Avião do JSouza (Aviação Livro 1) (Portuguese Edition)

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  2. Onde Morrem Os Aviões by Lito Sousa
  3. Onde Morrem Os Aviões

Treinamento de pessos com deficiencias e preciso para desenvolver um turismo inclusivo. Esta pesquisa demonstra a falta de cegos empregados no Brasil e tambem uma tendncia incorporar inclusao em e-learning. Acessibilidade nos projetos de e-Learning 1. Resultados 2. O turismo bem planejado pode produzir diversos efeitos positivos sobre a economia. Contatos: www. Photo: Scott Suchman. The VSA arts Playwright Discovery Program invites middle and high school students to take a closer look at the world around them, examine how disability affects their lives and the lives of others, and express their views through the art of playwriting.

Playwrights may write from their own experience or about an experience in the life of another person or fictional character. Scripts can be comedies, dramas, or even musicals--be creative! Young playwrights with and without disabilities are encouraged to submit a script.

Entries may be the work of an individual student or a collaboration by a group or class of students. The winning play will be professionally produced or staged at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. All submissions must be received by April 15, , for consideration. Download the official rules and guidelines here.

Download the official application here. The report includes the average results for the EU and highlights variances in responses based on the interviewees' country of residence, their socio-demographic background and fundamental attitudes towards holidays and travel. It also examined how EU citizens chose a holiday destination. This analytical is therefore more than the title suggests, as it goes beyond simply recording 'attitudes' by including respondents' self-reported tourism activities in the the two years prior to the survey. It also addresses questions about searching habits when looking for travel information and deciding on future destinations.

A special emphasis was put on the financial aspect of taking a holiday, as this is becoming the prime concern for travellers as well as for the tourism industry in the midst of a serious economic downturn affecting all economies of the EU. The fieldwork was conducted from 14 to 18 February, Over 27, randomly selected citizens aged 15 and over were interviewed in the 27 EU Member States.

The sample size varied within Member States, ranging from in the largest to about in the smallest countries. Interviews were predominantly carried out by telephone. Little Clarity About Access Issues.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Since the survey did not ask direct questions about factors concerning the accessibility of destinations, attractions or accommodation, there is little information which informs the reader about the holiday-taking of visitors who are, for example, disabled or having long-term health problems. Demographics used in the survey include the category of "older people".

This group is typically:. In the more affluent parts of Europe e. The most popular holiday destinations of the EU holiday makers in were Spain, Italy, France and Greece - and these countries dominate the current plans made for As to how many people will actually take a vacation in , the picture is not clear. Many of those yet to make a decision are probably hesitating as to whether or not they will take a vacation, rather than making a choice about the type of holiday.

Unfortunately no earlier data exists that could support any projections about the likely percentage of the undecided groups who will eventually not take a vacation away from home. Four in ten Europeans travelled in and have holiday plans for This segment amounted to a relatively high percentage of all residents in some of the largest Member States in terms of tourist "output". Travel profiles of EU citizens in 1.

Reasons for not taking a holiday in 2. Characteristics of EU citizens' main holiday trip in 3. Financial aspects 4. Considerations when planning a holiday and choosing a destination 5. Vacation plans for 6. Annex tables II. Survey details III. Email: contact globaldeafmuslim.

As for the rest of us, we should get over the misimpression that American business cares only about immediate profits, and we should reward companies that work to keep the planet healthy. He goes on to elaborate convincing arguments and rebuttals in an article well worth reading "Will Big Business Save the Earth? Both are essential as the concept Geotourism affirms. Both have their own reasons for needing Universal Design. To the extent that we succeed in engaging the social and ecological sustainability arguments with each other the disability community will benefit. Articulating the interests of people with disabilities within the eco- and social sustainability movements will embed them in CSR: In order to attain sustainable growth through CSR, companies must: 1.

Align and incorporate CSR with business strategy and integrate it across all operational functions, thus making it easy to invest not spend the funds necessary to achieve its objctives. Implement an open information strategy for more transparent information sharing with multiple stakeholders [How does an open information strategy incorporate accessible media and Universal Design for Learning?

