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We loved the village wich was haspoilt and extremely charming!! The appartament was perfect and will certainly be recommended with the breath-taking views. Signor D'Avola was lovely and welcoming. He made us feel very welcomed and was exceptionally generous We will be back, Mary thanks Carmelina for the true and encharting "Sicilian Exprerience". A folder of information produced by Carmelina which answered any questions we might have had.

In all, we loved staying in Appartamento Manche, will wish to return, and will recommend it to our friends. We've had a lovely time here. The sea view made us choose it in the first place and didn't disappoint. Thank you for making us so welcome. We have loved being here and intend to come back! The apartament and warm welcome is perfect, we found breakfast and all we needed in the village and on the beach! We even found an unexpected but superb car hillclimb event in the hills!

Thank you all very much for giving us sucha wonderful experience. Best wishes. The view frm the launge window is breath loking and will stay with us for along time. We lovely done.. We love Anna and Although we went out for beaches and cities all day thanks Carmelina for the tips We'ill definitly recomennd this place to our friends.

Thank you Mimmo especially for the wine and olives-yammy! Best wishes from the early saturday morning flight bach to Freiburg Anika And Gretting up in the worming with this magic sea view was wonderful. We enjoyed your hospitality and the people's We'll keep the memory of nice walks and sunny days during the rest of Berlin's cold winter hopefully!

All the best Kati and Yes, definitely. The local people benefit from the increased income for the time you are there and the place we stayed was very environmentally friendly. Excellent Finally, how would you rate your holiday overall? Villa Laura is a great base fro which to explore Northern Sicily. Highly recommend walking on the Mdonie Mountains and in the Rocca. We have managed to visit some greating places including teh Roman Villa del casale near Enna with its beautiful mosaics and the historicals garden in Palermo. The coulor of the sea in Capo d'Orlando was magnificiant.

Thank you for the lovly meal we were invited to share with you. We also enjoyed very much assunta and Laura's cooking.. Great hospitality, everything organized well. In the village there is a shop, a bar, a trattoria and very nice people! We spent a cery nice week, and we'll be back soon. We also had a Sicilian experience than we'll never forget. Brigitt Germany Casa Gatto, April Excellent week, lovely peaceful place to stay, beautiful views. Pizzeria in S. Ambrogio is a must! Picturesque villages locally. We would really like to stay much long.

Ester, the dog have been a dear friend, she has been looking out for us!! Don't miss Santuario di Gibilmanna and continue to Isnello by car. It's a beautiful view. Pollina is an amazing village. The sicilian people are vry friendly but unfortunately can't speack italian. We would really like to learn the language till the next visit. Hope you will have as nice stay as we have had.

Victorin Joakim Sweden A lovely stay in S. This countryside, the village, the terrace and teh view, Ester the dog and specially the friendly hospitality people of S. Thank you!! But we had great 10 days here and would absolutely love to stay much longer. Unfortunately teh weather was not so good and the local people said they were all frezing well, for us it wasn't so bad so we couldn't do as much walking on the Mdonie mountain as we wanted to. We also visited Palermo and enjoyed a good meal at Focacceria in the Kalsa. A wonderful walking experince was near Gibilmanna.

We wish you a great stay here. I thank you, and the people you introduced us to so generous and lovely in your fantastic Sicilian way, so many thanks for everything. We had perfect weather and I loved all the different cooking demonstrations, food we tasted, the beautiful scenery, and always with lot's of laughs.

You couldn't have told or shared more of your wealth of information about your homeland which you obviously feel very passionate about,and please send on my good wishes to the gorgeous couple who cooked us bread in their wood-fired oven, and who shared so many other home made goodies with us. After two weeks outside Rome we took the night train to Cefalu, then by car on a final breath taking tour on the hilly roads. Me and my wife and our four children aged between 7 and 12 from Sweden with many previous experiences from other lovely stays in beautiful Italy, simply fell in love with this place meter above sea level, a perfect big house, a very popular pool especially by the children , good utilised kitchen and a beautiful view over the Mediterranean sea.

Going on excursions on the winding narrow roads, preparing your own food that you find on the market, looking at the stars in the peaceful nights, waking up in the morning by the donkeys! With its two bedrooms and two bathrooms, the house provides comfortable accommodation for 2 couples. Nicely designed by the owner himself, Casa Margherita is a beautiful and authentic place. You will find everything you need in the house, and even more than that.

