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Be Prepared. Whenever possible, bring to the meeting information and materials supporting your position.

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Be Concise. Make your points clearly and quickly and be considerate of their time. Be Political. Members of Congress want to represent the best interests of their district or state.

Communicating with Congress | American Institute of Physics

Be Responsive. Be prepared to answer questions or provide additional information. Meet with Staff. Treat their staff with the same respect, since they are the gatekeeper for information that the member receives.


It helps to build a relationship with staff so you can call them when you need something. Always Follow Up. Send a thank you note after your visit! Who are my members of Congress? Enter your address to find your members of Congress , learn about their committee positions, and get links to their websites for contacting them.

Communicating with Congress – How Capitol Hill is Coping with the Surge in Citizen Advocacy

Members of Congress post their office addresses and email webforms on their websites. Learn More. Because of the aging telephonic infrastructure in the US Senate, voice mailboxes are capped at messages, which can fill up in less than a second at times. A senator like Diane Feinstein, who has 40 million constituents, has a voice mailbox that is capped at messages.

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  7. Over in the House of Representatives, an elected official represents about , constituents, yet their voice mailbox capacity is as low as 35 messages. When aging infrastructure is completely overstressed like this, the majority of voices get silenced. These staffers are the ones in charge of channeling the voices of tens of millions of Americans into very complicated and fast-moving federal policy. Our goal with Article One is nothing short of modernizing Congress, rebuilding its systems and its technology, and removing all of those barriers that are preventing the congressional staffer on the frontline and ultimately your senator or representative from hearing what you are saying and doing something about it.

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    In , storage is virtually free, and there's no reason that artificial caps on voicemails should exist. Nobody should be rejected from having their voice heard just because of aging technology. We are looking at adding SMS chats and bots as a way to communicate one-on-one with constituents. Mary Meeker's Internet Trends Report shares insights into how businesses can separate themselves from the competition by taking advantage of the most important technology trends. CCW's Market Study on The Future of the Contact Center gives insights into which technology and tools contact center leaders will embrace in , what they will do to improve their customer experiences, and how they will support the agent experience.

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