Leverage transparency to increase the level of engagement of key constituents and customers. Disaboom's Disability Organizations Directory identifies over organizations, ranging from local to international, that work to improve the lives of people with disabilities. The Disability-Specific Organizations section focuses on organizations within 22 categories that are geared toward a specific condition or disability, from cerebral palsy to spinal cord injuries.

The final section, Organizations for Living with Disabilities , includes those groups that cover all the ins and outs of everyday life, from organizations that help you learn to play adaptive sports to those that will make your transition as a college student with disabilities a little easier. This section's 18 subcategories include accessible travel, caregiver resources, fitness and wellness, and service animals, among others. Each organization's listing contains brief information about the organization, its mission and services, and a link to the organization's website.

Both nonprofits and government agencies are included. Bon voyage, Geoff! The 3, mile journey will take him up to a month to complete, across some of the most hostile waters in the world. In completing his Challenge, Geoff Holt will become the first quadriplegic to make the journey, unassisted in every aspect of the sailing.

Having sailed the Atlantic Ocean three times before an accident in which left Geoff confined to a wheelchair, this will be an emotional voyage for Geoff Holt as he attempts the journey for the first time as a disabled yachtsman. But his overriding desire in attempting the voyage, is to inspire others to do something positive with their lives.

As Geoff says, "It's not about being disabled. It's not about sailing the Atlantic Ocean. It's about demonstrating that disability need not be a barrier to achieving something positive in your life". It will be a matter of complex logistics for the shore-based support team and a feat of personal endurance and sailing skills for Geoff. Although both physically able to navigate and sail the boat competently, Geoff is unable to look after his own physical requirements.

He can not get himself out of his wheelchair to sleep, to use the loo or to shower without help. The carer will play no part in the sailing of the yacht. Recently I have been immersed in Mozambique. That's not a bad fate as the first snow falls here in the San Francisco Bay Area in decades! Our community of PwD lives in Mozambique, for the most part, in misery lacking accessible infrastructure, appropriate educational, transportation, employment, and medical, and political voice.

As stark a contrast as the daily poverty and resort luxury can be working in the tourism industry can be a path toward a more independent life for some. With that in mind we are crafting the agenda for the March , Maputo seminar on Development, Tourism, and Disability and I am searching for the tourism career entry points available to Mozambican PwD. To build a system with such entry points will require adoption of Universal Design -- specifically "Universal Design for Learning. According to Mace, "Universal design is the design of products and environments to be usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaptation or specialized design.

Educators and instructional designers have since adapted Mace's original principles of "universal design" to create Universal Design for Learning UDL also known as the Universal Design of Instruction. According to Burgstahler, these UDL principles "can be applied to the overall design of instruction as well as to specific instructional materials, facilities, and strategies such as lectures, classroom discussions, group work, Web-based instruction, labs, field work, and demonstrations.

They also reassure us that, using these principles, the goal of equal access can be achieved without extreme measures or undue burden on the faculty. Universal design can thus be applied to three realms, all of which are pertinent to higher education:. Students today arrive at the university with very different sets of skills, life experiences, abilities, and learning styles. For some, English is a second language. Others learn better through visual or kinesthetic representation of ideas rather than verbal lecture Detweiler, Still others--more than students at CSU--have some form of disability, either apparent or non-apparent.

According to the tenets Universal Design for Learning, this diversity can be addressed most effectively by providing alternative modalities for learning. According to Rose , we must give students "a range of options for accessing, using, and engaging with learning materials. Their early work focused on pedagogy at the K level.

See What is Universal Design for Learning? Universal design for learning UDL is a set of principles and instructional strategies designed to improve the academic experience of students with disabilities by making instruction, and instructional materials, more accessible to all students. In other words, the UDL model predicts that strategies designed to improve learning for students with disabilities will have equal benefit for other students in the class see Universal Design for Learning. The principles of universal design for learning correlate strongly with modern theories of pedagogy.