The kitchen is well-equipped, and all the basic staff is already there olive oil, aceto balsamico, salt, sugar, bottle of water, etc , which is nice and very helpful. The terrace is fantastic, as we spent a lot of unforgettable evenings there. We also liked the small patio with a nice view in the garden - a very cosy place in a natural shade.

Cefalu is not far away, about 10 min by car. If you are staying at Casa Margherita the car is essential - for shopping, travelling and even going to and from the beach. The beach is quite close and you can reach it by foot. However, climbing back to the house from the beach is tiring, and hardly possible in the afternoon heat. The hospitality of the owners was probably even more important than the convenience and beauty of the house. Salvatore the owner and his daughter Margherita did everything possible to make our stay perfect.

Knowing that we study Italian, Salvatore came by almost every evening to have a chat with us and help us practice the language. He brought us fresh fruit from his own garden, his own olive oil, gave very useful tips on where to go and where to eat. Staying there was truly a unique experience in so many ways.

Grazie mille, Salvatore e Margherita! Luba and Nikita Sweden The location is fantastic, quiet, very pretty, close to the sea and close to the mountains. From the balcony you have a wonderful view over the bay of Cefalu. There is a big garden with orange trees as well as a very nice court yard right in front of the house. It is only a 15 minute walk down to the non touristy town of 'Sant'Ambriogio' where you can have an excellent pizza for very little money and a 10 minute drive to the very touristy, but picturesque town 'Cefalu'.

A number of hikes start right from the house. It is difficult to explore the region without a car. The house is very well equipped. The kitchen is fully furnished and there is a washing machine. We live in Sicily and have friends in Sant'Ambriogio who told us that Carmelina and her team are doing a wonderful job promotiong eco tourism in the area.

We would immediately go again. The breathtaking views at varying times of the day are etched in our memories. Combine the comfortos of the room with your warm friendliness and hospitality to make for a great start to our Sicilian experience. This 9 days has gone so fast. Sun, sea hills and mountains. The balcony in the morning, noon and at sunset - everything just snapped into focus.

Thank you Carmelina for your warmth,friendliness and expert advice which made our Sicilian experience truly remarkable. We've had a lovely time relaxing e enjoying our honeymoon together. The week has done by so quickly e neither of us wants to leave we love the sea from the balcony e the atmosphere of Sant Ambrogio.

We can't wait to come back. Perhaps, see you next year? The view is stunning!! Here are 6 things we love about Sicily: 1. Sant Ambrogio 2. Arancinos 3. Little yellow plums 4. Swimming at sunset 5. Capanata 6.

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We very much enjoyed our stay here and will take back a lto sof memories. I love what you have done with your tourism idea and will take a lot of inspiration back from it for my stufents I teach Travel Tourism. Anyway, it was my Bitte first time in Sicily and Matt's first time in Italy. We think we picked perfectly and will remember every thing we saw and experienced fondly. Keep up the great work and hopefully we will be back.

Lots of love to the cats. The apartment is fabulous, airy and cool.

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San Ambrogio is a delightful place for relaxing and getting to know the area. Recommended are the sunset at the Bar Belvedere da Saro with Serafino the dog, the trip to see Giulio the shepherd and and early morning swim in teh sea. Do take the take drive into the Madonie Mountains as this gives you a great sense of the island.

All in all wonderful place with a great spirit everyone has been lovely. Carmelina has been wonderful. We hope to retun as there is still so much to explore. Emma, Brook and Nell UK Apartment Paradiso e Ciliegie 15th September to 10th November This small poem dedicated to all the special people of St Ambrogio who made our holiday here delightfully unforgattable e bright. We look to them as an expression of eternity, sending us light from the past, promising that our light goes on beyond the little years we live, coming back to us tomorrow.

Eyes that have seen this light, the mind that ponders its source, the heart that responds with awe - these have all emerged from the staff of stars. As long as light returns from its immeasurable journey, we will never be lost. I tried to draw it, as it then realised again, that something should not be "re created" is impossible - like this phenomenal landscape, or my fellings for this place in words - it doesn't translate.

So much love till next time. You've done quite a job and Sant'Ambrogio is wonderful, particularly so because of the warm people. We've enjoyed spending time with Laetitia, Marcello, Saro and all the people whose names we did not retain. We hop eto return, all the best. Merci pour votre gentillesse. Excellent village feel, very comfortable and we enjoyed every minute.

