Julia who were out on the tundra most of the week camping, fishing, trolling and partying — not necessarily in that order.

When the drink finally ran out and the last piece of salami was flipped to the camp mink, Peter decided it was time to give them a helicopter E — vac out to join the fun at Kharlovka. This guy obviously has his priorities straight. Retired — has fly rods — yearning for adventure, Trevor has realized that life is short and is now searching for the ultimate challenge. Last week after landing several nice Rynda salmon including a 28 pounder with the camp manager from Reindeer crossing, Trevor decided that he would like to finish his week with a bit of Kharlovka — Litza. Who knows, maybe we will get Trevor back to the Northern Rivers for — 4 weeks next season!

Our condolences go out to our 3 diehard salmon rods Adrian — Michael and Karl who fished diligently through our warm rising rivers the week before. Hard to believe, what a difference a few inches — degrees can make. With the cooler autumn conditions quickly drawing near, we are understandably optimistic for every precious day we have left. Stop Press: Monday, 1-Aug Great news here! After one and a half days fishing with only 10 rods we are at a total of 43 salmon — biggest ones so far include 28, 26, 20, 25, 27, 23, and 20 — half of the team has already broke their personal bests.

Rivers and temps are dropping. The weather game — We play it every day here above the Arctic Circle. All last week on the Kharlovka, it was Up — Up and away! Think of the northern Kola tundra as a giant natural sponge — drenched over an endless boulder field, once it becomes saturated, it is all runoff.

Never before has the home pool gauge come into such morning focus. As the immense Kharlovka drainage filled up, many of the warm stagnate side pools along with noticeable amounts of suspended summer rock algae were added to the mixture, resulting in rapidly increasing temps and that darker, peaty coloured water.


To put all this water talk into perspective, we started out the season on June 4th with a solid 68cm mark on the home pool gauge. Then after dropping to a concerning record low cm on the gauge the previous week, we eventually levelled out with a home pool reading of 30cm. Curiously enough, this was the same amount of water we had in the rivers, at the end of our second week of the season, back on June 16th!

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While this might have been just what our beloved salmon needed, with vast new amounts of fresh cover to now hide themselves in, it made any chance of hooking up — extremely difficult. Thankfully, due to multiple late business cancellations, there were only nine guests on the team last week. Even better yet, was the fact that our six American friends, with their tubes of single handed rods and boxes of trout flies, were primarily here to fish the untouched creeks anyway.

Wide eyed rookies, fascinated by all things Russian, the boys were helicoptered all over the tundra only be brought back each night to their deluxe 4-star Kharlovka accommodations, with our hot food — regular saunas and most importantly, the Bar! With the recent push of water, the fat naive northern browns never saw them coming. The average size was said to be about 18 inches, mostly weighing between pounds, with the largest stretching the scales to 7 and 9 pounds. In addition, an unfortunate Char found its way deliciously into the pan of one streamside picnic. Even with two of the greatest salmon rivers in the world, left basically to split between our couple remaining salmon rods, with the rising warm coloured waters, the odds were stacked heavily against us.

On the first day, towards the beginning of the deluge, Adrian, our reigning Litza record holder To be honest, with the relentless rising waters last week, overall the salmon fishing was simply — hard work! Fishing is a way of understanding the world. If you are a philosopher at all, you realize that one of the many reasons that fishing is so great, is that it is — unpredictable. That way there is exciting anticipation from start to finish. With the clearing rivers beginning to recede and cooler darker nights quickly creeping in, we will soon have the advantage once again.

By the way, our 40 pounders are historically most vulnerable in August — stay tuned for what will happen next.. Every once in a while, here on the edge of nowhere above the Arctic Circle, your bound to get a serious blast of weather that really mixes things up. Last weekend we started off under partly cloudy skies and mild temps. By Wednesday the river was up to a concerning season high That afternoon, the winds switched to the fridge north bringing the air temp down to an incredible chilly 4 C and along with it, a dense blanket of helicopter grounding fog. Violent thunderstorms and heavy rains ensued, raising the river a much need 14cm overnight.

By Friday the conditions had finally come refreshing right as the rising rivers eventually levelled off with stable air and water temps of about 12 C.