They also dovetail with the commonly accepted principles and practices of instructional design. UDL teaching methods include a wide range of "best practices," such as innovative strategies for creating engaging lectures, facilitation of class discussions both in-class and on the web, promoting student engagement through the use of problem-based learning, fostering greater in-class participation through the use of "clickers" and group presentations, and enlarging the repertoire of student assessment through the use of journals, portfolios, videos, etc. Universal design for learning also promotes "active learning," which is one of the widely acclaimed "Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education" Gamson and Chickering, By providing multiple forms of representation, a professor gives her students alternative media to convey essential concepts.

This allows them to grasp the material in their preferred learning style and at their own pace. By offering multiple forms of engagement, she allows students to connect with the material at various levels of knowledge and skill. For example, by tying class topics to current world events, the instructor taps into her students' interests.

Finally, by allowing multiple modes of student expression, she permits students to demonstrate comprehension and mastery of course content in ways other than traditional quizzes and exams. In addition to advocating innovative instruction and multiple modes of student engagement, universal design for learning encourages the use of "accessible" and "usable" course materials. These are documents saved in electronic formats e.

A single presentation method can prove limiting, as exemplified by the traditional paper syllabus. Because a "hardcopy" can only be used in one mode that is to say, it must be seen to be read , it is inaccessible to students who possess visual impairments.

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  5. TANAJURA - Definition and synonyms of tanajura in the Portuguese dictionary!

The same syllabus, however, saved in an electronic format, can be read aloud by screen reader software and translated into Braille, which can in turn be printed or read at the computer using a refreshable Braille keyboard available in several locations at CSU. The same document can be posted on the web to help students who have simply misplaced their copy.

By offering a syllabus in multiple formats, the instructor makes the information available and accessible to everyone. Experience with universal design for learning also reveals that when we design for a wide range of abilities and learning styles, content becomes compatible with a wider range of technologies. For example, when we separate the content and structure of a web page from the codes that govern its appearance, we also make our content accessible to PDAs and cell phones. When we create captions for a video, we make it accessible to people watching in a noisy airport or in a quiet computer lab.

And because the captions are text, we've also made the content of the video available to search engines and archival database systems. Finally, when we add alternative text descriptions to images, we make our pages accessible to speech synthesis software. Universal design for learning integrates accessibility, usability, and research on effective teaching methods. The universal design concept, which began as a way to provide greater access to the physical world through inclusive architecture and product design, has broadened in scope to include access to computers assistive technology , access to the Internet web accessibility , and ultimately access to learning.

As a framework for inclusive pedagogy, universal design for learning strives to benefit not only students with disabilities, but all students. Universal design for learning is a valuable paradigm for helping maximize scholastic achievement and retention while maintaining the highest standards of academic excellence. Barrera Cero. Alojamientos y actividades accesibles en silla de ruedas, accesibles para todos. Audio Description - Have you heard of it? Audio Descriptions are delivered where there is a gap between the dialogues. The Royal National Institute of Blind People, UK, conducted a research report - " Bollywood for all: an RNIB project on demand for audio described Bollywood films in cinema and on DVD " Watch a great audio-visual which simulates the need for audio description When will we be able to have this experience for the visually impaired people of India?

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Onde Morrem Os Aviões by Lito Sousa

El precio de cada licencia es de Santander cuenta con taxis. En concreto, se han adjudicado tres plazas para personas con discapacidad y para residentes en la zona. Later I will present Dr Regina Cohen's work in context. Here I excerpt a large portion of one of her recent papers to introduce the concept "atmospheres" as a tool for educating on the value of Universal Design. Here we have a much more developed concept than the neologism "ambioception" that I introduced. Ambioception included a notion of skill development related to judgments about body-in-space.

Atmospheres looks more at the phenomenology of perception. The concept of atmospheres conifers socio-linguistic validation on the process of the arising of perceptions and mental states that constitutes the datum of Vipassana meditative practice. An atmosphere is born from the encounter between the physical surroundings, my corporeity with its ability to feel, move, and become an affectionate tonality". La construction des atmospheres quotidienne: l'ordinaire de la culture.

Thus, a search for a new concept and paradigm associated to it has begun. One which also involves the body in motion, its motor expressions, its sensorial and kinesthetic paths, its ability to feel, being enveloped by these emotions and sensations in its search for identity and ownership of these spaces.