Many thanks again Carmelina for your hospitality and kindness. We really enjoyed our week long stay, and thank you, Carmelina, for coffee, milk, wine, etc. This place is like paradise on earth, and the energy or spirit of it is so fine. Good luck with all your projects, especially keeping this village free of mass tourism. See you again in the future!

Best wishes, P. Carmelina was a great help, nothing was to much trouble. I would recommend to go horse riding in the mountains with Alessandro even if you have never ridden a horse before, this will get you hooked! An unforgettable experience. Also do take the trouble to visit Palermo. If crumbling historic buildings are your thing, this is your place. Many thanks, The Newman family Apartment Ciliegie - 14th September Thank you so much for one perfect week at the end of summer We will be back, definitely!

Our family has had amazing time here. Has been amazing being able to see the authentic Sicily and not just the tourist side. And the children have adored all the animals. Simba, the orange dog, is a particular favourite, as is the cat. The beach at Cefalu. Perfect sand, scarcely anyone on it, warmish sea. Amazing it is not more spoilt and developed. Climbing la Rocca in Cefalu. We dragged our 3 children up without too many complaints. The weather. Great food everywhere. We loved the Valle Grande. The lowhight was our visit to Castelbuono. Great views, yes, but we can get those from the track above the house.

The town was full of traffic with little to see. We hurried back to Cefalu. All of us grandmother, mother and two smalls boys loved the animals, especially cat and donkey. The dogs, pig and hens helped complete the pastoral setting. We greatly enjoyed the space to explore and safety for the boys.

Everyone we came into contact with has been charming and helpful. We would like to add La Trinacria to the list of good places to eat. If you park down at the harbour then walk towards the town quite a steep hill , you will find the restaurant on your left.

Salvatore and his son, Antonio, are lovely and adore children. The restaurant just before it is also really good. Just wants to add a note of caution about the steep slope down to the Volpe in bikini restaurant: quite a challenge for hill starts and you have to watch for traffic approaching on the main road. Carmelina has been a great support, full of helpful information and advice. Giuseppe, the gardener, is a real sweetie and so tolerant of his shadow in the form of a 3 year boy fascinated by everything he did.

Unfortunately, we had two aborted boat trips because of high seas, even though close to land it all seemed quite calm, which was quite misleading. We would love to come back here and do more of the many activities involving the local community, which we did not unfortunately do this time. Lastly, we must mention Ernesto, the taxi driver: prompt, patient and charming. Lots of superlatives, all justified. Vanden Berghe family Apartment Luna Thank you for the wonderful welcome the ladies gave us.

We enjoyed your village and the surrounding and admire the way you try to behold this village, its heritage and beauty and your aim to make the people aware of their environment. We already visited many places in Sicily but enjoyed the tranquiltiy except the bar :- of this village.

The information in the book is abundant. We have a good time in your beautiful apartment and we were lucky visiting the countryside. I will recommend you address to our friends in the USA. We particularly enjoyed the pesto and the figs fresh from the tree! The village is beautiful and so friendly, and we loved the beaches and walking in Parco delle Madonie. Many thanks to you for your hospitality, it was so kind of you to think of us at breakfast time the first morning and to include us in the family bread baking.

With our best whishes and a promise to learn some Italian! The accommodation here has been delightful, very quiet apart from the howling wind at night time for the last two nights! Very best wishes to our host, thank you. Tranquil dining on the terrace with sea views. Maria and Jim were very welcoming, the perfect hosts. Maria treated us to some of her delicious pasta sauces and home made bread.

The food was amazing and very welcome after our long trip to get here. We spent every night looking at the view and found it very relaxing. The beach at Valtur di Pollina is great and was almost deserted. Thanks also to Margherita who helped us at the start of our stay. We too had some home made bread and pasta sauces. We were also heated an evening dancing with them at a hotel in Cefalu. Recommend Pollina and Castelbuono and in particular the Nangalarunni Restaurant. Thanks to Carmelina and Margherita who were always on hand to help and went out of their way on more than one occasion.

We have enjoyed the landscape, the surroundings. This morning was the best of all of this Easter week - visit to Giulio the goatherd, who let us share the entire process of ricotta-making in his shelter at the top of the hill. He milks goats a morning and night - the milk is quite deliciously mild and aromatic and first of all adss boiling water to make the cheese. After an hour or so there is a sudden miraculous transformation when the ricotta forms, and eating it warm straight from the pan was a memorable experience.