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While this could be a classic case of your should have been here next week, our new northern friends made the most of it on all fronts, landing a respectable fish for their cause. The obvious difference this season was instead of finishing a box of the frozen liquid with his buddies on the first night, he decided to opt for the straight silver. With his shot glass turned up side down, Nyet — Spaseeba! A man on a mission, the next day he had two more in the fresh teens off the lower Kharlovka. But come back you will — with his big rod — flies and even bigger dreams, the elusive Kola prize was simply too tempting for our most senior member Montok Joel.

Another curious story last week was that of young James and Sean who, thanks to a BA baggage blunder, arrived to Murmansk with nothing but attitude. As we all know, Peter loves a crisis! With the problem promptly radioed ahead, the next thing we knew, the Kharlovka helicopter was being ordered to shut down at Rynda. Honourable mention also goes out last week to the always spirited, team Scotland. Then it was the Big Boss Allan raising his personal best to 20 pounds on the lower Litza. In the end, 5 of the 6 Scotsmen managed to break their personal bests.

In the end, Martin fully recovered landing 4 great Upper Litza fish including the salmon of the week at cm — 35 pounds. Stop press! On the last evening, Steve returned to the lodge emotionally shattered from the best days fishing of his life, recording 5 last Litza memories including personal bests 24, 25, and 33 pounders.

Up and down, small plastics to big and heavies — we tried it all. Depending on which direction the wind was blowing and more importantly how hard, our guests had the majority of their success on small flies and hitched tubes. Nearly one month on from the summer solstice, we are presently losing approx. Cooler dark grey nights have led to better sleeps amongst the guests and staff alike. Not knowing which way to turn with all the crazy weather, reindeer herds in great numbers still race up and down the banks of the lower rivers.

Towering high on two back legs followed by a signalling stomp down to all fours the large bear worked his way along a reindeer trail eventually punching the lesser bear from his path. Wolverines seem to be everywhere these days as yet another was spotted just up from camp. Purple and white summer flowers are now having their turn along the remaining tundra marshes. Following the cooling temperatures and much needed rains of late week, we are all looking forward to taking advantage in the coming days ahead.

High summer has arrived to the far north! It was obvious from the very beginning, as our latest international team of 14 from Sweden — Norway — Scotland — England — America and Canada choppered into camp with all windows down, only to be greeted by eight giant sunburned Russians, that we most likely had a tricky week ahead.

Naturally our rivers followed suit, quickly rising up to an equally shocking 20 degrees. Even more concerning, for this time of year, is the water levels which are currently flowing at cm on the home pool gauge. Bright sunny days accompanied by warm southern breezes made the going extra challenging, until a much needed mid week rain storm finally materialized to freshen the situation. All things considering, Team Kharlovka had a pleasantly social time of it last week landing fish along the way. Like most weeks here, more than half the group managed to top their personal bests.

Including the many grilse caught over the past couple of weeks, the mighty Kharlovka retains an overall season average of Big salmon, Bombers, and Beer — The Canadians must be back again! With boxes of spun Newfoundland deer hair, ranging through all the colours of an ice cream shop, Chris and Brian consistently mesmerized the resting salmon from their depths. On the opening night, Chris equalled the season record, tempting a 38 pound crocodile out of the Lower Kharlovka Canyon on his 3.

Reindeer rapids, Tent pool rapids, Military rapids — the salmon were simply unable to hide from these two. Here in the far north, due to supply and demand, we are now pedalling the rare green tundra bomber at some 10 bucks a pop, so make sure you all come with several of these answers in your box!

Martin County community calendar April 1

Fascinated by the many Russian traditions, including their nightly injections of frozen vodka, team USA fought hard to the last breakfast bell with 5 of the 6 improving on their lifetime personal bests. First there were the young bucks — Alex and Noel, who partied hard to the end, landing their largest salmon ever in the high teens, on the Lower canyon and National Park areas of the Kharlovka. Then on the final afternoon Johnny hooked into something that would change his life for ever.

See you next year my friend! We could tell the minute they limped off the helicopter, especially Duane with is 14 knee ops and two titanium joints, that this was definitely a job for our head guide — Big Alex. It was clearly obvious at first sight in the Murmansk airport, where surrounded by some half dozen huge sticker covered water proof containers, weighing more than kgs, that our crazed friend Yngve, the Nikon pro, was back with us on the Kola.