The concept of atmospheres expresses the material and moral environments which include the thermal, light and noise sensations. Amphoux Pascal, Atmospheres can be perceived through a special light or a particular sound when we approach or reach a certain space. This space, according to the perceived sensations, may present itself as a calm and peaceful atmosphere, or, on the other hand, a confusing and disturbing one. According to Nicolas Tixier , an atmosphere is always unique and irreducible, varying according to the day, time, people and our actions.

Despite all of these variations, there are characteristics that bestow it with an identity, making it possible for us to recognize it. According to Tixier, the notion of atmosphere contradicts any strict definition.

  • Lady by day. Slut by night.;
  • A Strange Brotherhood.
  • The Life of George Washington, Vol. 2 Commander in Chief of the American Forces During the War which Established the Independence of his Country and First President of the United States.
  • This is a process in an intuitive world. LAssociazione L. L1 agosto la trasmissione Linea Blu di Rai 1 ha trasmesso uno spot sulla raccolta fondi, siamo in attesa di ricevere il consenso da parte di altre reti nazionali per ulteriori passaggi televisivi. Martino Florio Cari amici, lassociazione L. La mejor muestra de esto es decir que el buen zapato es el que no se siente". Zona costeira de Matutuine - Maputo 2. Reserva de Pomene- Inhambane 5. Costa Morrungulo - Inhambane 6.

    Vilanculos -Inhambane 7. Praia do Tofo - Inhambane 8. Cidade de Inhambane 9. Parque Nacional de Gorongosa - Sofala Reserva de Marromeu- Sofala Chocas Mar - Nampula Pemba - Cabo Delgado Ibo - Cabo Delgado Lago Niassa- Niassa What Is Inclusive Tourism? New Delhi: The Planning Commission today said it will set up an expert group to assess the needs of the physically challenged and come out with a status report. Whatever recommendations had been made in the 11th Five- Year Plan for the disabled should be implemented, he said after a delegation from the National Association of the Deaf NAD called on him accusing the government of neglecting the welfare of the disabled besides failing to take measures as promised.

    Today is the World Disability Day. In the 11th Plan for the first time certain recommendations have been made. It is their view that not enough has been done. Whatever has not been done should be done," he said. Ahluwalia said the country needed one universal design institute and also an institute for sign languages and he would take up the matter with the ministries concerned. I think that India needs these things. I have promised them that we will talk to the ministry concerned and we should do this," he said.

    Founded on the belief that recreation, fun, challenge and access to the outdoors are an essential part of a healthy and fulfilling life, Shared Adventures is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of people living with disabilities. This video commemorates how much Shared Adventures has grown over the past 15 years! To learn more, please visit: www. Disabled people in Beijing, however, would have a hard time going out to celebrate it. Although preparations for hosting the Beijing Olympics and the Paralympics made the ancient capital more accessible to the disabled, Beijinger Guan Yan still feels inconvenience when she leaves her home.

    The year-old Dongsi Shisantiao Hutong resident, who has been paralyzed from the waist down due to spinal cord compression for the past 23 years, has to sit in the wheelchair wherever she goes. But as an English teacher, Guan goes out a lot by taking different transport vehicles. Subways and taxis are her most frequent means of transport, ever since Beijing's subway network was expanded and the country's first barrier-free taxi fleet hit the capital's roads last year.

    Taking buses is much cheaper than taxis, but she seldom take buses because the city has few low-floor accessible buses and few bus stops indicating which bus is the accessible one. To get a taxi, she has to book one several days in advance. The city only has 70 barrier-free taxis. To book an accessible taxi, one has to call the Beijing taxi dispatching center's hotline from 7 to 8 am at least one day in advance.

    The operator will contact the taxi companies and phone the caller back about whether a taxi is available or not, an operator with the center said. Xie Zhanyuan , a year-old retiree who has suffered polio since month-old, said most wheelchair hoists installed at subway stations in the capital stopped operation after the Paralympics.

    At the Imperial Palace, barrier-free pathway and elevators were installed to allow wheelchairs-users to reach the top of main buildings.