Extraordinary, to think that he does this every day of his life - a vist not to be missed! We enjoyed 2 meals at the Pizzeria in the village and make trip further afield - Monreale particularly exciting. The Sicilians we met were all extremely friendly and helpful. We arranged with Valeria and Nino to visit the orchid aread of the National park - just 2km up the road. The range of wild flowers was amazing. We saw at last 8 varieites of orchids and saw many of their flowers which were just coming into flower - the large papery pink cistus was just coming out.

In the cork oak woods we saw carpets of cyclamen. Valeria was a wonderful and informative guide! The short season of wild gadioli was perfect during our week here. A truly amazing place for looking at flowers. Returning home feeling refreshed and relaxed after, a welcome early taste of summer. Every morning, waking up to amazing views is what anyone would wish for. There is so much to do so many places to see, no-one will get bored staying in a place like this. We have also enjoyed looking after Zina and Signorina. We hope Zina has strong and healthy kittens and hopefully we will see them as cats when return.

It's a pity it is all over and we have to back home. Watching Giulio make ricotta was indeed a unique experience and the giant holly nettle though rusty, was well worth it. We do not feel we have explored as much as we should have done but we have loved the village and made good use of the bar and restaurant! Thank you for a lovely stay and we will wait in anticipation your idea of a swimming pool our children would love it!!!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful island with us.

Thank you for your generosity and for your friendship. I hope to return again one day or at least send loads of Aussies so that one day soon you can put your feet up yourself!!! We appreciated the silence of the surroundings the beautiful of the nature, the views. Our children being the noise ones, we felt very comfortable here. We are sorry, we stayed such a short time and didn't have time to explore more the mountains, we had fun at the sea. It is a fabulous place in a serene location with fantastic views.

There are so many good things to say we could fill the rest of this book. As well as the villa and patio we particularly enjoyed your books and Michielle and Rosie found the hammocks a huge hit, so much so that Karen and I barely had a look in. Villa Deodata is so lovely that some evenings we just stayed in dining by candlelight absolutel magic. The rooms are spacious and comfortable and it is wonderfully silent.

Also we have enjoyed exploring the small area of Sicily that we have been able to and Villa Deodata is in a great position for that and we found your information guide very useful. All in all teh holiday has been ahuge success and very pleasant and huge thanks to you and Villa Deodata. Karen, Jerry, Michelle and Rose UK Villa Deodata 26th August - 4th September Dear Carmelina, Thank you for allowing us to enjoy your lovely villa - we have been very happy on your patio looking at the beautiful view! It has been a real pleasure to meet you. We wish you every succes with your plans for the villa and your dreams for St.

Thank you so much once again. Very best wishes. We love your cats. We agree with other travellers your home a truely fantastic home. We adore Sicily this is our 2nd time in your country and can't wait to return. And the cats were adorable, Villa Deodata will hold a special place in our memories always. Your books and CDS were much appreciated too, especially Aida. What a powerful ensemble of voices. I hope you don't get any complaints from the neighbours we did rather let it rip. All good wishes. I hope the town can recover from our erratic driving!

As will the somewhat challenging drive up the road to the house! Mimmo and family thank you very much for having us and Carmelina, perhaps we'll see you in future. All the best. Also at 2. We made it and also made the beautiful walks uphill to the shepherd. Hope to see you again. Lovely flat, many thanks again. The apartment is unbelievable our landlord has been very helpful, even taking our shopping from the mini-market to home.

The days on holidays only pass so quickly and tomorrow we need to leave. Hopefully once agian back here. Its our first time in Sicily and we will definitely return. The apartment location is perfect with stunning views. It was the first trip to Sicilia for us and we now we are coming back for sure. On the day of arrival, the warm, extremely cosy sea breeze welcomed us.

This villa is amazing, the view is breathtaking and first couple of days we couldn't leave the place. Salvatore and his wife, also Margherita even though we saw her very briefly as she was out of the country most of the time were so nice and kind made us feel at home. Agrigento was amazing the temples were so impressive almost took our breath away when we saw Taormina was alos beautiful marking us want to stay there for a few nights but we were happy to come back to our villa for the last day of Sicilian trip.

We are definitely coming back to Sicilia and for sure staying in Casa Margherita. It was wonderful experience over all. The weather was fantastic and Sophie enjoyed her first moments on green glass. It was our first trip to Sicilia and we loved every minute. It was great escape from the cold and damp conditions in England. We rented a car and headed for the Madonie- Unfortunately our walk was cut short by a missing road.