Complete with his dry suit, mask, and fins, along with his multi-mega pixel digitals, this Norwegian specialist was in the thick of the action all week. Every great party needs at least one Norwegian in the group, even the beer guzzling Canadians were impressed — Shotgun! Honourable mention also goes out to team Scotland, who led a valiant charge through the start of the week, finally stepping it up a notch in the late innings. Michael and David returned from their Litza dream with 6 lasting fish tales. Meanwhile, Justin was kept in focus all week as one of the many subjects of our extreme Norwegian photographer.

Twice a year for the last 4 seasons, Fast Eddy and Smooth Alan were back with us again for their annual arctic pilgrimage. Next day, Eddy proudly returned with his tales of a fine brace of bright fresh 12 pounders.

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And last, but never least, there was our Swedish friend Anders, who besides picking up some new bomber tactics from the Canadians, also managed to twice catch the same 27 pound — cm cox from the home pool. Midnight anglers opposite the Lower Litza Tent pool were lucky enough to observe a massive bleached Wolverine scouring along the rocks. Migratory birds, along with a vast variety of unique tundra wildflowers, are presently visible in their most colourful numbers of the year. While there is no question that we need some serious rain soon, with so many large salmon now concentrated in the oxygenated runs, the fishing outlook remains favourable.

A special aspect of the low water fishing for this time of the season is the superb surface action that often results. Hitch tubes, tiny odd flies and a variety of tundra bombers remain the most deadly options, providing all our anglers with outstanding visual satisfaction. As the late week temps cool back into the teens and the barometer begins to slide, we are forever optimist about what tomorrow will bring.

Joining us last week for their annual arctic opportunity on these magnificent Northern Rivers were 14 old friends travelling from the countries of Sweden, Wales, England, America, Spain and Russia. Without question this has been a very curious season so far. First summer came instead of spring, melting away one of the best winter snowpacks since the Kola opened. Then the rivers dropped away extremely fast. Meanwhile as we rolled into summer with the longest polar days of the year the temperatures just kept getting cooler and cooler.

Keeping in mind that we are presently fishing in low autumn flows with spring temps our guests did respectably well to beach fish last week. While many grilse are starting to arrive, we are still holding onto a super overall salmon season average of Due to consistently cold northerly breezes of late, the facts are that many of the larger fish have simply been coming short.

Nevertheless team Kharlovka always finds a way through -. Last weekend as the previous guests flew away to Murmansk, Bamboo Jim and Tackle Tom jumped back out of the helicopter to begin their second week with a Saturday all of their own up at the Kharlovka Falls. As we returned back to camp in the early afternoon with the new lot of guests, it was clear to us all by the look in their eyes and by the way they were waving their cane rods around in the air, that they had started off exactly where they had left off the week before.

To go with his half dozen serious salmon from the previous 7 days, Tom quickly added one more 27 pound fish of a lifetime to his tally, which was basically fought off his Bogdan reel flexing both Tom and his bored out cane to their limits. Back as well, for the second half of their double feature, was long time kola veteran Ian along with his partner Yorkshire Phil. Without question these two certainly had the knack for hooking in to big trouble. Following some 20 minutes of crashing about through the pool, Mike was finally able to free himself again in the late rounds.

Standing high above the rocks on the left bank Vasili, Ian and Phil were all in awe as this coloured monster attempted to part the rapids, shooting off down stream visibly awakening several other huge resting salmon from their lies. In utter chaos the pool had finally come alive! Phil managed to hold on for more than 10 minutes before Bruno delivered a knock out punch finally snapping him around a boulder some m down at the tail of the pool.

After a lunch break to reflect, Vasili and Phil were moving down towards the secret pool area when they spotted some small fish showing in the tail of an unnamed pocket above. It was a great pleasure to team up with old friends Nico and Sue last week for their Litza adventure. Eventually their good attitudes, patience and skilful casting began to pay off finding a warm micro climate in the Snowbank area. With one hour left to spare, we decided to go for it crawling our way down for a few last casts in the Military pool.

Sue Good Friday is over — I know your exhausted but we have 20 more casts to make this a day you will never forget. Terrified of what her strong fish might do, Sue stood frozen on the rocks watching helplessly as her moment splashed about at will. While we are not actually allowed to talk while great fish are on line somehow, after a long silent 15 minute tug of war from the same spot, Sue was able to drag her bright fresh 15 pounder close enough for me to tail it in a small back eddy.

