A Spell of Winter

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What does this mean to Cathy? How does the abortion affect Cathy's bond with her mother? Contrast this with Cathy's feelings toward her father. When closely observing the paintings of Richard Tandy, Cathy notices that "the sky was so pale, it dazzled, and behind the wood there was a heap of hills, purple as damsons" p. Intrigued by the style, she suggests it represents a different "reality" and a different "language.

Bullivant want Cathy to see these works? In what kind of reality does Cathy exist? The author makes great use of closed spaces: the "snow-house" where the first incestuous union occurs p.

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What relation do these physical landscapes have to the country estate? How do they correspond to the emotional landscape of the characters? Can you think of other enclosed spaces to which the author might be alluding?

Book review – A Spell of Winter by Helen Dunmore

I thought I would never stop bleeding" These are the words of Cathy after her abortion. Blood is mentioned numerous times in the text.

Give more examples. Why did the author choose blood as a definitive symbol?

A Spell of Winter by Helen Dunmore | LibraryThing

The novel takes place at the turn-of-the-century, when modernization is beginning to sweep across Europe. Confronted with new comforts like indoor heating at Ash Court, Cathy thinks: "I wondered if I would miss our alternations of roasting and shivering, which were as natural to us as the squeeze and swell of our hearts" p. How does this call into question the very idea of what is "natural"? Consider how modernization has changed, and sanitized, our subjection to bodily functions. Do you think this displacement makes it difficult for characters in a modern setting to have the same Gothic sensibilities as those of characters in A Spell of Winter?

Chapter 18 begins with Kate packing to leave, simply saying: "It's never been my home" p.

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Do you agree with this? Ownership of the estate, in strictly metaphorical terms, figures prominently throughout the text. How does Cathy feel about the home? What about Grandfather? Miss Gallagher? How do the characters' feelings toward the house influence their eventual outcomes?

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A Spell Of Winter

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