We definitely try to come back to see the ancient holly trees. Sophie fell in love with carciofi. We will have trouble back home to match her tastes. Margherita and her fathe Salvatore are very lovely. Salvatore gave us eggs for Sophie which she loved. We will miss this place and go back relaxed and happy. We had the loveliest place around Guerneri with thousands of daisies and other wild flowers the full moon and the most wonderful Italian Sunday, staritng with a church service as Lutheraus.

In Sant'Ambrogio where our host Salvatore played the organ! Even, now in March T. We did'nt have time to see Enna on the very back! While we have loved Italy for decades, this was our first trip to Sicily - and certinly not the last. There is so much to see and take in. The greatest surprise were the Sicilians themselves - most friendly and welcoming, wherever we went. A bit thank to our wonderful hosts Margherita and Salvatore Cortina and their familyf or their outstanding hospitality!

A fruit basked a bottle of Nero d'avola and some basic groceries awaiting us upon arrival, during our stya we were treated to Salvatores very own olive oil and Margherita's homemade "sfinci" on occasion of San Giuseppe day March 19 and their warm care and mary great recommendations were most appreciated. Joerg Nagles, Hamburg Casa Margherita - 28th May We had a wonderful time here the house and the environment are amazing. It is so quiet here we love it. It was our first time in Sicily and one day we will come back to enjoy the nice weather, food and small villages. The people are so nice, especially in San Ambrogio and Castelbuono.

It is so beautiful in these places our daughter Pier had the time of her and she stole the hearts of the Sicilians with her big blue eyes. People of Sicily love children, it's different than in Holland. We had a great time here! Thanks for your hospitality, the nice conversations, the fresh eggs and all the rest. Castelbuono is really pretty too try the mushroom restaurant. We took trip to Stromboli and did the night trek to visit the vulcano which was awesome - we hightly recommend it.

We loved the beaches the one here and the Kalura beach especially. We have eaten like kings and are heading home feeling really relaxed. Just wish we could have stayed another week or two!! If you see a small black and white cat who is very hungry, please fee her beacuse she is toally sweet and nice. Unfortunately we couldn't take her with us since we have 3 cats at home. A little firenship goes a long way. We have a small fiat wih no guts sow e had to learn how to drive up the steep hill but after one or two goes, we were fine.

Enjoyed our lazy mornings at the casa with the wonderfu view, warm weather and company of the cats. The walk is short 15 minutes and quite easy if you can manage the hills - we went to San Ambrogio most evenings for dinner by foot - bring the torch! Thanks again Margherita. We leave you with all our best wishes and a big thank you.

Molto Grazie. We certianly don't want to go back to cold wet Scotland. This was our seond week in Sicily having spent the first part of our holiday in Ortigia - also strongly recommended.

Most Sincerely Dead

Cefalu is charming and the Rocco challenging but well worth the climb. We went to the sausage festival in Caccamo but greatly enjoyed the Norman Castle. Again to be recommended especially Palermo. NB: the local trattoria in S. Ambrogio was very good - good food and wine and reasonable prices-good quality. Our visits to the local bars for a Prosecco, coffee, beer or granita.

Have been most welcoming as have our conversation with local residents at these times. Car trips included Castelverde, Agrigento, Palazzo Adriano and another day across to Mt Etna, quite an experience and worth the effort. It wa a bit too warm for walking but we still took the visit to Giulio, the shepherd via the woodlands walk.

We both thoroughly enjoyed our time with him, watching him work and tasting the various stages of Ricotta making, 2 hours later, we came away with our own fresh ricotta, wonderful! Sant'Ambrogio is such a wonderful place on earth. Thanks for the great vacation. We are hopeful that we will come back. Toto was the perfect host and we would deinitely retrun again. We found the apartment delightful, very comfortable and a cool, relaxing place to come back to after time on the beach or exploring the wonderful Sicilian countryside.

Everyone was very friendly and helpful, especially our host Toto. We especially enjoyed the ome grown vegetables! We would definitely recommend Casa Margherita. Having flown fro many hours from Australia to find Casa Melinda even better than the internet photos was a welcomed relief.

Add to that, the delightful location and the lovely fresh summer vegetables from Toto's garden - one of the tatiest cucumbers we have ever had. We are sure we will enjoy the rest of our month in Sicily but his has certainly been a wonderful introduction. Best wishes to your family for the future. Maybe you will all make it to Australia one day?