Best of luck next week on the Rynda to you both! Following a slow first day of fishing for the young wonder with only 4 salmon, in typical Anders style he then decided to sleep off his jet lag the next day until lunch. With 8 more days to go, stay tuned, to hear how this one turns out next week. Honorable mention also goes out to Los Tres Hermanos — Jamie, Pedro and Manu representing team Spain who were back with us on the tundra for their 3rd season on the trot.

While several of the cold days and bad conditions made the going challenging for our southern friends Monday and Tuesday definitely belonged to Spain with the three brothers landing a very respectable 18 fish for their effort. On the last afternoon, Pedro and Jamie returned from a full day on the Litza Military pool landing 10 final salmon to finish off their week. For more than a month now great numbers of large salmon have been running up and down the lower 8kms of the river. Evidence of this lies within our tagging program, as a few of the first salmon that were recorded this season have recently been captured again.

Then suddenly, at the start of last week, the bulk of the fish had moved up below the falls. Early sceptics this year however, were questioning whether it might have more to do with the water levels and temperatures that the early July weeks commonly offer. For the last three years the salmon have gone over the falls between July 5th and July 15th with water temps never cooler than 15 degree and with at least a 10cm reading on the home pool gauge. At the end of last month, as both the water levels and the temps dipped into the single digits, many of us were wondering if the temperature would be high enough or if there would be enough of an hydraulic assist from the water coming over the falls to help the large Kharlovka salmon make the leap into the upper drainage.

Conditions and theories aside, the Russians were right again. While there had been a couple of sightings earlier in the week by our nightly security patrols of large salmon going over in the middle of the night — on July 3rd, with a cold water temp of 9. Earlier this week we sent our camp scientist Dima along with tundra Tim and big Andy three miles above the falls on a recon mission to intercept the advancing fish.

In addition to several fat tundra brownies, they found three good salmon of 20, 21, and 22 pounds along with several other close calls. Once you have tasted it you too will no doubt become addicted for life. A ruggedly beautiful, unspoiled and remote place so far removed from our normal routine that hopes and expectations are nearly boiling over by the time you all arrive to camp. After a weekend of unfortunate delays due to some Swedish bus driver who obviously needs a new alarm clock and then with the quickly deteriorating foggy conditions along the northern Kola peninsula that almost trapped us all for a night in Murmansk, our latest team of 13 British and American friends were extremely relieved to finally throw down the kit in their own private Kharlovka suites.

No week has really been easy this year, like soldiers dressed for battle our guests have marched the rugged banks working extremely hard for each and every hook up. The bonus these days however, is that the silvery stakes remain tantalizingly high. Team Kharlovka started out the week at a blistering pace seeing Sunday as the best day of the season so far.

Before the weekend was over the team had already accounted for 40 fish including a record 14 salmon in the pound class! Under mostly cloudy skies all week, the daytime temps began to ease down into the single digits creating an inversion between the air and the low warm rivers which were flowing at an early week temperature of about 14 degrees. With the water levels slowly dropping from 15cm to a current level of 2cm on the home pool gauge the fishing got more and more challenging as the week went on. Then by Thursday late week everything seemed to come right again as both the air and the water temps equalled out around the 12 degree mark.

While nothing great in life ever comes easy especially when it comes to reaping the rewards here above the arctic circle in the end team Kharlovka did amazingly well keeping the streak alive totalling another fish for their cause. The overall average for the season is still at staggering To hold onto figures like this means that for every 10 pounder we record in the fishing logs we need another 25 pound monster to make up for it. Last week alone we had 40 over 20 with 15 of these in the serious 25 and up category!! Even after a dream trip like this, upon returning home to the normality of life the details of your Russian adventures will soon be lost in the midst of busy schedules.

However, a few of the quality moments will stay with us for a lifetime and we will forever be recalling the memorable characters, broken personal bests and of course the awesome ones that got away. Bamboo Jim, our most senior member with more than 50 years experience as a fisheries P. H,D along with his good friend Tackle Tom with his wading boot thermometer set up, dozens of gadgets — fly boxes along with their equally crazed yet highly skilled guide Valentine joined together to set the big early curve for the week.

