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  1. Why Q-Jump is awesome
  2. Robin Lane & DOJUMP | Making art from the inside out
  3. Hannah Didn't Bungee Jump Naked On 'The Bachelorette,' Not Completely
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In the whimsically theatrical world of Jump, lights flicker, hearts heal — and you never know what surprises will literally fall from the sky. Black Light Productions.

The Pointer Sisters - Jump (For My Love)

This production deals with mature themes such as grief, depression and suicide. Late Seating is limited in the Actor's Express Theatre, please arrive on time. Latecomers will be seated at the discretion of management.

Why Q-Jump is awesome

Starting June 2, join us every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday for a post-show conversation immediately following the performance. May 30 - June 23, Sometimes in life you have to walk the bridge.

Director Lydia Fort. Sponsor Ampere Wealth Management. Synopsis A bridge that spans a deep gorge draws tourists, joggers and more than a few wandering souls.

Robin Lane & DOJUMP | Making art from the inside out

Gripping, powerful, and timely Triangle Arts Review Willamette Week Heartstrings are not just plucked but shifted Its a permanent structure with deep steel-reinforced concrete foundations for absolute safety. Specifically designed for bungy jumping, the lift-cage provides seating for three adults and a rigid base from which to leap.

Unlike with crane-bungies Jumpers do NOT leap from a platform swinging on a cable. You shuffle nervously to the edge of the platform, look down and it really hits home how high up you are - everything on the ground looks so tiny just like when you're in a plane. Against all your instincts you leap into space and feel a massive rush of adrenaline as you plummet at incredible speed towards the water.

Hannah Didn't Bungee Jump Naked On 'The Bachelorette,' Not Completely

Just when you think its all going to end very badly you feel the tension increase on the bungy cord and you are pulled up just short of disaster and shot back into the sky. About this time you hear the cheers of your friends on the ground and you start to feel wonderful. You've just conquered your fear and done something that only a few people are brave enough to do.

You're a bungy jumper! The bungy is located in a very pleasant garden setting with plenty of seating surrounding the lagoon which allows an excellent view of each bungy jump.

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Jumping on your own is tremendous fun but if you prefer to share the experience with a friend you can choose to do a tandem jump. As well as doubling the laughter, some people just find it easier to go through the experience of a first jump if they have the support of another.


Jungle Bungy Jump is the original bungy operator in Thailand. The Chiang Mai bungy has an excellent safety record and full public insurance is included as part of any bungy jump package. If jumping off a platform feet high is not quite exciting enough on its own you can ask the jumpmasters to calibrate so that you are dunked in the lake at the cord's maximum extension.