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  2. A Group of Noble Dames by Thomas Hardy. Search eText, Read Online, Study, Discuss.
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Revenge is a dish best served cold — with stirring three-part harmonies and rocking Rick Rubin production.

He’s Wide Awake, He’s Talking

Going back to disco, as she always does and always should, the queen hustled up a chintzy-sounding Abba sample, a drag queen's wet dream of a chorus, and Stuart Price's electrobeats. The result? One of her most captivating hits ever — and thanks to those deceptively hard-hitting lyrics, one of her most personal. This Montreal troupe proved they had the scope and passion for an all-out arena-rock anthem, even though nobody suspected they'd ever get in the back door of an actual arena.

With the swooping chorus chant "Every time you close your eyes" and the pumping keyboards, it was the greatest Simple Minds song that Simple Minds never wrote. If you were a drunk hipster girl in the summer of , you probably had an Amy Winehouse haircut, and you also probably hit the dance floor the second this song came on, with that awesome ridiculous children's choir and filter-disco beats. Dancers never got sick of this French techno duo's massive Michael Jackson tribute. A Philly-born, Brooklyn-based b-girl with a taste for dub reggae, new wave, punk and scuzzed-up dance beats, Santi White is a scientifically perfect hipster.

Which is one reason this ice-cold diss of the hipsterati— "Leave me out, you name-dropper"— hit so hard. The killer guitar hook didn't hurt, either. Karen O, 'Go'. Chris Martin imagines a spectacular fall from grace over a string orchestra, timpani and church bells, riffing off bible images like a mega-church preacher caught in bed with a Girl Scout. Despite all the new pop starlets out there trying to jump her train, Madonna definitely was not slackening the pace.

When she dropped "Music," she was older than Britney and Christina combined, yet she took them to school with vintage electro-boom, Eurodisco flourishes from French producer Mirwais, and her own inimitable sass.

A Group of Noble Dames by Thomas Hardy. Search eText, Read Online, Study, Discuss.

The punk brats of Green Day evolved into stadium gods with this bittersweet power ballad. Billie Joe Armstrong's enormous Broadway-bound chorus is a lonesome lament on record that inspires earnest sing alongs in concert.

Paying tribute to a hangover or maybe anticipating Spider-Man's aerial misadventures , the band is born again yet again. Part punk rock, part classic Who , all U2. In this thudding hit, Weezy likened himself to "Nigerian hair" and "a venereal disease"; name-dropped Orville Redenbacher, Michael Lowry, and Gwen Stefani; and proved beyond a doubt that he was both hip-hop's most inventive MC and its weird one plus ultra — or as Wayne himself put it, "a goblin.

Alicia Keys was something new in pop, a star whose appeal bridged the generation gap: a singer with hip-hop swagger, an old-school soul sound and older school as in Chopin piano chops. Her lovelorn debut smash flaunted all three assets.

These Australian hedonists went straight back to basics — a Motown swing beat that tambourine! That acoustic guitar surge, courtesy of songwriter Ne-Yo, gives Miss B the courage to throw a no-good boyfriend out of the house. Love, Jack White style: On this single — a key moment in the garage-rock revival — White's completely smitten, howling about her red curls over a ragged guitar groove that sounds like a rusty Impala barreling through a bad part of Detroit.

Jack's warped blues genius is evident; so is Meg's asymmetrical bounce. Together the pair would make more popular songs, but none this exuberant. The song Natalie Portman told Zach Braff would change his life see Garden State is a sweet ballad of what might've been, but wasn't. Inspired by Andre 's beef with the mother of one-time girlfriend Erykah Badu, OutKast 's first Number One hit is the funniest, catchiest thing they ever did. Over a head-snapping beat that quotes Wagner's wedding march, Dre and Big Boi rap hyper-fluidly about cheating girlfriends and custody wars, delivering a chorus that's both P-Funk and totally pop.

Scores of white sorority girls had no choice but to sing along. Chris Martin apologizes in Technicolor on an indelible, slow-burn piano ballad, all laser-guided falsetto and earworm melody. Dramatic empathy played as an Olympic sport. More cowbell! The apex of opera-pop. Or is it Oprah-pop: a magnificently schmaltzy anthem of female survival and self-esteem, delivered with full-fathom force by the bottle-blond with the biggest voice.

The 21st century answer to Marvin Gaye 's "Sexual Healing. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Load Previous. View Complete List.

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Load More. Newswire Powered by. Close the menu. And, from what I was reading, it was creepy. We have this freaked-out, evangelical President. At the same time, I was getting more interested in what was happening in Omaha, my home town, in how it is falling apart because the money keeps going further and further west, as they build more and more suburbs and strip malls.

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  4. Ladies Whose Bright Eyes: A Romance.
  5. Ladies Whose Bright Eyes: A Romance (1911).

I started getting more interested in how society was put together, and I started writing more about that, as opposed to earlier, when I had been focussed on my internal feelings and neuroses. So I started writing about those issues, and watching my home town go further and further away from what could be a really cool culture.

I think I have. It started with the Desaparecidos album.

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It felt weird—I thought, Is it O. But then I realized that it was the most American thing you can do: dissent and progress. I reconciled that, and then from there it kept coming into Bright Eyes. Your vocals never sound smooth—in the best way, I mean.

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They never sound professional. It was exaggerated—we put everything we had out there, totally overdoing it every time and having no concept of subtlety. One of my favorite modern American authors is Denis Johnson. I wish desperately that I could read it in its original language. Yeah, it reminds me of when I was a kid. I actually saw her play with my friend Nick, whose band the Yeah Yeah Yeahs was opening for her, and it was the most amazing concert.

It was the one time when I was really mad at myself for being a drinker. More than with any hangover, I was truly bummed at myself.

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