PS: we loved Toto's home made stuffed mini-peppers. We have enjoyed our stay, the apartment was just what we had expected, beautifully decorated and very clean. Thank you for the olive oil which we enjoyed on our salads. Sicily has been for more than we expteced, incredible hill top villages;the hustle and bustle of Palermo city; the beautiful coastline and exceptional food and wine.

Toto was always, there when we needed his help and we enjoyed listening to Toto talk about Sicilian life. With fond memories of our week stay at Sant'Ambrogio, Sicily. We had a lovely time. How can I contact you? Everything was just perfect. Cefalu is amazing and so its Porticiollo apartment. It is very nicely done and its on great location with a very friendly and helpful owner.

We had a trouble when we locked ourselfs out of apartment and the owner was there to help us asap and so were very friendly people across the road of the lovely restaurant Porticciolo. We have travelled to few places like Isnello which is also gorgeous little place. Would definitely reccomend holiday in Cefalu and booking it through Sicilian experience as all the ladies there including Carmelina were very helpful and friendly! We will definitely be coming back to Sicily especialy Cefalu as the place really is wonderful with great people.

WE loved it! Its location just to the side of town and right on the water situates it in a romantic, quiet, and wonderful part of town. Nevertheless it is close to everything and also has the advantage of a very friendly and helpful property manager should you need recommendations in town or help with the simple but sufficient furnishings and features of the apartment.

Cefalu is a wonderful place for vacation, excellent food, shopping, sightseeing, short trips to nearby towns, and romance. Onde is the perfect place from which to enjoy it all.

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How can I list everything and everyone who made the stay more than just a visit? Everything about the village, the villagers, the scenery, the lifestyle, the villas - everything is simply magic. Embedded firmly in my heart and forever in my soul - thank you Carmelina, for showing and sharing with me a slice of heaven. Carole Saunders Oman Villa Mara - July Hello Carmelina, We are back home now and before our daily humdrum lives start to take over we like to once again thank you for all the help you gave to make our Sicilian Experience in Sant'Ambrogio such a wonderful and memorable holiday. This ranges from the wonderful dinner you arranged for Phoebea's birthday on our arrival on the Saturday night and thank you again for the birthday cake, that was a lovely gesture , Guilio the shepherd making ricotta, through to the manna and cooking demonstration.

To us the latter was the highlight not only of our time in Sicily but of our whole 6 weeks trip. Being able to use your very extensive notes was such a help in planning our daily activities. We thoroughly enjoyed staying in the lovely small and quieter village, much preferring to be there than the very much busier Cefalu though it was great to have it nearby and to be able to visit it several times.

Our very best wishes for the future with what you're trying to achieve; we shall certainly be recommending a similar holiday to all our friends and acquaintances. You've done quite the job and S. Ambrogio is wonderful so beacuae of the warm people. We enjoyed spending time with you, Laetita, Marcello, Saro and all the people whose name we did not retain. We hope to return. We have loved every aspect of our holidays especialy the people. These people the pizzeria, the bar, the shop, the whole atmosphere of the piazza make S. Ambrogio seem to good to be true, like stepping into a film.

We would recommend the circular walk to the shepherd and the trips to the vinyard who amazing. Thank you for all your trandetions and restaurant recommendations. Ambrogio with the sun setting. This was also the week we got engaged to be married. The location is superb with the balcony perched above the other rooftops and providing a spectacular view of the church the sea beyond to Cefalu. We have had such a great stay in S. Ambrogio getting to know the local area and really appreciating its so many places of interest. The hill towns, the mountains, the sea. It was also a good stepping off point for our 5 night visit to Lipari in the Islands and then a welcome homecoming when we returned as is was by now quite familiar.

Good luck with your endeavous in the village Glendys, Peter Rowe New Zealand July 22, Paradiso Carmelina, Thankyou so much for providing such a wonderfull atmosphere here in "Apartment Paradiso". Ambrogio is a very nice village. The apartment "Luna" is very beautiful, espacially the painting on the walls, the floor and the balcony with its great view. What we also loved was the hospitality and the lifestyle of the people here. I wish i only stay longer. I look forward to a friendship that extends and a working relationship too.