Within hours after touch down the first afternoon this deadly trio had 3 on the bank averaging 18 pounds including a beautifully bright 26 pound hen fish which Tom claimed to be the nicest salmon he had ever seen. The next day, these old boys accounted for 8 more great fish off the Kharlovka falls beat including a couple monster 24 and 27 pounders and several more teenagers that Jim took on his light bamboo. As Jim filled up like a balloon in the middle of the river, things then went from bad to worse as he then broke a rod on a final cast. As icing on the cake Jim added one last 22 pounder himself fishing down behind with his incredibly sporting 9 foot — 6 weight bamboo.

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Stay tuned for what they might pull out of their hats next week. Good mates Ian and Phil had such a great time last season with us that they also decided to come back again for a double two week session. Also over the course of their first week in camp each managed to let something awesome go. The next day Phil fished all day to a 4 footer named Mike Tyson, which he eventually persuaded only to twice kiss his fly.

That fish was as long as Justin and as wide as you Ian! With his map, lunch box and a 60 pound backpack full of camera bits this young mountain goat took to the reindeer trails capturing a super collection of magical moments from all 4 of these special Northern Kola Rivers. Our steady eddy team of Bill, Simon and Big Alex led a consistent charge through the week with each averaging a solid brace a day. Congratulations to Bill who on his second straight season appears to have the knack for landing 29 pounders.

Also to our American friend Peter and his guide Vasili who went on to break his personal record best several times over with his wonderful string of 22, 26, 26, and 28 pounders. And last but not least to Gerald and Nick who returned late the last night with 6 last fresh Litza memories of their own. More than worthy of honourable mention over the last several days was good old team Scotland. Starting with Philip who on the final cast one day off the rocks near the Kharlovka falls became the newest member of our exclusive 30 pound club.

Meanwhile his mate Neil was also able to find in reason for coming all the way to the far north down in the rapids below the falls improving his personal best to a fresh 28 pounds. Despite our present low summer flow situation in our rivers overall Mother Nature has been very kind to us so far this season. Large sea liced salmon continue to arrive daily on the tides with nearly all the deeper pools in our rivers now holding generous concentrations of fish. Still nobody saying it has been easy as our guests have been forced to use lighter tackle with longer nylon casts and smaller patterns with their lighter wire hooks.

The key to success over recent days continues to be a combination of finesse, presentation and determination. Floating lines with hitch skaters, bombers, muddlers, and a variety of small flies and tubes remain the most effective however a few of our creative ones have added additional highlights to the books flipping nymphs up the streams and dragging the depths with large tubes.

There are noticeably more reindeer along the Kharlovka and Eastern Litza this season obviously due to the early summer conditions on the southern Kola. Following these great herds within a kilometer of the Kharlovka camp last week on the other side of the washing machine pool our guests spotted a wolverine one day and then a massive golden brown bear from the helicopter the next. Other sightings reported this week include Ptarmigans near the Snowbank pool on the lower Litza, a pair of minks snacking on salmon par near the lower canyon and the loud ruff-legged buzzards hunting above our friends in the upper canyons.

As this seasons pleasant summer weather rolls on we are — as always optimistic for the many big silvery days still left to come. In the first three weeks of the season rods in the Atlantic Salmon Reserve fishing Kharlovka and the Eastern Litza have landed Atlantic Salmon to an astonishing average weight of The ASR as a whole, including Rynda and the Zolotaya, has produced salmon including 12 fishing of over 30 lbs with the best at 38 lbs.

With the Kharlovka and Eastern Litza rivers moving rapidly into summer our latest team of 13 international friends from the countries of China, Japan, Malaysia, America, and England arrived high on adrenalin anxious to see if we could follow up on the previous groups outstanding results. Every week it becomes more obvious as the same faces keep showing up season after season.

Escaping to this final frontier is clearly as much about anticipation as achievement. To begin with our rods endured freezing cold northerly winds followed by a blast of summer mid week and then finally exposed to a good soaking including afternoon thunderstorms to finish things off. Not surprisingly, the barometer was up and down like a yoyo all week.

Water levels have dropped away unseasonably quick this season down to a present level of 11cm on the home pool gauge. Going back through the records we are now approximately 35cm lower than this same time last year. Never mind the unstable conditions that Mother nature unfairly threw at us lately as team Kharlovka again battled through totalling another salmon for their effort. In spite of a few sporting grilse which have recently begun arriving with the larger fish, our rods continue to maintain an outstanding overall average weight of As always, many of our friends left behind a few curious fish tales that no doubt deserve retelling;.