    Onde Morrem Os Aviões

    But Xie found the elevators were out of service due to equipment failure on this National Day holiday. Early last month, similar inconvenience for long-distance travel even prompted two disabled men from Liaoning province to sue the Ministry of Railways MOR for failing to provide reserved seats for the disabled. Luan Qiping and Xie Wenqiang , who have to walk with crutches because of lower limb disabilities, tried to go by train from Beijing to Shandong on October They were unable to secure seated tickets and had to travel standing up. They finally disembarked at Tianjin station, only two hours after boarding the train, because they weren't able to stand any longer.

    They sued MOR after finding out many disabled had similar experiences. But they soon withdrew the lawsuit for unclear reasons, said Zhou Wei , a Sichuan University law professor who offers them free legal help. But of course it can't be achieved in a short time," he said. The recent coverage of JetStar's treatment of gold medal athlete Kurt Fearnly might have seemed like an aberration - today it is starting to sound like a new business policy as "Jetstar apologises for refusing to book guide dog on flight" Could it be that this is there way of celebrating the UN's International Day of Persons with Disabilities - 3 December ?

    Melbournians Glen Bracegirdle , who is visually impaired but does not require a guide dog, and Kathryn Beaton , who does require a guide dog, were recently denied their guide dog when attempting to book a Jetstar flight. This is despite the fact that in Jetstar's own terms and conditions declaring "we [Jetstar] do provide limited special assistance services to accommodate customers who Jetstar stipulates that that those intending to travel with a guide dog must "advise Jetstar that they have a disability" and the couple claim that was exactly what they did when they contacted the Jetstar call centre but were told "no dogs, no dogs, no dogs" by the Jetstar reservation team member.

    I think it's embarrassing. As the World Health Organisation declares today the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, ABTA is calling on customers with disabilities to let their travel agent, tour operator or airline know at least 48 hours before travel if they need assistance at the airport.

    Travel companies are happy to provide assistance and also have an obligation under the Persons with Reduced Mobility Regulations, but they have found that customers can be reticent in expressing their need for help. The PRM regulations were introduced on 26 July and placed an obligation on travel, agents, tour operators and airlines within the European Union not to refuse a booking to anyone with restricted mobility and to ensure that air travel is fully accessible.

    However if advance notice is not provided, resources such as wheelchairs and airport staff may not be readily available often causing delay and inconvenience to customers. Casia Zajac ABTA Head of Communications said "Persons with Disabilities are incredibly important to our industry and we are more than happy to remove any barriers to their ability to travel.

    Library directors, trustees, friends and leaders interested in low cost, high impact ways to make a library fully accessible should attend this event, which will cover information and communication accessibility, as well as physical accessibility. Attendees will learn how to incorporate accessible accommodations into strategic planning, as well as building renovation and expansion plans. They'll also have a chance to present their library's unique accessibility challenge and receive on-the-spot consultation from expert speakers. Friday, Jan. Subway, commuter rail and other pertinent transit information and schedules are available at the MBTA website.

    Register for this event now at www. Interested participants should note that the institute event code ASC2 is a separate ticketed event; registration for the Midwinter Meeting is not required in order to attend this event. For institute-only registration using the online form, select "Institute and Ticketed Events Only" as the registration type, and proceed to select this event from the list. IHCD is an international non-profit organization, founded in Boston in , committed to advancing the role of design in expanding opportunity and enhancing experience for people of all ages and abilities.

    IHCD's work balances expertise in legally required accessibility with promotion of best practices in human-centered or universal design. It may not yet be apparent but an exodus is taking place. Campaigns waged for generations to make urban environments at first merely accessible - and now fully inclusive - are sprouting up in rural and wilderness environments. The US Access Board is circulating draft guidelines on outdoor access while the maritime industry absorbs the Waypoint-Backstrom Principles.

    The incidence of disability and poverty is high in rural areas. It has a positive transformative impact on the economy and culture of rural areas or people with disabilities Inexpensive Adaptive Recreation View more documents from Scott Rains. Object Lesson: Interdependence is the core value of disability culture. Witness Kurt Fearnly :. Obrigado por ser um cliente! Improved explosion effect; Fixed high score issue that some users experienced; Resolved aircraft data tag overlap issues with game panels; Crashes during instant replay no longer add to career stats; Minor bug fixes.

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