Thank you for all your help Karen New York City September 10th We will miss the beautiful view from the balcony and the endless sunshine. Ambrogio is a very peaceful place. We want to a day trip to the islands and also to Pollina which has stunning views, beautiful! Palermo was also memorable! It was lovely to be greeted with loved wine and olive oil on arrival!

From Visby in the Baltic Sea! Fresh food from local markets, tasty fish, great ice cream, and limoncello from Saro's bar. Kitchen is fun! This is how we feel about our first stay in Sicily, and especially in S. Sicilians are very friendly and warm people. We enjoyed our stay and looking forwahrd to come back and to meet you again! I hope this place never changes, this little village looking out to the sea. The views are beautiful. A short stay for us but enjoyable and relaxing - moving on now elsewhere.

Carina Australia 18 - 25, april We have had a lovely time here in Cefalu' We have been driving around in a stylish cabriolet, to Etna and Palermo. The beach was wonderful even though the water was a bit cold. Elia, Hildi, Jan Pelter Sarpsborg-Norway april Thank you very much for letting us stay in your gorgeous apartment. We have absolutely loved the Cefalu.

It is a great place and would love to come back agian sometime. We will highly recommend your apartment and Cefalu to our friends. Thank you very much for all the help with the "key trouble" and sorry. Also big thank you to the lovely helpers from next door restaurants and sicilian experience especialy for the lovely jam Hope to be back It isabsolutely amazing place. Our visit to Giulio,s farm was particularly interesting and Giulio was informative and enteraining. Your sincere and genuine love for your country and people is infectious.

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From the moment we started corresponding I knew we'd made the correct decision to tour with you. Our only regret as that we only had one day and yet we managed to pack in so much.

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Our start in San Ambrogio, meeting the people of your village was a great introduction;the visit to Giulio , his passion and love for his goats and the making of the Ricotta such a special experience; the sensational lunch in the Madonie ,the quaint village of Castelbuonona and the village people making their flowers for the festival all wonderful memories. We salute you Carmellina and have already recommended for what certainly was a true Sicilian Experience. Iam so going to miss being in S. Ambrogio and this beautiful apartment. Love the view from the balcony towards the sea and islands.

Dear Carmelina, thank you for your time and showing us a good time. Soon as we got out of the taxi we were made to feel at home. Sant Ambrogio was the perfect place to stay, relax, discover and help with our further explorations of Sicily. To future visitors of Paradiso we recommend visiting Giulo, swiming in the sea at S.

Ambrogio little pebble beach, driving the mountain route to Etna having food at nanagalrruni in Castelbouno and at Scoglio Ubriaco in Cefalu, visiting one of the tasty food markets in Palermo, plus a million other big and small things are to numerous to mention. But most of all we wish you the most wonderful time here just as we have had. Sant Ambrogio to us is the perfect spot to do like Frederick. What we have seen, tasted and heard here will last long in our hearts.

Be it the warmth of the sun on our skin when having the thrid coffee of the day on the terrace, the shades of blue from the sea and the sky, the friendly chatting in the piazza when locals are trying fruits from the market or the smell of flowers, herbs and lemon tree. Our advice would be to go slow, and do as much or as little as you feel.

The flat was perfect for our needs, charming and with a wonderful view from the balcony of the sea in the near distance. The family who live underneath were delightful, and took our 15 month old daughter to their hearts and made us feel very welcome. The same can be said for the village and its inhabitants and we felt so at home. Our Italian is not good, but we soon found that it was easy to communicate with people whatever language we used, and someone was always on hand to help. Do eat in the local pizzeria Carmelina, who is the inspiration behind Sicilian Experience was always there if we needed her, and her advice and help was brilliant.

With a young baby it was hard to take advantage of all that there is on offer but the trip to see Ricotta Cheese made by the Goat Shepherd was well worth the effort. The local beach is a pebble beach but that suited us no sand in the flat!! And within a metre or so of entering the water the stones give way to sand. We spent the mornings and late afternoons there My only complaint is that it was too short! We long to come back as soon as possible,and take in more of the local surroundings and everything else that there is on offer.

I cant remember the last time I came back from a holiday and felt so refreshed and energized. It was very special! Thank you!!!! Everyone went out of their way to make us feel welcome. The food and drink were spectacular. If anyone I know decides to vacation in Sicily, I will make sure they go to your picturesque village.