All the way from the Big Apple our father-son team of Bob and Jason hopped on a helicopter for the bonding session of their life over at our remote Litza tent camp. Led by youthful enthusiasm they were determined to fish every pocket of the legendary river. After screaming at the sight of his enormous salmon Oleg, a recently retired Kharlovka guide who was busy at the time preparing some reindeer hamburgers for them in the mess tent dropped his spatula for a net and scales and then briefly out of retirement, bounded over to assist the young lad. After some time including a heavy weight half surface in the middle of the run, Jason eventually led his great foe to the net becoming our new Kharlovka Bomber record holder with his bright cm 38 pound cracking hen fish!

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  7. Unbelievably through all the confusion they were only able to take one semi blurred photo of the epic moment before returning the silver record back to the depths. Extra special mention also goes out to the father Bob who besides turning his son onto a passion which will last a lifetime, managed that same day with the help of Vasili to land a 33 pound silver beast as well upstream on a tiny 12 black and red flee.

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    After a slow cold start to begin with this team timed it perfect for their early week arrival to the E. Having previously fished several of the top spots on the Kola, Harald and Olle suddenly found themselves dropped in on the Dream pool of their favourite river of all. Within no time Harald and his Sun Ray Shadows were being put to the test as his fish of a lifetime took hold in the tail of the run.

    Far from finished, by the next day this team of good friends went on to find another 10 great salmon averaging just over 18 pounds. Now that the Kharlovka camp is in tip top shape for the season, Volodya and I decided last week to take a few deserved casts one morning to test out the state of the home pool. Knowing it like the back of his hand Volodya of course struck first landing an impressive 96cm — 23 pounder on his first pass through the pool on his own black and yellow secret. Over the next hour and in plain sight of about half the Kharlovka construction crew who by the way acted like they had never seen a camera before, I was able to finish off the mission with a proper Kharlovka brace of consecutive silver bars weighing in at 25 and 29 pounds.

    After recording more than of these monsters in the logs this season we both figured that we were well overdue! And then there was Mikael — Some people were simply born to salmon fish! After only being home for seven days, mainly to celebrate a very important wedding anniversary, our Swedish friend was back again last week for his second opportunity of the season. In typical form, Mikael had little trouble finding the fish. One late evening while working his way back to camp he hooked into a true challenge in the Lower Kharlovka Canyon.

    With more than a half dozen other rods and lines to spare he decided to take the chance wedging his Loomis between the rocks ever so carefully so that the reel was still free to spool. Moments later with a slightly sprained knee he was back with his camera relieved to see his rod still jammed between the rocks with some backing left on the reel.

    He then began to whined down following his lost salmon out of the canyon into the lake below. With his Russian guide Kolya and his friends Chris and Collin out of service upstream on the other bank, Mikael was left alone to finish off this story himself. Recording a length of cm along with a string of photos, this fish was later conservatively estimated at 30 pounds by our camp scientist. Not surprisingly, this inspirational fishing Icon was the top rod again by a long way on this his second week of the season. One evening, Tji with his chin held high and a slight grin on his face appeared to be floating down the duck boards has he approached the lodge.

    This Kharlovka is unbelievable however the E. All of a sudden I would be on some rock in the middle of the river hooked into another 20 pounder! With the far northern tundra quickly moving into full summer foliage there is now a spectrum of flowers and tall green grass blanketing the lush valleys.

    Martin County community calendar March 31

    Due to the present low summer water levels in our rivers anglers are now experiencing great surface action on small hitched patterns, Sun Rays, Muddlers, and of course the deadly Green Bomber! As a result, the low flows have also led to more manageable fishing and fighting conditions. Poised optimistically for next week, chances are good that one of our guests will soon find that first 40 pounder of the season.

    Last week we were again reminded of just how fast things can change here above the arctic circle where following nearly a month of summer like conditions, spring thankfully blew back in to pay us another welcomed visit. Where is my Turkey? Great White Sharks! Whale Sharks! Dogs and Puppies 2-Pack! Over 30 Photos of Excavators Working. Jiggly Jellyfish! Over 40 Photos of Giant Rollers Working. All about BUGS! Volume 1. Top 10 Recipe Books. Cookie Exchange: Hosting the Perfect Party.

    New England Cookies. Cookie Indulgence: Easy Cookie Recipes. SEAL of God.

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