It was truly a magical evening! Janet Accurso July 21, It was such a nice experience. You never could have this intimate personal experience if you are just tourist. I love Sicily and will tell this to all folks and friends. The people in the town are so friendly and warm. Be sure to have some pizza at the lovely pizzaria in the town. Carmelina and Margherita thank you for all your great advice on things to do meeting Giulio, the cheese maker was great!

We loved our day touring the sculptures near Castel di Tusa!!! Also we loved the wine, olive oil and delicious marmelade. Spero di torno un giorno. Grazie per tutto! It really was exactly what we were looking for and I am hoping that we can come again! It was the perfect place for our family. If there is anything we can do to help us with your publicity, please let us know. We will definitely recommend Sicilian Experience to our friends.

Obviously we'll have to wait what the coming months bring and hope we'll still have our jobs, so we can afford another holiday - but we loved St Ambrogio, the apartment, and Mimo with his family! They were so kind and friendly, he even drove us to Termini Imerese to the ferry port!

We will have many happy memories of this holiday for a long time to come! We wish you all the best and hope to see you again - there is still so much to do in and around St Ambrogio, and we hope very much to return Ursula and John Allen Holland Everything was perfect, we really enjoyed staying here in Apartment Mary Agi and her family London Two weeks full of wonderful experiences around the village of S. For everyone, who enjoyes staying in nice tranquille places, St Ambrogio is the best place in Sicily to stay. The beach is also great, water is so clean, and warm. Don't avoid travelling around on the bitten tracks.

You will not regret it! Family from Slovenia Slovenia Bellissima casa, bellissima gente, bellissima spiaggia! Turisti nisseni Sicilia Grazie e Arrovederci! Bella casa comoda e accogliente Sicilia Thank you fr a wonderful stay in S. Ambrogio; the village and the apartment are both perfect. Particularly enjoyed the beach and the pizzeria on the square, and all the locals are so friendly. E' stato per me la riscoperta di tante cose. Il luogo s. Ho ritrovato un posto dell'anima, mi sento come a casa Grazie e a presto 14 Settembre England Merci Francesco pour votre accueil chaleureuse!

Your hospitality was refreshing, your knowledge of the area was unbelievable helpful and your quest to introduce this unforgettable village to the rest of the world As soon as we got outside of the taxi we were made to feel at home. Ambrogio was the perfect place to stay, relax, discover and help with our further explorations of Sicily. To future visitors of Paradiso we recommend visiting Giulio, swimming in the sea at S. Ambrogios little pebble beach, driving the mountain route to Etna. Sant Ambrogio to us is the perfect spot to do like Fredrick did.

What we have seen, tasted and heard here will last long in our heartd. Be it the warmth of the sun on our skin when having the third coffee of the day on the terrace, the shades of blue from the sea and the sky, the friendly chatting on the piazza when locals are trying fruits from the market or the smell of the flowers, herbs and lemon trees What a fantastic place we just stayed in for two weeks. The village is so incredible nice, and the people are some so the friendliset we ever met. The apartment is wonderful, and the views are just spectacular!

We will tell everyone we know about this wonderful place and about the great work you are doing here. Hope to see you and S. Ambrogio and paradiso agian Peter Denmark Doing notting but recharging our batteries there's no better place to stay. Not just at paradiso but in this unbelievable village.

We're just happy to move over to the next apartment Aug Borge E which is also a little treasure, to breath in the atmosphere and smells for another view days. There is a lot to explore around, but one could just stay here on the balcony and collect the sun and the sea for later. With extremly relaxing and amazing views across the sea. We spent many hours enjoying Sicilian luches with local wines from the balcony and watching the world go by. The restaurant was not very busy when we arrived.

Staff was very friendly and the service was reasonably prompt. The salad bar was decent, but sadly the pizza was not very good. As a group, a bunch of friends and I decided to meet at the Pizza Barn in Fallon. We all ordered off of the menu and had pizza's, too. I loved the many open tables and windows, too. It was an Great salad bar with pizzas slices. Fresh food. Clean place. Larger building than we originally thought. Looks like a big nice place. Offered good drink selection. Our family was looking forward to going to the Pizza Barn, after having been away from Fallon for about a year. What a disappointment!

There must be a new ownership, because everything was drastically different. The servers were indifferent at best, and odten downright rude BUT a skimpy amount of sausage -- one piece of sausage per slice on average, and We were staying in the Comfort Inn and decided to order pizza for our family while we were swimming. It was a great pizza with a tasty crust. We would order here again if we get back to Fallon. Pizza Barn serves the best pies in town.

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